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This article is about Zero Suit Samus's appearance in Super Smash Bros. 4. For the character in other contexts, see Zero Suit Samus.
Zero Suit Samus
in Super Smash Bros. 4
Zero Suit Samus
Universe Metroid
Other Smash Bros. appearance in Brawl

Availability Starter
Final Smash Gunship
Tier A (11)
Zero Suit Samus Zeroes In!
—Introduction Tagline

Zero Suit Samus (ゼロスーツサムス, Zero Suit Samus) is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. 4. She was confirmed in the Super Smash Bros. Direct on April 8th, 2014, exactly a decade after Metroid: Zero Mission was released in Europe. Like Sheik, Zero Suit Samus is now a standalone character, which means that she cannot activate or deactivate her Power Suit under any circumstances. Zero Suit Samus is once again voiced by Alésia Glidewell, albeit via recycled voice clips from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Zero Suit Samus is currently ranked 11th out of 58 on the tier list, placing her in the A tier, and making her the second lowest ranking top-tier character. This is a slight improvement from her high-tier placement in Brawl, where she was ranked 9th out of 38. Zero Suit Samus possesses a dominant air game: her neutral and back aerials are safe and reliable set-up and KOing options, respectively, while her up aerial is an incredibly effective juggling option that can also function as a KOing option. Zero Suit Samus' punishment game is also one of, if not the best, among the cast, courtesy of her fast and nimble mobility, a paralyzing projectile in Paralyzer, and a potent combo game that can quickly rack up damage or even KO outright. In addition, Zero Suit Samus possesses a long-distanced and varied recovery, thanks to having two tether recoveries, a third jump in Flip Jump and her new up special, Boost Kick.

Although she has outstanding strengths, Zero Suit Samus has some noticeable weaknesses. Her ground game is unimpressive compared to her outstanding air game, which is most evident with her grab game: her grabs' long ranges are offset by their extreme amounts of start-up and ending lag, while her forward, back and up throws have very minimal utility outside of dealing damage. By extension, many of Zero Suit Samus' hitboxes are positioned high above the ground, which can make it very difficult for her to fight against small characters. Even though Zero Suit Samus' air game is excellent, none of her aerials are effective combo breakers, which is further compounded by her susceptibility to combos. Altogether, these traits give Zero Suit Samus a poor neutral game.

Regardless of her flaws, Zero Suit Samus is widely considered to be a very viable character in competitive play, with players such as Nairo and Marss having won numerous national and regional tournaments, respectively.


Zero Suit Samus is a tall lightweight who boasts overall excellent mobility, thanks to several of her attributes being among the top 10 of their respective categories. Her walking speed is tied with Sheik's for the fifth fastest, her dashing speed is the fifth fastest, her air speed is tied with the default Mii Brawler's for the sixth fastest, her traction is tied with Little Mac and Wario's for the third highest, her air acceleration is tied with Lucas and Bayonetta's for the eighth fastest, and her jump is the third highest. Unlike most lightweights, Zero Suit Samus has very quick falling speed, high gravity and, like in her home series, is able to crawl and wall jump.

Zero Suit Samus' greatest asset is her superb air game. In addition to her excellent aerial attributes, her short hop is tied with Bayonetta's for the second highest in the game, which collectively supplement her useful aerial attacks. Neutral aerial has long range, low landing lag and launches at 55°, all of which make it very useful for follow-ups. Forward aerial is quick and fairly powerful, making it useful as part of a combo at low percentages, and a dependable off-stage KOing option. Back aerial has long range and high power, making it her most reliable aerial KOing option. Up aerial is very quick, has low base knockback, high knockback growth, and launches opponents vertically, all of which make it excellent at juggling and capable of KOing. Down aerial is able to meteor smash and possesses a strong landing hitbox, though it is dangerous to use off-stage due to being a stall-then-fall. Unlike in Brawl, she now has a grab aerial, which can be used for spacing, set-ups, or as a tether recovery.

Zero Suit Samus' special moves also possess considerable versatility. Paralyzer is quick, has decent range, and the ability to paralyze the opponent, granting it excellent follow-up potential. Plasma Whip has long range and, like her grab aerial, can be used for spacing or as a tether recovery. Boost Kick is very quick due to coming out on frame 4, and is decent for recovery. However, thanks to its impressive power, it is actually one of Zero Suit Samus' most viable KOing options, especially from out of shield. Lastly, Flip Jump functions like a third jump, but also grants intangibility at its start and allows her to move unpredictably. As such, it can enable her to avoid attacks or mix up her recovery, the latter of which is supplemented by its ability to automatically wall jump upon making contact with a wall. Like Boost Kick, it also boasts excellent offensive potential: its inputted kick is strong enough to KO easily and can meteor smash aerial opponents, while its footstool stomp is now capable of both burying grounded opponents and meteor smashing aerial ones.

Lastly, Zero Suit Samus possesses a few invaluable KO set-ups aside from Paralyzer. Down smash is one of the few smash attacks of its kind that only hits in one direction, but it is very quick and can paralyze an opponent like Paralyzer, allowing her to follow it up with a forward smash, back aerial, a grab, Boost Kick or Flip Jump, with the last KOing at very low percentages. In addition, down throw itself has guaranteed follow-ups at any percentage below 160%. Depending on the opponent's DI, it can combo into forward aerial or up aerial, and sometimes back aerial and Boost Kick. This throw is also notorious for its ability to score very early KOs. Without proper DI, a series of up aerials leading into a Boost Kick can KO the majority of the cast at 50% near the upper blast line. The latter's loop hits also have high base knockback and can KO if its last hit does not land due to SDI, even with perfect DI. Even with proper DI, this combo can also KO earlier if the opponent is near an edge. Due to its speed, neutral attack's first hit can also function as a surprisingly effective set-up into Boost Kick at medium to high percentages. Altogether, these traits grant Zero Suit Samus one of the most potent punishment games among the entire cast.

