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Wario (PM)

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in Project M
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Universe Wario
Base game appearance Brawl
Moveset inspiration Wario (SSBB)
Alternate costume Biker Wario, Tycoon Wario (Project+)

Wario is a playable character in the Brawl mod Project M. His Project M moveset is based off of his Brawl moveset with many changes made throughout.

He is placed 5th on the official tier list in the A tier, an improvement over his already strong 10th out of 38th placement in Brawl. This very high position is largely due to his high weight and great mobility, edgeguarding, and combo game. In the official Project+ Tier list, he is ranked slightly lower at 6th, in the A+ tier.


Wario is a very heavy, but very mobile character. From Brawl, he maintains his incredible aerial mobility and the notorious kill move Wario Waft. These two attributes often lead to him being described as a "Fat Jigglypuff," though the two are quite different. Wario lacks a strong recovery, but his high weight makes it more difficult to knock him off the stage. His re-purposed Chomp combined with his aerial mobility gives him one of the best grabs in the game. His lack of a projectile or significant disjoint makes it somewhat difficult for him to deal with characters that have those traits.

Changes from Brawl to PM[edit]

Wario has received both buffs and nerfs in the transition from Brawl to Project M; however, he has been significantly buffed overall. He has received a plethora of notable changes in his moveset to further aid him in the new metagame. It is also now much more reminiscent of his appearances in the various Wario Land games. Many of his moves have decreased ending lag and many of his moves have either been changed completely or have seen heavy adjustments giving them a lot more utility with some examples including his down smash and his down aerial. Wario Waft also charges much faster and is a much stronger KO move when fully charged. His new side special Shoulder Bash is also a much better KO move than his previous side special Wario Bike. He also benefits to the changes to Project M's grab release mechanics more than any other character as he is no longer vulnerable to air release combos, kill confirms and chain grabs.

Wario has received some nerfs however. His previously incredible aerial mobility has been slightly toned down and his recovery is much worse as his new side special Shoulder Bash covers far less horizontal distance than Wario Bike while covering no vertical distance and leaving him helpless and it has less utility on stage in addition. Wario Waft also covers much less vertical distance when fully charged in addition to dealing much less damage and the half charged variant is much weaker. Besides his half waft, some of Wario's other KO moves have also seen significant nerfs as his forward smash is weaker, has more ending lag and no longer has armor while his up aerial deals less damage and now has a sourspot making it more difficult to KO with. Lastly, his down throw is no longer a reliable deadly chain grab due to having much more base knockback as well as due the general changes to PM's DI system.

Nevertheless, Wario is an even larger threat in Project M's meta and has seen even stronger tournament results.


  • Change Default costume is now the classic plumber's outfit as opposed to the biker's outfit.
  • Change New walking and dashing animations.
  • Change Farting victory pose replaced with posing from Wario Land 4.
  • Change Animations are generally more fluid.


  • Buff While Wario's aerial grab release animation remains unchanged, he can no longer be forced into it due to Project M using Melee's grab release mechanics. This also means that he can act out of an aerial grab release 20 frames sooner removing all guaranteed follow ups his opponents used to have on him.
  • Buff Wario dashes faster (1.35 → 1.55).
  • Nerf Wario's air speed is slightly slower (1.222 → 1.2).
  • Nerf Wario's base air acceleration is lower (0.04 → 0.03) slightly decreasing his maximum air acceleration (0.34 → 0.33) though it is still the highest in the game.
  • Change Wario's traction is higher (0.07 → 0.085) although relative to the cast, it has gone from the 3rd highest to the 8th highest.
  • Buff Jumpsquat is shorter (6 frames → 5).
  • Change As with all Brawl newcomers, Wario falls faster (1.4 → 1.85) although relative to the cast Wario falls slower going from having the 18th highest fall speed to the 27th highest.
  • Change Wario's gravity is higher (0.0842 → 0.112).
  • Buff Wario's rolls have less end lag (FAF 38 → 32).
  • Nerf Wario's rolls have a shorter duration (frames 4-21 → 4-19).
  • Buff Wario's sidestep has a longer duration (frames 2-20 → 2-21).
  • Nerf Wario's sidestep has more end lag (FAF 26 → 31).

