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List of tips (SSB4-Wii U)

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This page lists all of the tips present in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.



  • Bat Within – If Bayonetta is hit at the start of any dodge or the end of her down special, she'll transform into a burst of bats and only take half the damage.
  • Bullet Climax – Bayonetta alternates which guns she fires each time you use this move. Keep hitting the button while she's firing to let off more shots.
  • Bullet Climax – Hold down the button to unleash more powerful Charge Bullets. Any extra shots you fire after that will use normal bullets.
  • Down Air AttackNorth America Bayonetta drops straight down into a split kick. Her foot has a meteor effect, good for bashing foes while they cling to edges.
    Europe Bayonetta drops straight down into a split kick. Her foot has a meteor effect. Aim it at foes clinging to ledges to knock them into oblivion!
  • Down Smash Attack – Summon the crushing foot of a demon to slam down with a meteor effect, particularly effective in preventing foes from recovering from falls or climbing up edges.
  • Fire Guns (Holding Button) – Even if an attack misses, you can still hold the button and get a few shots in. You can even steal a KO by hitting a launched foe on their way out! Cheeky.
  • Fire Guns (Holding Button) – Keep the button held down after any normal attack (and some specials) to fire your guns.
  • Front Air Attack – Keep pressing the button for three shots in the air. Perfect for foes trying to recover. Or hold the button to pile on the pressure with a hail of bullets!
  • Heel SlideNorth America Performs a low, sliding kick. Hold down the button to get in a few gunshots, and then end with a flip attack for good measure.
    Europe Performs a low sliding kick. Hold down the button to get in a few gunshots and then end with a flip attack for good measure.
  • Strong Down Attack – Bayonetta quickly sweeps enemies off their feet and will shoot ahead and behind if you hold the button. The guns firing ahead deal more damage.
  • Strong Side Attack – Keep pressing the button and Bayonetta will do a three-kick attack. The last kick launches foes, so go for a quick midair attack right after!
  • Witch Time – A clock will appear over an enemy to tell you how much Witch Time is left. Try to get your attacks in before the clock counts down!
  • Witch Time – A successful counter will cause time to slow down for up to two seconds, but using the move repeatedly will reduce that to as low as one second.
  • Witch Time – Witch Time won't last long if you keep using it against every single attack. Keep it in reserve for when you really need it!
  • Witch TwistNorth America The angle foes are launched at changes between the first and second Witch Twists. Adjust your tactics to the situation to get the best combos.
    Europe The angle foes are launched at changes between the first and second Witch Twists. Adjust your tactics to the situation and get the best combos.
  • Witch Twist – This versatile move is great for combos or recovery! Do a midair jump after using the move and you can get in a sneaky extra Witch Twist.


  • Bowser Bomb – Bowser will leap into the air hornsfirst. Hitting opponents on the way up makes it much easier to clobber them again on the way down.
  • Bowser Bomb – If you land this on a shielding enemy, you can break their shield in one hit. Just make sure you capitalize afterward with a dropkick!
  • Bowser BombNorth America You can grab on to an edge while bombing, but only if you're really close to it. It's a quick albeit risky way to descend quickly.
    Europe You can grab onto an edge on the way down, but only if you're close enough to it. As long as you don't misjudge, it's a quick way to descend.
  • Fire Breath – Once Bowser's used up his fire once, he needs time to recharge. Give him 10 seconds, and he'll be ready to roast!
  • Fire Breath – You can change the angle of Bowser's flame. Try aiming slightly above the enemy to make it harder for them to escape! Bowser's not above dirty tricks.
  • Flying Slam – Bowser's target has a bit of control over their direction in the air, too. The lower their damage, the more influence they have (but still not much).
  • Tough Guy – Bowser's a real tough guy. When he's only lightly damaged, weaker attacks won't make him flinch.
  • Whirling Fortress – Repeatedly pressing the button while using this in midair will give you a small boost in how high you fly.
  • Whirling Fortress – Try using this right after shielding an enemy attack. Cancel the shield and whirl toward the enemy to counterattack!

Bowser Jr.[edit]

  • Abandon Ship – After leaping out of the Junior Clown Car, Bowser Jr. can swing a hammer with the standard attack button. This attack is great for launching.
  • Abandon Ship – Bowser Jr. abandons his Junior Clown Car and performs a massive leap. After a short delay, the abandoned vehicle will self-destruct.
  • Clown Cannon – This move fires a cannonball from the Junior Clown Car. The longer this attack is charged, the faster and more powerful it will be.
  • Clown Kart DashNorth America Input a jump while performing this, and you'll cancel the dash. This can be handy for recovery, as a lead-in to other moves, or as a feint.
    Europe Input a jump while performing this and you'll cancel the dash. This can be handy for recovery, for leading into other moves, or as a feint.
  • Clown Kart Dash – The Junior Clown Car becomes a kart and charges forward. The higher the speed, the more damage it will deal.
  • Mechakoopa – After taking out a Mechakoopa, Bowser Jr. can pick it back up himself. It's a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of ways to corner foes.
  • Mechakoopa – The Junior Clown Car spits out a Mechakoopa that explodes on contact with an enemy. It'll explode if you just leave it alone for a while, too.

Captain Falcon[edit]

  • Blue Falcon – Depending on if he used it in the air or on the ground, Falcon's pose after striking will change. Of course, he won't be happy if he didn't hit anyone...
  • Falcon Dive – A leaping grab that sends the opponent flying with explosive force. If it connects, you're free to use the same attack again without landing.
  • Falcon Dive – Press left or right the moment Captain Falcon crouches to adjust the angle of the attack. If you were already facing that way, you can even grab opponents.
  • Falcon Kick – The attack is at its most powerful right after pressing the button and loses power as it goes. However, it's a little stronger when used in the air.
  • Falcon Punch – After pressing the attack button, quickly turn around to make Captain Falcon unleash an even more powerful attack as he turns.
  • Falcon Punch – If you input in the opposite direction right after the attack begins, Captain Falcon will turn around and deal a stronger punch. This works in midair, too!
  • Front Air Attack – There's a violent knee jab at the start of this move. Connect with that for some serious launching power.
  • Raptor Boost – Used in midair, his hand has a meteor effect on the downswing. The trick is to hit the foe when they're below Captain Falcon.
  • Strong Up Attack – If Falcon's heel hits an airborne enemy during this attack, it will dunk them. Try using it on an opponent after they've pulled themselves up from an edge.


  • Flamethrower – Charizard will keep breathing fire as long as you hold the button down, but it'll get weaker and weaker as you use it.
  • Flare Blitz – There's a big explosion when Charizard hits a fighter or an obstacle. This can hit other nearby fighters too!
  • Flare Blitz – This move engulfs Charizard in flames. It's extremely powerful, but it hurts Charizard too.
  • Mega Evolution – Mega Charizard X takes less damage than usual and won't flinch from attacks. However, taking damage reduces the time it can stay transformed.
  • Midair Jump – Charizard can perform two successive midair jumps. The second one doesn't get as much height as the first, though.
  • Rock Smash – Right before smashing a rock, Charizard gets super armor, meaning it won't even flinch if it's attacked!
  • Rock Smash – The rock shards will fly in random directions. Get close to your target to maximize damage.
  • Strong Up Attack – Charizard's wings won't take damage, making this attack good for overpowering foes who are attacking from above.


  • Blade Beam – Cloud releases a shock wave along the ground. As you'd guess by looking, the attack range is quite wide, so you'll need to jump high to clear it.
  • Blade Beam – The Limit Break version of this attack bursts on impact to hit multiple times. It can even KO opponents if their damage is high enough.
  • Blade Beam – The Limit Break version of this move neutralizes thrown items. Try using it as an enemy throws an item to hit them while they're recovering!
  • Climhazzard – Press the special button again on the way up to slash back down. You can't move sideways on the way down, so be careful during recoveries.
  • Climhazzard – This move's Limit Break lets you jump higher and even move sideways on the way up! Very useful for recoveries.
  • Cross Slash – If you press the button again when connecting with an enemy, you can hit them up to three times. Otherwise, Cloud only attacks once.
  • Cross Slash – You only need to press the button once to unleash the full attack if you use your Limit Break. Even better, launching enemies becomes much easier.
  • Down Smash Attack – Cloud attacks a foe and then sends the foe flying off behind him. Use this when close to an edge to get out of sticky situations.
  • Finishing Touch – This is Cloud's down special once the Limit Gauge is charged. The tornado doesn't do much damage, but it can KO enemies with its high launching power.
  • Front Air Attack – Cloud takes a huge vertical swing at an enemy. Hitting an opponent with the tip of the sword has a meteor effect.
  • Limit Break – Fully charging your Limit Gauge lets you perform a Limit Break, which alters your special attacks and gives them a boost.
  • Limit Break – Once charged, Cloud's Limit Gauge remains charged until he uses a special move or is knocked out. It won't decrease over time.
  • Limit Charge – You can cancel charging by pressing the shield button or dodging left or right. Use this to get in a quick charge during quiet moments!
  • Side Smash AttackNorth America This quick three-hit smash has high launching power on the last hit. The first hit isn't so powerful, so the penalty for getting countered isn't high.
    Europe This quick three-hit smash has high launching power on the last hit. The first hit isn't so powerful, so the penalty for getting countered isn't so high.
  • Strong Down AttackNorth America Cloud does a sliding kick over a set distance. He slides so low that this move can be used to dodge some thrown items.
    Europe Cloud does a sliding kick over a set distance. He slides so low that it can be used to dodge some thrown items.


  • Back Air Attack – Propel yourself forward with a flap of the wings. You can deal some damage and get yourself out of tight spots.
  • Counter Surge – This counter is a bit slow compared to others, but it can hit foes on both sides. It's great for when you're in the middle of a brawl!
  • Counter Surge – This move will knock foes skyward with a fair amount of force, so try using it in a high-up place to really boot them off the stage!
  • Down Air Attack – Transform both legs into a single lance and drop straight down. This move deals damage when landing but leaves you open if the enemy uses their shield.
  • Down Smash Attack – Corrin strikes forward with a sword and backward with a lance-like foot. Try hitting sneaky backstabbers with the point of the lance!
  • Downward Throw – Hits in a wide radius, sending multiple foes skyward when Corrin stomps the ground, lining them up for a nice follow-up attack.
  • Dragon Ascent – Corrin is invincible while charging up power at the start of this move. Practice with the timing and you'll be able to interrupt enemy attacks!
  • Dragon Ascent – You can slightly adjust your flight angle by pressing in the direction you're facing. Push in the opposite direction to fly straight up and to a greater height.
  • Dragon Fang Shot – The two stages of this move—shooting water and the bite attack—can both be charged by holding down the button at the right point.
  • Dragon Fang Shot – The water projectile will paralyze whoever it hits, giving you the time you need to follow up with a fully charged biting attack!
  • Dragon Lunge – After launching this move from the ground, quickly press the attack button to instantly skewer the ground.
  • Dragon Lunge – Skewering surfaces with this move allows for follow-up moves, such as recovering from falls by skewering a wall and then leaping to safety!
  • Dragon Lunge – You can keep enemies from moving for a while if you pierce them while skewering a surface. Beware: opponents can escape by wiggling around!
  • Side Smash Attack – Charge this move to juggle foes with Corrin's sword Yato before unleashing the coup de grâce! It has a long range and can be aimed up or down a little!
  • Side Smash Attack – Try to get the hang of hitting opponents with the point of Corrin's lance-arm, as that part inflicts more damage than the rest.
  • Up Smash Attack – Corrin gets low and attacks straight up with lance-like arms. Try to hit enemies with the points for more damage.

Dark Pit[edit]

  • Dark Pit Staff – This Final Smash shoots in a straight line, going through foes and terrain. If it hits more than one opponent, the closer foes will take more damage.
  • Electroshock ArmNorth America Dark Pit charges forward and launches foes upward at a lower angle than Pit's Upperdash Arm. This move also deals electrical damage.
    Europe Dark Pit charges forward and launches foes upwards at a lower angle than Pit's Upperdash Arm does. It also deals electrical damage.
  • Silver Bow – Compared to those from Pit's Palutena Bow, these arrows disappear more quickly and can't be steered as much. But they deal more damage in return.

Diddy Kong[edit]

  • Banana Peel – If you're holding an item when you throw the peel, you'll throw both at the same time. However, if it's a two-handed item, you won't throw it.
  • Banana Peel – In this move, Diddy throws a banana peel behind him. Foes who step on it fall clumsily to the ground. Have a nice trip!
  • Banana Peel – You can't whip out another banana peel if one of yours is still in play, but each one will vanish after being thrown twice.
  • Monkey Flip – After grabbing on to opponents with this move, press the attack button to launch them sideways or press up to jump off their head!
  • Monkey Flip – If you don't jump when you're finished attacking, you can use another move immediately. That's a good time to escape with Rocketbarrel Boost.
  • Monkey Flip – If you grab foes in the air, you'll release them more quickly than if you grab them on the ground. Be ready to use a speedy follow-up attack.
  • Monkey Flip – While performing this move, you can press the attack button to launch a flying kick that deals considerable damage and has good launching power.
  • Monkey Flip – You can use this move again in the air after jumping off the first enemy you attack. Useful for when you're fighting a lot of enemies...
  • Peanut Popgun – Overcharging the Peanut Popgun makes it backfire, but it'll do a ton of damage to foes that it hits!
  • Peanut PopgunNorth America The peanuts you fire can be caught by enemies if they time it right. Charge the move to make the peanuts harder to catch.
    Europe The peanuts you fire can be caught by enemies if they have the right timing. You can make it harder for them by charging the move.
  • Peanut Popgun – While charging, watch for when Diddy grabs his hat! That's the sign that the Peanut Popgun's about to backfire.
  • Rocketbarrel Boost – If someone attacks Diddy Kong when he's wearing his Rocketbarrel Pack, it'll break free and fly off on its own.
  • Rocketbarrel Boost – If you fly up through a platform and land on it, the Rocketbarrel Pack will explode on contact with the platform, blasting nearby enemies.
  • Rocketbarrel Boost – You can also move horizontally. You'll go right through enemies even if they're shielding, but if you go over the edge, you're done for!
  • Rocketbarrel Boost – You can indicate a direction while this is charging to fly in that direction. You can even steer while flying!

Donkey Kong[edit]

  • Forward Throw – Donkey Kong can pick up opponents and carry them around! Try to throw them before they shake free, though.
  • Giant Punch – When this move is fully charged, steam will come out of Donkey Kong's head. It deals a powerful blow, but your foes will see it coming.
  • Hand Slap – DK's Hand Slap affects a large area around him. However, it won't hit airborne fighters.
  • Headbutt – Use this move to bury your opponents if they're on the ground or meteor-smash them in midair.
  • Konga Beat – Donkey Kong's pose at the end of his bongo solo will change depending on if you missed any of the beats.
  • Shield Break – Donkey Kong can use his side special Headbutt and his down special Hand Slap to damage or even shatter his foes' shields...and spirits.
  • Spinning KongNorth America This move doesn't offer a lot of lift, but it can carry Donkey Kong a fair distance left or right.
    Europe When you use this move in the air, it will only lift you slightly, but you can use it to travel a long way to the side.

Dr. Mario[edit]

  • Capsules – The capsules bounce higher than Mario's fireballs. Also, since they're physical projectiles, energy-absorbing specials won't work on them.
  • Capsules – The capsules Dr. Mario throws are selected at random from nine different combinations of red, blue, and yellow. The difference is only cosmetic.
  • Downward Throw – Unlike Mario's down throw, Dr. Mario's always sends the foe bouncing upward, so you can follow it up more easily with an air attack.
  • Dr. Tornado – Press the button repeatedly midattack to rise into the air. However, after it ends you are vulnerable, so be careful using it to recover.
  • Front Air Attack – Unlike Mario's similar move, this will never have a meteor effect regardless of your timing, but it is strongest when his fist is directly in front of him.
  • Super Sheet – This move doesn't have as much horizontal range as Mario's Cape, but it has more range vertically, so lure your foes in and then strike!

Duck Hunt[edit]

  • Clay ShootingNorth America If the clay pigeon from this move and the can from Trick Shot are on-screen at the same time, the shooter will aim for the clay pigeon.
    Europe If the clay pigeon from this move and the can from Trick Shooting are on screen at the same time, the shooter will aim for the clay pigeon.
  • Clay Shooting – Press the button once to throw a clay pigeon forward, and then press again to shoot. The third shot will hit, breaking the clay and hurting foes.
  • Duck Jump – The duck grabs the dog and carries him through the air. Once started, this move can't be stopped.
  • Trick Shot – Even while grabbing opponents, being grabbed, or using Duck Jump, you can keep shooting the can.
  • Trick Shot – If the Duck Hunt dog and duck are near the can when it's shot, the duo will crouch down and cover their ears, leaving them vulnerable for a moment.
  • Trick Shot – This move kicks an exploding can toward your enemies. Keep pressing the button to fire shots and lead it toward its target.
  • Wild Gunman – The gunmen can be defeated if they take enough damage. For a surprise, hit the one in a black suit near the top or hit the lanky one near the bottom!
  • Wild Gunman – The gunmen from fastest to slowest: the cool leader (earning that title!), the one in a suit, the one in a sombrero, the beardy one, and then the lanky one.
  • Wild Gunman – The gunmen's firepower, from best to worst: the sombrero guy, the cool leader, the guy in a suit, and then a tie between the lanky and beardy ones.
  • Wild Gunman – The gunmen's order is random, but all five will take a turn before cycling. Remember the first four, and you can predict the last one!
  • Wild Gunman – The lanky gunman has a longer range than any of the others, and the one in the sombrero has the shortest range. The others are pretty much equal.
  • Wild GunmanNorth America This move summons a pixelated gunman who shoots straight ahead. The gunman selected is random, and each one works a little differently.
    Europe This move summons a pixellated gunman who shoots straight ahead. The gunman selected is random, and each one works a little differently.


  • Blaster – Unlike Fox's Blaster, Falco's Blaster can make opponents flinch. It fires faster when airborne.
  • Falco Phantasm – Falco Phantasm can send an airborne enemy straight down—use it to dunk them into the abyss!
  • Fire Bird – Inertia makes this move slower than Fox's Fire Fox. If you use it while moving horizontally in midair, you'll slide along in midair for a moment.
  • Low Air Phantasm – You can use Falco Phantasm at low altitude by jumping while running and immediately pressing the special-move button. I hear he prefers the air, anyway.
  • Reflector – The energy shield can also knock down enemies, so it can be used to slow an opponent down in addition to reflecting projectiles.
  • Standard Air Attack – If you land just before the final attack in Falco's midair combo, you can move straight into a standard combo on the ground.
  • Strong Down Attack – This move can launch an enemy off the stage with one hit if their damage is high enough. You're not left vulnerable, so it's a low-risk way to KO foes.


  • Blaster – The blaster fires quickly, and its shots go a long way, but enemies won't flinch when they're hit, so use this at a safe distance.
  • Fox Illusion – When you use this move on the ground, Fox will always stop if he reaches an edge. When used in the air, you need to be a little more careful.
  • Front Air Attack – Try timing the fifth strike to hit your opponent just before you hit the ground. When your opponent bounces, that's your chance for a follow-up attack.
  • Reflector – This move can reflect projectiles, and it also damages nearby opponents when activated.
  • Reflector – Using Reflector in midair slows down Fox's fall back to the ground. Using this when an enemy is about to attack from below can throw off their timing.


  • Flame Choke – After being grabbed by this move, it's possible to recover just before being slammed to the ground.
  • Flame Choke – An enemy hit by this in the air will be slammed to the ground and can't recover quickly. It's also slightly more powerful than when used on the ground.
  • Flame Choke – Fighters grabbed in midair by this move won't be able to make a recovery before being slammed into the ground.
  • Flame Choke – You can use this to grab an enemy and drag them offstage with you. However, the point will go to the last person to strike that enemy before your grab.
  • Strong Down Attack – A crouching kick that sends opponents flying upward. It has good reach and is one of Ganondorf's faster attacks.
  • Strong Up Attack – It's a slow attack, but it can do more damage than a smash attack. Even if defended against, the attack can break all but a perfect shield.
  • Warlock Punch – After pressing the attack button, quickly turn around to make Ganondorf unleash an even more powerful attack as he turns.
  • Warlock Punch – This attack is much more powerful when used in the air. However, you'll have to use a Bunny Hood or high platforms to find enough time to pull it off.
  • Wizard's Foot – Used on the ground, this move is a horizontal flying kick. In the air, it goes downward instead and has a meteor effect at the very start.


  • Hydro Pump – Aim the water jets by pressing in a particular direction. You can then quickly press a different direction to go that way with the second burst.
  • Hydro PumpNorth America The water flow doesn't just cause damage—it can also push your foes if you hit them just right.
    Europe The water flow doesn't just cause damage - it can also push your foes back if you hit them just right.
  • Substitute – After successfully countering with this, input a direction, and you'll reappear while attacking in that direction.
  • Substitute – This move makes an enemy attack hit a substitute instead of you. You then reappear somewhere else and attack!
  • Water Shuriken – The longer this attack is charged, the shorter its range is. The uncharged version can be more useful for keeping a foe from approaching.