However, Zero Suit Samus has some noticeable weaknesses. She can be KO'd fairly early due to being a lightweight, but unlike the majority of her fellow lightweights, she is also burdened with a susceptibility to combos due to her tall frame, very quick falling speed, and high gravity. Aside from her pummel's speed and her down throw's excellent combo potential, the rest of Zero Suit Samus' grab game is poor. Her grabs' long ranges are offset by their overall lag: they are tied with her Power Suit's Grapple Beam for the highest amount of start-up lag in the game, and their ending lag is the third highest in the game, surpassed only by Pac-Man's grabs and her Power Suit's Grapple Beam. Despite having respectable damage outputs, her forward, back and up throws have no guaranteed follow-ups; although back throw has some semblance of mix-up potential, its mix-ups are very situational and require hard reads.

The overwhelming majority of Zero Suit Samus' attacks have hitbox placements that are high above the ground, making it easy for short characters to avoid getting hit, especially while crouching. Despite Paralyzer's paralysis effect, its range is decent at best, and it does not stay out for very long. As a result, her approach against most defensive and zoning characters is limited to dodging their projectiles with her mobility, powershielding, and either coming in from above with an aerial, or fast falling and then immediately grabbing. All of these drawbacks also make Zero Suit Samus susceptible to momentum shifts, which in turn gives her a weak neutral game.

Zero Suit Samus' custom moves are among the most polarized in the game. New advantages are gained from using them, but each one has a noticeable disadvantage to go alongside them, to the point that some are inferior to her default specials due to their disadvantages outweighing their advantages. Blast Shot is faster and Electromagnetic Net lasts longer, but both sacrifice Paralyzer's excellent utility. Plasma Dash and Whip Lash have better offensive potentials, but they are largely inconsistent, with the former also being less reliable at edge trumping and being more situational for recovering. Impact Kick is much stronger and Lateral Kick travels farther, but each has noticeable flaws: Impact Kick is much slower, which removes its status as a follow-up entirely and often makes it unable to connecting with itself, whereas Lateral Kick KOs much later, which hinders Zero Suit Samus' KO potential. Lastly, Shooting Star Flip Kick and Low Flip have much less utility overall, with the former being difficult to hit with, while the latter is less reliable for both recovering and KOing.

Overall, Zero Suit Samus' very potent air and punishment games allow her to reliably set-up combos and KOs like in Brawl, while her KO potential has improved thanks to her newfound KOing options. However, she must nevertheless be wary of characters with strong neutral games, due to the poor quality of her own neutral game. Despite retaining her initial flaws and receiving subsequent ones from game updates, Zero Suit Samus has nevertheless achieved very impressive tournament representation and results, as evident with players such as Nairo and Marss having won national and regional tournaments, respectively.

Changes from Brawl[edit]

Despite being a high-tier character in Brawl, Zero Suit Samus has been buffed in the transition to SSB4. She has received a few more KOing options, particularly her new forward smash and her new up special, Boost Kick, the latter of which is also a potent out of shield option. She also gained more follow-up options thanks to her faster down throw, as well as improved spacing and recovery options thanks to her new grab aerial. Lastly, she significantly benefits from the changes to hitstun canceling, which lets her combo opponents much more efficiently and reliably set-up many attacks and KOs.

However, Zero Suit Samus also received some nerfs. The most noticeable of these was to her Plasma Whip, which has lost its reliable KOing potential, while her aerial prowess is also slightly worse than in Brawl. Lastly, her down smash's stun time was decreased and thus slightly worsened its follow-up potential, while Paralyzer was slightly nerfed in update 1.0.4.


  • Change Zero Suit Samus' appearance is a conglomerate of her designs in Metroid: Zero Mission, Metroid Fusion, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, and Metroid: Other M. Specifically, her body proportions and slightly shorter height come from Other M, while her athletic musculature is reminiscent of most games prior to Other M. Her hairstyle incorporates her bangs from Other M, her high ponytail from Zero Mission and Corruption, and her light blonde hair color from Fusion. Zero Suit Samus' facial structure and beauty mark originate from Other M, while her eyes are now blue-green, as depicted in Zero Mission concept art.[1]
  • Change Zero Suit Samus' Zero Suit and Paralyzer designs are from Other M, with the Paralyzer featuring new glowing magenta accents within its interior and updated plasma whip visual effects. She is also equipped with a pair of Jet Boots and metal bracelets that are original to SSB4.
  • Change Zero Suit Samus is more expressive. She now winces with one eye closed when being hit or launched, winces with both eyes closed when screen KO'd, and frowns depressingly after tripping.
  • Change Zero Suit Samus now speaks during her taunts, instead of at the end of their animations.
  • Change Forward jump's animation has slightly changed. Zero Suit Samus now front flips twice, rather than once.
  • Change Dash's animation has slightly changed. Zero Suit Samus now keeps her right arm steady, rather than swinging both arms.


