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OT's Pro Tip: Eid I litnu em ta skcatta worht, Tnaryt Agemo, em taefed ot.
Omega Tyrant
Ultimate main R.O.B.
SSB4 main R.O.B.
Other SSB4
Brawl mains Wolf, King Dedede
Other Brawl
Melee main Ganondorf
Project M main Ganondorf
Skill Super Smash Bros. Melee Low level (Retired)
Super Smash Bros. Brawl Upper mid level (Retired)
Super Smash Bros. 4 High level (Retired)
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate High level
Additional info
Real name Michael Oliver
Birth date (age 32)
NNID OmegaTyrant
Location New York United States

You either probably know me as that blunt admin with inconsistent activity that blocks a lot of people and writes big walls of text skirting the line of SW:NPA, or as that guy on Youtube who makes Smash videos of Luigi beating level 9 CPUs by doing nothing, or maybe as that R.O.B. you ran into once on Elite Smash or in an arena that beat you up.

My activity here greatly fluctuates, and I can't promise that I will always be around, but as long as I am around I'll edit as I feel like it and help when needed. Just don't ever expect me to involve myself in the thick of things and spend hours a day on the wiki again, you can look at me as an overseer of the wiki or as a possible mentor figure.

If you ever want to play me in Ultimate, just ask me wherever and I'll tell you when I can play. I do not have any interest in playing any of the other Smash games online however, so do not ask me to play in one of them.

Smash games

I did play Brawl competitively, comaining Wolf and King Dedede,with a Snake that I also used frequently. I believed I did reach a borderline high level, and was good enough to consistently win money at locals in my region, win sets against high level players, and was able to get ranked 5th in my region's last Brawl PR in 2012, within months of my offline competitive debut. I didn't get much success when I occasionally travelled out of region to the prestigious NYC/NJ area, though even with the much stronger competition, I never attended a tournament where I failed to win at least one set. I didn't get to attend much out-of-region tournaments however, as after Apex 2013 my OoR attendance vanished and my overall tournament attendance plummeted, in large part due to my region's Brawl activity falling off a cliff afterward, and my own increasing disillusionment with the competitive Brawl scene. At the end, I only attended nearby local tournaments due to my depleted interest in competitive Brawl, largely in part due to the Brawl's community inability to follow through with a large scale Meta Knight ban, and my inability to burn $50-100 on a single tournament I had no realistic chance of winning money at. And after the Smash 4 came along, I had absolutely no interest in ever touching Brawl again outside of Boss Battles and getting videos for my Youtube channel.

In regards to Melee, I don't play it competitively, due to various issues I have with the game, such as the lack of any remotely viable character I could click with, and overall just not liking it as much as the Smash games that came after. Since the Brawl era, I really only played it for single player stuff and to get videos of its dumb AI. I did very occasionally enter local Melee tournaments though, depending on my mood. I also occasionally played friendlies in it against Melee friends and other Brawl/Smash 4 players. When I do play Melee with others I pretty much go all Ganon. For how well I do, I'll stomp casuals and beat other Brawl/Smash 4/Ult players who don't play Melee, and can defeat low level Melee players, while I get stomped by good Melee players. By the time of Ultimate's release, I've lost interest in even the occasional dabbling in Melee.

As for Smash 64, I never owned it, and despite me being a boomer gamer that still enjoys many old games, I find Smash 64 to be incredibly antiquated and it has never appealed to me, both with how it plays and its barebones content. I've played it a few times, but only ever got a moderate amount of enjoyment from it at best, and have not enjoyed it as a spectator either. Maybe someday I'll give Smash Remix a try though.

With Smash 4, I liked it quite a bit more than Brawl, and despite not getting as much practice in it as I should have, I was one of the best players in my revived and stronger region in it (even being ranked 1st and then 2nd in my region's first two PRs). Then throughout my Smash 4 career my activity would wane at times and I had a couple extended hiatuses that led to a slight downturn in results when I first came back, but I would train up and quickly retake my #2 spot under Dark Wizzy despite my region growing substantially stronger each time, where I consistently hovered around for my entire Smash 4 career. Unlike in Brawl, I additionally got solid OoR results during the occasional times I traveled, including making it out of pools at both KTAR XVIII and KTAR XIX, and when I finally entered a supermajor I got top 64 at Shine 2017. I ended up retiring from Smash 4 in early 2018 pretty much right after the announcement of the new Smash, while I finished still ranked #2 under Dark Wizzy in the CR during my final active season, while also finishing with significant winning records against every non-Wizzy CR player, though I never did take a set off Wizzy. I mained R.O.B. to the end, and still played around a lot with Charizard, though by the end he fell quite a bit behind my R.O.B. and never quite reached co-main status.

