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Nintendo Directs are a series of online video presentations made by Nintendo at irregular intervals to demonstrate and announce new games. Alongside other games, announcements about Super Smash Bros. 4 have been made at Nintendo Direct presentations. There are some directs that were completely Smash-oriented, which are listed below.

Standard Nintendo Directs[edit]

Below is a list of announcements or mentionings of Smash Bros. in directs pertaining to other Nintendo-related subjects.

  • In the E3 Direct on June 11, 2013, Satoru Iwata revealed the first trailer for Super Smash Bros. 4 for the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS, which also demonstrated the addition of Villager. After the main trailer, Mega Man debuted in a separate video. Wii Fit Trainer's reveal trailer was also later shown on the same day in Nintendo's E3 booth.
  • The presentation on August 7th, 2013 confirmed Luigi as a playable character for the new titles, as part of The Year of Luigi. While every other character that has been revealed in a Nintendo Direct had a reveal trailer or video footage showing them off in Smash 4, Luigi's reveal was only through accompanying screenshots.
  • The presentation on October 1st, 2013, confirmed Sonic's return as a playable character, showing off gameplay footage of him.
  • The December 18th, 2013 presentation confirmed Rosalina as a newcomer, showing her reveal trailer, in addition to indirectly confirming the return of the Fire Flower, Green Shell, and Poké Ball through Rosalina's trailer.
  • The February 13th, 2014 presentation confirmed Little Mac as a newcomer, showing his reveal trailer.
  • In the E3 Direct on June 10, 2014, Mii Fighters and Palutena were revealed in addition to amiibo. Pac-Man's reveal trailer was also shown later that day at Nintendo's Smash Bros. Roundtable.
  • The August 29th, 2014 presentation, which was only presented in Japan, confirmed Shulk as a newcomer, who had been leaked shortly prior.
  • The November 5th, 2014 presentation showed the trailer for Duck Hunt, meaning that all newcomer trailers had been shown at that point.
  • The April 1st, 2015 presentation showed a trailer for the DLC character Mewtwo, as well as announcing Lucas as a second DLC fighter, and the addition of new Mii Fighter costumes. It also introduced a ballot on the official website for users to vote for new DLC fighters. More amiibo waves from the Smash Bros. series were planned to release in the future, including Mewtwo and Lucas.
  • On May 7th, 2015, a Splatoon Direct aired, showcasing all of the game's main features and modes. Towards the end of the Direct, it was revealed that the Inklings would have costumes in the game for the Mii Gunner as downloadable content.
  • The November 12th, 2015 presentation showed a reveal trailer for Cloud, as well as an announcement for a special broadcast coming in December.
  • The April 12th, 2017 presentation revealed that the Cloud, Corrin, and Bayonetta amiibo would be available on July 21st, 2017. Each Amiibo will come in two different poses, similar to the Famicom and NES editions of the R.O.B. amiibo.
  • The March 8th, 2018 presentation ended with a reveal trailer for a new Super Smash Bros. on Nintendo Switch. It showed a girl and boy Inkling battling in a white arena, which then becomes dark and a reveals the Smash logo in the reflection of the girl Inkling's eye. The game is scheduled for release in 2018.

Super Smash Bros. Direct 4.8.2014[edit]

SSB Nintendo Direct Logo.jpg

On April 8th, 2014, this special Nintendo Direct was fronted by Masahiro Sakurai and was completely focused on giving information about Super Smash Bros. 4, in addition to revealing new and returning elements. It was known as the Dairantou Smash Brothers Direct, "大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズ Direct" in Japan, though this Nintendo Direct was referred to as Super Smash Bros. Direct in Japan as well. [1]


Original Japanese version:

Character announcements[edit]

  • Zero Suit Samus and Sheik were each confirmed to return as completely solo characters, with it additionally being announced that characters will no longer be able to transform into another character mid-match. While not directly stated, this announcement disconfirmed the Pokémon Trainer returning as a playable character in the same design style he had in Brawl, since his fundamental concept was based around character switching.
  • Yoshi was confirmed to return as a playable character, with his altered posture and movement being explicitly shown off.
  • After the Smash Direct finished, a reveal trailer was played, that showed off the Poké Ball Pokémon, revealed Charizard's return as a solo playable character, and revealed Greninja as a newcomer.
  • Some differences to returning characters' movesets have been shown and explained, including Final Smashes.
  • Special moves will be customizable to some extent; though the details have yet to be revealed, it has been shown that it will go beyond just altering a move's damage and knockback output, with the function and properties of special moves being able to be completely changed. However, it was confirmed that, whilst they would be usable during local multiplayer and "With Friends" online play, they would be disallowed during "With Anyone" play.

Stage announcements[edit]

Several stages were revealed and/or showcased, including past stages from Brawl and Melee. It has also been revealed that the Wii U and 3DS versions will have different past stages. In addition, it was confirmed that some stages will have boss characters that appear and attack players during normal gameplay, that can be fought and defeated; when defeated, they will erupt in a massive explosion, that will harm all players except for the one who dealt the finishing blow. It was also shown that most stages will have a "Final Destination form", which turns the stage into a single large flat platform with no additional platforms while removing all stage hazards.

