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SmashWiki was created to compile a complete, thorough, and dynamic repository of information relating to the Super Smash Bros. franchise, a series of games produced by Nintendo. SmashWiki is a wiki, meaning that it is written and maintained by the community and can be instantly edited by a variety of contributors.

There were originally two wikis for the Super Smash Bros. series. These were: SmashWiki, hosted by Smash World Forums and founded by Gideon (earliest known edit August 12, 2006 and officially launched March 5, 2007); and the Super Smash Bros. Wiki, hosted by Wikia and founded by Alexir55 (founded April 2, 2007). On February 29, 2008, SmashWiki merged with the Super Smash Bros. Wiki, with "SmashWiki" becoming the merged wiki's name. This union continued for over two years, with SmashWiki continuing to grow in size and scope. However, in September 2010, dissatisfaction with Wikia's policies caused a significant portion of the userbase to leave in favor of forming an independent wiki; this wiki later joined the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance and brought the "SmashWiki" name with them, while "SmashWikia" continued to operate under its original host. SmashWikia later changed its name to "Smashpedia" in September 2013.

SmashWiki is designed to include content relating to a number of issues including the games themselves, characters, stages, strategies and techniques, competitive play, the vibrant community that has developed around the game, and much more. Besides being a resource for skilled players looking to improve their game, it is also designed to be of use to beginners just learning how to play, those who enjoy playing Smash Bros. for fun with friends, and even those interested in learning more about the heritage of the various elements that make up the Super Smash Bros. universe.

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