As for Ultimate, it is easily my favorite Smash yet and I always have a ton of fun playing it. I'm currently still solo-maining R.O.B. as I'm very pleased with his changes and adaption into the new game, and he is my best character by far, while solo Charizard, Ridley, Dedede, and Wolf are other characters I really enjoy playing but have not invested heavily in. The other characters I enjoy playing but have no current plans to ever invest into seriously are K. Rool, Incineroar, Hero, the Belmonts, and Snake. As for my competitive career in it, I have not actually competed in much tournaments, due to various life issues killing my motivation to compete, though I have still been regularly playing the game, and I have done very well in the few tournaments I have entered, including winning most of the locals I entered.

Brawl mods

I loved Brawl Minus, before Ult it was the most fun I had playing Smash, especially so casually. Project M on the other hand I never liked that much, but have gotten some enjoyment from it when I did play it.

In Minus, I comained Wolf, Dedede, and Ganon, as well as going a plethora of other characters in casual play. In PM, I solo-mained Ganon, with no other character clicking with me at all. I did enter a couple PM brackets during the lame duck period of Brawl, doing decent at one, and doing pretty good at the second, while obtaining my PM career highlight of taking a set off Manalord, one of the best Melee and PM players in upstate New York, something some of the PM players in my region would still talk with me about years after it happened. Near the end of Smash 4 I also once entered a local PM weekly and took a set off my region's #1 PM player Sand (though he did end up swiftly destroying me in the Loser Finals runback).

Other games

I've been a huge Smash fan since Melee, but here are other games I really enjoy and will readily discuss:

  • Pokemon, which is the game series I have easily invested the most into after Smash, or maybe even more than Smash. I don't play it competitively, though I do like challenge runs and playing romhacks. Gen 4 is my favorite, with HGSS being my absolute favorite Pokemon game.
  • Classic Doom (so Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, and Doom 64), I'm not much a fan of shooters, but something about these games have absolutely gripped me ever since I was a kid, and I still love playing them to this day. The fan-made content in particular is absolutely incredible; even though the base game maps of these games haven't all aged well, people are still pumping out high quality maps and mods for Doom to this day, and you'll never run out of new content to play in Doom. Classic Doom also remains my favorite game to spectate, whether it's speedruns or more casual commented playthroughs.
  • Dragon Quest, which is my other favorite RPG alongside Pokemon. Dragon Quest Monsters 2 in particular is my big childhood game that I put even more time into than any individual Pokemon game, and Dragon Quest 8 remains my favorite single-player experience in a video game, barring maybe the aforementioned Doom when you factor in its WADs and mods.
  • Castlevania (both Classicvania and Metroidvania style), Mario (the 2D platformers, 3D platformers, and M&L), and Fire Emblem are other video games series I'm a big fan of, and there are lots of other games I enjoy, but it would be too much to list them all out.

Youtube channel

As mentioned in the intro, most people from outside this wiki probably know me because of my Youtube channel, that you can find here. I'm prone to some big schedule slips, but the channel is still alive and I have no intention of abandoning it anytime soon.

SmashWiki Pokedex

See the Pokedex entries of SmashWiki users here.


These are other sites you can find me on the internet where I'm active or are otherwise relevant to Smash.

  • Youtube - My aforementioned Youtube channel.
  • Twitter - My Twitter account, where I do post frequently about Smash but also about a lot of other games, especially Pokemon. If you follow me on there, I hope you like Sneasel retweets.
  • reddit - My reddit account, though I don't post much about Smash there anymore and is mostly just a place where I argue about nerdy baseball stats with strangers on the internet.
  • Smashboards - My Smashboards account, though I haven't been active on there in years.
  • Game Banana - My Game Banana account, where you can find some of my Smash 4 music mods if you still play Smash 4.
  • Brawl vault - My profile on Brawl Vault that has my BRSTMs, so if you still play PM or any sort of Brawl, perhaps you would be interested in checking them out. Be warned though that their audio quality isn't that good and in some cases maybe even completely shit, but some of them have been updated however; if I have the song on Game Banana too, that means I have updated its BRSTM to better quality.

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  • Omega Tyrant - My smasher page if you want a thorough rundown of my competitive Smash career thus far.