  • Change Zero Suit Samus is slightly shorter. While this would shorten her hurtbox, this is largely mitigated by her Jet Boots elevating her. By extension, her Jet Boots have resulted in noticeable changes to her moveset, although her metal bracelets are merely aesthetic.
  • Buff Zero Suit Samus walks faster. (1.33 → 1.4).
  • Buff Zero Suit Samus dashes faster (1.93 → 2.1).
  • Buff Zero Suit Samus' air speed is faster (1.034 → 1.2).
  • Change Zero Suit Samus falls faster (1.43 → 1.7).
  • Change Zero Suit Samus' gravity is higher (0.0884 → 0.12). This makes her short hop lower and faster, but hinders her vertical endurance and makes her more susceptible to combos.
  • Buff Sidestep has decreased ending lag (IASA 26 → 25).
  • Nerf Jump is lower.
  • Change Zero Suit Samus is no longer connected to Samus via Final Smash, taunt, or menu input usage.
  • Nerf Due to no longer being connected to Samus, Zero Suit Samus cannot use Power Suit Pieces, removing her ability to use powerful items at the start of a match.

Ground attacks[edit]

  • Nerf Neutral attack's first and second hits deal 0.5% less damage (2% → 1.5%). All of its hits also have increased ending lag (frame 18 → 21 (hit 1), frame 21 → 26 (hit 2), and frame 23 → 32 (hit 3)).
  • Buff Neutral attack's first and second hits have increased fixed knockback (10 (both) → 23/45 (hit 1), 34/50 (hit 2)). This makes its hits connect together better, and reduces the possibility of Zero Suit Samus' opponents powershielding the second and third hits, in spite of its increased ending lag. Its third hit also has increased base knockback (45 → 60), improving its spacing potential.
  • Buff Zero Suit Samus has a new dash attack, a jet-propelled knee strike. Compared to the previous dash attack, it deals 1% more damage (7% → 8%) and it has a longer duration (9 frames → 12).
  • Change Dash attack has altered knockback (30 (base)/80 (scaling) → 100/40) compared to the previous dash attack. This makes it better for cross-ups, but unable to be followed up with tilt attacks.
  • Nerf Dash attack has more start-up (frame 6 → 7) and ending lag (frame 32 → 52), less range, and its sweetspot has a shorter duration (4 frames → 3) compared to the previous dash attack.
  • Change Forward tilt has altered damage outputs (6% (upward angled)/6% (non-angled)/9% (downward angled) → 8%/7%/8%).
  • Buff Forward tilt has increased base knockback (8 (upward angled, non-angled)/12 (downward angled) → 30), improving its spacing potential.
  • Buff Up tilt's second hit deals 1% more damage (6% → 7%) and has increased knockback scaling (80 → 90). Its first hit also has decreased knockback (55/80 (base)/70 (scaling) → 55/85/30 (aerial)/50 (grounded)), which makes its hits connect together better at high percentages.
  • Nerf Up tilt's second hit has increased start-up lag (frame 7 → 9).
  • Change Up tilt has increased hitlag (1x → 1.2x).
  • Buff Down tilt has received an additional sweetspot that deals 8%. It also has increased knockback scaling (70 → 85).
  • Buff Down tilt's animation has slightly changed. Zero Suit Samus now moves forward when performing the legsweep, increasing its range.
  • Nerf Down tilt has increased start-up (frame 5 → 8) and ending lag (frame 26 → 36), significantly hindering its combo potential.
  • Buff Zero Suit Samus has a new forward smash, a mid-level side kick followed by a spinning side kick at a slightly higher angle. Compared to the previous forward smash, it deals 3% more damage due to consisting of two hits instead of one (13% → 16%) and its second hit has altered knockback (30/35 (base)/100 (scaling) → 28/106/109), making it better at KOing. It also has decreased start-up (frame 21 → 13) and ending lag (frame 67 → 62).
  • Nerf Unlike the previous forward smash, forward smash cannot hit opponents standing directly behind Zero Suit Samus.
  • Nerf Up smash's loop hits deal 0.2% less damage (1% → 0.8%), which decreases its overall damage output by 1% (12% → 11%). It also has increased ending lag (frame 47 → 49).
  • Buff Up smash is harder to SDI out of despite its SDI multiplier remaining unchanged. Additionally, its last hit has increased knockback scaling (133 → 145), improving its KO potential. Lastly, it has larger hitboxes (6u (hit 1)/5u (hits 2-6)/5u, 6.5u, 8u (hit 7) → 6u/5.2u, 5.6u, 6.5u/6u, 7.5u, 9.6u)
  • Nerf Down smash deals less damage (11% → 8%/6%) and has increased ending lag (frame 37 → 42). It also has a smaller hitbox (9u → 4u/7u), hindering its range.
  • Buff Down smash has increased knockback (40 (base)/50 (growth) → 50/90).
  • Change Down smash's stun duration decreased. This makes it more difficult for opponents to DI correctly, but slightly hinders its follow-up potential.

