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Luigi (PM)

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in Project M
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Universe Mario
Base game appearance Brawl
Moveset inspiration Luigi (SSBM)
Alternate costume Mr. L, Casino Luigi (Project+)

Luigi is a playable character in the Brawl mod Project M. His gameplay is based on his appearance in Melee. He is ranked 26th on the official tier list in the top of the C tier, a much lower position than his Melee placement, where he was 12th out of 26, however barely higher compared to his Brawl placement, being 28th out of 38, respectively. However, in the official Project + tier list, he places much lower, being 40th out of 42, landing in the top of D tier.


Luigi is a middleweight with a moveset that boasts a fast and powerful set of aerials, rapid approach methods, and spontaneous power. With his incredibly long wavedash, Fireballs, and the mobility of Luigi Cyclone, Luigi can take advantage of any lapse in defense. His wavedash (the longest in the game) couples well with his collection of deadly smash attacks, allowing him to approach and immediately put out a powerful hit. He can space out opponents using his fireballs, and his combo game, especially in the air, is very potent.

Luigi suffers, however, in recovery and his speed in some areas, especially with his long wavedash being born from his very low traction at a cost. His low ground speed can be covered by substituting wavedashing for normal dashing, but his low aerial and falling speeds can hinder usage of his otherwise good aerials. Off stage, Luigi must deal with a fairly predictable and easy to edge hog return. Additionally, his floatiness makes him among the easiest characters to KO vertically (easier to KO than the floatier Samus due to her extra weight), making attacks with high vertical power (such as Fox's up smash) deadly against Luigi; as such, he has relatively poor vertical endurance and players must know to cope with and avoid said attacks.

Changes from Melee to PM[edit]


  • Change Side taunt will repeat, alternating directions, for as long as the side taunt button is held.
  • Change Luigi has a down Smash Taunt based on his dancing victory pose from Smash 64.
  • Change Luigi now has two helpless animations: one for air dodging, and the other for Super Jump Punch, taken from Brawl respectively.

Ground Attacks[edit]

  • Buff Down tilt inflicts considerably more damage (9% → 15%) and acts like a Mr. Saturn, dealing weak set knockback with high hitstun and playing the "Pwaaah" sound effect. Additionally it has less ending lag (IASA 34 → 31).
  • Buff Dash attack uses Melee trajectories, but hits faster and seven times (as opposed to six) like in Brawl, being better at racking up damage (also because of the different staleness).
  • Change Down smash has its Melee trajectory, but uses the Brawl animation.

Aerial Attacks[edit]

  • Change Forward air emits a Fan sound effect and uses a slash effect, like the forward smash.
  • Buff Back air has less ending lag (IASA 29 → 26) and autocancels earlier (frame 19 → 17).
  • Nerf Back air has a shorter duration (6-17 → 6-16).
  • Buff Up air has a more vertical launch angle (55° → 70°), improving it's combo ability.

Grabs, throws, and other[edit]

  • Buff Keeps horizontal momentum when grabbing opponents, making throws KO more easily when combined with wavedashing.
  • Buff Back throw deals more damage (10% → 12%).
  • Buff Down taunt is no longer a meteor smash, but a spike.

Special Moves[edit]

  • Buff Fireball travels faster and can be followed up quicker.
  • Change Luigi's Fireball and Super Jump Punch now use a unique green fire element when they hit characters.
  • Buff Green Missile retains its ability to be held indefinitely from Brawl. A misfire deals 2% more damage and will now always misfire after once per eight uses, and Luigi flashes green during its startup and charging to indicate the misfire. Holding the shield button while charging a misfire will release a normal missile and "store" the misfire for the next use of the attack, at the cost of reduced damage each time it is canceled, down to a minimum of 15%.
    • Change Green Missile displays additional green flames coming from Luigi's back.
  • Change Super Jump Punch gains slightly less vertical distance, but has more horizontal movement to compensate.
  • Buff Luigi Cyclone acts like in Melee, but when the special button is mashed in midair, it gives slightly better height. Additionally, when used from the ground, mashing the special button will cause Luigi to rise (unlike in Melee) in a manner similar to Brawl, which allows the move to be safer and more useful in combos. Gaining aerial height with the move also no longer requires "charging" it by using it on the ground first.

