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The SmashWiki Discord server is a chat outlet that saves chat history (which in turn means that users can pass messages to users who are not online). It replaces the now-obsolete IRC channel system.


  1. Be respectful.
    • Do not personally attack other members of this server.
    • If someone asks you to stop a legitimately concerning behavior, do it.
    • Respect other users' privacy and do not pester them.
  2. Don't spam.
    • Long messages should be posted via pastebin.
    • Images and videos are to be kept on-topic and at a minimum. Additionally, memes are to be directed to the dedicated channel for them: #meme-cavern.
  3. Never post graphic or pornographic imagery.
    • This includes both image uploads and links. This is a violation of both Discord's and SmashWiki's policies, and doing so will result in an immediate ban.
    • The proverbial line of what is acceptable and what isn't is entirely up to administrators and chat operators.
  4. Avoid offensive language.
    • Overt and excessive sexuality, profanity, and violence is discouraged.
    • Prejudice or libelous comments or images towards races, ethnic groups, sexual orientations, and genders are prohibited.
    • Use of the spoiler tag does not dismiss this rule.
  5. Administrators and operators are the boss.
    • Users are to do what they say.
    • Any request or action taken by an operator can be appealed to an administrator.
    • Appealed decisions are still to be followed as the appeal is discussed.
  6. Stay on topic.
    • Users are expected to stay on the topic of the channel they are on. Any request by an administrator or operator asking for a conversation to be moved to a more appropriate channel must be followed.
    • Discussions should remain on topics that the majority of people agree on. Discussions should not be continued if the majority of people are not interested in continuing it.
  7. Do not comment on a game-specific channel just to bash on the game.
    • If you are not interested in the game in question, please just mute the channel. Honest criticisms are fine, "this game freaking sucks" is not.
  8. Do not ask for administrator status.
    • Only SmashWiki administrators are granted administrator status.
    • Other users can request for chat operator status if they wish, where they will then be judged by other users to determine if they should gain this power. Users who wish to do this should contact an administrator.
  9. Do not evade silencing.
    • Annoying offenses that may not seem ban worthy may get one silenced for a certain period of time.
    • Leaving the server, then rejoining it to get around silencing will result in a permanent ban.
  10. Use an appropriate nickname.
    • Nicknames are available to all users on this server. Any profane or otherwise offensive nicknames will result in a request to have it changed by a chat operator or administrator. This will be followed by a kick from the server should the user not comply within 24 hours.
    • Impersonation of other users is strictly forbidden.
  11. Advertising in this server is generally unacceptable.
    • Users may gain permission from a chat operator or an administrator to advertise an event, group, or product, but must drop the issue entirely if denied.
  12. Do not discuss the following banned topics:
    • Religion
    • Politics


  • #welcome: The first channel seen upon joining that lists the rules listed above, and then some.
  • #roles: Where users can assign themselves various roles via reactions.
  • #announcements: Announcements are made here, usually pertaining to Spirit Board events or Event Tourneys, or other important announcements.
  • #general: For just about anything that does not break the above rules, and isn't best suited for other channels.
  • #game-corner: For discussion of video games in general.
  • #serious-topics: For discussion of serious societal issues. Politics rule does not apply here, but users are expected to stay civil.
  • #smashwiki: For pointing out edits, discussing bettering the wiki as a whole, administration concerns, etc. Please note that while this channel is for wiki-specific goings-on any argument made for the deletion, moving, merging, protecting, etc of an article on this channel will be disregarded if not discussed on the relevant talk page. Also note that this channel is exclusive to those with the SmashWiki contributor role.

Smash Discussions

Channels intended primarily for discussion of the Smash games.

  • #smashtopic: Catch all channel for all things Smash. Can be used for discussions that involve 2 or more Smash games.
  • #smash-64: Meant for discussion of the original Super Smash Bros.
  • #melee: Meant for discussion of Super Smash Bros. Melee.
  • #brawl: Meant for discussion of Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • #smash-4: Meant for discussion of Super Smash Bros. 4.
  • #ultimate: Meant for discussion of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
  • #live-events: Intended for use alongside live events such as E3, Nintendo Directs, and tournaments, so as to prevent reactions to these events from flooding other channels.

Smash Arena

Discord.svg Discord Smash Arena Discord.svg
WorldOfLightSymbol.svg LADIES & GENTS! Come to the Smash Arena and vote on Round 87: Galeem vs. Dharkon! WorldOfLightSymbol.svg

Our Discord server also features the Smash Arena, a platform to vote on various matchups.

  • #rules: Lists the rules for our Smash Arena. Please read over this first before participating.
  • #smash-arena: Where the voting takes place. Who will win?
  • #discussion: To discuss the current matchup as well as Smash Arena as a whole.
  • #suggestions: For suggesting new Smash Arena matches. Your suggestion must be related to Smash, and please no more than 3 suggestions per person at a time.


Channels intended for discussion of management/business pertaining to the wiki/server themselves.

  • #server-maintenance: The channel best-suited for reporting any issues pertaining to the server, as well as request roles, channels, and emojis.
  • #polls: For polling users about server matters. Channel is read-only for all but admins and operators.
  • #archives: Archives of previous discussion/debate over Requests for Operator and other things.

Bonus Stage

Channels intended for fun discussion/posting of whatever does not pertain to other channels.

  • #trophy-gallery: For showing off art, music, or other creations.
  • #meme-cavern: A channel reserved for incessant posting/discussion of memes and the sort without disrupting general chat. Rules still apply here, however,
  • #online-play: For discussion of online matches between users.
  • #leaks: Meant for discussion about leaks. Obviously fake or joke "leaks" would go in #meme-cavern.
  • #bot-commands: A place for bot commands to be used in moderation (i.e. not spammed) without interrupting the flow of conversation. Rules still apply here as well.
  • #super-smash-maker: For posting your Smash Bros. stage creations.
  • #vc-talk: To be used alongside the voice chat channel to post links and the sort, as well as allow users who do not have access to a microphone or do not wish to use one to interact with other users who are in the voice chat. It is accessible by those with the Confirmed user role.
  • Voice chat: Basically #general but with voice.


  • Administrator: They have the most permissions, being administrators, though this role can only be attained through being an admin/bureaucrat on the wiki; please do not request this role. They are trusted to monitor channels as well as resolve conflicts between other users.
  • Chat operator: One may apply for a Request for Operator, at which point other users will determine whether they are well-suited for the role, not unlike a Request for Adminship on the wiki itself. They are expected to monitor channels and resolve conflicts, not unlike an Administrator.
  • Silenced: Used to prevent users from posting as punishment without kicking/banning said users, though it also allows them to read the messages of others.
  • Shame: Users under shame may not access #leaks in any capacity.
  • SmashWiki contributor: Granted only to autoconfirmed users on the wiki, which grants access to several additional channels.
  • NIWA affiliate: Granted only to the administrative staff of NIWA wikis.
  • Spanish affiliate: Granted only to users of the wiki's Spanish subdomain.
  • Smash Arena: Ping role for those who want to be notified of new Smash Arena matches.
  • Looking for a challenge: Ping role for matchmaking.
  • Confirmed user: Granted to active users without other roles to prevent them from being purged (kicked from the server) for being inactive.
  • @everyone: Default role, associated primarily with users that lack a role otherwise.

Current channel ops


Chat operators