Ground Attacks[edit]

  • Buff Jab 1 has less startup lag and a longer duration (frames 8-10 → 3-7).
  • Nerf Jab combo inflicts less damage (12% → 9%) and knockback. It also has less range.
  • Buff Wario can now charge his forward tilt. Forward tilt's sweetspot even without charging does slightly more damage (14/13/12 → 15/14/13) and is a stronger KO move. Can be delayed for about 30 frames by holding the attack button, thus increasing its damage. It retains its ability to be angled as well.
  • Change The sourspot of forward tilt no longer deals consistent damage (11% → 12% (up), 11% (not angled), 10% (down).
  • Buff Up tilt has higher KO power. The late hit also has a longer duration (frames 15-23 → 15-27).
  • Buff Down tilt can be interrupted quicker (FAF 34 → 25), and also propels Wario forward with each use, allowing him to pseudo-crawl and hit repeatedly with the attack.
  • Nerf Down tilt has a shorter duration (frames 5-9 → 5-8).
  • Buff Dash attack's sweetspot has a longer duration (frames 4-5 → 4-7). It also has less end lag (FAF 49 → 44)
  • Nerf Wario can no longer perform the Gatling Combo. Additionally, his DACUS is harder to perform and travels less distance.
  • Buff Forward smash is now a front kick, with longer, more favorable reach. It also has less startup lag and a longer duration due to having a new late hit (frames 9-11 → 8-11 (clean), 12-15 (late).
  • Nerf Forward smash does less damage (19% → 16% (clean), 10% (late) with less knockback, and no longer has armor, and possesses higher ending lag as Wario attempts to regain balance (FAF 45 → 49) (now being the laggiest forward smash).
  • Buff Up smash does more damage (15% → 18%) and is as strong as Brawl, and has less hitlag making it harder to escape.
  • Buff Wario has a new down smash: Wario punches the ground to create an earthquake similar to Charizard's down smash, and inspired by Wario Land: Shake It!, which has set knockback and a meteor smash angle. It has generally more utility than his previously-unviable down smash, dealing more damage (13%/10%/8% → 14%/12%/10%), having much less ending lag (FAF 78 → 45) and setting up combos better.
  • Nerf New down smash has more startup lag and a much shorter duration (frames 8-44 → 10-12).

Aerial Attacks[edit]

  • Nerf Neutral, up and down aerials have more landing lag (10 frames → 15 (neutral), 9 frames → 20 (up), 19 frames → 34 (down), While neutral and down aerials landing lag is compensated with L-canceling, up aerial still has more landing lag when L-cancelled.
  • Buff Neutral aerial can do more damage with both hits (13% → 15%). The sweetspot also has a longer duration (frames 4-5 → 4-12) and it has less end lag (FAF 49 → 40).
  • Nerf Neutral aerial has less KO potential. It also has a new third hit which is the weakest of all three hits. Despite this, the second and third hits have a shorter duration than the Brawl late hit (frames 15-38 → 15-23/24-30).
  • Buff Forward aerial does more damage (7% (clean), 5% (late) → 11%/6%) and is significantly stronger in knockback, which, when combined with Wario's great air speed, allows him to efficiently execute pseudo-walls of pain. The sweetspot also has a longer duration (frames 5-6 → 5-7) and it has less ending lag (FAF 37 → 27).
  • Nerf Late forward aerial has a shorter duration (frames 7-18 → 8-15).
  • Buff Wario has a new Back aerial. A back punch, which does much more damage (10% → 16%), and is similar to his forward tilt, which has slightly more startup, but is much stronger, has longer range, and lasts for longer. The sweetspot also has a longer duration and ait has a new late hit giving the move an even longer duration (frames 9-11 → 10-14 (clean), 15-19 (late). It also has less end lag (FAF 49 → 40).
  • Nerf New back aerial has more startup lag (frame 9 → 10).
  • Buff Up aerial has less startup lag (frame 8 → 7) and ending lag (FAF 47 → 31).
  • Nerf Up aerial now not only has a sourspot, but even the sweetspot deals less damage than the Brawl counterpart (17% → 14%); however, the sweetspot's knockback was compensated (30 (base)/80 (growth) → 45/100). This makes up aerial much harder to use as a KO move.
  • Change Up aerial's sweetspot possesses a slash effect.
  • Buff Wario has a new down aerial. A ground pound. It is a stall then fall which aims to the ground quickly and can meteor smash, set up combos on the ground, and is a deadly edge guard tool. As it is not a multi hit, it is significantly more reliable to use.
  • Nerf New down aerial has less KO power on the ground. Additionally, it has more startup lag (frame 9 → 15), more end lag if it doesn't connect (FAF 37 → 52), auto cancels later (frame 25> → 34>) no longer auto cancelling out of a short hop or even out of a full height double jump, deals less damage (16% → 14%), is dangerously unsafe if he misses it off stage and Wario has much less control while using it.