  • Aether – During the downward strike, this attack has a meteor effect. You'll fall straight down until you hit solid ground, so make sure you aim well!
  • Aether – Ike will be protected from flinching while he prepares this attack. This move can send foes flying upward!
  • Back Air Attack – This is the quickest of all Ike's air attacks, and one of the most damaging, too. A valuable weapon for a fighter whose attacks tend to be slow.
  • Down Smash Attack – The backward strike of Ike's down smash deals more damage and launches farther than the forward strike.
  • Eruption – A downward stab that summons flames around you. If uncharged, the tip of the sword has a meteor effect when hitting an opponent on the ground.
  • Quick Draw – You'll be left defenseless after using this move in midair, but you'll be good to go if you use it right before you hit the ground.
  • Standard Attack – There are three levels of attack: a punch, a kick, and a sword swing. All pretty handy, since they're quicker than Ike's other moves!


  • Down Smash Attack – This move attacks in front of you and behind you at the same time, and your legs are invincible as they kick. It launches foes perfectly horizontally.
  • Pound – A simple punch that travels horizontally. You can use it repeatedly in midair—combine it with jumps to stay aloft for a very long time.
  • Pound – This move can lay waste to opponents' shields. You can adjust the direction slightly by inputting up or down in the air right before attacking.
  • Rest – Opponents launched by Rest will get a flower on their heads. Talk about insult to injury.
  • Rest – This move is hard to hit with but can really send opponents flying! You'll need to get very close or use it right when your opponent tries to attack.
  • Rollout – When you hit a foe with this, you'll bounce up and then be unable to do anything until you land. Try to avoid hitting foes with it if you're trying to recover!
  • Rollout – While rolling on the ground, press in the opposite direction to make a quick turn. It won't work if you're airborne, but it'll slow you down.
  • Shield – If its shield is shattered, Jigglypuff will get launched and KO'd no matter its damage.
  • Sing – Enemies on the ground who hear this song will fall asleep. The more damage they have, the longer they'll nap.

King Dedede[edit]

  • Gordo Throw – Choose up, middle, or down right after starting this move to hit the Gordo in three different ways, changing how it bounces.
  • Gordo Throw – Gordos will stick to any walls they hit. Try doing this on walls close to edges to cause serious trouble to enemies trying to climb up.
  • Gordo Throw – With the right timing, an opponent can hit a Gordo back at you. You can then hit it back again, quickly turning a fierce battle into a game of Gordo tennis.
  • Inhale – After inhaling opponents, press the button again to spit them out as a projectile. This way, you can hit your opponents with each other!
  • Inhale – Dedede is already perfect, so his Inhale won't copy abilities. Instead, it has a longer range than Kirby's.
  • Jet Hammer – If King Dedede's damage goes over 100%, he can keep charging this move past maximum without taking damage.
  • Jet Hammer – It's possible to charge this move to deal more damage, but charging for too long will start to hurt Dedede too!
  • Strong Down Attack – He can attack while prone by cartwheeling forward. This lets him attack while moving, like a dash attack.
  • Super Dedede Jump – After leaping up high, Dedede crashes down to attack. This move can be canceled partway through by pressing up.


  • Copy Copying – Kirby can steal a copy ability from another Kirby who's already copied someone else's ability. Confused yet?
  • Final Cutter – Kirby slices up into the air and then slices straight down again. The shock wave that appears when you land can also damage your opponents.
  • Hammer FlipNorth America If fully charged, this move becomes very powerful, but Kirby will begin to take damage at full charge.
    Europe When fully charged, this move turns into the powerful Hammer Flip. However, charging it any further causes damage to Kirby.
  • North America Hammer Flip / Europe HammerNorth America When Hammer Flip is fully charged and used on the ground, Kirby is invincible for a brief moment at the start of his swing.
    Europe A fully charged Hammer becomes the deadly Hammer Flip, which even makes Kirby invincible for a moment when used on the ground.
  • InhaleNorth America If you press the attack button after sucking enemies in, you'll spit them back out. Use enemies to attack other enemies!
    Europe If you press the attack button after sucking an enemy up, you'll spit them back out. Use enemies to attack other enemies!
  • Inhale – In addition to enemies, Kirby can inhale some items. You'll recover a little damage this way, but sucking in explosives will hurt!
  • InhaleNorth America When Kirby copies a Mii Fighter, he'll wear a mask that looks like the Mii Fighter's face. Only the face itself is taken, though—headgear not included.
    Europe When Kirby inhales a Mii, he'll wear a mask that looks like its face. It's easy to tell which Mii he copied, but any equipped headgear isn't included.
  • Jump – Kirby's light body lets him jump six times—more than most other fighters. If Kirby gets launched but not KO'd, you can almost bet he's coming back!
  • Lucario Copy Ability – Kirby gains the ability to use Aura Sphere from Lucario. No matter how high his damage gets, though, the attack won't get any stronger.
  • Rosalina & Luma Copy Ability – Kirby gets a Luma of his very own after inhaling Rosalina! It doesn't stay long enough to team up with him, though—it flies forward and then vanishes.
  • Stone – Kirby's form is different each time he uses this, but the move's effect is the same.
  • Stone – While falling, you can cancel the attack by entering the move a second time. It's a perfect way to trick other players!
  • Taunt – Taunt to discard your current Copy Ability. Find the most opportune moment to change your ability!


  • BombNorth America While holding a bomb, press the grab button just before landing to drop it at your feet without it going off. Leave this present for your foes!
    Europe While holding a bomb, press the grab button just before landing to drop it at your feet without it blowing up. Leave it where your foes are, then run!
  • Bomb – Your bombs are special ones—the explosion from hitting an enemy won't hurt you.
  • Dash Attack – Link's dash attack strikes with almost as much force as a smash attack. The point of his sword is especially painful.
  • Hero's Bow – The longer Link charges his bow, the farther the arrows will fly and the more powerful they'll be. At maximum charge, they'll fly perfectly straight.
  • Hylian Shield – Link's Hylian Shield blocks all projectiles, no matter how powerful. Link won't take any damage at all.
  • Hylian Shield – Link's Hylian Shield can block projectiles, but it won't block anything while you're attacking.
  • Midair Clawshot – When you fire the Clawshot by using a grab in midair, it extends a long way, making it useful against tall foes or those approaching from below.
  • Side Smash Attack – Press the button again to attack a second time. The second attack has more launching power.
  • Standard Attack – Opponents struck by the full three-hit combo will get launched, or you can combine the first two hits with up or down smash attacks to keep things fresh.
  • Triforce Slash – If a foe has gotten in close to try and avoid your Final Smash, double-tap them with your standard attack to push them back to the ideal range.

Little Mac[edit]

  • Giga Mac – As Giga Mac, Little Mac has more power and speed than usual. He also won't flinch from attacks, but he'll still take damage as normal.
  • Jolt Haymaker – Press the button during the jump, and you can deliver the punch more quickly. You won't move as far, though, so consider that before using it.
  • Jolt Haymaker – You get a window of invincibility if you start this move on the ground, but not in the air. So be careful!
  • KO Uppercut – Little Mac's KO Meter builds up when he deals or receives damage. Once it's full, he can use the KO Uppercut to deal some serious hurt!
  • Rising Uppercut – Little Mac zooms upward with a powerful uppercut. He travels farther when used on the ground than when used in the air.
  • Side Smash Attack – If you press up when performing Little Mac's side smash, it will change into an uppercut that sends enemies flying upward.
  • Slip Counter – Just when you think you've got him, Little Mac socks you with a nasty counter. He's invincible during the attack, so there's no stopping him!
  • Straight Lunge – This attack gives you super armor while charging up and while dashing forward. This is especially prominent when it's fully charged.
  • Unique Traits – At high damage levels, bruises and a bandage appear on Little Mac's face. Also, since he's a boxer, he never attacks using his legs.


  • Aura – Lucario's Aura power increases as it takes damage. At 190%, Lucario's attacks are 2.5 times normal strength, but it's possible to grow even stronger...
  • Aura Sphere – Aura Sphere can damage opponents while it's charging. Try dropping onto a foe from above while charging it!
  • Extreme Speed – The end of this move launches nearby foes. With enough Aura, you can dash in and attack from far away, but try not to zoom right off the screen!
  • Extreme SpeedNorth America This move will send Lucario flying in the direction you indicate. The more damage Lucario has taken, the farther it will fly.
    Europe Before Lucario rushes off, enter the direction you want to go. The distance depends on Lucario's Aura.
  • Force Palm – Force Palm deals more damage and has a greater range if Lucario's Aura is stronger.
  • Grab Attack – If Lucario has taken a lot of damage, it can pull off this move quickly and do a lot of damage thanks to Aura.


  • Back Air Attack – This powerful kick has a meteor effect. Try to hit with Lucas's knee for the best result!
  • Down Air Attack – Unleash a sequence of four kicks downward. Start the attack at the peak of a jump to make it easier to land all four blows!
  • Down Smash Attack – This attack deals less damage with repeated use, but its range improves. You can reach enemies hiding below you or ones hanging on an edge.
  • PK Fire – Shoot a blast of fire straight forward. Once it connects, it will become pillars of fire. A short-range attack that is great for hitting and launching multiple enemies.
  • PK Fire – This move can disrupt incoming attacks and projectiles, but it leaves Lucas vulnerable for a time. Be careful!
  • PK Freeze – Hold down the button and a direction to extend the projectile's arc, but remember the ice only bursts once you let go, so plan carefully!
  • PK Freeze – The icy projectile can freeze enemies. Try using it to stop anybody returning to the stage!
  • PK Thunder – This move can help you return to the battle. Be careful, though, since the orb vanishes if it runs into solid ground.
  • PK Thunder – The orb from this attack won't disappear when it hits your rivals. Shock multiple opponents!
  • PSI MagnetNorth America After grabbing a projectile with this move, Lucas can roll backward. By releasing the button at the right time, you can also disrupt enemy attacks.
    Europe You can make Lucas roll backwards after grabbing a projectile with this move. By releasing the button at the right time, it can also disrupt enemy attacks.
  • PSI Magnet – This move lets Lucas absorb energy-based projectiles and heal himself. It'll even slow his descent while airborne!
  • Rope Snake – The Rope Snake extends Lucas's reach for grabbing foes and edges. It can reach especially far in midair.
  • Rope Snake – You can't grab and throw opponents in midair, but don't worry—this attack will still hurt them!
  • Up Smash AttackNorth America This attack has the greatest launching power of any move. However, it will leave you wide open after using it, and envious enemies may punish you for missing.
    Europe This move leaves Lucas vulnerable for a long while, but the risk is worth it: this is the strongest launching move in the game, with range and power.
  • Up Smash Attack – This attack will move upward when you use it. It's strongest if you catch an enemy with the start. Not even enemies hanging on an edge are safe!


  • Lucina vs. Marth – Marth's sword deals more damage at the tip, but Lucina's is the same all the way along. That aside, their moves are fundamentally pretty similar.
  • Critical Hit – Lucina dashes forward and launches any foes in her path. It goes quite far if nothing gets in its way, so swing your sword before you go off-screen!
  • Strong Up Attack – Lucina cuts an arc through the air with her sword. This does the most damage at the back, so try using it on foes standing close behind you!


  • Down Taunt – If your foe's clinging to an edge for dear life, try using Luigi's down taunt. That meteor smash will be VERY satisfying!
  • Fireball – Luigi's green fireballs don't travel as far as his brother's, but they're slightly more powerful and they can bounce off of walls.
  • Green Missile – If you charge this for too long, he'll get worn out and give up. Let him catch his breath, and then try again.
  • Green Missile – This move can end with Luigi's head stuck in a wall. That leaves him vulnerable, so be careful!
  • Green Missile – This move has a 1-in-10 chance to hit REALLY hard and fly REALLY far. Too far, in some cases.
  • Luigi Cyclone – If you land during Luigi Cyclone after using it in midair, you can slide left or right, leaving you much less vulnerable to attack.
  • Luigi Cyclone – Press the button repeatedly while using this attack to move upward. Use it to chase people or for recovery.
  • Shield – When shielding against powerful attacks, such as smash attacks, Luigi will slide backward. This makes him harder to hit multiple times.
  • Standard Air Attack – This attack launches opponents almost straight upward. Since you know which way they're going, it's easy to move in and attack again.
  • Super Jump PunchNorth America Get close to your enemy before using this. Hit them right at the start of the uppercut for maximum damage and launching power.
    Europe Get in close to hit your opponent with the very start of the uppercut. That way, it'll deal a lot of damage and really send them flying!
  • Up Smash Attack – Hit an enemy in front to launch them backward. Hit an enemy behind you to launch them forward. The green guy's kooky like that!


  • Cape – This move has the effect of turning your opponents around. This can really mess them up if they're trying to get back onto the stage!
  • Cape – Use this in midair to slow down Mario's falling speed for a moment. In particular, the first time you use it, he'll float up a bit—great for dodging!
  • F.L.U.D.D. – A blast of water is an effective way to disrupt your opponents. It doesn't hurt, but it can slide them around.
  • F.L.U.D.D. – F.L.U.D.D. isn't just for pushing fighters—it can also push some items, like capsules and crates, and even deflect incoming Bob-ombs.
  • F.L.U.D.D. – F.L.U.D.D.'s water is great for stopping fighters like Ness and Ike from recovering with their up specials. Try to keep it charged and ready!
  • Front Air Attack – It's a slow attack, but Mario swings his fist down hard enough for a meteor smash as it begins.
  • Up Smash Attack – A powerful upward headbutt. Mario's head is invulnerable while performing it. Useful against opponents moving in to attack from above.


  • Counter – The counter depends on the attack it is countering. A countered smash attack may KO an opponent!
  • Dancing Blade – Hold toward the foe you're attacking on the fourth swing for an attack that launches foes much farther than the up or down versions.
  • Dancing Blade – Keep pressing the button to turn this into a four-hit combo. Holding different directions will change the angle of the strike!
  • Dancing BladeNorth America Marth's sword leaves a trail as he swings it, and the color reflects the attack's height. Blue is high, red is middle, and green is low.
    Europe The trail left by the sword changes colour based on the attack's height. Blue is high, red is middle and green is low.
  • Dancing BladeNorth America Press down on the fourth swing to finish your combo with a powerful blow to your opponent's feet!
    Europe Aim down on the fourth swing to trigger an extra series of attacks - a deadly combo if all the strikes hit.
  • Dancing Blade – Press up on the fourth swing for a slice that will launch your foes. This swing is excellent for netting some KOs!
  • Dancing Blade – Use Dancing Blade midjump to make Marth rise slightly in the air. Even during low jumps, you'll be able to use the attack multiple times with this method.
  • Shield Breaker – This move leaves you wide open, but if you charge it to maximum, it can break an enemy's shield in a single hit.

Mega Man[edit]

  • Crash Bomber – This bomb is incredibly clingy, latching on to walls, floors, and even fighters! It can be given to other fighters by bumping into them.
  • Down Air Attack – After Mega Man's fist flies a little way from his body, it has a meteor effect. To send foes flying down, you'll want to leave a little distance.
  • Leaf Shield – If you grab someone while the Leaf Shield's up, you can do a combo attack: a throw plus the damage from the leaves.
  • Leaf Shield – You can't use other specials while the Leaf Shield is up, so if you're offstage and need to use your up special, better get rid of this first!
  • Mega Legends – The Black Hole Bomb will explode when it hits a foe, or you can blow it up by pressing the special button. Use that method to draw in nearby foes.
  • Metal Blade – The Metal Blade will deal more damage if you let it get stuck in a wall and then pick it up and use it as an item. Your foes can pick it up too, though!
  • Rush Coil – When Rush is standing there after you use this move, he'll bounce you higher than when you first use it. Other players can jump on him too!
  • Side Smash Attack – Mega Man unleashes a powerful Charge Shot. The damage and distance increases the longer you charge it!
  • Strong Up Attack – The start of this attack strongly launches foes straight upward. It leaves you quite open if you miss, but a clean hit can really turn things around!
  • Up Air Attack – Mega Man can launch a little tornado upward. If opponents get caught in this minigale, they'll be carried up into the air!

Meta Knight[edit]

  • Dimensional Cape – Meta Knight wraps himself in his cape and disappears. If you keep holding the button, he'll strike when he's back!
  • Dimensional Cape – While Meta Knight is invisible, he'll move in the direction you input. He won't move if you don't input a direction, which is useful as a feint.
  • Downward Throw – Your enemy will fly diagonally upward after this, so that's a good time to use a combo. If their damage is low, try a dash attack and then a front air attack.
  • Drill RushNorth America If you direct Meta Knight toward the ground, he'll cancel the move and do a little hop. Use that to avoid an enemy who is about to counter you.
    Europe If you direct Meta Knight towards the ground, he'll hit it and do a little hop. You can do that to avoid an enemy who looks like they might shield and counter.
  • Drill Rush – While Meta Knight's rushing through the air like a drill, you can adjust his direction.
  • Flurry Attack – Press the attack button to unleash a flurry of strikes. Meta Knight doesn't do "standard attacks."
  • Mach Tornado – The tornado created around Meta Knight can destroy any weak projectiles it hits.
  • Shuttle LoopNorth America Meta Knight thrusts his sword upward, loops in midair, and then thrusts upward once more. A swift and powerful attack, useful against falling foes.
    Europe Meta Knight thrusts his sword upwards, loops in mid-air and thrusts upwards once more. A swift and powerful attack, useful against falling foes.
  • Shuttle Loop – This powerful attack is useful for pursuing enemies directly above you. However, you're vulnerable during the postmove descent.
  • Shuttle Loop – You can use the attack slightly more quickly in the air. However, the first strike is more powerful when executed from the ground.
  • Strong Side Attack – The third strike of Meta Knight's strong side attack is powerful enough to launch opponents.


  • ConfusionNorth America This special grabbing move lets Mewtwo repel foes with telekinesis. It can also reflect enemy projectiles.
    Europe This special grabbing move lets Mewtwo repel foes with telekinesis. Not only that, but it can also repel thrown objects back at the thrower.
  • DisableNorth America The higher the target's damage, the longer they'll be stunned for. However, if the move is reflected, Mewtwo will be stunned instead.
    Europe The higher the target's damage, the longer they'll be stunned for. However, if the move is reflected, Mewtwo will be stunned instead, so be careful.
  • Disable – This powerful move requires eye contact to work. If the enemy is looking, it can stun them, but if not... Well, it's not much of a staring contest.
  • Down Smash Attack – This attack only strikes right beside Mewtwo's feet and doesn't do so much damage, but it has a high launching ability to make up for it.
  • Forward Throw – Mewtwo will throw an enemy and quickly fire Shadow Ball five times. Each projectile doesn't do much damage, but it can hit multiple foes.
  • Front Air Attack – This attack might be short range, but it's fast and has a lot of launch power. Use it while ascending to get the most out of it!
  • Shadow Ball – Mewtwo won't automatically attack when this move is fully charged. You can press the shield button to cancel the move and keep the charge.
  • Shadow Ball – This move does more damage the longer it's charged...but it also has more recoil. The recoil is stronger when this move is used in midair.
  • Side Smash Attack – The shock wave does more damage at the very edges than at the core. Watch what you're doing, and try to attack with the edge of the wave.
  • Standard Air Attack – Hitting an enemy with this doesn't do much damage, but it hits multiple times. If you time it right, it can even launch foes.
  • Strong Down Attack – You can change the direction you launch enemies in by hitting them with different parts of Mewtwo's tail.
  • Teleport – If Mewtwo finishes this move on the ground, Mewtwo will stop in place, but if the move finishes in the air, Mewtwo's momentum will carry it a bit farther.
  • Teleport – If Mewtwo hits a platform while teleporting, it will slide across it. You can adjust its destination with directional inputs.
  • Teleport – Mewtwo will disappear for a moment, reappearing elsewhere on the stage. Mewtwo is completely invulnerable while teleporting.
  • Up Smash Attack – This attack can strike an enemy multiple times if you can hit them at the right time. It's very difficult to escape this attack before it's over.