Aerial attacks[edit]

  • Nerf Neutral, forward, back and up aerials deal less damage (10% → 8% (neutral), 17% → 12% (forward), 13%/12%/12% → 12/10% (back), 10%/7% → 6.5% (up)), with only back aerial having its knockback mostly compensated (33 (base)/100 (growth) → 42/98).
  • Change Neutral aerial is now properly affected by stale-move negation.
  • Buff Forward aerial's decreased knockback makes its hits connect together better, improving its combo potential. It also has larger hitboxes (5.5u/4.8u/5u → 6.4u/5.5u) and decreased ending lag (frame 48 → 47).
  • Nerf Forward aerial has a shorter duration (4 frames (hit 1)/5 frames (hit 2) → 2 (both)).
  • Nerf Back aerial has increased ending (frame 38 → 40) and landing lag (9 frames → 11). It also has a shorter duration (3 frames → 2).
  • Buff Up aerial's decreased knockback improves its juggling and combo potentials. It also has a longer duration (5 frames → 7) and autocancels earlier (frame 34 → frame 25).
  • Nerf Up aerial has increased start-up lag (frame 4 → 6).
  • Change Up aerial no longer has a slash effect.
  • Buff Down aerial deals more damage (5% (aerial)/4% (grounded)/5% (landing) → 6%/5%/5.5%), has larger hitboxes (6u/5u → 6.3u/5.2u), and has decreased landing lag (40 frames → 30). Its landing hitbox also has increased knockback scaling (90 → 110).
  • Change Down aerial's aerial hitbox's angle has been altered (275° → 278°).
  • Buff Zero Suit Samus now has a grab aerial. Like other grab aerials in SSB4, it deals damage (3% (early), 6% (clean)) and knockback, has long horizontal range, minimal landing lag and can be used as a tether recovery.

Throws/other attacks[edit]

  • Buff All grabs have decreased ending lag (frame 85 (all) → 69 (standing)/72 (dash)/80 (pivot)).
  • Nerf All grabs have shorter durations (13 frames → 9). Pivot grab also has increased start-up lag (frame 16 → 17).
  • Nerf Grab has decreased range.
  • Nerf The removal of chain grabbing significantly hinders forward throw's combo potential.
  • Buff Back throw deals 2% more damage (6% → 8%), although its knockback growth was compensated (60 → 45).
  • Nerf Down throw deals 2% less damage (7% → 5%).
  • Buff Down throw has increased knockback (82 (base)/30 (scaling) → 90/60) and transitions faster, improving its combo potential.

Special moves[edit]

  • Nerf Plasma Whip deals less damage (3% (whip)/16% (tip) → 2% (whip near)/1.2% (whip far)/7.5% (tip)), significantly hindering its KO potential outside of stage spikes and edge-guarding. It also has increased ending lag (frame 44 → 56).
  • Buff Zero Suit Samus has a new up special, Boost Kick. It is a jet-propelled, diagonal split-legged flying kick followed by a reverse roundhouse kick. Compared to Plasma Wire, Boost Kick deals more damage overall (4%-6% → 5% (first)/1.3% (loop)/4% (last)) and much more knockback, making it significantly better for KOing. Like Plasma Wire, it has mindgame potential. Unlike Plasma Wire, it can punish rolls.
  • Nerf Compared to Plasma Wire, Boost Kick covers less vertical distance, making it worse for recovering. Unlike Plasma Wire, it cannot meteor smash opponents.
  • Buff Flip Jump's kick deals more damage (12% (clean)/9% (late) → 14%). Its footstool stomp also received a hitbox that deals 8% and either buries or meteor smashes opponents.
  • Nerf Flip Jump has increased ending lag.
  • Change Due to losing its sex kick properties, Flip Jump deals consistent damage, but is more difficult to hit with.
  • Change Flip Jump's animation has slightly changed. Zero Suit Samus now produces afterimages during its arc.
  • Buff Zero Suit Samus has a new Final Smash, Gunship. She jumps into her Gunship and fires energy blasts from her Gunship's cannons towards the stage, similarly to Grenade Launcher. Compared to Power Suit Samus, it deals more damage overall, has a longer duration, and is significantly better for stage control.

Update history[edit]

Zero Suit Samus has been nerfed via game updates. Update 1.0.4 standardized her air dodge's animation in order for it to match the rest of the cast's air dodges, which increased its landing lag, while Paralyzer had its ending lag increased. Update 1.1.4 decreased her weight slightly and her Boost Kick was nerfed, as it now KOs around 5% later. Her most substantial nerfs came about in update 1.1.5, which affected her damage racking potential by decreasing the damage outputs of her neutral aerial, up aerial and down throw, while all of her grabs had their active frames decreased.

Despite these direct nerfs, Zero Suit Samus received indirect buffs due to the changes to shield mechanics brought about in update 1.1.1, as these changes make her Paralyzer's electric attacks, particularly her neutral aerial, safer on shield. Flip Jump's kick is also one of her few non-electric moves to benefit from these changes. Regardless of the nerfs, Zero Suit Samus is still a very viable choice in competitive play.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS 1.0.4

  • Nerf Air dodge's landing lag standardized: 15 → 22.
  • Nerf Up smash has increased start-up: 9 frames → 11
  • Buff Up smash first hitbox length: 1 frame → 2
  • Change Up smash timing: hits on 8, 11, 14, 17, 20, 23, 28-29 → hits on 10-11, 14, 17, 20, 23, 26, 28-29
  • Nerf Paralyzer has slightly increased ending lag.
  • Change Paralyzer (default), when fully charged, now has different effect on grounded versus aerial opponents.
    • Change Grounded opponent angle: 60 → 315

Super Smash Bros. 4 1.1.4

  • Change Weight slightly decreased: 81 → 80.
  • Change Boost Kick has slightly lower launch angle (50° → 48°). While it allows opponents to DI downward more effectively to avoid upper blast line early KOs from the center of the stage combined with slightly less knockback, this makes it easy for opponents to be KOed offstage and slightly more difficult to survive by DIing upward at high percent.
  • Nerf Boost Kick's knockback growth decreased (220 → 209), making it slightly weaker, now KOing 5% later from the center stage and 2% later near the ledge.

