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Ganondorf (PM)

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in Project M and Project+
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Universe The Legend of Zelda
Base game appearance Brawl
Moveset inspiration Ganondorf (SSBM), Ganondorf (SSBB)
Alternate costume Ocarina of Time Ganondorf, Pig Ganon (Project+)

Ganondorf is a playable character in the Brawl mod Project M. He was buffed significantly in Project M after being mostly reverted to his Melee version. However, some Brawl attributes were maintained, and part of his moveset was changed to make him more well-rounded.

Ganondorf is currently ranked 37th out of 41 on the official tier list, placing him in the lower half of the D tier. This is a significant drop from his placement in Melee as 14th out of 26, but a moderate improvement over his place on the Brawl tier list, where he is ranked last at the bottom of the tier list.


Despite Ganondorf mostly being based on his Melee iteration, he remains a semi-clone of Captain Falcon, as he was in Brawl; most of Ganondorf's moves continue to use their respective animations from Brawl. Ganondorf is a slower, stronger, and heavier version of Falcon with more reach as a result of his larger build. Many of Ganondorf's positive attributes from the past two games were retained, making him more formidable than he was in Melee and Brawl.

Ganondorf is a powerful character like he was in Melee. Being one of the strongest characters, his attacks inflict dangerously high knockback, with some being able to KO at relatively low percentages. His combos, while often short, are capable of quickly racking up extremely high damage, and many of his aerials are excellent for both killing and edgeguarding. Ganondorf also has the most powerful meteor smash in his down aerial and one of the strongest spikes in his aerial Wizard's Foot.

Ganondorf is unique in that he is one of the only two characters who is capable of lengthening his recovery (the other being Captain Falcon with his Falcon Kick), by executing his aerial Wizard's Foot. For every attempt of the move, Ganondorf will restore his midair jump, thus bringing him closer to the stage and greatly increasing his horizontal recovery. It is worth noting, the Wizard's Foot must complete to restore his jump. His up special, Dark Dive, still possesses the arm swipe attack at its peak and the ability to grab an opponent on the ledge from Brawl, both of which may save him on occasion. However, Ganondorf normally has trouble with recovery, because of his low jump height, high gravity, and low air speed. Additionally, Dark Dive does not offer much vertical or horizontal distance while being very predictable and easy to edgeguard and edgehog.

Back in Melee and Brawl, Ganondorf struggled against projectile users due to his tall size and no projectile of his own, as well as off-stage survivability due to a poor recovery, but these issues are somewhat addressed in Project M due to the advent of Dead Man's Volley & Drift. This new move gives Ganondorf a reflector that sends projectiles back at double their original speed, arming him with a moderately effective anti-projectile option. In addition to buffs such as slightly higher mid-air jumps and aerial Wizard's Foot restoring mid-air jumps, the new move also provides brief floating when used in the air, allowing Ganondorf to recover better to the stage while giving him more options for recovery mix-ups. Dead Man's Volley & Drift serves as a useful tool for Ganondorf, diminishing several of his major issues and allowing him to compete better. Despite this, he often still has trouble against characters who possess a strong projectile game.

Ganondorf's flaws include his large and tall stature, which combined with his heavier weight and high gravity, makes him a bigger and more easily comboed target. He also possesses one of the slowest dashing speeds despite it being significantly faster than it was in Brawl, hindering his ability to catch up to his opponents on foot. Lastly, even with all of his specials being usable for recovering, his recovery is still somewhat predictable due to it being mostly linear.

Ganondorf's buffs from Brawl to Project M, such as his combo starter Flame Choke (although it was slightly nerfed), DACUS, improved tilts, improvements to Dark Dive, and being equipped with an extra recovery tool that doubles as a reflector, grant him better tournament success than in Melee or Brawl. However, he still struggles to keep up with the faster and more combo-heavy characters such as Diddy Kong and Fox.

