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Tourney is an online multiplayer mode in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. It is split into two distinct sub-types - Normal and Regular. As of November 8, 2017, Tourney has been removed from the Online Menu, coinciding the termination of Miiverse

Normal Tourney[edit]

Normal Tourneys are those set up by the community. The organizer of the tournament can set multiple rules, such as whether or not items are on, the length and start time of the tourney, the availability of custom fighters, stage choice, its name, and more.

Once the tournament start time has passed, until the finish time passes or someone satisfies the win condition, matches are played continuously, with players being assigned matches at random. Once the tournament ends, the results are shown until the tournament is deleted. Players can only be registered for four tourneys at any time, of which no more than two can be their own.

Regular Tourneys[edit]

Regular Tourneys work much like the Tourney modes of the previous games, except all tournaments are run by Nintendo. At any one time, there are multiple tourneys of differing sizes (small allowing 8 players, medium allowing 16, and large allowing 32) and rules that any player can enter. Once registered, the player must wait until the start time, when all players start the tournament simultaneously. After either winning or losing, any player can view a replay of any match. There are many types of tourneys, with items on or off, and more than the online modes, which as of 1.1.2 include free-for-all or 1-on-1 matches, the choice of For Fun (items on, all stages besides Final Destination available) and For Glory (items off, typically Final Destination or omega stages only) with additional custom moves on, custom moves and equipment on, a choice of 1 or 2 stocks, and Battlefield only tourneys. However, 1-on-1 matches have their time limits reduced to 3 minutes in comparison to For Glory's 5 minutes, though there are still usually 2 stocks.


  • Nintendo announced the Regular Tourney feature would be discontinued on September 30th, 2016, however, it continued to run until November 8, 2017 for reasons unknown.
    • It is possible that Regular Tourneys are automated, and thus, require no resources or management to maintain, allowing for continued use even after official active support is dropped.
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