Grabs and Throws[edit]

  • Nerf Standing and Pivot grabs have more startup lag (frame 6 → 7 (standing), frame 8 → 9 (pivot). All grabs also have more ending lag (FAF 29 → 31 (standing), 39 → 40 (dash), 35 → 36 (pivot)).
  • Buff Pummel does 1% more damage (2% → 3%).
  • Change Using pummel now has a coin pop out of the opponent's head.
  • Nerf Pummel has more ending lag (FAF 18 → 24).
  • Buff Forward throw is replaced with a simple single-handed throw that is similar to the throws from Wario Land 4. Uniquely, this throw can also be charged by holding the attack button while pressing forward, similar to a smash attack.
    • Nerf Charging increases its knockback, but because the charge takes time, the thrown opponent gets more time to react with appropriate DI. Forward throw also deals less damage even when charged (12% → 7-10%).
  • Buff Wario can move sideways whilst using back throw.
  • Change Back throw is now similar to his old forward throw.
  • Nerf Back throw is much slower making it easier to DI.
  • Buff Due to Project M's different physics, up throw can now be used to combo and chaingrab some characters.
  • Nerf Up throw deals less damage (10% → 8%).
  • Buff Down throw does 3% more damage (7% → 10%).
  • Nerf Down throw deals much more base knockback. While this gives it tech chasing potential, it removes its chain grabbing potential while still being way too weak to kill until super unrealistic percents.

Special Moves[edit]

  • Buff Chomp is quicker as an attack and can now be used to throw enemies backwards after biting them. When performing the move in the air, it keeps momentum.
  • Change Chomp now consists of a single bite dealing 8% and a weak throw dealing 5%.
  • Nerf These changes hinder Chomp's damage racking potential.
  • Buff Corkscrew has more vertical height and control going left and right when flying up. It also hits more times and much faster, dealing higher damage.
  • Nerf Corkscrew can no longer grab ledges behind Wario.
  • Change Wario's side special is now his trademark Shoulder Bash (aka Dash Attack) from the Wario Land games. The Shoulder Bash makes Wario dash forward similar to his old forward smash, dealing more damage as he travels. Wario can jump while dashing to continue the attack in the air. Wario can bounce of walls if he hits a wall while using it airborne and he gains less height every time he bounces off a wall. Depending on dash distance, it deals damage from 11% to 22%, inversely — hitting with the end of the charge deals the most damage and knockback. The aerial version is always counted as medium distance.
  • Buff Shoulder Bash is much more reliable and powerful as an attack compared to Wario Bike.
  • Nerf Wario Bike being replaced with Shoulder Bash has heavily reduced Wario's recovery potential. Shoulder Bash only covers a short distance in the air and it leaves Wario helpless after using it. In addition, Shoulder Bash has less utility on the ground than Wario Bike as it lacks wheelies (which could potentially one hit KO his opponent with a glitch on moving platforms). The removal of Wario Bike also means that Wario can't use its tires as a projectile meaning that Wario now has no usable projectiles.
  • Buff A fully charged Wario Waft can no longer Star KO Wario should he use it to fly to the top of the screen. It also charges much faster (105 seconds → 65) and is a stronger KO move (0 (base), 30 (scaling) → 40/85).
  • Nerf While Wario Waft charges up faster, it can only deal a maximum of 21% damage fully charged much like his half Waft in Brawl (40% → 21%). It also gains much less height hindering its recovery potential and Waft cannot charge on the respawn platform. Half Waft also deals less damage (21% → 16%) and is significantly weaker.
  • Nerf Wario-Man is much less effective as a Final Smash as he has a shorter duration (16 seconds → 12) and is no longer invincible. Additionally, as Wario-Man was re-balanced to be a normal fighter, his mobility is worse, his moveset is significantly less effective and he no longer has an infinite recovery.


