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SmashWiki has its own YouTube channel, though it is currently inactive. For the kind of content that will be shown on the channel:

  • Movies from the Smash games.
  • Demonstrations of characters' special moves, or even their entire movesets
  • Demonstrations of other kinds of in game content
  • Videos of glitches, AI flaws, and so on
  • Demonstrations/tutorials for combos and techniques

If you have a video idea not covered in the above, and/or you're unsure about a certain type of video, bring it up on the talk page.

Administrators have login access to the account, but any user can submit videos to be uploaded, by emailing the videos to SmashWiki's email account at or by contacting SmashWiki admin Omega Tyrant, the primary manager of the channel.

Be aware that uploaded videos can be removed at any point without prior notice. Common reasons for videos being removed include containing content made redundant by a later uploaded video of superior quality, and for failing to meet updated video standards. The official reason for video removal will be given in the summary of the edit removing the video link from here. If it's a particularly controversial and/or convoluted case, it will be explained on the talk page.

Users can request for videos they contributed to be removed. However, there must be legitimate reasoning for removing the video. Simply wanting the video down is not enough, and an admin can deny this request. To request the deletion of your video, start a new section on the talk page about it, where an admin can look over your case and decide if your video warrants deletion.

Users can also suggest taking down videos other than their own. To do this, they must start a new section on the talk page, and explain thoroughly on why the video should be taken down.

Requirements for submitted videos

Submitted videos must be of the aforementioned (or approved) content, and of adequate quality. Adequate quality includes:

  • The video's visual quality being clear and of decent visibility (e.g. no camcorder nor heavily pixelated videos).
  • If recorded from an emulator, nothing from outside the game should be visible (e.g. no mouse pointers, visible desktop, nor watermarks).
  • The game's audio should be clear and of proper volume (e.g. no distorted nor overly quiet/loud sound in videos). Additionally, no audio from outside the game should be heard (e.g. audible clicking of a controller's buttons/keyboard), and audio should not be noticeably desynced.
  • The game's framerate should be of proper speed.
  • The video's file should be of reasonable size, don't submit raw AVI video files.
  • The video should properly and fully demonstrate the subject of the video.

Additionally, it is strongly recommend you do videos of stuff not already extensively covered in other quality videos (such as, don't do videos on wavedashing and DACUS when the Smash community has several quality video guides on them). A video of such a subject, even if well done, may be rejected if it offers nothing more than existing videos. If you want to contribute, but need ideas for videos, checking the articles in need of videos category is a good start. These pages can give you suggestions for videos to create.

Also, the Wiki does not accept duplicate videos, and will deny videos of content you have already uploaded on your channel or plan to. Redoing an uploaded video of yours with subtle changes will still be considered a duplicate video, and as such will still be rejected.

What you will receive as a contributor

Those that contribute will have their Youtube channel featured in the "Contributors" tab on SmashWiki's channel, as well as have their video credited with their channel linked to in the description of their contributed videos. Additionally, those that contribute can opt in for their contributed video to be monetised and then receive their earnings (if their video is eligible for monetisation). The following three options are available to contributors in regard to monetisation of their videos:

  • Monetise my videos, and give me their earnings.
  • Monetise my videos, and give my earnings to Porplemontage to cover SmashWiki's hosting costs.
  • Do not monetise my videos.

If you wish to monetise and receive your earnings, you will need a PayPal account to have your earnings transferred. If you don't have a PayPal, and can't create one for whatever reason, you can opt in to have a check mailed to you instead. However, for a check to be mailed, your earnings will have to be of a certain minimum amount. If you have earnings, but they don't reach this amount, they will be held until they grow enough to satisfy this requirement.

SmashWiki admin Omega Tyrant handles the channel's monetisation. If you have any questions about this, contact him.

Update log

Date Update
August 30, 2011 SmashWiki channel created.
September 1, 2011 Test footage video (now removed)
September 3, 2011 Smash 64: Green Shell glitch
September 17, 2011 Teleport in SSB (now removed)
October 9, 2011 Super Death Jump
Falco's full circle jump on Temple
October 10, 2011 The nine stages of Eruption
October 14, 2011 Glitch involving the Landmaster
Brawl: AI flaw in recognising walls
October 16, 2011 Falcon Kick trick on PictoChat
October 19, 2011 Lakitu glitch
October 20, 2011 Ken combo with Wolf (now removed)
October 21, 2011 AI vertical falling flaw
Regenerating terrain invincible glitch
AI flaw: CPU Meta Knight jumps into Falcon Punch (now removed)
October 22, 2011 Donkey Kong survives Home-Run Bat swing
October 23, 2011 Spin Attack traction glitches
October 27, 2011 Scarring through each ledge possible with Wolf (now removed)
November 4, 2011 Super Smash Bros. Melee's beta opening
November 6, 2011 Invisible wall glitch on Shadow Moses Island
January 16, 2012 Blue Falcon double stock loss glitch
March 11, 2013 Full Circle Hyrule Jump with Snake
March 13, 2013 Permanent size change glitch
March 14, 2013 Falling Falcon Flyer glitch
Shrinking Yoshi glitch
March 15, 2013 Infinite Claymore Explosion glitch
March 16, 2013 Brawl Laser glitch
March 17, 2013 Regenerating terrain glitches
March 20, 2013 The Flop Block
March 28, 2013 Invisible box glitch
April 5, 2013 Channel monetised.
Melee AI Flaw: CPU Samus stuck in infinite loop (now removed)
April 6, 2013 Triforce Slash glitch
April 7, 2013 Mystery Zone glitch
April 8, 2013 Super Spring
April 12, 2013 Curse of Weegee glitch
April 24, 2013 Name Entry glitches
April 29, 2013 Brawl: How to Play
May 3, 2013 Melee: AI standstill flaw
May 28, 2013 All stages of Giant Punch
June 29, 2013 Brawl: Kirby non-bouncing trick
July 5, 2013 Cape ledge glitch
September 28, 2013 Cardboard box glitch
June 5, 2014 All One-Hit KO moves in Brawl