Super Smash Bros. 4 1.1.5

  • Nerf Neutral aerial deals less damage: 10% → 8%, though with its knockback compensated (40 base/80 scaling → 38/96). Additionally, some of its hitboxes have less range (hitbox 1 front: 6u → 5.7u, hitbox 1 back: 6u → 5.6u).
  • Change Neutral aerial has modified stretch positioning (hitbox 1 front X-axis: 11 → 10, hitbox 2 front X/Y-axis: 20/7.5 → 19/7, hitbox 1 back X/Y-axis: 9/14.6 → 6.6/13.8, hitbox 2 back X/Y-axis: 16/17 → 15/16.5). This gives it less horizontal range, but it can now hit small characters on the ground.
  • Nerf Up aerial deals less damage: 8% → 6.5%, though with its knockback scaling compensated (110 → 125).
  • Nerf The last active frames for all of her grabs are 4 frames shorter without its ending lag compensated: frame 29 → 25. This makes it more difficult to grab opponents out of their rolls or sidesteps with all of her grabs.
  • Buff Back throw's second hit deals more damage (4% hit 2/8% total → 6%/8% total). It also has increased knockback (25 base/70 scaling → 45/72).
  • Nerf Down throw's second hit deals less damage (5%/7% total → 3%/5% total), though its knockback was also slightly increased (25 base/100 scaling → 60/90), making it somewhat more difficult to combo opponents at low percents.
  • Buff Plasma Whip has been improved: the first hit has more base knockback (80 → 100), the loops hits deal slightly more damage (.8% → 1.2%), the final hit deals more damage (6% → 7.5%), and various adjustments have been made to allow all of its hits to connect better. It also has less ending lag (27 → 24 frames).