Changes from Melee to PM[edit]

Given the nerfs Ganondorf received in Brawl that made him plummet to the very bottom of the tier list, he is significantly buffed in Project M. Most of his favorable traits from Melee return, along with Brawl's tilt attacks and Flame Choke, restoring his recovery, speed, combo and ability. Some of his more powerful moves have been given less ending lag or greater reach and many late weak hitboxes and sourspots were removed. His situational moves have been replaced with weaker but much more practical moves: his new up tilt comes out much faster, and his new neutral special Dead Man's Volley & Drift is a reflector that doubles as a floating maneuver. To compensate for the loss of Warlock Punch, Ganondorf's down taunt now serves as an attack that functions similarly to it. Finally, several of Ganondorf's animations have been overhauled, which combined with the addition of Dead Man's Volley makes him a slightly more accurate representation of his appearance in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Ganondorf's new neutral special.
Ganondorf using his sword.


  • Change Ganondorf now uses his laughing SFX during his on-screen appearance.
  • Change Ganondorf now laughs at the start of his up taunt, rather than after he spins, similar to Melee.
  • Change Most of Ganondorf's aesthetics were altered to be more inline with his magical warlock theme:
    • Change The fist hitbox of forward aerial and forward throw produces a darkness effect, while back aerial produces an electric effect.
    • Change Dark Dive makes Ganondorf briefly flash purple during the uppercut portion.
    • Change Back aerial and neutral attack now use the same "punch" SFX used for his side taunt.
    • Change His sidestep and rolling dodges are now traditional sidesteps, and Ganondorf flickers and glows purple during his intangible frames.
    • Change Ganondorf retains animations from Brawl for most of his attacks like down tilt, Dark Dive and forward throw, which, along with the new moves he has been given, further declones him from Captain Falcon (instead of being a full clone of him like in Melee).


  • Buff Jumpsquat is one frame shorter (6 → 5), allowing Ganondorf to be airborne and perform aerials and wavedashes slightly faster.
  • Buff Midair jumping height slightly increased; Ganondorf can now edge hop more easily onto the stage.

Ground attacks[edit]

  • Buff Forward tilt launches at a semi-spike angle on the leg, albeit slightly higher than in Brawl (Sakurai Angle → 32°).
  • Change Forward tilt uses an altered animation from Brawl, with Ganondorf now leaning back slightly before kicking to extend the move's reach instead of simply lifting his leg, and quickly retreating his leg after kicking instead of dropping it.
  • Buff Ganondorf has a new up tilt: he lifts his foot, then quickly brings it down into an electric stomp. It has gained a hitbox on its initial frames that deals 8% damage, hitting twice much like Captain Falcon's up tilt in Smash 64, and doing 3% more damage (27% → 30%) in total. It also has significantly faster startup (81 → hit 1: 5, hit 2: 25) and ending lag (113 → 62) as well as a longer hitbox duration (2 frames → hit 1: 6, hit 2: 3), along with intangibility on frames 23-28 that covers his left arm and left leg (rear hurtbox). This new up tilt is much faster and slightly more damaging than the original Volcano Kick.
  • Nerf New up tilt has significantly weaker knockback (110 base/80 growth → hit 1: 40 base/60 growth, hit 2: 50 base/78 growth), KOing around 100% as opposed to 25% from center or OHKOing near the ledge in Melee, although it is still one of the strongest tilts in the game. The initial hit also does not combo well into the second above low percentages, and the second hit deals 5% less damage (27% → 22%) and now has a sourspot on the body dealing 2% less damage (20%) and knockback (75 base/60 growth), resulting it dealing less damage than the original up tilt if it only hits once. Despite ending much earlier than the former up tilt, the move has 4 more frames of ending lag (30 frames → 34 frames).
  • Buff Down tilt from Brawl is retained, having slightly more reach. It additionally has less ending lag (IASA 36 → 34).
  • Buff Dash attack is stronger, the initial hit deals 1% more damage (14% → 15%) with increased base knockback (40 (early)/25 (middle) → 60/45). It has a new hitbox at the end which extends the attack's duration by 2 frames. It can also be cancelled into a long DACUS.
  • Change Dash attack launches opponents at slightly different angles (115°/110° → 105°/100°).
  • Change Forward smash's animation now resembles a faster Warlock Punch, making up for the loss of said special move.
  • Buff Up smash has slightly wider hitboxes.
  • Nerf Up smash has more ending lag than in both Melee and Brawl (IASA 40 → 45).