Mii Brawler[edit]

  • Burning Dropkick – This move combines a big forward leap with a drop kick. Also it's on fire. Charge it up for some serious power, distance, and speed.
  • Exploding Side KickNorth America Input in the opposite direction right after pressing the button to turn around and deliver this kick the other way! It'll also deal more damage.
    Europe Aim behind you right after pressing the button to deliver this kick in the opposite direction. You'll also deal more damage this way.
  • Feint JumpNorth America A long leap forward while turning upside down. If you hit the attack button on the way down, you'll perform a jump kick.
    Europe A long leap forwards while turning upside down. If you hit the attack button on the way down, you'll perform a jump kick.
  • Foot FlurryNorth America On the ground, this flurry of kicks will move forward, ending with an upward kick. In the air, you'll hover in place and kick downward.
    Europe On the ground, this flurry of kicks will move forwards, ending with an upward kick. In the air, you'll hover in place and kick downwards.
  • Headache Maker – After a big jump, the Mii Brawler swings down with both arms. At that exact moment, this move has a meteor effect.
  • Head-On Assault – If you're facing an edge, you can grab it in the middle of this move—but it won't work if you're facing away from the edge. Careful, kiddo.
  • Head-On AssaultNorth America This downward headbutt has a meteor effect, and it will bury opponents on the ground who get caught beneath it.
    Europe This upside-down headbutt has a meteor effect and can bury opponents who are on the ground!
  • Helicopter Kick – When performing this move, pressing left or right will let you change the direction of the kick.
  • Onslaught – A flurry of kicks, followed by a powerful uppercut. This move hits opponents quite some distance and might even KO them if it connects in midair!
  • Piston PunchNorth America This series of upward punches isn't so great for recovering. However, it's a powerful move to use against opponents.
    Europe This series of upward punches doesn't climb up too far. It's a powerful attack, but not so great for recovery.
  • North America Shot Put / Europe Shot-PutNorth America Throws a metal ball diagonally upward, just like the real shot-put event. It's effective at blocking opponents' attempts at recovery.
    Europe Throws a metal ball diagonally upwards, just like the real shot-put event. It's effective at blocking opponents' attempts at recovery.
  • Soaring Axe Kick – A leap up with a somersault kick, and then a swift heel-kick drop. If that falling kick connects, it delivers a powerful meteor effect.
  • Soaring Axe Kick – When recovering with this move, it often goes past the edge, leaving you open to attack. Try waiting until exactly the right height to grab on to the edge.
  • Ultimate Uppercut – This fierce uppercut can be charged. When fully charged, it's super strong and has an extra-long super-armor effect at the start.
  • Up Smash AttackNorth America An upward-kicking backflip. Your legs are invulnerable while you perform it, so it's perfect for countering enemy attacks from above.
    Europe An upward-kicking backflip. Your legs are invulnerable while you perform it, so it's good for countering enemy attacks from above.

Mii Gunner[edit]

  • Absorbing VortexNorth America A barrier that absorbs energy-based projectiles. When you deactivate the barrier, it will push nearby enemies back a bit.
    Europe A barrier that absorbs energy-based projectiles. When you deactivate the barrier, it will push nearby enemies backwards a little.
  • Arm RocketNorth America This move fires a rocket jet from your arm cannon, carrying you upward. You can adjust the direction by pressing left or right just before liftoff.
    Europe This move fires a rocket jet from your arm cannon, carrying you upwards. You can adjust the direction just before lift-off.
  • Bomb Drop – This move rolls a bomb forward that will blow up after a set period of time or when it hits a foe. Drop one on an opponent trying to recover!
  • Cannon UppercutNorth America Fires a blast downward, using the recoil to power an uppercut. If you're up close, you can hit your foe with both the uppercut and the blast!
    Europe Fires a blast downwards, using the recoil to power an uppercut. If you're up close, you can hit your foe with both the uppercut and the blast!
  • Charge Blast – This move is super powerful when fully charged. If you use it in midair, it'll fire without charging at all.
  • Echo ReflectorNorth America This move creates a Reflector that sends projectiles back the way they came. They'll be stronger than they were before, too!
    Europe This move creates a Reflector that sends projectiles back the way they came. They'll be stronger than they were before, as well.
  • Flame Pillar – If you make a pillar of fire on the ground, it'll deliver a single hit to those who come close, pushing them back.
  • Grenade LaunchNorth America These grenades fly in an arc, exploding after a set time or when they hit an opponent. Hold down the button to throw them farther.
    Europe These grenades fly in an arc, exploding after a set time or when they hit an opponent. Hold down the button to throw it further.
  • Gunner MissileNorth America Use this move normally to fire a missile that homes in on opponents. Deliver it like a smash attack to fire a stronger missile that flies straight.
    Europe Use this move normally to fire a missile that homes in on opponents. Deliver it like a smash attack for a stronger missile that flies straight.
  • Laser Blaze – This move fires a beam from your arm cannon. It won't make enemies flinch, but it can be fired repeatedly to build up damage.
  • Lunar Launch – The Mii fires straight down, using the recoil to gain height. How fortunate if an opponent gets caught in the blast as well!
  • Stealth Burst – Fires a stealth explosive forward that detonates when you release the button. Hold the button down to get more distance and power.

Mii Swordfighter[edit]

  • Airborne Assault – The Mii performs a somersault leap forward in a large arc. If it strikes foes, they will be blasted back and the user will jump upward.
  • Blade CounterNorth America This move counters an enemy attack. The attack has slightly greater launching power than a normal attack.
    Europe This move counters an enemy attack. If it hits, it has slightly more launching power than a regular attack.
  • Blade Counter – You can use this move in midair to slow your fall. This can be useful for throwing off the timing of a foe waiting below you to attack.
  • Blurring Blade – A flurry of sword slashes right in front of you, followed by a stab forward. Good for keeping your opponents at a safe distance!
  • Chakram – Perform this move like a smash attack to throw stronger and farther. If you perform it normally, the chakram will hover and hit multiple times.
  • ChakramNorth America Throws a ring-shaped projectile. If it hits the stage, it'll stick there. You can adjust the angle of the throw by pressing up or down.
    Europe Throws a ring-shaped projectile. If it hits the stage, it'll stick into it. You can adjust the angle of the throw with ↑ and ↓.
  • Gale Strike – A large swing of the sword that summons a damaging tornado. The tornado's path sinks slightly just after it appears.
  • Gale Strike – The tornado will become weaker as time passes, but the force of the wind will still push opponents even after it stops dealing damage.
  • Hero's Spin – A spinning sword slice that attacks enemies on both sides. When used in midair it makes you rise upward, so you can use it for recovery.
  • Hero's Spin – When using this move on the ground, you can hold down the button to charge it up. It's also stronger in general on the ground than in the air.
  • Power Thrust – This dashing thrust will travel sideways on the ground but diagonally down in the air. The sword's tip is especially powerful.
  • Reversal Slash – A gust of wind from the Mii character's sword sends projectiles back the way they came. It can also flip opponents around if they get too close.
  • Shuriken of Light – The farther the shurikens travel, the more damage they deal. Throwing them at nearby foes won't even make them flinch.
  • Skyward Slash Dash – Slash repeatedly while dashing in the direction you've pressed. Use it in the air to ambush opponents waiting below!
  • Slash Launcher – A swift dash forward ending in a decisive slash, with the sword held in a reverse grip. The longer you charge it, the farther it will travel.
  • Stone Scabbard – A rising upward slice followed by a plummeting stab down. The falling stab has a meteor effect.
  • Stone Scabbard – At the end of this move, the sword sticks right through the ground. You can use it to attack unsuspecting enemies below the platform.

Mr. Game & Watch[edit]

  • Chef – Food jumps out of Mr. Game & Watch's frying pan in all directions. Use this to protect yourself.
  • Chef – You can change the timing of the flying food by varying the length of time you hold the button. Push it repeatedly to throw more food more quickly.
  • FireNorth America A pair of firemen launch Mr. Game & Watch high into the air. Nearby opponents will also be pushed back a bit.
    Europe A pair of firemen launch Mr. Game & Watch high into the air. Also pushes opponents back a little.
  • Fire – You can launch enemies sideways by hitting them on your ascent. This is a good way to turn the tables on someone waiting for you to pop up from a ledge.
  • Judge – This move's power depends on the number displayed. Swinging a 1 is nearly useless, but a 9 has incredible launching power!
  • Oil Panic – Absorbing a particularly powerful energy blast can fill the gauge in one go. However, even the weakest of attacks will always fill it by one segment.
  • Oil Panic – The gauge doesn't reset when Mr. Game & Watch is KO'd. Try surprising enemies with a bucket full of boiling-hot oil as soon as you respawn!
  • Oil Panic – This bucket can hold all manner of projectiles. Once filled, unleash the contents on an unsuspecting foe.
  • Oil Panic – This will only absorb energy-based projectiles. It won't affect physical ones, like Link's arrows.
  • Oil Panic – You can use this to absorb explosions from Link's bombs or from Bob-ombs. Don't try it with the Bob-ombs that fall during Sudden Death, though.


  • Backward Throw – Enemies with a higher damage percentage are much easier to launch with this. You can knock them out completely if they're damaged enough!
  • PK Fire – If this attack connects, a big pillar of fire appears. "I feel the burn!" your foes will yell.
  • PK Flash – The power and radius of the charge grow as you hold down the button. It can do up to 37% damage, but it'll disappear when it touches the ground.
  • PK Thunder – Ness can hit himself with the ball of electricity to launch himself like a missile. If you're good with the angle, it can be used for recovery.
  • PK Thunder – Since you can move the attack yourself, you can stop enemies from recovering by moving it near an edge and waiting for them to climb up.
  • PK Thunder – The lightning won't disappear if an enemy hits its tail. It's also invulnerable for a very brief moment after Ness initially fires it.
  • PK Thunder – You can guide the bolt of lightning around and hit yourself for propulsion—but this leaves you defenseless, so be careful!
  • PSI Magnet – This move absorbs energy-based projectiles and heals Ness as a result.
  • Pursuing off the Stage – When an enemy is trying to get back on the stage, you can ruin their day with your side or down air attack. But try not to self-destruct!
  • Side Smash Attack – Ness's bat leaves him open to attack, but it has epic launching power. He can even hit projectiles with it!
  • Up Smash Attack – Ness's yo-yo flies forward and then swings up and around to the back for a wide-ranging, heavy-hitting attack.


  • Blue Pikmin – Throws performed with Blue Pikmin deal 1.6 times the standard damage. The rest of their abilities are average, with no real weaknesses.
  • Down Smash Attack – If there are at least two Pikmin with Olimar, they'll attack on both sides of him. If there's only one, it'll attack in front of him.
  • End of Day – When Olimar jumps into the S.S. Dolphin, nearby enemies will be buried. If the ship hits anyone while it's airborne, they'll be slammed to the ground.
  • End of DayNorth America You can adjust the trajectory of the S.S. Dolphin as it comes back down. If you aim it well enough, you can even get it under floating platforms.
    Europe You can adjust the trajectory of the Dolphin as it comes back down. If you aim it well enough, you can even get it under floating platforms.
  • Lead Pikmin – Olimar always attacks with the Pikmin at the front of the line. You can tell which one this is by the arrow pointing to it.
  • Pikmin FlowersNorth America After being plucked, it takes some time for the flower on a Pikmin's head to bloom. The flower doesn't really affect its abilities, though...
    Europe It'll take some time for the flower to bloom on a Pikmin's head after Olimar plucks them. That doesn't really affect their abilities, though.
  • Pikmin Order – If they're separated from Olimar for any length of time, the Pikmin will flicker and then disappear. If that happens, call them back with Pikmin Order.
  • Pikmin Order – Olimar's whistle calls back his scattered Pikmin. Even the ones that are goofing off.
  • Pikmin Order – This move will change the order of your Pikmin. Use it to plan your attack strategy.
  • Pikmin Pluck – Olimar will always pluck the Pikmin in this order: red, yellow, blue, white, purple.
  • Pikmin Pluck – You can have up to three Pikmin in tow at any time. Plucking for more while three are already active is, sadly, futile.
  • Pikmin Throw – Most Pikmin latch on to opponents and attack them repeatedly. Purple Pikmin, though, deal one heavy blow and then bounce off.
  • Pikmin Throw – The less damage an opponent has accumulated, the longer the Pikmin can hang on to it.
  • Pikmin's Stamina – When separated from Olimar, Pikmin are very vulnerable to enemy attacks.
  • Purple Pikmin – Attacks performed using Purple Pikmin deal 1.4 times the standard damage and launch foes farther too! They're lacking in reach and speed, however.
  • Red Pikmin – Red Pikmin perform attacks that deal 1.2 times the standard damage. They're also immune to fire attacks, but their throw is weak.
  • Smash Attack – All three of Olimar's smash attacks count as projectiles, which can be reflected by moves like Reflector.
  • White Pikmin – When attacking a grabbed opponent, White Pikmin deal twice the normal damage. They're also speedy and can jump very high.
  • Winged Pikmin – Two Winged Pikmin carry Olimar. The more Pikmin he has, the harder it is to pull him up.
  • Yellow Pikmin – Yellow Pikmin attacks have 1.25 times the reach of the other colors, but they do less damage. The Pikmin can't be killed by electric attacks.


  • Bonus Fruit – Cherries fly in a low arc. After hitting the floor, they'll bounce only once.
  • Bonus FruitNorth America Keys fly forward at high speed while spinning. They deal the most damage out of all the Bonus Fruit items.
    Europe Keys fly forwards at high speed while spinning. They deal the most damage out of all the Bonus Fruit items.
  • Bonus Fruit – Oranges don't deal much damage, but they fly straight and at high speed, making it pretty easy to hit foes with them.
  • Bonus Fruit – PAC-MAN's apple bounces repeatedly across the ground. It travels quite a distance!
  • Bonus Fruit – PAC-MAN's melon moves slowly through the air, making it difficult to hit opponents. But when it does hit home, it deals big damage.
  • Bonus Fruit – PAC-MAN's strawberry flies a little farther than other fruit and bounces twice when it lands.
  • Fire Hydrant – If you drop a hydrant on a steep slope, it'll go tumbling down. The tumbling hydrant can deal damage to enemies it hits.
  • Fire Hydrant – If you use this attack in the air, the falling hydrant itself becomes a form of attack. Try dropping it on an opponent trying to return to the stage!
  • Fire Hydrant – PAC-MAN places a fire hydrant on the ground. The water that it spurts will push fighters back.
  • Fire Hydrant – The water that sprays from the hydrant will even push PAC-MAN himself. You can use this to sneak up on a foe while charging an attack!
  • Pac-Jump – Anyone can use the trampoline from PAC-MAN's up special, but it breaks on the fourth use. The one who broke it will fall helplessly to the ground.
  • Pac-Jump – This move sets up a trampoline for PAC-MAN to jump on. If you jump on it repeatedly, you'll go higher with each bounce!
  • Power Pellet – If an opponent attacks the Power Pellet, this attack will be canceled. It's a useful move for recovery, but be careful when foes are around!


  • Angelic Missile – Palutena fires herself forward like a spinning torpedo. This move travels a long way, so be careful not to fire yourself right off a cliff!
  • Autoreticle – This move locks on to an opponent in front and fires three shots. However, it won't lock on to a foe who's currently invincible due to dodging.
  • Celestial Firework – There's a moment of invincibility just after firing the firework. If you use it well, you might be able to nullify an enemy attack and then strike back!
  • Celestial FireworkNorth America This move shoots fireworks upward to attack. Besides the obvious anti-air applications, it can also be used to hit downed opponents.
    Europe This move shoots a firework upward to attack. As well as the obvious anti-air applications, it can also be used to hit downed opponents.
  • Counter – This move raises Palutena's shield, preparing to counter an enemy attack. The counterattack itself covers a surprisingly wide range.
  • Explosive Flame – This move causes an explosion a short distance away from Palutena. It deals multiple hits to any opponents in its vicinity and then sends them flying.
  • Heavenly Light – Palutena's Heavenly Light covers a wide area. If you hit someone with it while they're flying off the screen, you can steal the KO for yourself.
  • Heavenly Light – Palutena's Heavenly Light doesn't cause opponents to flinch, but it does gradually push them out of its area of effect.
  • Heavenly LightNorth America This move damages anyone who touches the rays of light. It's not particularly powerful, but it can hit repeatedly.
    Europe This move damages anyone who touches the rays of light. It's not particularly powerful, but it does hit multiple times.
  • Jump Glide – After leaping upward, Palutena glides down slowly. You can make use of this glide to cover a lot of distance in the air.
  • Lightweight – This move temporarily allows Palutena to move faster and jump farther. However, it also makes her easier to damage and launch.
  • Reflect Barrier – This move creates a barrier that reflects enemy projectiles. It also pushes opponents away, so it can be useful if you want to keep your distance.
  • Rocket Jump – Palutena propels herself with an explosion at her feet, damaging enemies nearby. It's a little more powerful on the ground than in the air.
  • Super Speed – Palutena charges forward at speed and sends anyone in her way flying. The farther she travels, the more damage she deals on impact.
  • Warp – Palutena disappears and then warps to a location a short distance away. Warp will take Palutena in the direction you press.


  • Gliding – Holding the jump button will let Peach hover in the air for a short time. She can even attack as she floats!
  • Low Gliding – Hold jump while crouching to float just above the ground. You can use air attacks quickly that way!
  • Peach Parasol – Peach can't grab the ledge if she's facing away from it and her parasol is open. Tap down to close it, though, and she'll grab on safely.
  • Peach ParasolNorth America Press up and down to open and close your parasol and adjust your fall speed.
    Europe While using this move, you can close the umbrella with ↓ to fall faster, then open it again with ↑.
  • Side Smash Attack – Peach pulls out a tennis racket, a golf club, and then a frying pan. Remember that order!
  • Side Smash Attack – The tennis racket launches farthest, the golf club has the best reach, and the frying pan hurts the most.
  • Vegetable – Of the eight types, the wrinkle-faced vegetable is the strongest. If you throw it while tapping in a direction, it can do over 30% damage!
  • Vegetable – Rarely, Peach will pull up a Bob-omb or Mr. Saturn. How rarely? Well, you have a 1/250 chance of a Bob-omb and a 1/166 chance of a Mr. Saturn!


  • Quick Attack – Pikachu is vulnerable before landing after using Quick Attack in midair. However, if you direct the attack at the ground, the recovery time shortens a little.
  • Skull Bash – Execute this move like a smash attack, and it'll start off slightly charged already. This way, fully charging it doesn't take as long.
  • Standard Attack – Press and hold the button to attack repeatedly. Be careful, though, because Pikachu shifts slightly as it attacks. You'll eventually end up out of attack range!
  • Thunder – Hit yourself with Thunder to cause a discharge that damages nearby foes. The lightning bolt can also pass through platforms close to the cloud.
  • Thunder – The bolt of lightning has a meteor effect. Use it after throwing a foe upward for a powerful combo.
  • Thunder Jolt – Pikachu's Thunder Jolt bounces along the surface of the stage. It can even attack foes who are hanging from edges.
  • Volt Tackle – The smaller of the two lightning balls moves in front of the large one, so watch the small one to make it easier to control and hit other fighters.


  • Pit vs. Dark Pit – Pit and Dark Pit are similar in some ways, but they both summon different weapons and both celebrate victory to a different tune.
  • Guardian Orbitars – If the shields take too much damage, they'll break. When that happens, it'll be 10 seconds before they can be used again.
  • Guardian Orbitars – These handy items will block enemy attacks as well as reflect projectiles. They'll even push back foes who touch them!
  • Palutena Bow – Press up before firing to aim the arrow that way. Also, you can guide the arrow while it's in the air.
  • Palutena Bow – The arrow fires automatically once it's fully charged, but it won't fire while Pit's changing his aim. You can delay firing that way.
  • Power of Flight – Pit's wings glow and then send him flying in the direction you choose. This move travels a long way, making it an excellent recovery move.
  • Power of Flight – This move travels very far, making it great for recovering. However, what goes up must come down, so use it wisely.
  • Upperdash Arm – A dash forward followed by an uppercut. While Pit is dashing, the Upperdash Arm deflects projectiles! Cool!


  • Arm Rotor – The spinning arms can deflect enemy projectiles. Also, press the button repeatedly for a slightly longer attack!
  • Back Air Attack – When R.O.B. fires the burner on his base, the force of the attack will move him forward a bit.
  • Color Variations – R.O.B.'s red-and-white second color is based on the Japan version of R.O.B. In fact, it's even his default color in the Japanese version of this game!
  • Robo Beam – After charging, R.O.B. fires a beam from his eyes. The red light on his head shows the charge level.
  • Robo Beam – If the beam is fired at a low angle toward the terrain, it'll bounce once. If fired at a more extreme angle, the beam will disappear.
  • Robo Beam – The beam can be angled up or down. Also, if it hits the ground, it'll reflect and change direction.
  • Robo Beam – The beam will constantly charge while it's not in use, reaching three levels of power. R.O.B. starts each battle at the second charge level.
  • Robo Beam – You can't fire a beam if you don't have any energy charged, but the sparks will still harm enemies right in front of you!
  • Robo Burner – Even if you stop midflight or attack, you can still use Robo Burner as long as it has fuel. Good for chasing foes off the edge to finish them!
  • Robo Burner – R.O.B. will use his burner to fly up. Don't jump—just press the special-move button repeatedly to save fuel and let yourself fly longer.
  • Robo Burner – The Robo Burner won't recharge while R.O.B. is hanging from an edge. You'll need to spend some time on the ground to make sure you're fueled!
  • Robo Burner – The Robo Burner's fuel slowly replenishes while R.O.B. is on the ground. Be careful if you find yourself in the air a lot—it won't refill there.