Changes from PM to P+[edit]


  • Change Luigi's Mr. L costume is completely repolished and optimized, complete with new recolors.

Dash Attack[edit]

  • Buff Hitboxes modified to link slightly better
  • Buff Overall distance increased marginally

Up Smash[edit]

  • Nerf Head Intangibility reduced 9-13 > 9-11

Neutral Air[edit]

  • Nerf Damage 15 > 12, KB compensated
  • Nerf Late Hit size 4.3 > 3.1

Forward Air[edit]

  • Nerf Damage 12 > 14, KB compensated
  • Buff Landing Lag 25 > 21 (12 > 10 L-Cancelled)

Back Throw[edit]

  • Buff BKB 80 > 85, KBG 65 > 75

Down Special (Luigi Cyclone)[edit]

  • Change Variable that indicates use pushed back from frame 2 > 10

Side Special (Green Missile)[edit]

  • Buff Can now edge cancel

Up Special (Super Jump Punch)[edit]

  • Nerf Grounded version has reduced aerial drift
  • Change Aerial SFX matches grounded


  • Buff Kick taunt angle 281 > 290, active frames 1 > 3



  • Buff Fixed Luigi's inability to fall through platforms during Super Jump Punch's fall.
  • Nerf Super Jump Punch can now only grab the edge facing forward when falling after Luigi starts blinking.


  • Change Luigi's angled forward smash animations matched to Melee's.
  • Change Luigi Cyclone's final hit duration increased to match Melee's.


  • Buff Super Jump Punch's vertical distance and ledge grab duration is closer to Melee Luigi's. He now also stops rising when he reaches the apex, allowing for faster edge sweetspots.
  • Nerf Pivot grab had its range reduced, and the hitbox comes slightly later to better match animation.


  • Buff Storing misfires for Green Missile now requires a shield button to be held, but the player can either misfire or store it for the next use during any part of the charging animation. The misfire's green indicating flash now repeats until the charge is full.
  • Buff Increased the size of down taunt's hitbox to hit below ledges better.


  • Buff Up B landing lag reduced to 40 frames from 45.
  • Buff Dash attack deals more damage total and has knockback to make it safer on hit.
  • Buff Up aerials hitboxes last longer.
  • Nerf Fire Jump Punch has more landing lag.
  • Nerf Aerial version of Luigi Cyclone has more endlag.
  • Change Luigi's Fire-based attacks (Fireball, Fire Jump Punch, and Green Missile) now use a unique green fire effect when they hit a character. This is Effect 15 for moveset editing purposes.
    • Nerf They are no longer considered Fire-element moves, meaning they can't instantly detonate Blast Boxes.
  • Change Luigi uses a previously unused KO scream from Brawl, which only applies when getting Screen KO'd.


  • Nerf Ledge grab box lowered.[1]
  • Buff Green Missile misfire damage: 25% → 27%
  • Nerf Green Missile's guaranteed misfire window is now expanded to 8 instead of 6. Additionally, each time a misfire is canceled, its damage is reduced by 3%, up to a minimum of 15% damage after 4 cancels. Furthermore, its shield damage has been reduced to 0 from 4.
  • Nerf Luigi Cyclone's stats effectively match Melee's version of the move, reducing its maximum distance. It also will not immediately refresh on a ledge grab; Luigi must land on ground before he can use the move to recover again.
  • Change Luigi has a new Smash Taunt, based off one of his winning animations from the original Super Smash Bros..
  1. ^ Not featured in the beta version.


Up to date as of version 3.6.