As of v3.6 Beta, Wario-Man can now be selected as a character, in a similar fashion to Giga Bowser. Much like how Giga Bowser lost his constant armor, Wario-Man is no longer invincible for the duration of his appearance, and his recovery is no longer infinite, though Wario-Man can still gain significant distance using his extra midair jump and height gain from neutral aerial and up aerial. As expected, Wario-Man is still an exceptionally strong character, with the following noticeable changes from Wario:

  • Buff Has an extra midair jump, and each jump has significantly increased height.
  • Buff Is heavier than Wario and falls faster.
  • Buff Wario-Man's attacks in general are much stronger, much faster in startup, have more active frames, and are interruptible at almost any point in their ending lag.
  • Buff Forward smash is intangible during the entire duration of the hitbox.
  • Buff Up smash has a huge windbox on Wario-Man's head, and the innermost hitbox can freeze opponents with high vertical knockback.
  • Buff Down smash can bury opponents.
  • Buff All aerials except down aerial have much larger hitboxes, and auto-cancel upon landing. Up aerial and neutral aerial can also give Wario-Man limited height when spammed.
  • Buff Dash grab makes Wario-Man charge forward like his Shoulder Bash, with vastly superior range and active frames.
  • Buff All throws, including the Chomp throw, have vastly increased KO potential. Back throw can also slide much farther and quicker before release.
  • Buff Corkscrew hits only two times but has much higher knockback and deals 28% damage total.
  • Buff Shoulder Bash has reduced startup lag, as well as a headbutt animation in the air. Grounded version can be canceled by pressing down, which makes Wario-Man instead do 5% damage farts with minimal knockback. Aerial version no longer makes him helpless, and additionally has a chance to misfire, extending his travel distance with farts and doing increased damage and knockback like Luigi's Green Missile.
  • Buff Wario Waft charges much faster.
  • Buff Up taunt makes Wario-Man temporarily grow bigger and takes much longer to fix his jaw, but if it goes uninterrupted, every grounded opponent suffers extreme hitlag and light upwards knockback, allowing for followups after.
  • Buff Side taunt acts as a windbox, and the taunt can be held down to keep producing windboxes; also if a opponent is closer to him, Wario-Man can perform a variant of Jigglypuff's Rest.
  • Change Every fart animation features purple gas.
  • Change Now has palette swaps that correspond to the color chosen for Wario (whether the biker outfit or overalls are used does not matter) before the match begins.

Changes from PM to P+[edit]



  • Bug fix Aerial Chomp freeze has been addressed.