  Name Damage Description
Neutral attack   1.5% A knifehand strike, followed by a pistol-whip, followed by a 12-6 elbow. Despite its unimpressive damage output, it comes out on frame 1, tying it with Little Mac's neutral attack for having the lowest amount of start-up lag of any neutral attack in the game. This gives it a useful amount of utility, as it can interrupting attacks, act as an out of shield option, and its first hit can act as a set-up into Boost Kick at medium to high percentages.
Forward tilt   8% (leg), 6.5% (body) A roundhouse kick. It can be angled, is useful for spacing, and can trip opponents at low percentages when angled downward.
7% (leg), 6% (body)
8% (leg), 6.5% (body)
Up tilt   5% (hit 1), 7% (hit 2) A butterfly kick-styled scissor kick performed from a variation of the 2000, a breakdancing move. It is one of only two moves that hits in front and behind her, with the other being neutral aerial. Its first hit grants intangibility to Zero Suit Samus' legs, while both hits have anti-rebounding priority. It is primarily used to set up juggles, but it can also function as a situational KOing option, as it KOs middleweights at 176%. However, it has high ending lag and cannot hit grounded short characters, such as Kirby.
Down tilt   8% (leg), 6% (foot) A legsweep. Opponents hit by her foot are launched vertically, whereas opponents hit by her leg are launched diagonally. Unlike in Brawl, it has minimal combo potential. However, it has situational utility, as it can be used for edge-guarding and, when timed precisely, even allows Zero Suit Samus to dodge projectiles and other attacks.
Dash attack   8% (clean), 5% (late) Activates her Jet Boots to perform a jet-propelled knee strike. It can lead into a successful cross-up as a counter to opponents who try to grab her after powershielding. Although it is fast, it does not have much range and has high ending lag.
Forward smash   5% (hit 1), 11% (hit 2) A mid-level side kick followed by a spinning side kick at a slightly higher angle. Due to activating her Jet Boots, the second hit has a visible sweetspot in the form of a small blast of fire at the tip of her foot. Unlike typical sweetspots, it has the same damage output as the sourspot, although it nevertheless has slightly higher knockback scaling. It is her strongest smash attack and one of her most reliable KOing options, as its sweetspot KOs middleweights at 127% while near the edge. It is also the only attack involving her Jet Boots' thrusters that deals flame damage.
Up smash   4% (hit 1), 0.8% (hits 2-6), 3% (hit 7) Spins in place while twirling a whip of plasma above her head. It hits multiple times, has very low start-up lag, disjointed vertical range, and decent horizontal range above Zero Suit Samus, which make it a useful anti-air attack. It can also act as a follow-up from down throw at low percentages. Although its last hit has very high knockback scaling, this is offset by said hit's very low damage output. As a result, it does not KO middleweights until 166%.
Down smash   8% (near), 6% (far) Shoots her Paralyzer at the ground in front of her. It deals low damage, has delayed knockback and, like Mewtwo's down smash, it only hits on one side. Additionally, the blast is a projectile and can be absorbed, although it cannot be reflected due to being fired downward. It is a useful set-up option due to paralyzing the opponent briefly, with notable follow-ups including her forward smash, a grab, or Boost Kick. With precise timing off-stage, it can also be used as a set-up into Flip Jump in order to meteor smash an opponent. At 60%-150%, two consecutive uncharged down smashes can lead into forward aerial, reverse aerial rushed back aerial, up aerial, Flip Jump and Boost Kick. However, these particular follow-ups require precise timing and for Zero Suit Samus to be very close to the opponent. When spaced correctly, it is safe on shield.
Neutral aerial   8% (both hits) Spins a whip of plasma laterally around herself. It has long range, low landing lag and launches opponents diagonally, which allow it to function as a useful set-up option, particularly into other aerials. However, it can be easily be punished against shielding opponents if it is poorly spaced.
Forward aerial   5% (hit 1), 7% (hit 2) A flying kick followed by a roundhouse kick. The second hit is stronger and slightly faster than the first hit and it can be landed without landing the first hit, but requires correct timing to do so. However, it is difficult to land both hits unless taking advantage of upward and forward momentum from a jump. It is a very useful follow-up from down throw if the opponent's DI has been read properly, and is strong enough to KO middleweights at 127% while near the left or right blast line. At high percentages, the first hit can also act as a KO set-up, due to it launching the opponent into their reeling animation.
Back aerial   12% (foot), 10% (leg) A hook kick. Its sweetspot is located at her foot and KOs middleweights at 124% while near the edge, thanks to its respectable damage and high knockback scaling. It is also safe on shield when spaced correctly, thanks to its long range.
Up aerial   6.5% A bicycle kick. Thanks to its low start-up and ending lag, low base knockback and very high knockback scaling, it boasts excellent juggling potential. It can combo into itself at low percentages and, with enough rage, it can lead into Boost Kick after a second one has been landed, leading to a KO. By extension, its very knockback scaling also grants it KO potential despite its low damage output, as it KOs middleweights at 125% while near the upper blast line. However, its low base knockback makes it unsafe on hit against characters that have a fast aerial attack to counter with.
Down aerial   6% (aerial), 5% (grounded), 5.5% (landing) A diagonal flying kick, similar to Sonic and Sheik's down aerials. It is a meteor smash if her foot hits the opponent. However, it has the highest start-up lag out of her aerials and, due to being a stall-then-fall, it is dangerous when used off-stage, as Zero Suit Samus will not stop descending for some time. Despite this, its extremely fast descent speed can enable it to function as a counter to juggling.
Grab aerial Plasma Whip 3% (early), 6% (clean) Leans forward and unleashes a whip of plasma forward. It is the longest tether in the game, making it excellent for spacing and recovering since it functions as a tether recovery, and is also useful for edge-guarding. At high percentages, it can act as a KO set-up due to launching the opponent into their reeling animation. However, it has high ending lag.
Grab Plasma Whip Kneels down as she ejects whip of plasma from her Paralyzer, grabbing any opponent by the tip of the whip. The tip has more vertical range, which is useful against small characters such as Kirby, who can otherwise crouch under the rest of the whip. A well-timed grab can even grab opponents out of their rolls and sidesteps. Although Zero Suit Samus' grabs have long horizontal ranges, they tie with her Power Suit's Grapple Beam for having the highest amount of start-up lag in the game, and have the third highest amount of ending lag in the game.
Pummel   2% A knee strike. A fairly fast pummel.
Forward throw   2% (hit 1), 7% (throw) A small, point-blank energy blast from her Paralyzer. At medium percentages and depending on the opponent's DI and reaction, it can act as a set-up into Flip Jump, which can lead into an early KO if its meteor smash hitbox connects. Outside of this, its only other purpose is to deal damage.
Back throw   2% (hit 1), 6% (throw) A roundhouse kick. It is an infamous set-up for Flip Jump while near the edge due to Flip Jump's meteor smash hitbox, depending on DI and opponent's reaction. It can also lead into her back aerial until around 90%-110% as a DI mix-up against opponents attempting to DI away from her down throw. However, these follow-ups are not guaranteed and require hard reads.
Up throw   2% (hit 1), 8% (throw) A bicycle kick. It is her most damaging throw, but is unable to KO reliably due to its below average knockback scaling. Despite having nearly identical knockback values to down throw and launching opponents vertically like it does, it has very minimal combo potential due to its somewhat high ending lag.
Down throw   2% (hit 1), 3% (throw) Pins the opponent to the ground and then axe kicks them. It is one of her best combo starters, and can lead into her forward, back (if the opponent's DI is read properly) and up aerials, a running up smash, and Boost Kick, with the latter combo KOing at high percentages. At high percentages, depending on rage, it can also set up a semi-guaranteed KO combo with up aerial (against opponents attempting to jump out or air dodge) or Boost Kick (against opponents attempting to air dodge).
Floor attack (front)   7% A spinning kick performed similarly to the windmill, a breakdancing move. Hits near her head before whipping around towards her feet.
Floor attack (back)   7% A spinning kick performed similarly to the windmill, a breakdancing move. Hits near her feet before whipping around towards her head.
Floor attack (trip)   5% Spins around to perform a low-angle roundhouse kick.
Edge attack   7% Performs a low-angle, one-legged dropkick while climbing up.
Neutral special Default Paralyzer 4% (uncharged), 6% (charged) Shoots a paralyzing energy blast from her Paralyzer. It can be charged for a longer stun time, but at the cost of lowered speed.
Custom 1 Blast Shot 2% (uncharged), 3.5% (charged) The energy blast is faster and has more range, but deals less damage and does inflict paralysis.
Custom 2 Electromagnetic Net 0.8% (uncharged most), 1% (uncharged end), 1% (charged most), 2% (charged end) The energy blast explodes in an ever-increasing range. However, it has minimal range prior to exploding.
Side special Default Plasma Whip 2% (whip near), 1.2% (whip far), 7.5% (tip) Unleashes a whip of plasma forward. The whip itself deals repeated damage, while its sweetspot is located at the whip's tip. It is useful for spacing and can function as a tether recovery like her grab aerial.
Custom 1 Plasma Dash 2% (hit 1), 1% (hits 2-5), 4% (hit 6) A dashing pistol-whip instead of a whipping strike. Due to not emitting a whip of plasma, it cannot be used as a tether recovery.
Custom 2 Whip Lash — (whip), 6% (tip) The whip of plasma draws in the opponent instead of pushing them away. However, only its tip deals damage and knockback.
Up special Default Boost Kick 5% (first), 1.3% (loop), 4% (last) Activates her Jet Boots to perform a jet-propelled diagonal split-legged flying kick, followed by a reverse roundhouse kick. It is one of Zero Suit Samus' best KOing options, especially from out of shield, as it is strong enough to KO middleweights at 115% while near the edge. It can also be angled forward or backward, which allows it to catch an opponent's air dodge, rolls, and edge get-up reactions. However, if it misses or its last hit does not connect, it leaves Zero Suit Samus vulnerable due to it rendering her helpless.
Custom 1 Impact Kick 6% (hit 1), 14% (hit 2) The hits deal more damage and knockback, but the Jet Boots' thrusters do not deal loop hits, which decreases its reliability of connecting the first and last hits.
Custom 2 Lateral Kick 5% (first), 1.3% (loop), 5% (last) The last hit deals slightly more damage and grants horizontal distance. However, the first hit grants much less vertical distance.
Down special Default Flip Jump 8% (stomp), 14% (kick) A 720° Ce Kong Fan, a jumping technique used in the taolu discipline of Wushu. It functions as a third jump and grants full intangibility on start-up, as well as seemingly granting partial intangibility on her head and lower body while flipping. It can deal damage in two ways: upon contact at the end of the jump, or by pressing either the attack button or special button during the jump. Upon contact, Zero Suit Samus performs a footstool stomp, which buries grounded opponents and meteor smashes aerial opponents. Zero Suit Samus will bounce off of teammates with this move, even if Team Attack is off. Pressing the attack or special buttons makes her perform a diagonal flying kick, which is strong enough to KO middleweights at 112% while near the edge, and has a sweetspot at her foot that can meteor smash aerial opponents. However, the move has high ending lag overall.
Custom 1 Shooting Star Flip Kick 8% (stomp), 17% (clean kick), 14% (late kick) The flying kick's sweetspot deals more damage and it functions similarly to down aerial, albeit launching Zero Suit Samus at a more horizontal angle. However, the jump grants less horizontal distance.
Custom 2 Low Kick 4% (stomp), 8% (clean kick), 6% (late kick) The jump grants much more horizontal distance and jumping while flipping helps Zero Suit Samus land faster. However, the jump grants much less vertical distance and no intangibility, while the stomp and kick both deal less damage.
Final Smash Gunship 0.8% (loop), 10% (last) Summons her Gunship from the background and jumps into it as it flies into the foreground. While Zero Suit Samus is piloting it, crosshairs appear on the screen, allowing her to fire a maximum of five energy blasts from her Gunship's cannons at any spot she chooses. When 15 seconds have passed or she has fired five shots, the Final Smash will conclude, and she will return to the stage by descending from the sky.