  • Down Air Attack – This attack doesn't have a meteor effect with the Bronze Sword, but it does with the Levin Sword.
  • Levin Sword – When you've used up the Levin Sword, perform smash attacks with the Bronze Sword to reduce the time until you can use the Levin Sword again.
  • Pair Up – If Chrom's attack connects and you perform this successfully, all of Robin's tomes and the Levin Sword will be fully recovered afterward.
  • Reaching Arcfire's Limits – Arcfire can be used up to six times in a row. Once it's used up, it'll be about 12 seconds before you can use the move again.
  • Reaching Elwind's Limits – Elwind can be used nine times, after which you can't use this move at all for eight seconds. This seriously affects your recovery, so beware!
  • Reaching Nosferatu's Limits – Nosferatu is a useful technique that can recover health, but it can only be used four times in a row and takes up to 40 seconds to recharge.
  • Reaching the Levin Sword's Limits – After eight uses of the Levin Sword, you'll throw it away and be unable to use it for 10 seconds. It reverts to the Bronze Sword after holding it for 8 seconds.
  • Reaching Thunder's Limits – Thunder can be used up to 20 times in a row, but stronger tomes use it up faster. Elthunder counts as 3 uses, Arcthunder as 5, and Thoron as 8.
  • Regenerating Tomes and Swords – If you've used up a tome or your Levin Sword, try KO'ing some opponents. That'll shorten the time you have to wait to use them again.
  • Thunder – A red glow means that Thunder has charged into Arcthunder! A current with very high launching power will appear when this move connects.
  • Thunder – If you launch this move without charging it up, Robin will cast Thunder. It's not very powerful, but its fast speed can take foes by surprise.
  • Thunder – It's difficult to notice in the middle of a battle, but the cover of the tome Robin uses actually changes depending on the spell being used.
  • Thunder – Once the tome starts glowing yellow, you can cast Elthunder. It's more powerful than Thunder and travels farther, but it's not quite as fast.
  • ThunderNorth America Robin will use one of four magic spells, depending on how long you charge Thunder. The color the tome glows indicates which spell will be used.
    Europe Robin will use one of four magic spells depending on how long you charge Thunder. The colour the tome glows indicates which spell will be used.
  • Thunder – When casting Thoron, you can hold down the button to make the beam extend farther.
  • Thunder – When Thunder is fully charged, it becomes Thoron! The high-speed beam can deal damage to multiple opponents at once.
  • Tome – Robin's flurry attack uses the same tome as Elwind. If you use it up with the flurry attack, you won't be able to use Elwind for recovery!
  • Tome – The third strike of Robin's standard attack combo uses the same tome as Arcfire. When you run out of one attack, you also run out of the other.
  • Tome and Levin Sword – As a general rule, the remaining uses of tomes and Levin Swords won't reset until they're all used up or Robin gets KO'd.
  • Tome and Levin Sword – When Robin discards tomes and Levin Swords after using them up, they can hurt opponents they hit. They can even be grabbed and thrown!

Rosalina & Luma[edit]

  • Controlling Luma – You can attack with Luma even when Rosalina can't move, but you won't be able to while grabbed or right after being launched.
  • Gravitational Pull – This move pulls in projectiles from a wide area around Rosalina. Use it to pull Ness's PK Thunder off course when he's trying to recover!
  • Launch Star – If you input backward just before Rosalina takes off, she'll fly straight up. Useful when you need as much height as possible.
  • Luma Shot – Luma keeps going for a bit after it hits a foe, but it slows down and deals less damage. Charge this move fully, and it'll be invincible as it flies!
  • Luma Shot – This sends Luma hurtling forward with a high chance of launching opponents. Charge up this move to send Luma flying farther.
  • Luma's Color – Lumas come in various colors, but their abilities are identical. The six colors you can get are yellow, red, green, blue, cream, and Polari.
  • Luma's Reactions – When Luma is next to Rosalina, it starts dancing if she grabs an opponent. When she gets hurt, you can see it flailing its little arms in panic!
  • Power Star – This Final Smash creates a gigantic Power Star, which fires shooting stars and then explodes. Throw foes into the explosion for big damage!
  • Rebound – When it's on the way back after Luma Shot, Luma can attack as normal. Use this to surprise fighters heading for Rosalina or as a diversion.
  • Side Smash Attack – When Luma is behind Rosalina, this attack won't send him charging as far forward as usual. Better keep that in mind while aiming!
  • Standard Air Attack – When Luma is next to Rosalina, if you perform a standard air attack right before landing and then go straight into a dash, Luma will attack while dashing.
  • Standard Attack – If Rosalina hits a foe with a standard attack while up close, Luma will slip past them. Then use a strong down attack to hit 'em from both sides!
  • Star Bits – Luma fires Star Bits that can scatter in three directions: high, middle, and low.


  • Blazer – By pushing left or right during Roy's ascent, you can adjust the angle of the move. However, this stops him from climbing as high.
  • Blazer – Roy can lash out in the opposite direction with this move if you quickly tap backward before he begins his ascent.
  • BlazerNorth America Roy is momentarily invincible when he uses this move. Unleash it while on the ground to absorb a few hits, and then launch opponents.
    Europe When this move is used on the ground, there is a brief window where he can withstand attacks and knock out opponents more easily.
  • Counter – One sneaky strategy is to counter an opponent in midair as they try to stop you from recovering. Roy falls pretty quickly, though, so it's risky!
  • Counter – The move is a little slow to start and only lasts a short while, but if used successfully on an incoming attack, it can deal 1.35x damage back at the enemy.
  • Double-Edge Dance – If you aim up on the third hit and to the side on the fourth, the power of the fourth hit increases and it will be easier to hit with the full blade.
  • Double-Edge Dance – Press the button repeatedly for a four-hit combo. You can change the finishing move by pressing up or down during the combo.
  • Down Air Attack – If you can hit the foe with the full blade, this move has a meteor effect. It's powerful straight down, but aim carefully, because it lacks horizontal range.
  • Downward Throw – Enemies thrown down by this move will bounce and then momentarily float in front of Roy. That's a good time for a follow-up attack!
  • Flare Blade – As you hold down the button, the attack gradually grows in strength. It's unleashed when you let go of the button or when the move is fully charged.
  • Flare Blade – Try charging this move right after launching a foe off of the stage, and then smack them with it when they try to recover!
  • Standard Air Attack – Roy performs a double sword slash in midair. This attack's speed makes it ideal for disrupting enemy attacks and getting in close.
  • Standard Attack – A backhanded, upward sword slash. Unlike most standard attacks, it doesn't include any follow-ups, but it has speed and power to make up for it.
  • Strong Down AttackNorth America This fast, crouching sword strike has low power, but it turns Roy into a small target. It's great for disrupting enemy attacks.
    Europe This move is a fast, crouching sword strike with low power, but it makes it harder to hit him. It's a good move for disrupting enemy attacks.
  • Strong Side Attack – Roy takes a step forward as he unleashes the move, making it easier to strike with the whole blade and do a lot more damage.
  • Up Smash Attack – Roy's up smash, Flame Sword, is an upward jab of his fiery blade. His sword arm is invulnerable during this, making the move good against air attacks.


  • Down Air Attack – This is the only attack in Ryu's arsenal that has a meteor effect. If it hits, your victim will fly diagonally downward.
  • Focus Attack – By turning the opposite way the moment Ryu punches, he will strike in that direction instead.
  • Focus AttackNorth America Hitting an opponent with the fully charged version of this move will make them slowly crumple. Time for a follow-up attack!
    Europe Hitting a grounded opponent after charging this move fully will make them slowly crumple. That's your chance for a follow-up attack!
  • Focus Attack – Ryu can take one hit while readying for this move. This is true until right before he attacks, even when charging the move to maximum power.
  • Focus Attack – Ryu will hold his stance until you release the button or a certain amount of time has passed. Then he'll unleash the punch.
  • Focus Attack – You can cancel this move by pressing left or right twice quickly, either while charging or right after the punch connects.
  • Front Air AttackNorth America Hitting an enemy with Ryu's foot has higher launch power, while his upper leg is perfect for shield breaking. It's a good move for combos.
    Europe Hitting an enemy with Ryu's foot has higher launch power, while his upper leg is good for shield breaking. It's a good move for combos.
  • Hadoken – A projectile from a world-class fighting game. Hold down the button to vary how fast it travels. It'll disappear after a set distance.
  • Hadoken – Input back, down-back, down, down-forward, forward to unleash a fiery Shakunetsu Hadoken that can deal multiple hits.
  • Hadoken – Input the commands from the original series to increase the Hadoken's power. Use it in midair to make Ryu glide slightly.
  • Hadoken – Quickly input down, down-forward, forward for 1.25x power. You might have to practice a bit to really figure out howtodo a Hadoken.
  • Shoryuken – Input forward, down, down-forward for 1.2x attack power. Think you can pull it off? SURE YOU CAN!
  • Shoryuken – Input the commands from the original series to become invincible until the move is complete. The move needs no recovery time after landing.
  • Shoryuken – When you enter the original commands, Ryu is momentarily invincible, the move is stronger and looks different...and his shout even changes!
  • Side Smash Attack – Ryu steps forward and unleashes his Joudan Sokutogeri. The tip of his foot is the strongest part, but it won't hit a small crouching enemy.
  • Strong Down Attack (Strong) – Hold down the attack button while crouching to use this move. You can cancel it into a special even if the foe is shielding, but only if you hit.
  • Strong Down Attack (Strong) – You might have seen this kick in the original games. Just like in those, you can cancel the move after striking by going straight into a special.
  • Strong Down Attack (Weak) – Use this attack by crouching and tapping the attack button. If you hit a downed opponent with it, you'll knock them back to their feet.
  • Strong Side Attack (Strong) – Keep up the pressure on a guarding enemy with Ryu's Collarbone Breaker, a double hit that's good for shield breaking.
  • Tatsumaki Senpukyaku – Enter down, down-back, back for 1.16x power. Increasing the strength also increases the move's speed and travel distance.
  • Tatsumaki Senpukyaku – Input the commands from the original series to power up the attack. One thing to remember: you can't use it repeatedly in midair.
  • Tatsumaki Senpukyaku – Ryu will float up slightly when using this move after a jump, making this spinning side kick great for recovering.
  • Up Air Attack – This uppercut hits the enemy twice and has a deceptively large range. It's fairly easy to hit enemies directly above you.
  • Upward Throw – This move kicks a grabbed opponent straight upward. As Ryu brings his leg back down, he'll hit anyone else unlucky enough to be in the way.


  • Bomb – Samus morphs into a ball and drops a bomb. You can use the explosion to gain a little height.
  • Charge ShotNorth America This is devastating when fully charged. It can be unleashed instantly if you fire it while airborne.
    Europe This is devastating when fully charged. You can't charge it in mid-air, but you can unleash it instantly.
  • North America Midair Grapple Beam / Europe Mid-Air Grapple Beam – North America Hop backward with a small jump, and then fire the Grapple Beam by using a grab in midair. Retreat while keeping your foes at bay!
    Europe Hop backwards with a small jump, then fire the Grapple Beam by using a grab in mid-air, and you can retreat while keeping foes at bay.
  • Missile – Holding a direction will fire a homing missile, while quickly inputting a direction will fire a Super Missile!
  • Screw Attack – When recovering with the Screw Attack, you can't grab edges behind you until you've finished rising. Make sure to face the right way when you use it!
  • Standard Attack – Foes can often put up their shields in between the first and second hits of this combo. It's safer to just hit with the first attack and then flee.


  • Bouncing Fish – Hold left or right to greatly affect the range of the attack. In this way, you can use the attack as a feint or really surprise an opponent!
  • Bouncing Fish – Press the button again to make Sheik use the axe kick faster. Use it again right after the first kick hits, and you won't freeze up when you land.
  • Burst Grenade – Hold the special-move button to throw the grenade farther. It doesn't move much once it lands, but it can travel three times as far in the air.
  • Light Arrow – The arrow will penetrate enemies and platforms, but it gets weaker with every person it hits. The farther away the foe, the less damage done.
  • Needle Storm – You can start charging this attack in the air. The more charged it is, the more needles are fired, but they lose power the farther they get from Sheik.
  • Strong Side Attack – This attack is fast and can lift the enemy up a short distance, making it easier to strike the enemy multiple times in a combo.
  • Up Smash Attack – On an enemy with low damage, this attack can hit multiple times. On an enemy with high damage, the first hit can launch the enemy pretty far.


  • Air Slash – Press the standard attack button while using an Air Slash to perform another slash forward and rise a little farther. It won't work after you start falling.
  • Back Slash – Shulk leaps forward and performs a vertical slice downward. As the name implies, it deals more damage if you hit the enemy from behind.
  • Chain Attack – Shulk's Monado Arts even affect his Final Smash. If you select Buster, destroying the Smash Ball will be easier and the attack will do more damage.
  • Chain Attack – There are two variations on this attack, depending on whether Shulk calls for Dunban or Riki. They don't change anything but the lines spoken, though.
  • Monado Arts – In Buster mode, you deal more damage than usual, but you can't launch opponents as far and you'll receive more damage.
  • Monado Arts – In Jump mode, it's not just Shulk's standard jump and midair jump that go higher—his Air Slash move gives him more height than usual, too.
  • Monado ArtsNorth America In Shield mode, the power of your shield is boosted but you can't move as fast, jump as high, or deal as much damage.
    Europe In Shield mode, the power of your shield is boosted, but you can't move as fast, jump as high, or deal as much damage.
  • Monado Arts – In Smash mode, you can launch opponents more effectively, but you deal less damage and can be launched more easily yourself.
  • Monado Arts – In Speed mode, you'll sacrifice damage and jump height in order to move faster.
  • Monado Arts – Jump mode increases your jumping ability. You'll be able to move more quickly in the air, but you'll also take more damage from attacks.
  • Monado Arts – Shulk can switch between Monado Arts even while being launched. If you get launched off a cliff, switching to Jump mode might save you!
  • Monado Arts – Shulk switches between five modes—Jump, Speed, Shield, Buster, and Smash—that change his abilities for a short time.
  • Monado Arts – To cancel the current Monado Art, press the special button quickly three times in a row or hold the button for about a second.
  • Monado Arts – You can't use a Monado Art immediately after it's run out. If you wait about 10 seconds, it will become available for use again.
  • Vision – Input toward your foe when you pull off a counter, and you'll swing around them to attack from the other side. This launches farther but won't work in the air.
  • Vision – Shulk's Vision is a powerful counter move, but its activation timing becomes stricter when used repeatedly. It recovers slowly while not in use.


  • Down Air Attack – If you jump, Spring Jump, and then use this attack in quick succession, it will end right before you land, which means no landing delay!
  • Spin Charge – If you hold down and keep tapping the button, you can charge up this move, making it faster and stronger.
  • Spin Charge – If you jump while spinning forward, you'll keep spinning in the air. You can hit opponents like that or use other attacks.
  • Spin Charge – Jump while charging a Spin Charge to do a Spin Jump. After a midair jump, you won't be able to Spin Jump until you hit the ground.
  • Spin Dash – If this move isn't fully charged yet, you can cancel the charge by pressing the shield button. Use this to fake out your opponents.
  • Spin Dash – You can jump and move left and right in the air while charging this move. It's a good way to evade attacks while charging!
  • Spring Jump – Even after a Spring Jump, Sonic can still attack and dodge in the air. However, he can't perform a midair jump or use any more special moves.
  • Spring Jump – Use this in midair to drop a spring on someone below. Give yourself a boost while disrupting your rivals!

Toon Link[edit]

  • Boomerang – The boomerang is able to go through enemies as it returns. It flies to wherever you are, so move up or down after you throw it to hit more opponents!
  • Down Air Attack – Unlike Link's down air attack, Toon Link's doesn't bounce up when it hits a foe. If you try to dunk someone with it, you're gonna have a bad time.
  • Hero's Bow – If you don't charge the attack, the arrow won't fly very far and will drop toward the ground. Do this close to an edge to attack enemies below!
  • Hero's Bow – Unlike Link, if Toon Link fires his bow in midair, he puts it away almost immediately when he lands. This makes it easy to use a quick follow-up.
  • Hero's Shield – Toon Link's shield blocks lower down than Link's and can better cover his smaller body. However, he can't guard while moving faster than a walk.
  • Midair Hookshot – Land with the Hookshot out, and you'll put it away quickly. It's handy as a feint—use it just before landing, and then surprise 'em with a different attack.
  • Midair Hookshot – Using the grab button will fire the Hookshot even in midair, but you can't grab opponents with it. You can, however, use it to attack or grab edges.
  • Standard Air Attack – Swings his sword in front and behind. The attack doesn't have much power, but it's quick enough to use repeatedly in a short time frame.


  • Balloon Trip – Your balloons can be popped if hit. If you lose one, you'll lose lift. If you lose both, down you go!
  • Down Air Attack – One to three turnips will appear. More turnips means more damage. Three has a meteor effect.
  • Lloid Rocket – Hold the button when using this move to ride on the Lloid Rocket.
  • Lloid Rocket – The Lloid Rocket is more powerful when you're riding it, but you can bail at any time just by pressing the button.
  • Pocket – Projectiles and items you put in your pocket will disappear after 30 seconds or so. Take them out every so often to keep them longer.
  • Pocket – The Villager uses this move to put items or incoming projectiles into his pocket. Then he can press the button again to take them out.
  • Side Smash Attack – If you stand next to a cliff above your opponent, you can use this smash attack to drop a bowling ball on them from above like a projectile.
  • Timber – A three-stage move: planting a seed, watering it, and then chopping down the tree. Don't use the first stage in the air—it'll just leave you wide open.
  • Timber – If the felled tree hits an opponent, it deals some serious damage. The pieces of wood that pop out as it falls can be thrown as projectiles, too.
  • Timber – The axe is surprisingly powerful! You can swing it at your rivals as long as the tree is standing.
  • Timber – The Villager can move sideways while using the watering can. It's also possible to water and chop down trees planted by other Villagers.


  • Chomp – Can be used to bite opponents or eat items. If he eats food, it'll restore more health than usual!
  • Chomp – Eating items will make Wario more gassy. The gassier he is, the stronger his down special will be.
  • Chomp – Wario's hunger knows no bounds, but eating explosives will cause him a bit of damage. The blast will hurt those around him too!
  • Dash Attack – Even if you don't land a direct hit with this, just hitting an enemy at the tail end of the attack can send them flying! WAHAHA!
  • Taunt – Leave it to Wario to taunt while riding a motorcycle. Don't try this at home! Or anywhere else! Not safe!
  • Wario Bike – Press up to do a wheelie and then down to lower the wheel again. Any enemy hit by that front wheel has a good chance of getting launched.
  • Wario Bike – Wario's motorcycle can break into parts. Throw them at others, or eat them to fill Wario's...gas tank.
  • Wario Waft – Fully charged, it will rocket Wario into the air, launching nearby foes and totally grossing them out. This can be very handy while recovering.
  • Wario Waft – When Wario's bursting at the seams with gas, he'll glow. Getting KO'd won't release any gas, either—there's only one way to let it out...

Wii Fit Trainer[edit]

  • Deep Breathing – Deep Breathing can reduce stress. Oh, and it also increases your attack and launch power and heals a small amount of damage.
  • Deep Breathing – If you press the button again just as the outer circle meets the red inner circle, you'll boost your attack and launching power for a while.
  • Deep Breathing – If you use this move repeatedly, it'll take much longer to charge. It leaves you open to attack, so think carefully about when to use it.
  • Header – Shield before hitting the ball to cancel your serve and let the ball fall, dejected, to the ground.
  • Header – The ball's trajectory depends on when you press the button again. You can also attack with the headbutt directly, which has a meteor effect.
  • Standard Attack – If you land three standard attacks in a row, you'll bury your opponents in the ground for a time.
  • Strong Side Attack – It's not just the front arm thrust that deals damage—the leg raised up behind is also a powerful attack that launches foes straight up.
  • Sun Salutation – Fully charge the attack before striking to recover a bit of health. Talk about flexible!
  • Super Hoop – Press the button repeatedly to float up higher, making recovery easier. If foes are trying to stop you getting back to the stage, just fly out of reach!
  • Up Smash Attack – You're invincible for a moment just before unleashing this. Try using it to launch foes attacking from above.


  • Down Air Attack – This attack is very powerful if the foe is directly beneath Yoshi. On heavier fighters, you can deal over 30% damage.
  • Egg Lay – The more damage Yoshi's foes have accumulated, the longer they'll be stuck as an egg. They can escape faster by wiggling around.
  • Egg Lay – This move grabs opponents with Yoshi's tongue and traps them in an egg. They'll take less damage while trapped, but you can hit them all you like!
  • Egg Roll – This move turns Yoshi into an egg that rolls along the ground. The faster it goes, the more powerful it'll be. Just beware of getting grabbed!
  • Egg Roll – You can start this move in the air, but you won't deal any damage until you hit the ground.
  • Egg Throw – How hard Yoshi throws the egg depends on how long you hold the button down. Tap for a light throw or hold for a powerful one.
  • Egg ThrowNorth America Unlike other fighters, Yoshi doesn't have a vertical move used mainly for recovering. However, Yoshi will flutter a little bit if this move is used in midair.
    Europe Unlike most fighters' up specials, this one isn't all that effective for recovering, but it does still make Yoshi float upwards a little.
  • Egg Throw – You can throw the egg straight up by inputting the direction Yoshi's facing away from just before throwing. Fake out your foes with this technique.
  • Front Air Attack – Yoshi charges up for a moment and then delivers a powerful headbutt. If you hit opponents from above, they'll fly down with a meteor effect.
  • Midair Jump – Yoshi's midair jump won't stop if a foe attacks him in the middle of it. This is key to recovering for him, since his up special doesn't travel far.
  • Yoshi Bomb – The damage and launching power of the Yoshi Bomb are both a little higher when used on the ground.
  • Yoshi Bomb – Yoshi Bomb is great for breaking shields. Start off with multiple standard attacks, and then use Yoshi Bomb to finish that shield off.