  • Buff Gets a little more momentum from a running jump.
  • Buff Forward tilt now stronger and more damaging at the tip, and can be delayed by holding Attack button.
  • Buff Down tilt hits at a higher angle, interruptible sooner, and hit duration reduced slightly.
  • Buff Up smash multihits now pull the opponent in better.
  • Buff Neutral aerial sourspot hitboxes cover him better, hits at a low angle, and damage increased slightly.
  • Buff Forward aerial hits at higher angle, hit duration reduced, and IASA is earlier.
  • Buff Back aerial damage increased, hitlag reduced to normal on strong hit, and has a flub hitbox added after the strong hit.
  • Buff Up aerial rotated slightly into the plane of attack, making the sweetspot easier to land.
  • Buff Down aerial hitbox covers him better.
  • Buff Dash grab will now continue charging forward until you release the Grab button, with the furthest distance being his Side B travel length.
  • Buff Forward throw now uses the Wario Land animation. You can perform a quick version or charge it up by holding the Grab button for a stronger throw.
  • Buff Back throw uses the old Forward Throw animation except it is now possible to move around with it. Knockback, angle, and damage adjusted appropriately to match the new animation.
  • Buff Down throw has less endlag, and the damage is significantly increased.
  • Buff Shoulder Bash Squat Cancel is faster, has light armor, and hitbox duration matches the animation better.
  • Buff Corkscrew multi-hits link better, and doesn't pull him backwards at the end when angled.
  • Nerf Forward tilt hitboxes reduced in size to match animation.
  • Nerf Shoulder Bash can now clank with other attacks, and the damage scaling is adjusted.
  • Change Added a new Win animation where Wario flexes in reference to Wario Land.
  • Change New Walk, Dash, and Run animations.
  • Change Jab 1 animation adjusted to not put his arm out before hitting.
  • Change Neutral aerial hit duration reduced a bit, and IASA is earlier.
  • Change Chomp grab box sizes reduced, hold time reduced, and is now maneuverable in the air. Throw knockback tweaked to allow DI-dependent follow-ups.
  • Change Wario Waft no longer goes into SpecialFall, and vertical hit on full charge has less base knockback and more growth.


  • Buff Forward tilt hold command increases in damage and knockback for each wind up, similar to a smash attack.
  • Buff Chomp grab box size increased.
  • Buff Removed a restriction that prevented Wario from using Chomp again for 15 frames after the bite throw.
  • Buff Shoulder Bash → Jump is always at medium power rather than its weakest power.
  • Buff Aerial Shoulder Bash can be canceled by holding Back and its vertical direction can be influenced by holding Up/Down.
  • Buff Fully-charged Wario Waft now has heavy armor near the startup and has stronger knockback.
  • Nerf Up smash does reduced shield damage.
  • Bug fix Fixed a bug where down smash's outside hitboxes could hit aerial opponents.
  • Nerf Pivot grabs has a bit more startup to match other pivot grabs.
  • Change Dash attack angle changed to hit characters more in front of Wario rather than behind.
  • Change Removed "wind up" SFX on down smash's charging animation.
  • Change Down smash does reduced shield damage and has less range but deals slightly more damage.
  • Change Neutral aerial's hitbox duration matched to the animation length and sourspot angle adjusted to use a general angle rather than a low trajectory.
  • Buff Forward aerial angles adjusted to be the same and sourspot has slightly increased in base knockback.
  • Change Up aerial sourspot angle raised to match sweetspot.
  • Change Aerial Shoulder Bash revamped to travel mostly straight (angleable up or down), but goes a much shorter distance and is stronger. The hitbox is still negatively disjointed but has improved vertically.
  • Change Shoulder Bash jump no longer happens with the analog stick if Tap Jump is off.


  • Nerf Down tilt endlag slightly increased. Hit duration decreased.
  • Nerf Forward tilt hit duration decreased.
  • Nerf Down smash endag slightly increased. Sweetspot no longer hits aerial opponents.
  • Nerf Forward aerial endlag slightly increased.
  • Nerf Up aerial endlag slightly increased.
  • Nerf Up throw does slightly less damage.
  • Nerf Can no longer crouch out of Shoulder Charge.
  • Change Bite Throw trajectory lowered slightly.
  • Change Waft: Charge-up time cut in half. Each Waft level reduced in damage/knockback/hitbox size/vertical height gain appropriately.