On-screen appearance[edit]

  • Jumps out of her Gunship and uses her Jet Boots to briefly hover before landing.


  • Up taunt: Tosses her Paralyzer into the air, spins once, and catches it behind her, saying "Is that all?"
  • Side taunt: Swings the plasma whip from her Paralyzer in a circular motion, saying "Try me."
  • Down taunt: Holds her Paralyzer overhead with the plasma whip dangling below while spinning multiple times on her foot, saying "You're mine!"
Up taunt Side taunt Down taunt
ZSSUpTauntSSB4.jpg ZSSSideTauntSSB4.jpg ZSSDownTauntSSB4.jpg

Idle poses[edit]

  • Configures her Paralyzer.
  • Stands up straight and looks around, holding her Paralyzer up to her face.
ZeroSuitSamusIdlePose2WiiU.jpg ZeroSuitSamusIdlePose1WiiU.jpg

Crowd cheer[edit]

English Japanese
Zero Suit Samus Cheer NTSC SSB4.ogg
Zero Suit Samus Cheer JP SSB4.ogg
Description Ze-ro Suit! Ze-ro Suit! Samus!
Pitch Group chant Group chant

Victory poses[edit]

A flourished remix based on the jingle that plays when Samus Aran obtains an upgrade to her Power Suit or when a Metroid game is resumed from a Save Station.
  • Performs a Flip Jump and then a jet-propelled somersault while grunting.
  • Swings a whip of plasma from her Paralyzer before saying "Be still."
  • Swings her leg in a circular motion before grunting and striking a pose.
ZeroSuitSamusPose1WiiU.gif ZeroSuitSamusPose2WiiU.gif ZeroSuitSamusPose3WiiU.gif

In competitive play[edit]

Official Custom Moveset Project[edit]

Character Custom sets available
ZeroSuitSamusHeadSSB4-U.png Zero Suit Samus 1311 1312 1112 2311 2111
2312 2112 1211 1332 1132

Notable players[edit]



  • USA Ned - The best Zero Suit Samus player in the Midwest prior to switching to Cloud.