Aerial attacks[edit]

  • Buff Both hits of neutral aerial come out 2 frames faster (hit 1: 7 → 5, hit 2: 20 → 18), allowing it to be used as an out of shield option, and are easier to link into each other. It also autocancels slightly earlier (22 frames → 20), allowing it to be autocanceled in a short hop fast fall.
  • Nerf The first hit of neutral aerial deals 2% less damage (12% → 10%).
  • Buff Up aerial has less landing lag, being even less than in Brawl (25 frames → 20).
  • Change Back aerial has an altered animation, where Ganondorf no longer crosses his legs behind him.
  • Buff Down aerial retains its earlier autocancel window from Brawl (frame 36 → 32), retaining its ability to autocancel in a short hop and start combos. It also has less landing lag (35 frames → 31) and no longer has transcendent priority, which now allows it to cancel out projectiles.

Grabs, throws, and other[edit]

  • Buff Forward throw from Brawl is retained, inflicting 4% more damage (9% → 13%). It also has stronger knockback (60 base/65 growth → 45/105).
  • Nerf Down throw has more knockback growth (36 → 45), slightly reducing its ability to chain throw and setup.
  • Buff However, the increased knockback growth on down throw also makes it easier to chaingrab at low percents.
  • Buff Down taunt can be held to make Ganondorf attack with a downward swing of his sword. While it comes out much later than his Warlock Punch or Volcano Kick (frames 95-97), interrupts later (IASA 125), and cannot be reversed or used in the air unlike Warlock Punch, it has higher damage (32% → 31%/33%/35%/37%) and base knockback (30 → 40) than Brawl's Warlock Punch while covering a large distance identical to Brawl's Volcano Kick, and additionally has light armor before and during the attack (frames 85-97). The move has two hitboxes: a one frame large, weak but still quite powerful sourspot during the swing of the sword (damage: 24%, knockback growth: 100 → 75), though its hitbox prevents it from hitting opponents standing directly in front of Ganondorf; and a sword slam that deals flame damage and has a sweetspot at the tip where it deals the most damage and makes a small explosion on the ground.

Special moves[edit]

  • Buff New neutral special: Dead Man's Volley & Drift. Using this move in the air causes him to float for one second, however unlike Peach and Mewtwo he is unable to control his movement after starting, and also gradually loses height. Using it while floating or on the ground will have him flip his cape, reflecting projectiles back at twice their speed and weakly damages nearby opponents with minimal, set knockback. An aerial or jump can be acted out of a float, or it can be simply ended by pressing down. This improves Ganondorf's recovery and his options against projectile users while also giving him aerial mix-ups.
  • Buff Ganondorf conserves Flame Choke from Brawl as his side special, which is much more useful for tech-chases and followups than Gerudo Dragon. Grounded Flame Choke deals 3% more damage (9% → 12%) and travels faster and farther. If Ganondorf falls off an edge with the move, he will go into the ending animation instead of instantly becoming helpless, allowing him to still grab the ledge within the game's new physics.
  • Buff Aerial Flame Choke deals 1% more damage (12% → 13%) and now inflicts caught opponents with a weak set knockback meteor smash, causing them to weakly bounce up instead of being immediately floored; this leads to it having guaranteed followups. In addition, if Ganondorf performs a Sacrificial KO with it when he and his opponent are on their last stock, he'll always win now, as opposed to a Sudden Death or loss for Ganondorf in Brawl.
  • Nerf Grounded Flame Choke as well as the bounce effect of Aerial Flame Choke can now be teched, and the grounded version can now be DI'd to allow the opponent to land behind Ganondorf, making its followups from Brawl more read-oriented.
  • Change Aerial Flame Choke now deals multiple hits instead of one single hit.
  • Buff Dark Dive has slightly faster start-up and conserves its ending uppercut and ability to grab ledge hangers from Brawl. The grab also deals 1% more damage in total (17% → 18%), and both the throw and uppercut are more powerful (throw: 84 → 115 growth, uppercut: 70 base/90 growth → 40 base/120 growth), being able to reliably KO under 150%. The throw completes much faster, giving caught opponents much less time to react and DI.
  • Buff Wizard's Foot deals 2% more damage (15% → 17%) on the ground and 3% more in the air (14% → 17%). It can also now be reversed, and its aerial version can now be ledge-canceled. All variations have reduced endlag, most notably; Ground to ground (IASA 78 → 67), air to ground (IASA 58 → 31) and kicked a wall (IASA 61 → 41). Ground to air and air to air kicks were also both reduced by 1 frame.
  • Nerf Wizard's Foot has less knockback growth (85 (grounded/80 (aerial) → 76/67) to compensate for the increased damage.