  • Din's Fire – This explodes when you release the button. Hold it longer to get more range and a stronger explosion.
  • Din's Fire – You can adjust the flame's path while the button is pressed. The flame will explode if it hits the stage, too much time passes, or you let go of the button.
  • Farore's Wind – Hold a direction before disappearing to warp that way. Zelda will follow the direction of any platforms she encounters during the warp, as well.
  • Farore's Wind – If you direct the move downward while standing on the ground, you'll reappear in the same place. It can really throw your opponent for a loop!
  • Farore's Wind – Zelda will deal damage to those nearby when she disappears and reappears. Hold a direction to control where she teleports to.
  • Nayru's Love – This move summons a magical barrier that reflects enemy projectiles. It's not just for defense, either it—also deals direct damage!
  • Phantom Slash – Charge this attack to make the Phantom travel farther. It'll attack differently based on the distance traveled.
  • Phantom Slash – If the Phantom takes 13% damage or more, he'll be destroyed. After that, you'll have to wait ten seconds before summoning him again.

Zero Suit Samus[edit]

  • Down Air Attack – This move sends Zero Suit Samus diagonally downward while attacking. When she lands, the impact damages enemies around her.
  • Down Smash Attack – This attack fires Zero Suit Samus's Paralyzer diagonally down. Its victims will be stunned for a moment, leaving them open to another attack!
  • Flip JumpNorth America Fighters struck while on the ground will be buried, while airborne fighters will be meteored.
    Europe Bury an opponent who's on the ground by stepping on them with this move, or step on a foe in mid-air for a meteor effect.
  • Flip JumpNorth America Press the attack button during this move to launch a kick. This kick deals a lot of damage and has a powerful meteor effect, too.
    Europe Press the attack button during this move to launch a kick. This kick deals a lot of damage and has a powerful meteor effect as well.
  • Gunship – Samus jumps into her Gunship and opens fire on her opponents. She'll jump back out after five blasts or 15 seconds.
  • ParalyzerNorth America Attack with this to paralyze foes for just a moment. When they can't move, that's your chance to strike!
    Europe Attack with this to paralyse foes for just a moment. When they can't move, that's your chance to strike!
  • Plasma Whip – If you try to grab in midair, you'll attack with the Plasma Whip instead. If the whip reaches an edge, you'll grab on to it. Handy!
  • Plasma Whip – This move swings a whiplike stream of plasma directly in front of Zero Suit Samus. Opponents struck by the very tip of it will be blasted away.


  • 75 m – If you touch the enemies that move around on the platforms and ladders, you'll be launched. Try throwing your opponents into them!
  • 75 m – Watch out when Donkey Kong steps forward. Jacks will come flying from the left, which can hit multiple times and launch you off the screen.
  • Big Battlefield – This stage is simply a bigger version of Battlefield. With six platforms, it's perfect for 8-Player Smash. Its Ω Form is identical to the regular Battlefield's.
  • Boxing Ring – Reach those lights hanging above the ring! If you damage them enough, they'll come crashing down, launching anyone caught beneath them.
  • Boxing Ring – Use the ropes around the ring to jump high into the air. These ropes let fighters who have no hops reach the lights overhead!
  • Boxing Ring: Punch-Out!! Version – When selecting the Boxing Ring stage, hold the ZR Button while pressing the A Button (on the Wii U GamePad) to make sure it's the Punch-Out!! version.
  • Boxing Ring: Smash Bros. Version – When selecting the Boxing Ring stage, hold the ZL Button while pressing the A Button (on the Wii U GamePad) to make sure it's the Smash Bros. version.
  • Bridge of Eldin – After King Bulblin's explosive goes off, the bridge may look damaged beyond repair. Never fear! Soon enough, a portal will appear to fix it right up.
  • Bridge of EldinNorth America Sometimes a Bulblin will appear, following along after King Bulblin. It won't really do much, but you can attack it and defeat it. You meanie.
    Europe Sometimes a Bulblin will appear, following along after King Bulblin. It won't really do anything, but you can attack it and defeat it.
  • Bridge of Eldin – When King Bulblin is flinching after being attacked, fighters he rams into won't get hurt.
  • Bridge of Eldin – When the ground shakes, King Bulblin will come riding in from the left or right. The explosive he drops on the bridge is strong enough to blow it up.
  • Castle Siege – The statues in the castle interior will block most attacks. You can hide from projectiles behind them, but Daybreak's laser will pass right through!
  • Castle Siege – This stage shifts from atop the castle walls, to the castle interior, to a vast underground cavern, and finally back to the start of the sequence.
  • Coliseum – The floor of the stage will rise up to form various different platforms. Their layout is random, but they can all be passed through by fighters.
  • Delfino Plaza – This stage takes you on a tour of a sunny island town. You can even go for a swim if you like, but stay in the water too long and you'll sink.
  • Dream Land (64) – If you look behind the stage, you might see a Bronto Burt or King Dedede. Of course, if Dedede is fighting, he won't be back there.
  • Dream Land (64) – Whispy Woods will blow air at whichever side of the stage has more fighters. If both sides have the same number of fighters, Whispy Woods will randomly decide.
  • Duck Hunt – Attacking the ducks will add to the score in the bottom right. The points are just for show, but the ducks will sometimes drop items after being attacked.
  • Duck Hunt – If you defeat all 10 ducks in a single round, you'll get a Perfect Bonus, which adds 10,000 points to the score! ...And that's all!
  • Duck Hunt – If you down six or more ducks, you'll proceed to the next round. After Round 9, the score will reset and you'll start back at Round 1.
  • Flat Zone X – This stage combines elements from Flat Zone in Melee and Flat Zone 2 in Brawl. Look closely, and you'll see that even the fighters are flat!
  • Gamer – The mother doesn't just peek in from the door or through the window. She appears on TV too, and sometimes even as a drawing in the sketchbook!
  • Gamer – The mother has her eyes peeled for any fighters. Hide in the shadows if you don't want to be discovered smashing after bedtime!
  • Garden of Hope – Don't touch the Peckish Aristocrab when it slides across the stage—it'll launch you! It has no issue knocking over the plant pot and the climbing pole.
  • Garden of Hope – Parts of the stage are pretty fragile. Luckily, if fighters or the Peckish Aristocrab break anything, some Pikmin will be right along to fix it up.
  • Gaur Plain – When Metal Face shows up at night, you can attack and defeat him. Whoever finished him off will get credit for the resulting KO.
  • HalberdNorth America Next to the cannon is a mechanical arm that sometimes attacks fighters. It'll freeze for a second; that's your cue to dodge!
    Europe Next to the cannon is a mechanical arm that sometimes attacks fighters. It freezes stock still for a second first, so that's your cue to dodge!
  • Halberd – The Halberd's laser cannon is powerful but not very quick. Don't panic if it tries to target you—lead it toward your foes instead!
  • Halberd – The Halberd's main cannon fires shots that travel lazily through the air, exploding with surprising force when they hit a fighter or the ground.
  • Hyrule Castle (64) – After being launched by the tornado, you'll be stunned for a moment. The more damage you have, the longer you'll be stunned.
  • Hyrule Castle (64) – The tornado that appears will launch fighters vertically. If you've taken too much damage, it can launch you off the stage!
  • Hyrule Castle (64) – This is a revival of the Hyrule Castle stage from the original Smash Bros. The platforms on the castle tower are great for up smash attacks!
  • Jungle Hijinxs – After being fired out of a Barrel Cannon, you'll smolder for a bit. Don't use another one until you stop...unless you think you'd like exploding! (You won't.)
  • Jungle Hijinxs – There are platforms in the foreground and the background. Use the Barrel Cannons to travel back and forth between them!
  • Jungle Hijinxs – When the Barrel Cannons start flashing, it means they're about to vanish off-screen. You can't use them once they're pointing straight up, so hurry!
  • Jungle Hijinxs – When the ground starts to quake, it's about to fall out from underneath you. Jump in a Barrel Cannon to flee before it's too late!
  • Kalos Pokémon League – In the Dragon-type chamber, energy surges can launch fighters. If electrical sparks fly at the edges of the stage, Rayquaza is about to appear.
  • Kalos Pokémon League – In the Fire-type chamber, geysers of flame lift up the platforms. When Ho-Oh appears, these blaze up with renewed intensity!
  • Kalos Pokémon League – In the Steel-type chamber, swords stick out from the ground, damaging fighters who touch them. Registeel's Stomp will bury fighters in the ground.
  • Kalos Pokémon League – The flowing water in the Water-type chamber can push fighters off the edge. If Manaphy appears, a hole will open in the center and suck the water in.
  • Kalos Pokémon League – This stage switches randomly between four different chambers. Each has Pokémon of a different type, causing a variety of effects.
  • Kongo Jungle (64) – The Barrel Cannon can help you recover even when all seems lost. Time your shot carefully, or you might launch off the screen instead! Oops!
  • Luigi's Mansion – Each pillar supports a part of the building that collapses when that pillar is destroyed. A first-floor pillar can't be destroyed before a second.
  • Luigi's Mansion – Wait a little while after the whole mansion is destroyed, and with a mighty rumble, it will rise up from the ground, good as new!
  • Lylat Cruise: Smash Taunt – When using Fox or Falco on this stage, you can press the down taunt button very briefly to begin a smash taunt. It'll only work once per battle.
  • Mario Circuit – At the stationary points, a warning will indicate when there are karts approaching. Try to throw someone onto the track when the karts arrive!
  • Mario Circuit (Brawl) – The karts on this stage do more damage than the ones in the new Mario Circuit. The helpful map in the background always shows where they are!
  • Mario Galaxy – It's not just fighters that are affected by this stage's curved gravity—many projectiles will travel in arcs as well, so aim carefully!
  • Midgar – Grab the Summon Materia to call forth powerful beings that affect the stage in different ways.
  • Midgar – If a Summon knocks out a fighter, the point is awarded to whoever grabbed the Summon Materia.
  • Midgar: Bahamut ZERO – From high above the heavens, Bahamut ZERO blasts the stage with a devastatingly powerful beam, obliterating careless fighters.
  • Midgar: Ifrit – Ifrit blazes through the sky and unleashes an inferno forceful enough to shift the entire stage. Stand on the hot spots and you'll feel the burn!
  • Midgar: LeviathanNorth America If you fall in the water and crash into the right of the stage, you can get to safety. But if your damage is over 100%, you're done for!
    Europe If you fall in the water and crash into the right of the stage, you can get to safety. But if your damage is over 100% then you're done for!
  • Midgar: Leviathan – Leviathan rises from the ocean depths, sending a tidal wave crashing down around the stage. Steer clear of the deluge or it will sweep you away!
  • Midgar: OdinNorth America Odin rides in atop his steed Sleipnir and, with a single slice, cleanly cleaves the stage in two. Be sure not to get slashed—this cut runs deep!
    Europe Odin rides in atop his steed Sleipnir and, with a single slice, cleanly cleaves the stage in two. Be sure not to get slashed - this cut runs deep!
  • Midgar: Odin – The stage will return to normal soon after being sliced in two—try not to be between the halves when it does, or it's an instant KO!
  • Midgar: Ramuh – Ramuh rains lightning onto the field, shuffling and electrifying the platforms. Fighters who land on a live surface are in for a nasty shock!
  • Miiverse – Comments will appear based on how the battle is progressing. As the battle nears its end, they will appear for shorter amounts of time.
  • Miiverse – Every so often, the message that appears after a fighter is KO'd will be in support of that fighter, not the fighter who did the KO'ing.
  • Miiverse – KO'ing an opponent will result in one comment of support, but doing so with a meteor smash will result in two comments! Two is better than one!
  • Mushroom Kingdom U – A spray of water from below is the sign that a pillar of water is about to erupt. If there's an Urchin on one, don't touch it or you'll get hurt!
  • Mushroom Kingdom U – If Nabbit catches you, he'll put you in his sack. Wriggle about to escape before he carries you off the screen!
  • Mushroom Kingdom U – If one of the giant icicles hits you when it falls, you'll be frozen. If you notice any drops of water falling from above, get out from under them fast!
  • Mushroom Kingdom U – Kamek's magic totally transforms the stage. This can result in platforms sinking beneath your feet, so be careful you don't fall!
  • Norfair – The magma that rises on this stage will gradually cover all but the topmost platforms. Seriously, the floor is lava.
  • Norfair – Watch out for that wave of magma in the distance! Good thing there's a shelter on that platform. It's up to you if you want to share the space...
  • Onett – Step on the Drug Store's canopies five times, and the store's sign starts to come free. Do it twice more, and the canopies themselves collapse!
  • Onett – The cars that zoom by from the right-hand side of the screen deal a whopping 30% damage. Use a counterattack on them to deal even more!
  • Orbital Gate Assault – When the missile hits the gate, a force field will appear. It'll launch anyone who touches it—sounds like a thing you should introduce your foes to.
  • PAC-LAND – The speed at which the stage scrolls depends on where the fighters are standing. Head forward to speed it up; lag behind to slow it down.
  • PAC-LAND – This stage includes various special features from the original PAC-LAND game. For instance, the Special Pac item will make you briefly invincible.
  • PAC-LAND – Unlike in other stages, you can't float at all in the water here. You'll fall through it like it's not even there, so be careful not to belly flop to a KO!
  • PAC-LAND – When you reach Fairyland, you can obtain magic boots from the Mother Fairy. These let you jump higher for 30 seconds.
  • PAC-LAND – You can't grab any of the edges on this stage. There aren't many holes, but if you do fall into one, try to recover with plenty of room to spare.
  • Palutena's Temple – The bridge in the middle of the stage will break when attacked. There are moving platforms below, so keep calm and land safely.
  • Peach's Castle (64) – This stage is a revival of a stage from the original Smash Bros for Nintendo 64. It features a sliding stone platform and floating bumpers.
  • Peach's Castle (64) – This stage's bumpers are faithful re-creations of the bumpers from the original Smash Bros. They do 1% damage to anyone who bumps into them.
  • Peach's Castle (64) – This time around, you can grab the edge of the sliding stone platform. When the platform is hidden, you can grab the edge of the center platform.
  • Pilotwings – In this stage, you fight atop a red biplane and a yellow monoplane. It's tough to aim projectiles straight when the plane keeps twisting and turning!
  • Pirate Ship – Any fighters that fall into the water will be swept from left to right. Watch out for the bow of the ship—it's an instant KO if you hit it!
  • Pirate Ship – Battles on this stage take place aboard a pirate ship traveling the Great Sea! Be careful—you never know what could happen at sea...
  • Pirate Ship – Everyone is too busy fighting to steer the ship! The ship might run aground as you battle, but you can just carry the fight to the rocks if this happens.
  • Pirate Ship – Occasionally a tornado may appear and lift the ship into the air. This is the perfect time to KO opponents with meteor smashes!
  • Pirate Ship – The catapult that emerges on the deck can launch fighters. The catapult will fire quicker if a fighter is standing on it.
  • Pirate Ship – The ship will occasionally sail past a watchtower, which will fire projectiles as you pass by. The explosions can really hurt, so watch out!
  • Pirate Ship – The weather will change as the ship sails around. It can be sunny, cloudy, or rainy, but it'll only rain when a tornado is near.
  • Pokémon Stadium 2 – This stage randomly shifts into four elemental forms: Electric, Flying, Ice, and Ground. The Pokémon in the background match each theme.
  • Pokémon Stadium 2 – This stage's Electric form has conveyor belts on both sides. They'll carry you right off the edge; be careful where you stand when you're taunting.
  • Pokémon Stadium 2 – This stage's Flying form has a constant updraft, making fighters fall more slowly. It extends past the edges of the stage, so it's useful for recovering.
  • Pokémon Stadium 2 – When the stage is in its Ground form, a small mountain appears just left of the stage's center. Mountains are great for stopping projectiles.
  • Pokémon Stadium 2 – When the stage is in its Ice form, the floors are slippery. Changing direction will be more difficult, and you won't be able to attack while skidding.
  • Port Town Aero Dive – When you descend onto the track, be careful of high-speed racing machines. In some places, they can even hit you on the floating platforms!
  • Pyrosphere – If Ridley is knocked down, he'll help out whoever defeated him! However, he can still be attacked while battling for a fighter.
  • Pyrosphere – The bulbous Joulions that fall from above will puff up and explode. You can deal serious damage to Ridley with this explosion.
  • Pyrosphere – The flying machines in this stage are called FG II-Grahams. They'll fire lasers if attacked, which can deal a lot of damage to Ridley!
  • PyrosphereNorth America You won't get a free stock for beating Ridley in a stock battle, but you will get a KO for beating him in a timed one!
    Europe You won't get a free life for beating Ridley in a stock battle, but you will get a KO for beating him in a timed one!
  • Skyloft – On the small island with a waterfall, you'll want to be careful of falling. That swift current can easily prevent you from recovering.
  • Skyworld – Skyworld's terrain is impenetrable, but you can grab the edges. Once destroyed, it leaves clouds that can't be grabbed but can be passed through.
  • Smashville – Different residents appear randomly in the background of this stage. You'll see as many as 34 different ones, depending on the time of day.
  • Smashville – The background changes based on what time it is in real life. Play on Saturday night at any time from 8:00 to 11:59 to see K.K. Slider perform!
  • Super Mario Maker – A hand will appear on the screen and build this stage for you before the battle starts. It might be a person's hand, a cat's paw, or Mario's hand!
  • Super Mario Maker – Fighters will start on a platform that will disappear almost right away. Watch out!
  • Super Mario Maker – The ? Blocks are more likely to yield items from the Mario series than any other series. Makes sense, right?
  • Super Mario Maker – The platforms on this stage will change each time you play! It's like playing a whole new stage every time!
  • Super Mario Maker – The stage will occasionally change right in the middle of a battle. This can also change the music that is playing!
  • Super Mario Maker – This stage will generate a mixture of floating platforms and solid ground, but it favors creating floating platforms.
  • Suzaku Castle – These flimsy signs can't stand up to a fighter being launched near them. If all the signs are broken, they will eventually repair themselves.
  • Suzaku CastleNorth America This stage has a large platform on the right and two smaller ones on the left. Depending on how you like to fight, one side may be more ideal than the other.
    Europe The left side of the stage is made up of just two small platforms, but the right side has more space. Change up your fighting style for each side!
  • Temple – When your damage is high, try to fight in the cave around the middle of the stage. It's easy to break your fall against the walls and stay in the game.
  • The Great Cave Offensive – On this stage, mine carts will sometimes appear. They start moving when someone gets inside or on their own after a while. Try not to get run over!
  • The Great Cave Offensive – The burning red Danger Zones are as dangerous as their name implies. Touch them with more than 100% damage, and you'll be instantly KO'd.
  • The Great Cave Offensive – When treasure chests appear on this stage, break them to get items! Some chests explode, though, so it might be safer to use projectiles.
  • Town and CityNorth America Like Smashville, this stage's background matches the time of day. While the main platform is on the move, the smaller ones will exit the screen.
    Europe Like Smashville, this stage's background matches the time of day. While the main platform's on the move, the smaller ones will exit the screen.
  • Umbra Clock Tower – Don't worry if you're still on a platform when it floats up and out of the stage area—you'll be dropped off rather than taken away with it!
  • Umbra Clock Tower – In this stage you battle on the endlessly falling ruins of a clock tower. You can see angels watching from afar whenever the tower enters a magical portal.
  • Umbra Clock Tower – Sometimes debris from the tower can be used as platforms. The debris can fall in seven patterns.
  • Umbra Clock Tower – The clock face on this stage actually tells the real time. Look at the clock long enough and you'll even see the hands move.
  • Umbra Clock Tower – You can grab the edges that appear below the clock tower. Use them to your advantage to survive tough situations.
  • Wii Fit Studio – This stage's background demonstrates seven different poses, and the Wii Balance Board platforms can appear in 125 different ways!
  • Wily Castle – The Yellow Devil explodes when defeated, which counts as your attack if you defeated it. Use this to KO other fighters!
  • Windy Hill Zone – Springs appear just beyond the edges of this stage that will propel fighters in the direction a spring is pointing. Watch out—they can spin!
  • Windy Hill Zone – The rotating platforms to the right occasionally change speed or direction. They'll stop briefly beforehand, so be careful not to get carried away!
  • Woolly World – After a warning appears, the ground will rumble and then fall away. While it's gone, the edges of the blue clouds and rocket can be grabbed.
  • Wrecking Crew – If there's an oil drum on a floor that's falling, stay out of its way! These drums can trap you inside, leaving you immobile and vulnerable to attack.
  • Wrecking Crew – You can attack the bombs to break the walls and ladders. Once all the walls and ladders on a floor are broken, the floor above will come crashing down.
  • Wuhu Island – This stage is a tour of the setting of Wii Sports Resort. In some areas, like the Power Cruising starting line, fighters can even go for a swim!
  • Yoshi's Island – Attacking the Rotating Blocks makes them spin, and you can't stand on them until they stop. You can try, of course, if you like falling through.