Tier placement and history[edit]

Zero Suit Samus has been widely been viewed as a top-tier character ever since SSB4 was released. She became infamous for her highly rewarding grab combos that could lead into early KOs, varied methods of setting up KOs with her back and down throws, down smash, and Paralyzer, her ability to escape pressure with her aerial mobility and down special, and, as of update 1.1.1, the incredible safety of her electric attacks like her neutral aerial. However, she also has a few weaknesses, such as her laggy grab and lackluster ground game. Although players would often point out both her weaknesses and her representation only being above average for a perceived top-tier character, Zero Suit Samus' weaknesses were also perceived as negligible. Additionally, her top-tier status was supplemented by the efforts of dedicated professionals, most notably Marss, Nairo, Nick Riddle, Remzi and V115, who dominated their respective regions with her and whose tournament results had been sufficient enough to position her as the second best character in the game in the eyes of most players.

Nairo's efforts in particular have demonstrated the former points, being not only one of the best SSB4 players in the world, but also placing among the top 8 consistently at major tournaments and winning MLG World Finals 2015 while using Zero Suit Samus, also notably becoming the first person to eliminate ZeRo, the undisputed best player in the world at the time, from a tournament. Other notable placings included Nick Riddle placing 2nd at Paragon Orlando 2015 and 7th at CEO 2015, and Nairo and Marss placing at 5th and 7th at GENESIS 3, respectively. Thanks to these very strong tournament results, Zero Suit Samus was ranked 2nd on the first tier list.

However, Zero Suit Samus received nerfs from game updates, with update 1.1.5 providing her most significant ones by exacerbating her grab game's lag issues, and somewhat toning down her immense strengths. These nerfs ultimately affected her results, with some of her main players eventually being outperformed by other characters, such as Cloud, which in turn saw her playerbase slightly shrink. Zero Suit Samus' downturn was reflected in her subsequent tier placements, as she lost her top 3 status by being ranked 8th on the second tier list, and then lost her top 10 status by being ranked 11th on the third and current tier list.


Zero Suit Samus
ntsc Samus is far from helpless when her Power Suit is deactivated. Sure, she loses a lot of the moves and weapons she had access to before, but her Jet Boots pick up the slack! She also has the Paralyzer, a versatile weapon that can shock her rivals or change into a Plasma Whip to grab edges and enemies.
pal Without her Power Suit, Samus Aran may not have her usual strength, specials moves or over-powered arm cannon, but her Jet Boots definitely kick things up a notch in their own way. The Paralyzer, her gun, does just what you'd expect it to, but it can also turn into a whip for attacking and grabbing onto edges while falling.
GB Advance: Metroid: Zero Mission (02/2004)
Wii: Metroid: Other M (08/2010)
Zero Suit Samus (Alt.)
ntsc Zero Suit Samus's up special Boost Kick involves a series of fast kicks that end with a swift, sideways-launching one. A perfectly executed attack will hit eight times! Her down special Flip Jump can bury a grounded fighter in the dirt. She can kick midflip by pressing the special button.
pal Zero Suit Samus's Boost Kick up special finishes with a swift sideways kick. If you start the move close to an opponent, you can hit them up to eight times and launch them sideways! Her main down special, Flip Jump, buries opponents if you land on them at the end of it. Alternatively, press the button again mid-flip for a drop kick.
GB Advance: Metroid: Zero Mission (02/2004)
Wii: Metroid: Other M (08/2010)
Gunship (Zero Suit Samus)
ntsc Samus's Gunship is her way of travelling through space and her base of operations when exploring hostile planets. In Zero Suit Samus's Final Smash, she can use her Gunship to fire powerful beams at other fighters, hitting them multiple times, even if they're hiding off-screen! At least they can be thankful it doesn't go on forever.
pal Samus's spaceship carries her through space and serves as her base of operations during her missions. Zero Suit Samus will call down and board her Gunship with her Final Smash. Once she's in the pilot's seat, she has a short time to unleash up to five powerful shots from the ship's weapons. Foes aren't safe even hiding off-screen!

In Event Matches[edit]

Solo Events[edit]

Co-op Events[edit]

Alternate costumes[edit]

Zero Suit Samus Palette (SSB4).png
ZeroSuitSamusHeadSSB4-U.png ZeroSuitSamusHeadBlueSSB4-U.png ZeroSuitSamusHeadRedSSB4-U.png ZeroSuitSamusHeadBlackSSB4-U.png ZeroSuitSamusHeadGreenSSB4-U.png ZeroSuitSamusHeadWhiteSSB4-U.png ZeroSuitSamusHeadShortsOrangeSSB4-U.png ZeroSuitSamusHeadShortsBlueSSB4-U.png



  • Zero Suit Samus is the only character who has more than one method of accessing her tether recovery.
  • Unlike Zelda and Sheik, who have matching alternate costumes in the same costume slots, Samus and Zero Suit Samus have completely different costumes in different orders (Zero Suit Samus lacks a purple costume to go with Samus's, and her last two costumes are entirely different). Because of this, it can be assumed that Samus and Zero Suit Samus were separated much earlier in development than Sheik and Zelda.

  1. Metroid: Zero Mission's Development Room Gallery 2
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