Changes from PM to P+[edit]


  • Change Ganondorf receives a new set of renders.
  • Change Ganondorf gains a new costume based on Ganon.



  • Buff Fixed one of Ganondorf's up tilt hitboxes so that when the explosion occurs it is likelier to hit.
  • Buff Forward tilt has its animations adjusted, and the angled up version can now properly hit enemies standing on upper platforms.
  • Buff Flame Choke causes Ganondorf to go into the aerial ending animation when slipping off an edge with it, allowing to grab the edge and come back to the stage.
  • Buff Down smash kicks hit at the proper frames apart now, so the second kick doesn't whiff as easily.
  • Change Ledge attacks now match those of Melee.
  • Change Adjusted Ganondorf's Dark Dive physics and grab hitboxes to be closer to Melee's.
  • Nerf Dash attack can slip off edges like in Melee.
  • Change Back and up aerial's ranges now match those of Melee.
  • Change Down throw's animation was adjusted.


  • Buff Flame Choke's top grab box fixed to affect grounded opponents, so he doesn't miss opponents on platforms.
  • Nerf Down throw increased slightly in knockback growth.
  • Change Jab and down aerial have new electric graphical effects.
  • Buff Warlock Punch is now reversible. Its turn occurs slightly later than in Brawl, but can be performed up to four times.
  • Change Flame Choke has its darkness hit effects restored.
  • Change Dark Dive's launch fire hit effects were restored.


  • Buff Initial dash animation length increased by 1 frame to match Melee, also improving moonwalk distance slightly.
  • Buff Dash attack adjusted to use Brawl's damage and knockback values.
  • Buff Up tilt (Volcano Kick) replaced with new, electric stomp attack, which is weaker in knockback, but much faster and of practical use.
  • Buff Neutral aerial's first kick has less base knockback and higher angle to be slightly better as a combo starter and combo into second hit more often.
  • Nerf Forward smash's angles adjusted in damage, power, and trajectory so there is more reason to use them over up angled, while previously the move was superior in all 3 angles.
  • Bug fix T-pose bug with his Final Smash is fixed.
  • Change Ganondorf's magical effects now illuminate his body.
  • Change Warlock Punch's additional turns can be prevented by holding the special button.


  • Buff Dark Dive's startup is slightly faster.
  • Buff Wizard Foot's damage increased on both ground and air kicks; knockback compensated to be the same. The move is now also reversible.
  • Nerf Ganondorf is now always KO'd first when performing a Sacrificial KO with Flame Choke.
  • Change Forward air's animation was polished. Active frames begin and terminate one frame earlier to better match the animation.
  • Change Down air's animation was polished.


  • Buff Ganondorf is now KO'd last when suiciding with Flame Choke only when he has a lower port than his opponent.
  • Buff Aerial Wizard's Foot can be ledge-canceled.
  • Change Up and down aerial item throw animations' heights have been adjusted.