  • Buff Down smash has more range.
    • Nerf The move's damage has been decreased.
  • Change Neutral aerial's hitboxes have been adjusted. The move does not have as large a hitbox in the back as it used to, but now has more range in front of Wario.
  • Nerf Back aerial has fewer interruptibility frames.
  • Nerf Dash Grab no longer looks like Wario's Side Special.
  • Nerf Down throw deals less damage overall.
    • Change Its knockback values has been altered.
  • Buff Fully charged Wario Waft has increased knockback and a larger hitbox.
    • Nerf The move's heavy armor has been removed.
  • Buff Walk speed has been increased.
  • Nerf Ending Wario-Man in the air now puts Wario in helpless state.

v3.6 Beta[edit]

  • Nerf Down smash damage from inner/mid/outer: 16%/14%/12% → 14%/12%/10%
  • Buff Back aerial outer hitbox bigger.
  • Nerf Corkscrew back hitbox set knockback: 140/140 → 100/100
  • Nerf Wario Waft fully charged damage is -1% and -2% on main hitbox and upwards hitbox respectively.
    • Nerf No longer charges on the respawn platform.
  • Buff Roll total frames: 37 → 31
    • Nerf Intangibility frames: 4-21 → 4-19
  • Buff Wario-Man can now be playable from the start by holding the L or R button while selecting Wario, similar to Giga Bowser. He retains most of the same buffs, but he is now vulnerable to damage and his recovery, though still extremely long, is no longer infinite.


Up to date as of version 3.6.

Name Damage Description
Neutral attack 3% Left hook, then right hook. Decent knockback but a tad slow for a jab. The first jab can even set up a forward smash. Wario walks forward slightly when this move is used consecutively.
Forward tilt 15-17% (fist), 12-14% (body) Wario swings his right fist in a circle then thrusts it forward. Has slight start-up but little ending lag with great range. Good KO move at about 100%. May be based on an attack from Wario's look-alike Booster in Super Mario RPG. Can be charged to increase both damage and knockback. Can also be angled.
14-16% (fist), 11-13% (body)
13-15% (fist), 10-12% (body)
Up tilt 10% (clean), 6% (late) Raises both hands above his head. Decent vertical launcher. Wario's head is intangible while the hitboxes are out.
Down tilt 8% Stabs his index finger at the ground in front of him. Quite quick compared to his other moves, but has ending lag. Below-average range, but not that bad. Wario moves forward a small distance whenever the move gets used.
Dash attack 7% (clean), 5% (late) Trips and falls flat on his face, sliding a small bit. Very fast start-up, but has lots of ending lag that makes it a very punishable move. Might be based on the Sliding Catch, a move in Mario Superstar Baseball, a game that Wario was in.
Forward smash 16% (clean), 10% (late) Wario kicks forward while moving forward. Very fast and has high knockback, but can be easily punished when shielded, as it has long ending lag.
Up smash 2% (hits 1-5), 8% (hit 6) Head grows as Wario spins, hitting multiple times with the head. Poor range, but deals decent damage. Can KO at high percentages, although the knockback isn't too high. Wario's head is intangible while the hitboxes are out.
Down smash 14% (center), 12% (shockwave close), 10% (shockwave far) Slams his fist into the ground, knocking foes upward and stunning them for a split second. This move has set knockback, so it won't KO even at 999%. This move can also set up combos.
Neutral aerial 9% (clean), 6% (mid), 4% (late) Accompanied by a gradually lowering sound of falling, Wario extends his hands and fingers, then spins in place. A quick move to use in the air. Great for spacing and hard to punish. Also great when short hopping with it out of shield. Both hits can connect at very low percentages.
Forward aerial 11% (clean), 6% (late) Sticks his foot a short distance forward. Very little range and damage, but fast and lasts a long time. Best used for "wall of pain"-style attacking.
Back aerial 16% (clean), 9% (late) Throws his fist backwards, launching opponents horizontally. Similar to his forward tilt, but deals more damage.
Up aerial 14% (sweetspot), 9% (sourspot) Claps above his head with hands and feet. The hitbox covers his whole body, even where he doesn't clap and has a slight horizontal disjoint. This is a great move to use on floaty characters with poor aerial defense.
Down aerial 14% Plunges straight downward on his bum, bouncing off the enemy and sending them slightly upward. The move meteor smashes opponents. Can be used to bounce off an enemy twice in a row at low damage percent.
Pummel 3% Pokes his opponent in the torso with a coin popping out and back into the enemy.
Forward throw 7-10% Reels the enemy back and then throws them forward. Can be charged to increase damage.
Back throw 9% (throw), 8% (collateral) Spins around three times and throws the opponent backwards. Wario can move in either direction before throwing them backward, which is useful for getting earlier KOs. The lighter the character the faster he spins them. Identical to Mario and Luigi's back throw. The spun opponent can hurt other foes. Based on the Wild Swing-Ding seen in Wario World.
Up throw 2% (hit 1), 6% (throw) Throws them into the air and jumps up, headbutting them. Can lead to rising fully charged Wario Waft against many characters and also put them in a good position for aerials.
Down throw 6% (hit 1), 4% (throw) Throws the victim on the ground and sits violently on top of them, who is then knocked behind Wario. Probably based on the ground pound move in Wario Land and Wario World.
Floor attack (front) 6% Wario gets up and pokes both forwards and backwards.
Floor attack (back) 6% Wario spins around with his fist extended.
Floor attack (trip) 5% Wario thrusts his fists in front of him, then kicks his legs behind him.
Edge attack (fast) 6% (lower body), 8% (upper body) Crawls up the ledge and flips onto his back, attacking with his head.
Edge attack (slow) 10% Crawls up the ledge and slides his finger across the ground. Similar to his down tilt.
Neutral special Chomp 8% (chomp), 5% (throw) (13% total) Wario opens his mouth and bites the opponent once before spitting them out. Wario can spit the enemy out before the chomp and the enemy can be thrown wither forwards for backwards.
Side special Shoulder Bash 12-21% (ground), 15% (air) Rams forward with a shoulder bash. If the control stick is moved up, Wario will do a jump forward. If used in the air it will put Wario into a helpless state. This move can strangely cancel out Pikachu's grounded Thunder Jolt but can be interrupted by any other projectile.
Up special Corkscrew 5% (hit 1), 1% (hits 2-11), 4% (hit 12) Wario leaps into the air while spinning.
Down special Wario Waft 12-21% Gas will build up in Warios belly and is fully charged after little over a minute. Wario then lets loose a blast of air, depending on how long it's been since he last did it.
Final Smash Wario-Man Varies Turns into Wario Man and gains vastly increased damage, power, and speed.

