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The SmashWiki Discord server is a chat outlet very similar to an IRC channel except for one key difference: It saves chat history (which in turn means that users can pass messages to users who are not online).


For the most part, the Discord server shares the same rules as the IRC channel:

  • Use chat privileges responsibly, and avoid posting personal attacks. SW:NPA applies.
  • Don't spam. Long messages should be posted via Pastebin.
  • Do not link to shock/porn sites, and do not post nude or sexually explicit images. This is a violation of both Discord's and SmashWiki's policies, and doing so will result in an immediate ban.
    • While there is no explicit ban on suggestive content, we do ask that users subscribe to a decent maturity level.
  • Respect other users' privacy and don't be a pest. Do not inquire on topics that users do not want to discuss, especially personal ones, and avoid obnoxiously pinging users.
    • @everyone should not be spammed; only use it when the topic of your message is something that the majority of the channel members need to know.
  • Avoid overt and excessive sexuality, profanity, and violence on the server. What is considered excessive is up to a moderator's discretion.
  • Discussion of SmashWiki bans (whether you are involved or not) is allowed, but it must remain civil.
    • As a sidenote, SmashWiki and this Discord server operate separately. Being blocked on SmashWiki will not result in being banned from the Discord server unless the block is related to the server. Likewise, a ban from the server will not automatically result in a block on SmashWiki.
  • All action and enforcement done is at a moderator's discretion.
  • Being emotionally troubled, irritated, or suffering from disabilities such as autism are not valid excuses to break any of the above rules.

There are a few new rules though:

  • Chat content should take place in the most appropriate channel. If the topic is straying from the scope of the channel, an administrator may ask for it to be moved. A list of channels and their topics is listed below.
  • Please do not beg for administrator status. The server operates on its own hierarchy, but SmashWiki administrators are automatically granted administrator status. Other users can be promoted to chat operator status if they deserve it.
  • Nicknames are available on this server. It is preferred that nicknames match users' SmashWiki usernames, although not totally necessary.
  • XL is a semi-permanent feature on the channel. As such, it is expected that the bot be used responsibly. Overspamming the chat with bot responses will first be greeted with a warning, then if the spam continues, a ban.


  • general: For just about anything that does not break the above rules.
  • smashtopic: A Smash-centric channel for smash-only discussions.
  • smashwiki: For pointing out edits, discussing bettering the wiki as a whole, administration concerns, etc. Please note that while this channel is for wiki-specific goings-on any argument made for the deletion, moving, merging, protecting, etc of an article on this channel will be disregarded if not discussed on the relevant talk page.
  • bot-spam: A place for XL to be spammed. Rules still apply here, however.

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