  • Buff Ganondorf received a new Neutral special, "Dead Man's Volley/Drift". When used in the air it allows him to float. When used on the ground or while already floating, it allows him to reflect projectiles while damaging nearby opponents with a flip of his cape. Despite this new change, Kirby still copies the Warlock Punch.
  • Buff Jump squat reduced (from 6 to 5 frames).
  • Buff Ganondorf is now always KO'd last when suiciding with Flame Choke.
  • Buff Down taunt can be used as an attack when held. It has the same damage and knockback as his Warlock Punch except it has greater range and has super armor right before it hits. The damage is at its highest at the tip of the sword where it makes a small explosion on the ground.
    • Nerf The sword swing has much longer start-up, and it cannot be reversed nor can it be used in the air like Warlock Punch could.
  • Buff Neutral aerial has slightly less endlag and start-up (first active frame from frames 7 to 5, second active frame from 20 to 18).
  • Buff Forward throw deals more damage (from 9% to 13%), and has increased knockback.
  • Buff Back throw has less endlag.
  • Buff Aerial Flame Choke is no longer techable before final hit.
  • Buff Sidestep dodge has been sped up; it is now tied for the fastest sidestep in the game.
  • Buff Dash grab reaches slightly further and lower.
  • Nerf Standing grab reach reduced slightly to match Melee.
  • Nerf Down throw's chain grabbing and set-up capabilities have been toned down due to its slightly higher knockback scaling (from 40 to 45).
  • Nerf Up smash interruptibility was pushed 5 frames later.
  • Nerf Forward tilt outer hitbox trajectory changed to the Sakurai angle, and the interruptibility was pushed 2 frames later.
  • Nerf Up tilt's initial hitbox has slightly more start-up, and ends one frame sooner (from frames 3-12 to 5-11).
  • Change Forward smash animation now resembles his Warlock Punch.
  • Change Forward throw now gives off darkness effects.
  • Change Back aerial has an altered animation, where Ganondorf no longer crosses his legs behind him.
  • Change All of Ganondorf's dodging animations have new magical animations, with purple overlays and a brief stutter.


  • Nerf Neutral aerial's late weak hits from Brawl were removed, as well as an active frame being removed from the strong hit, resulting in a significantly reduced hitbox duration for each kick (from 6 frames to 2 frames).
  • Bug fix Back aerial no longer snaps downwards when transitioning into a fall.
  • Buff Dead Man's Volley reflect window increased by 2 frames. It also now has a trail that accurately depicts its reflect location and duration.
  • Nerf Ganondorf's down taunt attack now receives light armor instead of super armor. It also hits 1 frame later, matching the move's animation.
    • Buff Now has a one frame large, weaker hitbox that covers the swing of the sword in return. This hitbox has the lowest priority, so opponents in front of Ganondorf are still hit with the main hitbox.
  • Change As an aesthetic when wearing the Ocarina of Time costume, Ganondorf will wield a different sword, similar to one seen in his render for Melee upon using his down taunt and down taunt attack.


Up to date as of version 3.6.