Name Damage Description
Neutral attack 2% Punches twice and performs a hip thrust forward. A quick three-hit attack that does little knockback.
Forward tilt 10% (body), 11% (foot) Kicks straight forward in a back-turning roundhouse kick. Can be angled.
Up tilt 9% Swipes his hand above his head with his fist. Not much range, but covers a wider area than Mario's up tilt. One of Luigi's standard combo tools.
Down tilt 15% A quick, short-ranged kick. Little range and knockback, but high hitstun and damage. Causes a Mr. Saturn sound effect upon connecting. The second strongest down tilt in the game, losing only to Bowser's. Easily a decent combo starter with solid reward on hit.
Dash attack 3% (hits 1-7) Dashes forward and attacks his opponent with a flurry of punches. All seven hits can chain into one another. Very poor compared to other dash attacks, and also one of Luigi's worst moves, though it's one of the most damaging. The final blow has enough hitstun to follow up with very quick actions.
Forward smash 14% Bends his elbow before thrusting his arm out, performing a spear-hand thrust. Deals low damage, but has high knockback growth, making it an excellent finisher. This move can be angled up or down; inflicting more damage angled upwards.
Up smash 17% Luigi performs an upwards headbutt. This move can hit enemies behind Luigi. An excellent finishing move at around 110%. Luigi's head is intangible while the hitboxes are out.
Down smash 17% Luigi performs a low break-dancing sweepkick that hits on both sides. Does great vertical knockback and has good range. Can easily lead into combos at low percentages if used after a wavedash. Luigi starts off via a low-profile by swinging his left leg inward in a full turning sweep as opposed to his brother's actual break-dance sweep.
Neutral aerial 15% (clean), 8% (late) A sex kick. Has strong, entirely vertical knockback, serving as a powerful vertical finisher at high percentages, or a vertical combo starter at lower percentages.
Forward aerial 12% Luigi does a quick karate chop forward. High horizontal knockback with very fast startup and recovery, and is one of Luigi's primary aerial finishers. It is also a good option when wavelanding.
Back aerial 11% Luigi kicks backwards with both feet. Commonly used in a short hop to perform a quick waveland. A useful gimping tool and also a solid aerial combo tool as well. This move uses its Melee animation.
Up aerial 13% Luigi does an aerial flipkick, hitting foes above him. A useful juggling tool in midair.
Down aerial 16% Luigi does a quick spin kick aimed downwards. This move meteor smashes enemies who come in contact with the sweetspot (being the upper hitbox located at Luigi's waist) with strong knockback. If sourspotted, it results in powerful horizontal knockback, making it a great edgeguarding attack.
Pummel 3% Headbutts opponent. A very slow pummel, but can be quickly used again after hitting the foe.
Forward throw 8% Throws the opponent forward in a single turning fling.
Back throw 12% (throw), 8% (collateral) Spins around three times and swings the opponent backwards in a giant swing throw. One of his stronger throws and can hit nearby opponents with the grabbed target.
Up throw 7% Throws his opponent upward with both hands, leading into possible combos.
Down throw 7% Slams his opponent on the ground. The opponent is thrown onto the floor head-first and bounces up, leading into possible combos.
Floor attack (front) 6% Gets up and punches behind him, then in front.
Floor attack (back) 6% Gets up and does a sweep kicks in a similar fashion to his down smash.
Floor attack (trip) 5% Gets up and kicks backward and forward.
Edge attack (fast) 6% (body), 8% (legs) Does a somersault and kicks with both feet.
Edge attack (slow) 10% Slowly gets up and kicks with one leg.
Down taunt 4% Does a short-ranged kick to the ground that can damage those who touch his left foot. On grounded opponents, it inflicts moderately low set knockback, making it unreliable at KOing; however, on aerial opponents, its base knockback is extremely high, and will spike opponents, making it capable of yielding early KOs should the player properly connect, though it is still unreliable due to the high startup lag and short range.
Neutral special Fireball 7% Luigi shoots a fireball from his fingers. Has less range than Mario's, but is not affected by gravity.
Side special Green Missile 5-26% (normal), 15-27% (misfire) Luigi charges up and shoots forward like a missile. This move can be charged for about 2.5 seconds, and the charge can held infinitely by holding the special button. If Luigi glows green, then the attack will be a misfire, which is faster and deals 27% damage with powerful knockback. He may also store this misfire and allow Green Missile to fire normally; with the next use of Green Missile being a misfire of reduced damage depending on how many times it has been canceled, to a minimum of 15% damage. One in eight uses of this move is guaranteed to be a misfire. A great move for horizontal recovery.
Up special Super Jump Punch 25% (clean ground), 21% (clean air), 1% (late) Luigi performs a strong, jumping uppercut. If the attack is sweetspotted, it becomes a Fire Jump Punch, which deals much more and has high KO potential. If he does not connect with the sweetspot, it deals pitiful damage and produces one coin. The damage of the sweetspot is stronger when used on the ground.
Down special Luigi Cyclone 8% (hit 1), 12% (hit 2) Luigi rapidly spins around, launching any enemies in his path. The first hit occurs during the spin, while the second hit occurs during the ending pose, both having vertical knockback. Mashing the special button causes Luigi to rise up in the air, which can be used for recovery, and can sometimes carry opponents into the upper blast line as an attack, being a decent vertical finisher. It has much better horizontal movement compared to Mario Tornado, but gives less vertical distance.
Final Smash Negative Zone 0% Luigi dances, and a large, greenish-tint void surrounds him. Inside the void, the colors of the environment, characters inside the void and Luigi himself become inverted. Can cause various negative status effects if the opponents is caught in the void, these being: flowering, dizziness, sleep, greater launch distance (which makes a lot of Luigi's moves (such as his Fire Jump Punch) effective finishers even at low and mid percentages), and forced taunting.