In competitive play[edit]

Notable tech[edit]

Labbing Discord Tech Post

Most historically significant players[edit]

Any number following the Smasher name indicates placement on the PMRank 2019, which recognizes the official top 50 players in the world in Project M during 2019.

See also: Category:Wario players (PM)

Alternate costumes[edit]

Project M[edit]

Wario is the only character that did not receive a single new costume in Project M. Worth noting, however, his costumes changed order when compared to Brawl, where his WarioWare costume is the "main" one. Instead, in Project M his Mario and Wario Land costume is featured more prominently, most likely to better represent the changes to his moveset that mainly take inspiration from that series in particular.

Wario's alternate costumes in PM
WarioHeadClassicSSBB.png WarioHeadClassicRedSSBB.png WarioHeadClassicBrownSSBB.png WarioHeadClassicGreenSSBB.png WarioHeadClassicWhiteSSBB.png WarioHeadClassicBlueSSBB.png
WarioHeadSSBB.png WarioHeadRedSSBB.png WarioHeadBlueSSBB.png WarioHeadGreenSSBB.png WarioHeadYellowSSBB.png WarioHeadBlackSSBB.png


In Project+, Wario has a new costume based on his appearance from WarioWare: D.I.Y., the costume also comes with five recolors for Team Battles, one of which is based on his appearance in WarioWare: Snapped!. This makes Wario the character with the highest amount of costumes in the game, with 18 in total (or 20, counting the secret ones).

Wario's alternate costumes in P+
Wario-Man's alternate costumes in P+

Z-Secret Costume: Adventure Wario

R-Secret Costume: Wario Land Garb Wario

Z-Secret Costume: Ninja Wario

R-Secret Costume: Vampire Wario