  • Aim for the Fences – When hitting an opponent with a bat, the tip will launch them the farthest. This is true of both the Home-Run Bat item and Ness's side smash.
  • Beehive – Throw this item at an enemy, and the bees will swarm around them, dealing damage over time. Bees laugh at shields and attack right through them. Jerks.
  • Beetle – If you attack an incoming Beetle, it'll do a U-turn. Beat foes who throw it at their own game!
  • Blast Box – This item can be risky, since fire attacks will detonate it right away. However, it's safe to hit or throw it.
  • Bombchu – Once it's rolling, the Bombchu won't stop for anything and can't be picked up! It'll eventually explode and can even hurt the player who used it first!
  • Boomerang – If you time it right and catch this on the way back, it'll deal more damage next time you throw it.
  • Boss Galaga – If you get caught up in Boss Galaga's tractor beam, you'll be pulled right up off the stage. Wiggle back and forth quickly to escape!
  • Boss Galaga – It's possible to defeat Boss Galaga! He'll change color as he takes damage. The bluer he gets, the weaker he's becoming!
  • Bullet Bill – This item lets you transform into a Bullet Bill and charge across the screen. You can control the direction, but be careful not to self-destruct!
  • Cucco – Don't attack the poor Cucco! No really, don't do that, or it'll call its whole flock. If that happens, try to get other fighters mixed up in the mayhem.
  • Cucco – If a Cucco is damaged by a stage hazard, it's not sure who to get angry it calls the flock on EVERYONE. Not fair! Not fair!
  • Cucco – If you hit another fighter with a Cucco, it'll get angry at them instead of you! The flock won't hurt you at all! Maybe being thrown doesn't ruffle feathers?
  • Daybreak – After completing Daybreak, press the attack button to fire a beam. Sudden impacts before firing it will make you drop it, so be careful!
  • Fairy Bottle – This heals your damage by 100...unless you're below 100% at the time, in which case you can't use it.
  • Fire Bar – Five fireballs are linked to the hilt of this weapon. As you attack with it, the number of fireballs decreases.
  • Fire Bar – You can use the Fire Bar both at short range and long range. The fireballs at the base of the weapon do the most damage.
  • Golden Hammer – This sometimes turns into a Squeaky Hammer. It doesn't hurt much, but that sound sure is cute, eh?
  • Grass – If you see some grass growing out of the stage, walk over and pluck it to get a random item. You can only pluck it while you're on the ground.
  • Gust Bellows – This item blows a powerful gust of wind. It aims straight out in front of you if you're holding on to it, but when thrown, it blows wildly in all directions!
  • Hocotate Bomb – The bomb detonates when it hits the ground. It has a big blast range, but the fighter who launched it is immune.
  • Hocotate Bomb – While flying upward, it can hit enemies above it repeatedly and even launch them right off the screen.
  • Killer Eye – Once activated, this eye repeatedly fires shots, speeding up if it sees a foe. Attack it to make it change direction, though it might fall over instead.
  • Killer Eye – Throw a Killer Eye at a wall or ceiling, and it'll stick there. It might not be the most effective attack strategy, but it could catch foes by surprise!
  • Lip's Stick – If you're hit by one of these, a flower blooms on your head and slowly does damage. It's so pretty, it's a shame it hurts...
  • Lip's StickNorth America Using Lip's Stick to damage a foe will make a flower bloom. The flower grows as you continue to deal damage.
    Europe The more damage you deal by attacking someone with a Lip's Stick, the bigger the life-sapping flower on the victim's head will grow.
  • Master Ball – A purple ball with the letter M on it. Unlike a regular Poké Ball, there's almost always a Legendary inside.
  • Ore Club – Use a side smash with the Ore Club to send a big whirlwind flying at your foes. Charge it up to make the whirlwind even bigger!
  • POW Block – Hitting the POW Block will shake the whole screen, injuring any foes currently on the ground. It can be used three times before vanishing.
  • Rocket Belt – After you've worn the Rocket Belt for a set time, it'll fly off on its own. If it hits an opponent on its way up, it'll explode and damage them!
  • Rocket Belt – Hold a jump button while wearing this item, and it will send you soaring skyward. This makes recovering easy for even the least agile of fighters.
  • Rolling Crate – A crate with wheels. When attacked, it rolls off and deals big damage to whomever it hits. Attack it while standing on top, and you can even ride it!
  • Sandbag – Sandbag takes damage just like a fighter. The more it takes, the easier it is to launch.
  • Screw Attack – You can deliver air attacks while using the Screw Attack item. This can lead to powerful combos.
  • Special Flag – Hold this up for a while to get +1 KO (in a timed battle) or +1 stock (in a stock battle). Or use it as bait to lure your foes in for a beating!
  • Spiny Shell – When you throw this shell, it will hover above an opponent's head before descending upon them and exploding. It targets whoever's in first.
  • Steel Diver – This submarine-shaped weapon fires small torpedoes that start slow and then speed up and zoom off. They explode when they hit a foe.
  • Super Leaf – While you're all tailed up, hold a jump button to float in the air. This can be useful for heavy fighters or those that aren't great at recovering.
  • X Bomb – As the name implies, this bomb's explosion takes the form of an X. Keep an eye on the bomb before it explodes to see which way it's pointing!

Assist Trophy[edit]

  • Ashley – A dark field will appear around Ashley. Any foes inside the field will move more slowly and take continuous damage.
  • Ashley – Ashley causes an effect at random. She'll make attacks miss, limit movement, flip the controls, or bury, shrink, or make invisible all the fighters.
  • Ashley – Unless you summoned Ashley, eating food while within her dark field will cause damage instead of healing it. It's Pit's worst nightmare!
  • Chain Chomp – A Chain Chomp's chomp will deal more damage than just touching one. Be careful, though—even chained up, they've got a long range.
  • Chain Chomp – If a Chain Chomp falls off the stage, it'll just jump right back up!
  • Chain Chomp – If a platform that can break is broken with one of these chained to it, the Chain Chomp will fall off the stage as well.
  • Color TV-Game 15 – The paddles that appear to the left and right will try to keep a ball in play. You'll take damage and be launched if you touch them.
  • Dark Samus – Dark Samus can be defeated by dealing enough damage. However, anyone who gets too close to her may receive a burst of Phazon energy.
  • Dark Samus – This energy-based life-form looks a lot like Samus. Dark Samus fires homing energy blasts and rapid-fire rounds at fighters on the stage.
  • Devil – The Devil will begin pointing in various directions, and the stage will shift that way. If you get slid off the screen, you'll get KO'd!
  • Dillon – Watch out! This armadillo will attack without fear. His Arma-Charge is super powerful, so get to dodging if you see him spinning up!
  • Dr. Kawashima – Numbers will fly in from off the screen. Attack them to make them change direction.
  • Elec Man – Attacking Elec Man will make him flinch, but you'll have to launch him off the screen if you want to stop his lightning attacks.
  • Elec Man – Elec Man will move swiftly across the stage, firing Thunder Beam at fighters. A hit from this attack will leave a fighter stunned for a time.
  • Ghirahim – Ghirahim moves gracefully through the battle, using swords and knives. He can't be defeated—he'll simply teleport back if you launch him.
  • Ghirahim – Ghirahim will use a dash attack at foes straight ahead. He moves swiftly—making it hard to dodge—and strikes hard enough to launch you.
  • Ghosts – Blinky will always take the quickest route to a foe. Inky, meanwhile, prefers to move randomly in a direction opposite the foe.
  • Ghosts – Blinky, Inky, Pinky, and Clyde will all appear on the stage! They each have their own movement patterns and will hurt opponents who touch them.
  • Ghosts – Pinky will try to catch her targets by getting in front and ambushing them. Clyde doesn't have a target—he just does whatever he likes.
  • Hammer Bro – The Hammer Bro won't move from side to side, so you'll be safe as long as you stay out of range.
  • IsabelleNorth America Isabelle cares how the fight is going! If the fighter who summoned her gets a KO, she'll be happy! She'll flinch if the fighters get close.
    Europe Isabelle wears her heart on her sleeve! She'll cheer if her fighter KOs an opponent and cringe at attacks if the fight comes too close to her.
  • Isabelle – Isabelle is here to support whichever fighter summoned her into the battle. She'll throw healing fruit that's used just by touching it.
  • Isabelle – Isabelle will do her best to throw the fruit she gave to the fighter who summoned her. This doesn't mean other fighters can't steal it.
  • Jeff – Jeff's bottle rockets explode when they hit obstacles, so hiding in a place with walls or ceilings will help to protect you from them.
  • Knuckle Joe – A fighter sporting a bandanna. After a rapid-fire attack, Knuckle Joe will unleash Smash Punch or Rising Break, both very powerful moves.
  • Lakitu – Lakitu's Spiny Eggs will have a meteor effect on anyone they hit. Lakitu is perfect for stages that have small platforms.
  • Lyn – Lyn is a swordfighter who has perfected her Quick Draw. After she has drawn her sword, she'll attack the nearest opponent.
  • Lyn – Right before she strikes, Lyn will move slightly—this is your cue to dodge and avoid her attack!
  • Magnus – If Magnus's vertical strike hits a player grabbing an edge, it'll launch them straight down. Best not hang from edges when he's on the prowl...
  • Midna – Midna won't be abandoned in battle—she'll teleport to chase foes. She also uses her teleport to return if she gets launched.
  • Midna – Watch out for Midna's hand-shaped hair. She'll reach out and grab nearby fighters no matter how badly you wish your shield could stop it.
  • Mother Brain – Attack Mother Brain to defeat her! The glass around her will shatter after she fires lasers—that's your chance to strike!
  • Mother Brain – It's totally fine to use Mother Brain to shield yourself from the attacks of your rivals.
  • Mother Brain – Mother Brain will fire ring-shaped projectiles called Rinkas from off-screen. These are energy based, so they can be absorbed or reflected.
  • Mother Brain – Mother Brain will send colorful lasers shooting up and down the screen. They can't be absorbed or reflected, so you'll have to just avoid them!
  • Nightmare – When Nightmare has changed from his Power Orb to his true form, the screen will go completely black, obscuring the stage.
  • Phosphora – Phosphora can't be defeated when she arrives on the battlefield, only made to flinch. However, her thunder attacks can be reflected or absorbed.
  • Phosphora – Phosphora will teleport around the stage, dodging attacks and shooting lightning at everyone not fortunate enough to have summoned her.
  • Riki – This fluffy little Nopon has six Arts he might use, picked at random, each with a different effect. Sadly, he might end up helping your opponents...
  • Saki Amamiya – Depending on the location of his target, Saki may shoot or slash with his weapon. The slash is very powerful at close range, so watch out!
  • Sheriff – Sheriff fires high-speed, powerful shots at fighters. These shots can be reflected, but absorbing them is not an option.
  • Skull Kid – Skull Kid calls on a variety of mystical powers when he appears in the battle. Unfortunately, these powers affect whoever summoned him too!
  • Skull Kid – Skull Kid has three different moves: he can reverse the directional inputs, make everyone invisible, or flip the stage upside down.
  • Starman – He will shoot either a PK Beam γ or a PK Beam Ω, stunning fighters. PK Beam γ targets one fighter, but Ω is less discerning.
  • Starman – If you can keep up with his teleporting, Starman can be defeated. Reflecting or absorbing the PK Beams is a good strategy, too.
  • Tingle – Every so often, Tingle will send down a shower of Hammers. Even more rarely, he'll rain Golden Hammers on the battlefield!
  • Tingle – If flowers bloom around Tingle, the screen will zoom in on the fighter that summoned him. Quick! Charge an attack while no one can see!
  • Tingle – Sometimes Tingle will emerge from the Assist Trophy with a big balloon on his back. He'll rise into the sky, leaving the battle without helping.
  • Tingle – Sometimes, Tingle will throw banana peels, making anyone on the ground nearby trip—even the player who summoned him! Tingle, Tingle! Kooloo-Limpah!
  • Tingle – Tingle may sometimes become engulfed in flames! If this happens, everyone in the battle will suddenly act like they've consumed Superspicy Curry.
  • Tingle – Tingle, a man with a stubby red nose who is wearing an entirely green suit, randomly selects one of five different effects when summoned.
  • Waluigi – Luigi's purple-clothed rival. He only ever jumps directly up, so leaping left or right is a good way to avoid him.


  • Abomasnow – Abomasnow's Blizzard move will pull you toward the Pokémon. Once Blizzard ends, Abomasnow will unleash Ice Punch!
  • ArceusNorth America The attack Gravity will pull fighters out of the air. Anyone caught out beyond the edge will fall straight down.
    Europe Its Gravity attack will drag any airborne opponents downwards. If there isn't any ground beneath them, they'll be dragged off-screen.
  • Bellossom – Getting close to it will put you right to sleep! The more damage you've taken, the longer you'll be counting sheep.
  • Chespin – Chespin will use Seed Bomb, causing explosions all around it that deal a large amount of damage to anyone hit by the attack.
  • Darkrai – Its Dark Void move has a strong gravitational pull and puts anyone who touches it to sleep. If you're caught in midair, you'll fall to the ground, sound asleep.
  • Dedenne – Its Discharge attack creates an electrical burst with Dedenne in the center. Fighters caught in this will take multiple hits.
  • DeoxysNorth America Hyper Beam draws in fighters, but it won't hurt for you to launch them toward Deoxys, too.
    Europe Hyper Beam pulls fighters in closer to Deoxys. Try launching opponents towards it!
  • Eevee – Eevee will use Take Down on any fighters nearby. If there aren't any, it'll just stand around looking a bit confused.
  • Electrode – Right before an Electrode explodes, its body goes red and shrinks. That's when you can grab it and throw it at your opponents!
  • Entei – Fire Spin has a gravitational effect, sucking in anyone who touches it. Once you're trapped in the fiery pillar, it'll do huge damage.
  • Fennekin – Incinerate creates a fire pillar reaching out in front of Fennekin. If it connects, it'll do repeated damage to fighters.
  • Fletchling – Once Fletchling settles on a target, it can be a real pest. Strike while your foes are distracted by this little Pokémon's attacks!
  • Gardevoir – Gardevoir uses a barrier that reflects projectiles. If you summoned it, your own projectiles won't be affected. Nice!
  • Genesect – Both Genesect's laser and its Techno Blast can penetrate walls, so all you can do is stay out of its line of sight.
  • Giratina – Giratina launches a massive gust of wind that hits multiple times. Be careful—this move is tough to avoid and can send you off the screen.
  • Gogoat – Gogoat will let you ride on its back. Charge down opponents to deal damage!
  • Goldeen – If damage was dealt from enthusiasm, then Goldeen would KO everyone with Splash. But it isn't. Not even when Goldeen comes from a Master Ball.
  • Inkay – Inkay's Topsy-Turvy move knocks over nearby fighters. It doesn't work on anybody in the air, though, so try jumping!
  • Keldeo – When it uses Secret Sword, it will rush up to a fighter and deliver a powerful, wide-range slash attack with its extended horn.
  • Kyogre – Hydro Pump pushes fighters off the stage. It's very difficult to escape the power of this current.
  • Kyurem – Icy Wind freezes fighters in just one hit. Not only does the attack have a wide range, but Kyurem can keep it going for a long time.
  • Latias & Latios – Latias and Latios fly across the screen from the left and right, damaging anyone they hit and leaving gusts of wind in their wake as well.
  • Lugia – Lugia will launch Aeroblast, a wide-range attack, from the back of the stage. This attack can't be blocked—do all you can to get clear!
  • Meloetta – Meloetta's song will bounce off walls and platforms. In smaller stages, the song will bounce unpredictably, making it tough to avoid.
  • Meowth – Meowth can use Pay Day to throw coins at enemy fighters. They don't do much damage, but the attack has a wide range.
  • Metagross – Only touch Metagross if you like being buried. Anyone too slow to flee will suffer this Pokémon's Earthquake attack.
  • Mew – Mew is so rare, you'll be lucky to see one at all—but when you do, it'll drop rare items onto the battlefield.
  • Moltres – Moltres slowly rises after appearing. Even barely touching this Legendary Pokémon will send a fighter flying.
  • Oshawott – Surf sweeps up anybody in its path—adjust your aim to catch fighters who try to get out of the way!
  • Palkia – Everything gets flipped 180 degrees, changing the landscape. The controls stay true to the level's orientation; don't get confused and fall!
  • Snivy – Snivy's Razor Leaf rapidly fires at short range, but anyone caught in it will be hit over and over and over.
  • Snorlax – Snorlax grows as it rises into the air. If the timing's right, you can get every other fighter in one fell swoop!
  • Spewpa – If attacked, it'll react with a blast of Stun Spore, leave Spewpa alone, Spewpa leaves you alone.
  • Staryu – Staryu will pursue a target and shoot stars at high speed. For fighters with projectile-absorbing moves, this is like an early birthday present!
  • Suicune – Getting hit by Aurora Beam will give you a chance to cool off. Literally. Even touching Suicune right when it appears will freeze you.
  • Swirlix – Those who stray too close to Swirlix will have their movement reduced. Take advantage of this if you brought Swirlix into battle!
  • Victini – Victini will use Victory Star to give the fighter who summoned it a boost. In a team battle, it will boost your teammates as well.
  • Xerneas – Everyone's launching power will get a boost when Xerneas is around. It'll be much easier to launch rivals who have low damage.
  • Zoroark – Its Fury Swipes attack smacks its victim down hard. Wait for them to hit the ground—that's your chance to deliver a follow-up attack!

Game Modes[edit]

  • 8-Player Smash StagesNorth America The fire marshal says you can't play every stage in 8-Player Smash. However, there are more stages available for 5 to 6 players than for 7 to 8.
    Europe Not every stage is available in 8-Player Smash, but there are slightly more to pick from if you have 5 or 6 players rather than 7 or 8.
  • All-Star: Rest Area – In the rest area between battles in All-Star, moves that normally heal you...won't.
  • Challenges – In Challenges, squares higher up tend to be more difficult than those lower down. Consider using a hammer on one you find particularly tough.
  • Copying Customized Characters – When copying custom fighters between Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, you can't copy fighters that were already copied over from another system.
  • Items on Floating Platforms – In Multi-Man Smash, items occasionally float by on a platform. These aren't random—the same items will appear at the same time in every battle.
  • Stage Builder: Grid Display – Pressing the X Button will display a grid pattern on the screen. This really helps in creating level terrain or adjusting sizes.
  • Team Battle – When fighting in team battles, pairing a fighter skilled at close quarters with one who excels in ranged attacks can open up new strategies.
  • Training: An Easy Combo – Want to get a massive combo in Training mode? You could always put a bunch of smart bombs around the CPU fighter and set them off.


  • amiibo Battles – When an amiibo is in a battle with another amiibo, it gains more experience than usual. And the more intense the battle, the more it will grow! Ah, rivalry!
  • Bonus Effects and Stats – When learning negative bonus effects, some stats will increase to compensate. Positive bonus effects will make some stats go down.
  • Characteristics – An FP's characteristics will change as it learns from its opponents. Even at max level, your amiibo fighter can still learn new tricks!
  • Diverse Foes Wanted! – An amiibo gains more experience than usual from a fighter they've never faced before. Help your amiibo grow by pitting it against a variety of foes.
  • Feeding Equipment – Feed your amiibo equipment to change its abilities. If the consumed equipment has a bonus effect, the amiibo fighter will learn it!
  • Gifts – An amiibo fighter will bring back items it obtained in battle and give them to you as presents. It can even bring them from a friend's Wii U console!
  • Learning from Defeat – An amiibo gains more experience from losing a battle than winning. Let your amiibo face high-level CPUs to learn the true meaning of strength!
  • Lots of Potential – When an amiibo starts out, its attack and defense will be weaker than the average fighter's. With training and levels, however, it'll surpass them all!
  • Training in Battle – Your amiibo fighters can even take part in Special Smashes or 8-Player Smashes. Don't worry; they still gain experience and level up while playing around.
  • Training Trip – An amiibo will grow more quickly if it battles on a different Wii U than its owner's. Sounds like it's time for a traveling training montage!
  • Work Up an Appetite – After growing a lot by eating equipment, amiibo fighters will be stuffed. They'll have to build up an appetite by fighting before they can eat any more.


  • Custom Fighters – As the rounds continue, customized fighters will join the fray, sporting costumes other than the default and using custom special moves in battle.
  • Finding the Right Moment – You'll get a bigger reward for beating a rival if more rounds have passed—but leave them too long and someone else might beat them first!
  • Intruders – Intruders can show up in giant or metal forms. They may disappear right after a battle, so head straight for them if you want the rewards!
  • Moving as a Pair – Teamwork is critical in Classic mode with two players. The team trophy is controlled by both players at the same time. No fighting, you two!
  • Playing in a Pair – Play Classic mode with a friend, and you'll battle as a team. The opponents, rivals, and intruders will sometimes team up with nearby fighters, too!
  • Teaming Up – You choose your partners in team battles out of the fighters you've KO'd previously. If you want a fighter on your side, beat them early on!