Name Damage Description
Neutral attack 7% (hand), 8% (body) Ganondorf performs a quick palm strike that electrifies enemies on contact.
Forward tilt 12-14% Ganondorf quickly kicks the opponent with a large force. This move can be angled. Semi-spikes at the leg, sends at the Sakurai Angle at the foot.
Up tilt 8% (hit 1), 22% (hit 2 foot), 20% (hit 2 body) Ganondorf does a very quick stomp on the opponent. Has two hits that combo into each other at low percentages. Weaker than the original up tilt, but much quicker. Ganondorf's left arm and leg are intangible the moment he plants his foot on the ground.
Down tilt 12% Ganondorf kneels on one leg and thrusts the other leg forward.
Dash attack 15% (clean), 10% (mid), 8% (late) Ganondorf charges at the opponent, and forcefully rams into them.
Forward smash 24% Ganondorf winds up a large amount of darkness and releases it all in one deadly back-handed punch. Resembles the Warlock Punch.
Up smash 22% (hit 1), 19% (hit 2) Ganondorf does a double kick upwards. Deadly knockback, and also the most damaging up smash in the game.
Down smash 8% (hit 1), 12% (hit 2 foot), 14% (hit 2 leg) Ganondorf kicks his leg in front and then behind him. The first kick combos into the second kick.
Neutral aerial 10% (hit 1), 12% (hit 2) Ganondorf performs two quick mid-air kicks.
Forward aerial 17% Ganondorf performs an overhead punch in a downwards arc with deadly force and knockback. Great finisher.
Back aerial 16% Ganondorf does a back-handed punch. Faster than his forward air, but with weaker knockback.
Up aerial 12%/13% (clean), 10%/12% (mid), 6%/8% (late) Ganondorf does an overhead flip kick, covering a large arc above him. Deals more damage on Ganondorf's foot.
Down aerial 22% Brings both his feet down in an electric stomp. The most powerful meteor smash in the game, though unlike Captain Falcon's down aerial, it lacks the nipple spike hitbox. Unlike its previous appearances, this attack no longer has transcendent priority, and can now cancel projectiles.
Pummel 3% Knees the opponent. A moderately fast pummel.
Forward throw 5% (hit 1), 8% (throw) Ganondorf punches the opponent forwards.
Back throw 5% (hit 1), 4% (throw) Ganondorf throws the opponent backward and kicks them.
Up throw 4% (hit 1), 3% (throw) Ganondorf throws the opponent upward, then punches them upwards into the air.
Down throw 7% Ganondorf forcibly throws the opponent on the ground.
Floor attack (front) 6% Ganondorf gets up and flips while kicking.
Floor attack (back) 6% Ganondorf stands on both hands and does a spinning double kick.
Floor attack (trip) 5% Ganondorf spins around to kick those who are near.
Edge attack (fast) 10% Ganondorf quickly gets up and performs a low kick.
Edge attack (slow) 10% Ganondorf slowly gets up and performs a horizontal backhanded punch.
Down taunt (attack) 24% (sword swing), 31%/33%/35%/37% (sword slam) If the player holds down the down taunt button, Ganondorf will swing the sword downward after looking at it briefly as it glows purple. Extremely strong knockback equivalent to the old Warlock Punch if opponent is directly in front of him, but it also possesses a very large, weaker sourspot during the swing, though it has low priority meaning that opponents in front of him are hit with the sword slam. Deals more damage towards the tip of the sword at the end of the move. Has light armor right before and during the sword swing.
Neutral special Dead Man's Volley & Drift / Dark Descent 5% (cape flip) On the ground, Ganondorf will swing his cape, reflecting projectiles at twice their original speed while weakly damaging nearby opponents with minimal, set knockback. Using it once in midair will make him float, and using it again will make him perform the volley. An aerial or jump can be acted out of the float. Can only be used in the air once; grabbing a ledge without landing on a platform will not restore its usability. This is based on a move Ganondorf used in his boss battle in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
Side special Flame Choke Ground: 12% (hit), 1% (release)
Air: 1% (hits 1-6), 7% (release)
On the ground, Ganondorf slides forward stretching his hand. Once the attack connects with an enemy, he puts them up, chokes and releases them onto the ground. In the air, Ganondorf grabs the opponent and slams them into the ground, weakly bouncing them upwards, and as a recovery move it can sweetspot ledges. If Ganondorf does the aerial version and lands on and facing the ledge, the grabbed opponent will be meteored just under the stage, but is not powerful enough to KO. If there is no ground, there will be a self-destruct for both players. Can be used for edgehogging. The move can fall off edges if used too close to them, but Ganondorf can then grab them and come back to the stage. This can be still be dangerous, though, as he will fall helpless and SD if the edge is ungrabbable.
Up special Dark Dive 2% (hits 1-4), 10% (release), 7% (uppercut) Ganondorf grabs onto the opponent and unleashes electricity onto them, then launches them with an explosion. If he grabs an opponent with the move, he doesn't fall helpless and can use it again. The grab attack inflicts 4 electric hits of 2% damage that can damage nearby foes, then the explosion deals 10% with a flame effect. Ganondorf can receive damage when grabbing an opponent, but cannot be knocked out of the move. If he misses, he will then perform an uppercut that launches enemies upwards and can punish edge-hoggers, while possessing a large edge sweet spot.
Down special Wizard's Foot 17% (both versions), 8% (landing) Ganondorf launches with a dark kick forward, or diagonally downwards when used in midair. The grounded version acts as a strong horizontal finisher, while the aerial version spikes opponents, yielding early KOs against recovering ones if they fail at dodging the attack. The midair version also restores Ganondorf's double jump, extending his recovery, and has a landing hitbox that bounces foes upwards. The grounded version can fall off edges and bump into walls; in the latter case, Ganondorf will flip backwards and suffer a great amount of lag.
Final Smash Beast Ganon 10% (grounding), 10% (stomp), 45% (charge) Ganondorf becomes his beast form and rams into the opponent. Opponents can become stuck in the ground, or paralyzed in midair. Usually a one-hit KO.

