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This page is a project.
Projects guide users to make helpful revisions to pages of a particular type or topic. See this page for an explanation of projects. Projects operate similarly to guidelines, and their advice should be followed accordingly. You may edit a project to help it meet the needs of its articles; however, discuss any important changes on this project's talk page.

This is the project page for organizing the mass cleanup for the formerly known "Notable players" sections of the character articles, now known as the "Most historically significant players" sections. The proposal to fix them was discussed in detail here, and the new criteria being enforced is here.

The following must be done to the relevant section of every single character article:

  • The sections must be renamed to "Most historically significant players".
  • The following editing notice must be applied to the top of each of these sections: <!--This character has a ten player limit for this section. Before adding and/or removing a player, read these guidelines: -->
    • Obviously, if the character has a non-standard limit, that limit should be stated instead.
  • Get rid of the "active" and "inactive" distinctions, they're irrelevant for the purposes of these sections.
  • The following characters must have their sections combined: Daisy and Peach, Richter and Simon, Dark Samus and Samus, Pyra and Mythra, Dark Pit and Pit (in Smash 4), and Dark Pit and Pit (in Ultimate).
  • Most importantly, these sections must be truncated down, both to adhere to the higher standard being enacted and the newly imposed player limits. The limit is ten players for each character, except for the following:

Character articles with completed sections[edit]

Since it will take a ton of unnecessary work to list every single character article right off the bat, instead each character will be listed whose "Most historically significant players" sections meet the new standards being imposed, organized by game and in alphabetical order. Any shoddily truncated section though can be rejected, so do not prune these sections without doing your due diligence.

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