  • Customized Characters – Customized characters are totally allowed in Events mode, so if you're having trouble, try building a character especially for that event.
  • Difficulty – Each event can be played on easy, normal, or hard, but you can unlock all of the events by playing on whichever difficulty you prefer!
  • Earning Rewards – Each event has its own conditions in order to earn a reward. The more difficult the mission, the better the reward for completing it!
  • Fighter Selection – Most events will select your fighter for you. Some will let you choose, but those events will be more difficult in order to make up for that advantage!
  • Rewarding Routes – Sometimes there are rewards in the spaces between events. Collect those rewards by unlocking routes that lead through them!

Special Orders[edit]

  • Crazy Orders – Clear several tickets in a row to build up your reward, and then confront Crazy Hand. Win and get the pile of goodies. Lose and go home with little.
  • Crazy Orders Entry Fee – Playing Crazy Orders will cost you 5000G... unless you have a Crazy Orders Pass, in which case you can get in for free!
  • Difficulty in Crazy Orders – The more tickets you clear in a row, the harder the stages will get. Even if you've beaten a similar ticket before, don't expect a walk in the park!
  • Healing in Crazy Orders – Each time you beat a ticket, some of your damage will heal. However, you'll heal the same amount no matter what difficulty you're playing at.
  • Master Orders – In this mode, you select one of three challenges with different opponents and rules. A quick dose of gameplay with a reward for beating it!
  • Reward Hints – Wondering what reward you'll get from a ticket? There's a clue on the ticket itself! Tickets with a series icon give you items related to that series.
  • Stadium Game Tickets – Some tickets require you to play Target Blast or the Home-Run Contest. You'll need to earn a certain score in order to clear these tickets.
  • Treasure Chests in Crazy Orders – Sometimes attacking Crazy Hand will make him drop treasure chests. The more tickets you've gathered, the more treasure chests will slip from his fingers.
  • When Master Hand Joins In – Clear enough tickets, and Master Hand will join Crazy Hand in battle. Clear even more tickets, and Master Hand will be powered up for the fight!

Trophy Rush[edit]

  • Cannon – One of these will appear, and 3.5 seconds later, it'll blast fire out of the holes. Destroy it or knock it off the platform before this happens!
  • Chains – Destroy multiple blocks in quick succession to earn a bonus to your score and Fever Gauge. The longer the chain, the bigger the bonus!
  • Danger Line – Don't let the blocks build up past the line at the top! If you do, you've got five seconds to sort it out or the platform disappears! Ahh!
  • Fever Rush – Max out your Fever Gauge to enter Fever Rush for seven seconds! Coin blocks and trophy blocks will start raining down on you like crazy!
  • Gold Blocks – Breaking one of these will really boost your Fever Gauge, especially if you use your fighter's own attacks. They appear more often as time passes.
  • Light Blocks – Wooden blocks and reward blocks are easy to break. They also start chain reactions, so it's faster to build a chain with these than with stone blocks.
  • Lightning Ball – If you stay in the same place for too long, a ball of electricity will drop toward you. It'll hurt a lot and launch you, so watch for the warning!
  • Playing Together – When you play with two players, more tough blocks and balls of electricity will appear. However, you'll also get more rewards.
  • Timed Bombs – Your normal attacks won't break these. They blow up four seconds after appearing, and their explosion can launch you if you aren't careful!
  • Two-Player Combos – In two-player mode, you'll have one chain shared between you. Work together to keep that chain going as long as possible!

Smash Tour[edit]

  • 300% Smash – Starting at 300% damage means even the smallest mistake may be your last. Don't get careless!
  • Boss Battle – A chaotic Smash with a powerful foe dropping in to join the fun. The winner is whoever deals the final blow to this rude intruder!
  • Checkpoint Bonus – Pass through all five checkpoints to boost your stats. The higher they already are, the more they'll be boosted!
  • Defeated Fighters – Getting KO'd in a battle means you'll lose the fighter you were playing just then. If you can survive to the end, you'll keep your fighter.
  • Explosive Smash – A battle filled only with items that can explode. careful around those chain reactions—friendly fire is decidedly unfriendly.
  • Fighter Spaces – Spaces where someone's picked up a fighter will turn white. As the turns pass, they'll slowly return to green and fighters might appear there again.
  • Fighter Variations – Fighters come in three variations: 1, 2, and 3. 1 means they have their default specials, while 2 or 3 means they're rocking some custom specials.
  • Glorious Smash – With no items available, this is a real test of skill. Rise to the challenge, and show off the powerful stats you've acquired!
  • High-Launch Smash – A battle where everyone is easier to launch than normal. You'll be zooming past each other in no time! Wheeeeeeee!
  • Home-Run Contest – A test of batting skill in which each player sends Sandbag flying as far as they can. The highest score will determine the winner.
  • Obtaining Fighters – You can pick up fighters just by passing over the spaces they're resting on. Whoever gets the most has a clear advantage in the final battle!
  • Pokémon Smash – A battle rife with Poké Balls and Master Balls, hosted on a Pokémon stage. If you are playing a Pokémon fighter, the theme is complete!
  • Shooter Smash – This battle unleashes all of the shooting items! The Franklin Badge Tour Item is wonderful here, since all the projectiles will bounce right off you.
  • Smash – A standard Smash battle. Items will appear at a normal rate, and most of them can show up. You definitely won't see any Special Flags, though.
  • Stat Boost Spaces – These spaces can boost, lower, shuffle, or swap your stats. As the final battle nears, the effects of these squares increase.
  • Target Blast – Each player sends the bomb flying at the targets, trying to break as many as possible. Maximum destruction will be rewarded with a winning score!
  • Transformation Smash – More items than normal will appear in this kind of battle, and they'll all be wearables or ones that change the appearance of your character.
  • Warp Spaces – These spaces contain pipes. Pipes of matching colors are connected. This is a handy way to avoid foes or reach checkpoints.


  • Booby Prize – If a player has two fewer fighters than everyone else, they'll get this bonus: an extra fighter for free! This fighter could turn the tide in their favor.
  • Distance Traveled – This bonus is awarded just for moving; that means everyone gets it! Your Speed stat will improve based on how many spaces you moved.
  • Launched Ace – Whoever got launched the most on the board will receive this...honor. Hey, if this bonus gives you a shot at victory, does it matter how you got it?
  • Times Launched – Players who got launched five or more times on the board will receive this bonus. It'll boost your Jump stat based on how many times you got launched.
  • Trophies Used – This bonus is based on the number of Tour Items you've used and boosts your Arms stat. Traps are counted based on how many times they were activated.

Tour Items[edit]

  • Ashley – The spinner will spin so slowly for the player that uses this Tour Item that they can almost pick their number. "Almost" is the key word here.
  • Back Shield – Start the battle with a Back Shield by using this Tour Item. You'll be giving an enemy's blows the cold shoulder with this attack-blocking device.
  • Black Knight – Select this for a battle, and it may occasionally aid your smash attack. Instead of a regular old smash, you'll unleash a one-hit KO!
  • Bob-omb – Begin the battle with a Bob-omb by using this Tour Item. Remember though, that hissing sound is the fuse; you shouldn't hold it for too long!
  • Boo – This Tour Item turns your fighter invisible. You'll still leave a telltale trail of dust when you run, though. Carefully walk in order to sneak up on foes.
  • Boss Galaga – This shuffles around the positions of the other players. Someone's about to get a Checkpoint Bonus? Disrupt their plans with this Tour Item.
  • Daisy (Baseball) – This Tour Item lets you automatically catch items just by being near them. Perfect for snapping up that Heart Container in the middle of the fray.
  • Darkrai – This Tour Item will send one of your foes to sleep when the battle starts. A perfect chance to land a charged smash attack. Or to taunt them mercilessly.
  • Dillon – This Tour Item launches opponents you bump into, sending them to a different space. It can also knock their fighters free, scattering them on the board.
  • Dixie Kong – This Tour Item gives the player who uses it an extra midair jump. Great for making sure you can recover safely!
  • Doc Louis – This Tour Item multiplies the effects of any stat boosts you pick up by 1.5. Use it when there are lots of useful stat boosts nearby!
  • Energy Tank – This Tour Item automatically heals 50% of your damage as soon as it exceeds 100%. Try not to get KO'd before you've healed up!
  • Excitebike – This Tour Item doubles the result from your spinner. Chase down someone you really wanna battle, or make it to that checkpoint really fast!
  • Franklin Badge – This Tour Item lets you start off the battle rocking a Franklin Badge. If a foe started with a projectile weapon, they're in for a shock!
  • Great Fox – This Tour Item warps you to a checkpoint you haven't visited yet. If you haven't got many left, it's easier to predict where it will take you.
  • Hammer – This Tour Item gives you a Hammer at the start of the battle. Use this advantage to really nail your foes!
  • Home-Run Bat – You'll start the battle with a Home-Run Bat by using this Tour Item. Wind up and swing at your foes, or throw it at the start to surprise them!
  • Isabelle – This Tour Item makes nearby stat boosts grow to maximum size! Don't use this when your foes could collect the awesome boosts!
  • Kat & Ana – Using this lets you automatically break your fall when launched toward a wall or ceiling. Especially helpful if you're the "headfirst into battle" type.
  • Latias & Latios – This Tour Item turns a regular battle into a team battle. The player who used it gets to choose who they partner up with.
  • Majora's Mask – This Tour Item draws on dark magic to double all your stats. In return, you'll have to start the next battle with 50% damage.
  • Mecha-Fiora – This Tour Item raises your attack power as your damage increases. It's a lot like Lucario's Aura; having this as Lucario could be flat-out devastating.
  • Metal Box – Use this Tour Item, and you'll start the battle in metal form. That shiny body means it's challenging to launch you, but it makes recovering a heavy burden.
  • Mr. Saturn – This Tour Item will improve your ability to shatter your foes' shields. With a smash attack, you may just do it in one shot!
  • Ore Club – Begin the battle with an Ore Club in hand by using this Tour Item. Swing it, throw it, or charge up and send a whirlwind flying.
  • Phosphora – This Tour Item lets you land right away by pressing ↓. The shock of your sudden landing, ready to fight, can really throw off a foe's timing.
  • Plasm Wraith – This Tour Item causes your shield to heal you when it's struck. This doesn't mean your shield can't be broken though; darn you, Mr. Saturn!
  • Poison Mushroom – Use this Tour Item to shrink a foe at the start of the battle. It'll be harder to hit them, but the small size makes them easily launchable.
  • Porky – This Tour Item "borrows" the effect of the Tour Item a foe used, giving it to you and leaving them with nothing. Try to get the really good ones!
  • Proto Man – This Tour Item will reflect the effect of other Tour Items back at your foes. If they were trying to swap or shuffle, it'll just nullify those effects.
  • Resetti – This Tour Item will cause one opponent to lose the bonuses from their stat boosts for one battle. Use it near the endgame for maximum effect!
  • Rocket Belt – This Tour Item lets you throw on a Rocket Belt at the start of the fight. For fighters who can't recover well, this is a must-have.
  • Sidestepper – This Tour Item lets you dodge sideways roughly twice as fast as normal, making it even more challenging for your opponents to hit you.
  • Super Mushroom – Enter the battle as a giant by using this Tour Item. Your newfound size is short lived, however, so make the most of it before you're back to normal.
  • Super Scope – You'll start the battle with a Super Scope if you use this Tour Item. Definitely use this if everyone else is bringing projectile weapons to the battle!
  • Tetra – This Tour Item can steal your rivals' fighters for you. It'll activate when a foe passes the space you placed it on.
  • Timmy & Tommy – This Tour Item changes all Tour Items and fighters within three spaces in front of or behind you. Fighters will turn into Tour Items instead of other fighters.
  • Tingle – This Tour Item shuffles everyone's fighters around. Someone else just collected your most favoritest fighter? Time to shuffle the deck!
  • Ultimate Chimera – This Tour Item will happily bring you two fighters from the last opponent you KO'd. Where you placed in the battle won't matter to it as long as you get a KO!
  • Wolfen – This Tour Item will start one of your foes at 100% damage in that battle. How mean! Unless it's Lucario, who'd be more powerful. Why would you do that?
  • Yellow Wollywog – This will protect you from any traps your foes have left behind for you. Disable their traps just to see the annoyed look on their faces!
  • Zinger – This Tour Item sets a trap that will fling an unfortunate foe following in your footsteps. A fond farewell to that fellow.


  • Battering Items – Battering items aren't just for swinging! You can also deal a lot of damage by throwing them at foes.
  • Bonus Effects – You can equip multiple pieces of equipment with the same bonus effect to make that effect stronger.
  • Breaking Your FallNorth America When you hit the wall, floor, or ceiling after being launched, press the shield button to break your fall and avoid follow-up attacks.
    Europe When you hit the wall, floor or ceiling after being launched, press the shield button to break your fall and avoid follow-up attacks.
  • Catching Items – You can catch items thrown at you by pressing the attack button at just the right time.
  • Changing Direction and Attacking – With most fighters, you can turn around while dashing and then quickly press a button to deliver a strong side attack or a side smash.
  • Charge Canceling – You can cancel some special moves by pressing the shield button as you charge. Using the move again will start you where you left off!
  • Clinging to WallsNorth America Some fighters can temporarily stick to walls if you keep holding in the direction of the wall. Not every wall is good for this move, though...
    Europe Some fighters can temporarily stick to walls if you keep holding the direction of the wall. However, this won't work on every wall.
  • Crouch Walking – Some fighters can move while crouched if you input diagonally down to the left or right.
  • Crouching's Defensive Value – Going into a crouch will help protect you from being launched as far. Walking while crouched, however, won't help at all—but it looks pretty hilarious!
  • Custom Special Moves – Each of the custom special moves has different attributes. Choose carefully to create the perfect fighter for your play style!
  • Dangerous Shielding – If your shield breaks near an edge, a foe could casually push you off the stage while laughing. Be careful where you use your shield!
  • Deadly Blow – A red and black flash of lightning when an attack lands means that the victim has been hit with enough force to launch them off the screen.
  • Directional Taunts – Some taunts are different depending on which way the fighter is facing. Captain Falcon's down taunt and Rosalina & Luma's side taunt are examples.
  • Easy Final Smash – Fighters who are really lagging behind will sometimes be ready to use a Final Smash as soon as they return from being KO'd.
  • North America Eating while Prone / Europe Eating While Passed OutNorth America Press the attack button while you're prone to eat a food item that's fallen nearby.
    Europe Press the attack button while you're passed out to eat a food item that's fallen nearby.
  • Edge-Grabbing Invincibility – When you grab an edge, your fighter flashes and becomes briefly invincible. This won't happen if you grab an edge again before touching the ground.
  • Equipment – Fighters can carry up to three pieces of equipment. Carrying different equipment can really change the way you play a fighter!
  • Equipment TypesNorth America Equipment that increases your defense will also decrease your speed. Best for a tough fighter who will fight until the bitter end!
    Europe Equipment that increases your defence will also decrease your speed. Best for a tough fighter that keeps going to the last!
  • Equipment Types – Equipment that increases your speed will also decrease your attack. Best for a nimble fighter who wants to press the attack!
  • Footstool Jump – You can jump on opponents' heads and use them as a springboard. If they're airborne, they'll fall down, too.
  • North America Grab / Europe Grabbing – You have to wait at least a second between letting go of opponents and grabbing them again, so be patient!
  • North America Grab an Item while Airborne / Europe Grabbing an Item in Mid-AirNorth America You can grab an item in midair by dodging or attacking at just the right time.
    Europe You can grab an item in mid-air by dodging or attacking at just the right time.
  • Grabbing Edges – If you grab an edge that someone else is grabbing, you'll steal it from him or her. So much for first come, first served!
  • Helpless Falling – After using certain specials in the air, you won't be able to attack or dodge until you hit the ground. You can still adjust the direction for your fall, though.
  • Hitstun Shuffling – If you input in a direction while taking damage, you'll shift slightly in that direction.
  • North America Interacting with Equipment / Europe Equipment Pros and ConsNorth America Using equipment that raises attack will lower defense at the same time. You know what they say—the best defense is a good offense!
    Europe Using equipment that raises attack will lower defence at the same time. You know what they say - the best defence is a good offence!
  • Landing after Midair Dodging – If you land while performing a midair dodge, you won't be able to move for a moment. Dodging all the time can actually leave you more exposed!
  • Launch-Trail Colors (Free-for-All) – When someone launches you strongly, the trail that follows you is color-coded: red if P1 did it, blue if it was P2, yellow for P3, or green for P4.
  • Launch-Trail Colors (Team Battle) – In team battles, the trail that follows you when you're launched hard matches the color of the team that the player who launched you belongs to.
  • North America Letting Go of Items / Europe Dropping Items – Press the grab button to drop the item you're holding. Even an item dropped like this deals a small amount of damage.
  • Low Jump – If you press the jump button very briefly, you'll jump lower than usual, which lets you use air attacks against ground-level foes.
  • North America Magnifying-Glass Damage / Europe Magnifying Glass DamageNorth America When you move off-screen, you'll be shown in a little circle. You'll gradually take damage while off the screen, so don't linger!
    Europe When you move off-screen, you'll be shown in a magnifying glass. You'll gradually take damage while in this state, so be careful!
  • Meteor SmashNorth America Launching an opponent straight downward is known as a meteor smash. Doing this when there isn't a platform below is a good one-hit KO method.
    Europe Launching an opponent straight downwards is known as a meteor smash. Doing this when there isn't a platform below is a good one-hit KO method.
  • Mii Fighters' Physiques – Your Mii Fighter's stats are affected by the size of the original Mii it's based on. Bigger fighters will be more powerful, while smaller fighters will be faster.
  • Perfect Shield – Shielding right before an attack results in a perfect shield. You'll be able to strike back immediately after guarding.
  • Reflection Move Stamina – Reflection moves tend to break if an attack deals more than around 50 damage. Shots get stronger if reflected, so reflecting back and forth is risky!
  • Repeated Edge Grabbing – Certain moves, such as Ike's Aether, have limits on how many times they can be used to grab onto edges without touching the ground.
  • Reversing Side Specials – Input the opposite direction right after starting a side special to change direction and do the move the other way. This works in midair, too.
  • Shield Break – While your shield is up, it'll gradually get smaller. When it finally breaks, you'll become dizzy.
  • Shieldstun ShufflingNorth America Angling to one side or the other while blocking with your shield will move it very slightly in that direction.
    Europe Input ← or → while blocking an attack with your shield to move very slightly in that direction.
  • Shifting Your ShieldNorth America You can gently input a direction while shielding to move your shield. This lets you block effectively, even with a small shield.
    Europe Gently input a direction while shielding to move your shield. This lets you block effectively, even with a small shield.
  • Smash Taunts on Orbital Gate Assault (Regular Version) – If all players press the ZL Button (or equivalent) when choosing this stage, you'll see a Smash long as Fox and Falco aren't in play.
  • Smash Taunts on Orbital Gate Assault (Special Version) – If all players press the ZR Button (or equivalent) when choosing this stage, you'll see a special Smash long as Fox and Falco aren't in play.
  • Smash Taunts on Palutena's Temple – In the Palutena's Temple stage, you can trigger a special Smash Taunt if you use Pit's down taunt for a brief instant. It'll only work once per battle.
  • Smash Throw – When you throw an item, quickly press in the same direction as your throw. You'll throw it farther than usual that way.
  • North America Stale Moves / Europe Repetition Effect – Using the same attack constantly will decrease its power. Add a little variety to your fighting to spice up your game!
  • Strong EquipmentNorth America Taking on higher intensity levels in Classic mode or achieving high scores in minigames can hugely affect the power of the equipment you pick up.
    Europe Taking on higher intensity levels in Classic mode or achieving high scores in mini-games can hugely affect the power of the equipment you can pick up.
  • North America Super Armor / Europe Super Armour – This is a state where you won't flinch even while taking damage. Some specials will trigger this.
  • Team Colors – There are four possible team colors: red, blue, green, and yellow. In 8-Player Smash, you can split into four teams of two for a serious scuffle!
  • The Jump Masters – #1 is a tie between Jigglypuff, Meta Knight, and Kirby, who can all manage six. #4 is King Dedede with five, and Pit and Dark Pit are tied at #5 with four.
  • The Three Fastest Fighters – #1 is Sonic, #2 is Captain Falcon, and #3 is Little Mac. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Fox was #3, but Little Mac is just too light on his feet.
  • The Three Fastest Walkers – Marth and Lucina are tied for #1, with Fox at #3. Walking doesn't leave you as open as running; patience can be a virtue in battle!
  • The Three Heaviest Fighters – #1 is Bowser, #2 is Donkey Kong, and #3 is King Dedede. The heavier a fighter is, the stronger their attacks are and the harder they are to launch.
  • The Three Highest Jumpers – #1 is Falco, #2 is Greninja, and #3 is Zero Suit Samus. Technically Giga Bowser jumps higher, but using a Final Smash form is cheating in this case.
  • The Three Lightest Fighters – #1 is Jigglypuff, #2 is Mr. Game & Watch, and #3 is Kirby. Light fighters are easy to launch but can easily escape from combos.
  • The Three Slowest Walkers – #1 is Robin, #2 is Jigglypuff, and #3 is Ganondorf. Don't worry—Robin makes up for that low speed with powerful ranged magic.
  • The Top 3 Lifting Legends – Who moves fastest while carrying heavy items? #1 is Bowser, #2 is King Dedede, and #3 is Donkey Kong. DK can even jump while carrying heavy items!
  • Throwing ItemsNorth America Drop items by pressing the grab button. Input a direction when you drop an item to throw the item in that direction.
    Europe To drop an item, press the grab button. If you input a direction at the same time, you'll throw the item in that direction.
  • Turning and Grabbing – If you turn around while running and then grab, your grabbing range will be longer than usual.
  • Types of EquipmentNorth America Equipment can affect either attack, defense, or speed. You can equip more than one piece of the same type.
    Europe Equipment can affect attack, defence and speed. You can equip more than one piece of the same type.
  • Wall JumpingNorth America Some fighters can jump off walls. Input in the opposite direction while touching the wall to do this.
    Europe Some fighters can jump off walls. Input the opposite direction while touching a wall to do this.
  • When Two Attacks Don't Meet – If two attacks connect at the same time and one is significantly stronger, that move will prevail. Some moves, like air attacks, are never canceled.
  • When Two Attacks Meet – Two attacks can cancel each other out if they connect at the same moment. With the right timing, you can even punch projectiles right out of the air!
  • While Shielding – You can't walk or attack while shielding, but you can jump. Do an up attack before leaving the ground to immediately strike out of your shield!