In competitive play[edit]

Notable tech[edit]

Labbing Discord Tech Post

Notable players[edit]

Alternate costumes[edit]

Project M[edit]

Luigi has an alternate costume based off of his alter ego, Mr. L, from Super Paper Mario. When wearing the costume, Luigi wears a black mask, his outfit becomes black and green instead of blue and green, and the "L" on his cap is reversed.

3.6 includes recolors for team battles, and a white "Fire" variant for Mr. L.

Luigi's alternate costumes in PM
LuigiHeadSSBB.png LuigiHeadOrangeSSBB.png LuigiHeadPinkSSBB.png LuigiHeadBlueSSBB.png LuigiHeadWhiteSSBB.png LuigiHeadPurpleSSBB.png
LuigiHeadMrLPM.png LuigiHeadMrLRedPM.png LuigiHeadMrLBluePM.png LuigiHeadMrLWhitePM.png


In Project+, Luigi is given a new recolor based on his appearance in Super Mario Bros.: Pīchi-hime Kyushutsu Dai Sakusen! His Mr. L costume's recolors are also touched up, with the Red Team coloration being similar to the Fire Luigi palette (shared with Fire Mario) from the NES version of Super Mario Bros. 3. Luigi also gains an alternate "Casino" costume based on the casino-themed minigames from Super Mario 64 DS and New Super Mario Bros., which comes with two team-based recolors and one based on Waluigi like his default costume.

Luigi's alternate costumes in P+

Z-Secret Costume: Fake Peach: Based on Luigi's appearance in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga where he dresses as a stand-in for Peach using her spare dress and a wig resembling her hair and crown while being brought to a repaired Koopa Cruiser. The disguise seemingly fools both Bowletta and Fawful until the former scares him by making him believe that a huge cockroach is behind him, causing him to blow his cover in a panic. Luigi then ditches the disguise after exiting the Koopa Cruiser and using the spare dress as a makeshift parachute until a bird cuts the rope and causes him to plummet into Teehee Valey.

R-Secret Costume: Space Land Luigi: Based on Luigi's appearance in Mario Party 2 when participating on the Space Land board.