Multiplayer announcements[edit]

The Online mode was confirmed to be present in both versions. The other multiplayer announcements revealed were:

  • Two game modes for "With Anyone" were announced: a casual-geared mode similar to Basic Brawl called For Fun, and a competitive-geared mode called For Glory.
  • Players will no longer be anonymous on the "With Anyone" modes, with their Nintendo Network ID being fully visible.
  • Players can now be reported for frequently disconnecting during matches and for griefing, which can result in the offending players getting banned from playing on the Wi-Fi modes. Players who abuse the report system to falsely report others can get penalized as well.
  • A ranking system called Global Smash Power will be implemented. Unlike rankings in other games, it uses an inverse ranking system showing how many people the player has outranked, rather than just stating their place in a global ranking, and it will be influenced by the player's single-player mode scores.
  • The 3DS-exclusive Smash Run multiplayer mode was revealed, a mode that has players compete against each other while collecting power-ups, in gameplay similar to The Subspace Emissary.

Item announcements[edit]


  • As with most Brawl trailers, all gameplay seen in the Direct lacks voices for the playable characters (due to voice acting being one of the last parts of development). There are however two exceptions: the reveal of the Halberd stage, and the reveal of Yoshi, both which use voice samples from Brawl.
  • Demonstration Wi-Fi battles are labeled as Tokyo vs. Kyoto, similar to the demonstration ones for Brawl.
  • Diddy Kong's and Lucario's pictures by their percentages in the Nintendo Direct use their Brawl portraits as placeholders.
  • The English broadcast was translated via a spoken voice-over, while other European-region broadcasts used original Japanese with subtitles.
  • Sakurai stated that Assist Trophies would "figure into All-Star mode" in some fashion. However, Assist Trophies ended up playing no role in the mode, and they do not even spawn as regular items within battles; it is unknown if this was a translation issue or a cut feature.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U: 50-Fact Extravaganza[edit]

A Direct that revealed over fifty new elements included in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, which aired on October 23rd, 2014 at 3 pm PDT. In the English version, it was hosted by Xander Mobus, the announcer of Super Smash Bros. 4. The Japanese version was narrated by Tomokazu Sugita, the voice actor for Chrom and Takamaru.


Character announcements[edit]

  • Bowser Jr. was officially announced towards the end of the Direct, with his trailer.
  • Jigglypuff was shown multiple times throughout the Direct, despite not being officially announced yet.
  • Mewtwo was confirmed as a DLC character, free for owners of both versions of the game towards the end of the Direct, with a release date of Spring 2015.

Stage announcements[edit]

A number of stages were confirmed for the Wii U version, including an official name for the previously leaked minecart stage. It also confirmed "big stages", designed for eight-player battles, including Big Battlefield and the aforementioned stage, as well as a Miiverse stage set for release post-launch.

Here is a list of all the stages that were fully revealed:

Mode announcements[edit]

The mode Special Orders, which was previously teased by Sakurai on Miiverse, was officially announced. Additionally, the board game-like mode Smash Tour and Stage Builder, which were previously leaked by Amazon, were also confirmed, alongside Events, Special Smash, and other modes.


Super Smash Bros. - New Content Approaching 6.14.15[edit]

On June 14th, 2015 at 7:40 am PDT, a Super Smash Bros. livestream was hosted by Masahiro Sakurai, confirming two new characters, four new stages, new amiibo, the 2nd Wave of Mii Fighter costumes and the upcoming Tourney mode.


Original Japanese version:

Character announcements[edit]

Stage announcements[edit]

Mii Fighter costume announcements[edit]

Mode announcements[edit]

  • The release date for Tourney mode, was revealed to be in August 2015. However, it was released early on July 31st, 2015.


  • Sakurai stated that the music changing in Suzaku Castle was a series first. However, this claim is false, as the Mushroom Kingdom stage in Super Smash Bros., and the Mushroom Kingdom and Mushroom Kingdom II stages in Super Smash Bros. Melee, also had distinct music that would play near the end of a time match. However, the music on Suzaku Castle also changes when one player is down to one stock in a stock battle, which is a first for the series.

Super Smash Bros. - Final Video Presentation (December 15, 2015)[edit]

On December 15th, 2015, at 2 PM PDT, the final Super Smash Bros. 4 presentation was hosted by Masahiro Sakurai. It provided information on the previously-announced Cloud character and Midgar stage, as well as numerous new features.


Original Japanese version:


  • Cloud was announced to be released a few hours following the Nintendo Direct presentation.
  • Corrin from Fire Emblem Fates was confirmed to appear as DLC in February 2016.
  • Bayonetta was announced as the winner of Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot and was confirmed to appear as DLC in February 2016.


  • Midgar was announced to be released in a pack with Cloud after the Nintendo Direct presentation.
  • Umbra Clock Tower was announced to be released in a pack with Bayonetta in February 2016.


  • Two Fire Emblem Fates songs (the original version of Lost In Thoughts All Alone, and a remix of said song) were confirmed to be added to Coliseum and Castle Siege when Corrin is purchased on the Wii U version.
  • Multiple songs from Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 of the Bayonetta series, in addition to two new remixes, will play on the Umbra Clock Tower stage.



  • amiibo for DLC fighters Roy and Ryu were confirmed for release in March 2016 alongside Famicom-colored R.O.B. in North America. Production for Cloud, Corrin, and Bayonetta amiibo was also confirmed to have started. Interestingly, despite R.O.B.'s NES colors being available in Japan, no mention was made to him in the Japanese direct.

Mii Fighter costumes[edit]

  • The previously-announced Chocobo hat was confirmed to be released alongside Cloud and Midgar, as well as a Geno costume.
  • Several costumes, including Tails, Knuckles, Ashley, and Takamaru were confirmed to be released in February 2016 alongside Corrin and Bayonetta.


  • The Japanese Direct has an extra segment not seen in other languages showcasing the different languages Bayonetta speaks in depending on her costume.

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