Original Games/Settings[edit]

  • A Bowser Impostor?! – In Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Mario fights a blue fake Bowser before the real thing. That blue fake is his eighth color in this game!
  • A Classic Runway – The runway that the plane takes off from at the beginning of the Pilotwings stage is a faithful reproduction of the one in the SNES game!
  • A Familiar Face – In Punch-Out!!, released on the NES in 1987, the referee was none other than Mario! His outfit was a bit different, but he still wore his trademark cap.
  • A Parental Bond? – The baby Metroid that appeared in Super Metroid imprinted on Samus before being left in the care of the Galactic Space Academy.
  • A Trick with the Golden Hammer – While holding the Golden Hammer, you can tap the jump button quickly to float through the air. This worked in the original Wrecking Crew too!
  • Alph's Origins – Alph first appeared in the 2013 title Pikmin 3. He's a cheerful and optimistic engineer who loves his job.
  • An Exclusive Release – In Japan, the Famicom version of Punch-Out!! was initially distributed as a prize in a tournament. It wasn't released to the public until later on.
  • Battlefield – The Battlefield platform layout has been around since Dream Land in the original Super Smash Bros. It was first named Battlefield in Melee.
  • Beginners and Experts Alike – The original Kirby game, Kirby's Dream Land, was designed to be easy for beginners to play, but finishing it unlocks a more challenging mode.
  • Bowser Jr.'s Origins – Bowser Jr. first appeared in the 2002 title Super Mario Sunshine. He's a bit of a brat, but he does have a lot of love for his daddy.
  • Captain Falcon's Machine – The Blue Falcon racing machine first appeared in the original F-Zero. Captain Falcon uses it in Smash Bros. for his Final Smash!
  • Captain Falcon's Origins – Captain Falcon's first appearance was in the 1991 SNES launch title F-Zero. You couldn't see him in the game itself, but he was in the manual.
  • Charizard's OriginsNorth America Charizard made its debut in North America in the 1998 games Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue. It was even featured on the cover of Pokémon Red.
    Europe Charizard debuted in the first Pokémon games, released in Europe in 1999. It was even featured on the packaging for Pokémon Red Version.
  • Cutscene Easter Egg – In PAC-MAN, players were rewarded with an intermission after clearing a set number of rounds. In one of them, Blinky shows a little bit of...leg?!
  • Dark Pit's Origins – Dark Pit debuted in Kid Icarus: Uprising, released in 2012. Created by the Mirror of Truth, he has the same abilities as Pit but a different personality.
  • Diddy Kong's Origins – The small and agile Diddy Kong first appeared in the SNES title Donkey Kong Country in 1994, where he was a valuable partner to DK.
  • Donkey Kong's Origins – Donkey Kong, the arcade classic, was released in 1981. In that game, Mario's girlfriend was kidnapped and Donkey Kong tried to stop Mario from rescuing her.
  • Dr. Mario's Origins – Dr. Mario made his debut in 1990 in the puzzle game of the same name. He was developing vitamins to combat some nasty viruses.
  • Duck Hunt's Origins – Duck Hunt was released in 1985 for the NES, but did you know Nintendo released another toy in Japan with the same title in the '70s?
  • Duck Hunt's Sales – The game Duck Hunt sold over 28 million copies worldwide. A big contribution to this was its inclusion as a pack-in title with the NES console.
  • Falco's Origins – Falco debuted alongside Fox in the 1993 SNES title Star Fox. He may be hotheaded and a little cocky, but his skills are the real deal.
  • Fox's Origins – Fox made his debut in 1993, in the SNES game Star Fox. In his fighter craft, the Arwing, he fought to take down the evil scientist Andross.
  • Ganon, King of Darkness – Ganon appears as the final boss in The Legend of Zelda. In that title, he looks more beast than human, making him a sharp contrast to Ganondorf.
  • Greninja's Origins – Greninja, the final form of Froakie, made its debut in 2013's Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. What looks like a scarf is actually its tongue!
  • Homesickness – In EarthBound, Ness occasionally gets homesick, which weakens him in battle. This can be cured by his going home or by just phoning his mom!
  • Iggy's Origins – Trickster Iggy Koopa debuted in Super Mario Bros. 3, released in North America in 1990. Fun fact: He's the only nearsighted Koopaling!
  • Ike's Origins – Ike debuted in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, a 2005 title for the GameCube. He's a strong fighter who wields a two-handed sword with ease.
  • Infinite 1-Ups – A trick in the original Super Mario Bros. lets you get infinite 1-Ups by jumping on foes repeatedly. Sadly, that won't get you anything in this game.
  • Items Can Turn the Tide – The very first Mario Kart game, Super Mario Kart, introduced the idea of using items to get ahead. And that's still the core of the series today!
  • Jigglypuff's Origins – Jigglypuff has been singing its opponents to sleep in North America since its debut in the 1998 Game Boy games Pokémon Red and Blue.
  • King Dedede's Origins – King Dedede debuted alongside Kirby in the 1992 title Kirby's Dream Land. He's a big eater who wants all the food in Dream Land for himself!
  • King of the Koopas – Mario's eternal rival, Bowser, debuted in Super Mario Bros. He appeared as the boss of every world, but they were all fake except for in World 8.
  • Kirby's Copy Abilities – Kirby hasn't always been able to copy the abilities of the enemies he inhaled. That power debuted in his second title, Kirby's Adventure.
  • Kirby's Origins – Kirby made his debut in 1992 in Kirby's Dream Land for the Game Boy. The goal of his journey was to recover stolen food from King Dedede.
  • Larry's Origins – Larry Koopa's debut was in Super Mario Bros. 3, released in North America in 1990. He's the youngest of the Koopalings.
  • Lemmy's OriginsNorth America Lemmy Koopa debuted in Super Mario Bros. 3, released in North America in 1990. He's the smallest and quickest of the Koopalings.
    Europe Lemmy Koopa debuted in Super Mario Bros. 3, released in Europe in 1991. He's the smallest and speediest of Bowser's seven minions.
  • Link's Air Attacks – Link's down and up air attacks, Downward Thrust and Jump Thrust, are from Zelda II - The Adventure of Link. In that game, they're learned from town swordsmen.
  • Link's Items – Link first appeared in The Legend of Zelda on the NES. Even back then, he had a wide inventory of items, including the Bow, Boomerang, and Bombs.
  • Little Mac's Origins – Even though Punch-Out!! was released in 1984, Little Mac didn't receive his name until the 1987 NES release.
  • Lucario's Origins – Lucario first appeared in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Lucario has the power to detect its opponent's thoughts and actions by reading their Aura.
  • Lucina's Origins – Lucina made her debut with the 2013 release of Fire Emblem Awakening. At first, she went by Marth, but she later revealed her true identity.
  • Ludwig's Origins – Ludwig von Koopa first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3, released in North America in 1990. You could call him the brains of the Koopalings.
  • Luigi's Air Superiority – The title Super Mario Bros. 2 refers to different games in the West and in Japan, but both games introduced Luigi's ability to jump higher than Mario!
  • Luigi's Origins – Luigi made his debut in the 1983 arcade classic Mario Bros. At the time, he wore a white shirt and cap with green overalls.
  • Mario's Ex-Girlfriend(?) – The woman kidnapped by DK in the original Donkey Kong was Mario's first love, Pauline. Originally, she was just called "Lady." We've come a long way.
  • Mario's Loyal Ally – Yoshi made his debut in Super Mario World, where he was trapped inside an egg by Bowser and freed by Mario.
  • Mario's OriginsNorth America Mario made his debut in the arcade game Donkey Kong. He wore a blue shirt and red overalls—the opposite of his current outfit.
    Europe Mario made his debut in the arcade game Donkey Kong. He wore a blue shirt and red dungarees, the opposite of his current outfit.
  • Marth's Origins – Marth debuted in the first Fire Emblem game in 1990, but that game wasn't released in North America until the Nintendo DS remake in 2009.
  • Meta Knight's Origins – Meta Knight debuted in Kirby's Adventure on the NES as a mysterious figure who stood in Kirby's way as a boss but also sometimes helped him.
  • Mii Fighter's Origins – Mii characters first appeared in 2006, with the debut of the Wii console and the Mii Channel. They can be used in a variety of games.
  • Morton's Origins – Morton Koopa Jr.'s debut was in Super Mario Bros. 3, released in North America in 1990. As the largest of the Koopalings, he's proudly more brawn than brains.
  • Mr. Game & Watch's Origins – Mr. Game & Watch first appeared in the early '80s in the Game & Watch handheld game series—predating even the NES and Game Boy!
  • Multiplayer Kirby – Kirby Super Star on the SNES was the first Kirby game where two players could team up.
  • Multiple Endings – In the original Metroid, the ending would change slightly depending on your clear time. The better endings revealed the secret of Samus's identity!
  • Ness's Little Sister – Ness has a little sister named Tracy. She works part-time at Escargo Express, answering Ness's calls when he needs to have items delivered.
  • Ness's Origins – Ness first appeared in the 1995 SNES title EarthBound. He might look like your average kid, but he can use a variety of psychic powers. He's also got a younger sister.
  • Ness's Psychic Powers – Ness always had a variety of psychic powers, but he couldn't actually use PK Fire or PK Thunder in EarthBound. His friend Paula could, though.
  • No Goombas? – Super Mario World doesn't feature any normal Goombas. The ones that do appear are actually a different species, now known as Galoombas.
  • Nurse Peach – When Mario took up a new career as Dr. Mario, Peach joined him as a nurse. But she didn't get to appear in the game itself—only in the manual!
  • Olimar's OriginsNorth America Olimar made his first appearance in the original Pikmin, released in 2001. He's a hardworking space pilot for Hocotate Freight.
    Europe Olimar made his first appearance in the original Pikmin, released in Europe in 2002. He's a hard-working space pilot for Hocotate Freight.
  • PAC-MAN's OriginsNorth America PAC-MAN made his debut in 1980. His debut title was later recognized by Guinness World Records as the "Most Successful Coin-Operated Arcade Game."
    Europe PAC-MAN first appeared in the arcade game of the same name in 1980. It was such a success, it even made it into Guinness World Records!
  • Palutena's Origins – Palutena debuted in Kid Icarus for the NES. She only appeared in the ending sequence, but the Japanese version had her name in the title!
  • Pikachu's Origins – Pikachu debuted in Pokémon Red and Blue for Game Boy. Consider yourself a very lucky Trainer if you catch one in Viridian Forest.
  • Pit and the Hammer – When Pit grabs a Hammer, he swings it from the wrist, with only two frames of movement—just like how he used the mallets in the original Kid Icarus!
  • Pit's OriginsNorth America Pit's debut was in Kid Icarus, released in North America in 1987. His goal was to collect the Three Sacred Treasures and defeat the evil Medusa.
    Europe Pit's debut was in Kid Icarus, released in Europe in 1987. His goal was to collect the Three Sacred Treasures and defeat the evil Medusa.
  • Poison Mushroom – The sneaky Poison Mushroom, which hurts Mario instead of helping him, made its first appearance in Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels.
  • Port Town Aero Dive – The stage Port Town Aero Dive is based on a track from F-Zero GX. It's 54,757 feet long, and at its peak you can get a great view of Port Town from above.
  • Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom – Peach first appeared in Super Mario Bros., where she was known as Princess Toadstool. This was also the first of her many run-ins with Bowser...
  • R.O.B.'s Origins – R.O.B. made his debut in 1985 as a peripheral for the NES. The ability to move a real robot using in-game actions made a splash with media and gamers alike.
  • Robin: Nosferatu – In Fire Emblem Awakening, Robin wasn't able to use Nosferatu in his or her base class of Tactician—only by reclassing into a Dark Mage.
  • Robin's Origins – Robin debuted in Fire Emblem Awakening, a 2013 release in North America. As the customizable avatar of the player, he or she fought alongside Chrom.
  • Rosalina & Luma's Origins – Rosalina and Luma made their debut in the 2007 title Super Mario Galaxy. Rosalina is a mysterious galactic traveler, and the Lumas her companions.
  • Rotation and Scaling – As a launch title for the SNES, F-Zero showcased that console's ability to dynamically scale and rotate graphics on-screen.
  • Roy's Origins – Roy Koopa's debut was in Super Mario Bros. 3, released in North America in 1990. If you see a big Koopaling wearing pink shades, that's him.
  • Samus's Origins – Samus Aran made her debut in the 1987 NES title Metroid. It is a science-fiction action-adventure game with a focus on exploration.
  • Sheik's Origins – Sheik first appeared in the 1998 N64 title The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Her true identity is Ze— I won't spoil it for you.
  • Shulk's Origins – Shulk made his debut in North America with the 2012 release of Xenoblade Chronicles. A budding scientist, this young man has a kind and curious heart.
  • Sonic's Origins – Sonic's first appearance was a cameo in the 1991 arcade racing game Rad Mobile. You can see him dangling near the top of the windshield.
  • Stage: Gamer – 9-Volt's mother, who appears in the Gamer stage, is named 5-Volt. Just like in Game & Wario, you have to make sure she doesn't catch you playing.
  • Summertime Shulk – Shulk's eighth color variation puts him in a pair of swimming trunks! In the original game, this is how he appeared with all his equipment removed.
  • The Fearsome Reaper – The Reaper that appears in Smash Tour debuted in Kid Icarus on the NES. This enemy tends to appear with its Reapette minions in tow.
  • The Golden Hammer's Origins – The Golden Hammer item is from Wrecking Crew on the NES, as is the stand it appears on. Even its music is taken straight from the original game!
  • The Hammer's Origins – The Hammer item comes from the original Donkey Kong arcade game. Even the music that plays when you grab it is a perfect match!
  • The King of Side Scrollers – The original Super Mario Bros. is a true classic. It's been released on at least 12 systems and sold more than 300 million copies worldwide!
  • Three Classic Items – The three power-ups from Super Mario Bros. on the NES—the Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, and Super Star—can all be used in this game too!
  • Toon Link's Origins – Toon Link debuted in the 2003 GameCube title The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. The cel-shaded art style cast Link in a whole new light.
  • Types of Viruses – In Dr. Mario on the NES, the three different types of virus were red, blue, and yellow. On the Game Boy, they were white, black, and gray.
  • Villager: Up Special – The Villager's up special Balloon Trip is named after a mode from the NES game Balloon Fight.
  • Villager's Origins – The Villager debuted in 2002 in Animal Crossing, a game in which players could enjoy a peaceful village life with a variety of animal neighbors.
  • Wario's Origins – Wario made his debut in 1992 as the villain of Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, where he stole a castle from Mario.
  • Wendy's Origins – The stylish Wendy O. Koopa made her debut in North America with the 1990 release of Super Mario Bros. 3. She's the only female Koopaling.
  • Who Is the Hero? – Despite being the hero, Link's name only appears in the title of five games. Can you name them? One might be trickier to remember than the others!
  • Wii Fit Trainer's Origins – Wii Fit Trainer debuted in 2008 in the title Wii Fit. Players could choose a male or female trainer to guide them through their fitness routines.
  • Yoshi's Puzzle Games – Yoshi had a puzzle game named after him with the NES title Yoshi. He later appeared in Yoshi's Cookie and Tetris Attack, both for the SNES.
  • Zelda's Origins – Zelda first appeared in the 1987 NES title The Legend of Zelda. In that title, the evil Ganon kidnaps her and steals the Triforce of Power.
  • Zero Suit Samus's 7th Color – Zero Suit Samus's seventh color variation is a unique orange outfit. This outfit first appeared in certain endings of Metroid: Zero Mission.
  • Zero Suit Samus's Origins – Samus first donned her blue Zero Suit in the 2004 title Metroid: Zero Mission.

Mega Man[edit]

  • Mega Man Series – Since its debut in 1987, the Mega Man series as a whole has sold more than 30 million copies worldwide.
  • Back Air Attack – Mega Man's back air attack is the multihitting Slash Claw. He obtained this special weapon by beating the boss Slash Man in Mega Man 7.
  • Dash Attack – Mega Man's dash attack is a whirlwind of pain called Top Spin. It was originally a special weapon he acquired from Top Man, a boss in Mega Man 3.
  • Down Air Attack – Mega Man's down air attack is Hard Knuckle, which fires his fist downward like a rocket. It was the special weapon of Hard Man in Mega Man 3.
  • Down Smash Attack – Mega Man's down smash is Flame Blast, which creates twin pillars of fire from his hands. He got this special weapon from Flame Man in Mega Man 6.
  • Down Special – Mega Man's down special is Leaf Shield, a rotating barrier of leaves. It was originally the special weapon of Wood Man, a boss in Mega Man 2.
  • Down Special 2 – Mega Man's second down special, Skull Barrier, protects him with rotating skulls. It's the special weapon of Mega Man 4 boss Skull Man.
  • Down Special 3 – Mega Man's third down special is Plant Barrier, which summons rotating petals for protection. It was the weapon of Plant Man in Mega Man 6.
  • Front Air Attack – Mega Man's front air attack is a decisive strike with his Flame Sword. He obtained this special weapon by defeating Sword Man in Mega Man 8.
  • Grab Attack – Mega Man's grab is the Super Arm, a special weapon that lifts the heaviest of foes with ease. He got it from Guts Man in the very first Mega Man game.
  • Side Smash Attack – Mega Man's side smash is the Charge Shot, an attack he gained in Mega Man 4 that lets his Mega Buster build up energy before firing.
  • Side Special – Mega Man's side special Crash Bomber fires an explosive that sticks to walls and fighters. It was originally Crash Man's special weapon in Mega Man 2.
  • Side Special 2 – Mega Man's second side special is Ice Slasher, an icy shot that penetrates foes. It was the special weapon of Ice Man in the first Mega Man game.
  • Side Special 3 – Mega Man's third side special, Danger Wrap, is the special weapon of Mega Man 7 boss Burst Man. It fires bombs encased in bubbles.
  • Standard Special – Mega Man's standard special Metal Blade can throw circular saws in any of eight directions. It was the special weapon of Metal Man in Mega Man 2.
  • Standard Special 2 – Mega Man's second standard special is Hyper Bomb, which throws a large bomb. It was Bomb Man's special weapon in the first Mega Man game.
  • Standard Special 3 – Mega Man's third standard special is the boomerang-like Shadow Blade. It's the special weapon of Mega Man 3 boss Shadow Man.
  • Strong Down Attack – Mega Man's strong down attack is simply called Sliding. It's based on the nonoffensive technique he's been able to use since Mega Man 3.
  • Strong Up Attack – Mega Man's strong up attack is Mega Upper, a move he uses in the arcade game Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters.
  • The Mega Buster – Mega Man's standard attack, strong side attack, and standard air attack all fire the Mega Buster—his main weapon ever since his first game.
  • Up Air Attack – Mega Man's up air attack is Air Shooter, which fires a tornado upward. He obtained this special weapon by defeating Air Man in Mega Man 2.
  • Up Smash Attack – Mega Man's up smash is the electrifying Spark Shock. He originally obtained this special weapon by defeating Spark Man, a boss in Mega Man 3.
  • Up Special – Mega Man's up special Rush Coil lets him leap to great heights with a little help from Rush, his robot-dog partner. Rush debuted in Mega Man 3.
  • Up Special 2 – Mega Man's second up special is Tornado Hold, which uses a fan to lift him into the air. He got it by defeating the boss Tengu Man in Mega Man 8.
  • Up Special 3 – Mega Man's third up special calls the support robot Beat to carry him into the air. Beat first appeared in Mega Man 5.
  • Mega Man's Origins – Mega Man made his 1987 debut in the NES game of the same name, in which the weapons acquired from defeating each boss were the key to victory.

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