In competitive play[edit]

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Alternate costumes[edit]

Project M[edit]

Beginning in version 3.5, Ganondorf received an alternate costume based on his appearance in Melee, itself from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and the Nintendo Gamecube tech demo. This costume also includes an aesthetic change; when playing as Melee Ganondorf, he brandishes the sword he is depicted with (but never uses) in Melee as well as the Gamecube tech demo, rather than the Sword of Sages (from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess). Ganondorf has the Triforce symbol in his right hand after getting a Final Smash with his Ocarina of Time costume.

The Melee costumes come with recolors for team battles, as well as an original purple recolor; it consequently replaces his Ocarina of Time color scheme to make room.

Ganondorf's alternate costumes in PM
GanondorfHeadSSBB.png GanondorfHeadBlackSSBB.png GanondorfHeadBlueSSBB.png GanondorfHeadGreenSSBB.png GanondorfHeadRedSSBB.png
GanondorfHeadOoTPM.png GanondorfHeadOoTPurplePM.png GanondorfHeadOoTBluePM.png GanondorfHeadOoTGreenPM.png GanondorfHeadOoTRedPM.png


In Project+, Ganondorf received even more alternate costumes that further represent Zelda lore. Ganondorf's brown costume from Brawl has been replaced with a new royal gold color to be more distinct from his Ocarina of Time alternate costume. Said costume is more detailed with higher quality improvements, better matching the source material; additionally, it receives a variant with a tan cape to match his appearance both Melee and the Spaceworld 2000 demo. Finally, Ganondorf has a costume based on Pig Ganon from the Fallen Hero timeline, a potential storyline in the franchise where Link fails to defeat Ganon in Ocarina of Time and the latter reigns indefinitely in his monstrous form. Pig Ganon's taunts use a trident instead of a sword, as seen in A Link to the Past. This costume includes recolors which are loosely inspired by other incarnations of Ganon, such as the ones seen in Twilight Princess, Ocarina of Time and Four Swords Adventures, and Yuga-Ganon in A Link Between Worlds.

Ganondorf's alternate costumes in P+

Secret costumes:

Ganondorf Z P+.png Ganondorf R P+.png

Z-Secret Costume: Phantom Ganon: Based on Phantom Ganon, a ghostly doppelgänger of Ganondorf fought by Link in the Forest Temple in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

R-Secret Costume: Warrior Ganondorf: Based on Ganondorf's appearance in Hyrule Warriors.


  • Oddly, prior to Version 3.6, whenever the player selected Ganondorf with the red or blue Ocarina of Time costumes, the stock icons would be reversed. (The blue costume would use the red stock icon and vice versa.) A similar issue also happened with Meta Knight's Dark and Concept Art costumes.
  • The purple Ocarina of Time costume will occasionally show a blue underside of its cape during certain animations.

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