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This article is about Wii Fit Trainer's appearance in Super Smash Bros. 4. For the character in other contexts, see Wii Fit Trainer.
Wii Fit Trainer
in Super Smash Bros. 4
Wii Fit Trainer as she appears in Super Smash Bros. 4.
The Male Wii Fit Trainer as he appears in Super Smash Bros. 4.

Universe Wii Fit
Other playable appearance in Ultimate

Availability Starter
Final Smash Wii Fit
Tier F (50)
Wii Fit Trainer's stock icon in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

Wii Fit Trainer Weighs In!
—Introduction Tagline

Wii Fit Trainer (Wii Fit トレーナー, Wii Fit Trainer) is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. 4. She was revealed at E3 on June 11th, 2013.[1] A male version of Wii Fit Trainer was revealed in a Director's Room Miiverse post on October 31st, 2013, which also commemorated the release date of the trial version of Wii Fit U. The male Wii Fit Trainer was later confirmed to be an alternate costume during a Super Smash Bros. Direct on April 8th, 2014.[2] She was also among the first wave of amiibo compatible with SSB4.

October Moore, Steve Heinke, Tania Emery, and Luke Smith, who voice the female and male Wii Fit Trainers in the three Wii Fit games, reprise their roles in the American and British English versions of SSB4, respectively. Hitomi Hirose and Tomoyuki Higuchi, who voice the female and male Wii Fit Trainers in the three Wii Fit games, reprise their roles in the Japanese version of SSB4. The Portuguese, Dutch and Russian versions of SSB4 also use their British English voices. They also have different voice actors for the French, Spanish, German and Italian version of SSB4.

Wii Fit Trainer is ranked 50th out of 54 on the tier list, placing her at the bottom of the F tier. Wii Fit Trainer's greatest strength is her offensive potential: she is able to quickly rack up damage and has respectable power, both of which can be strengthened by using Deep Breathing.

She also has a useful projectile in both Sun Salutation and Header, while her unusual hitbox placements grant her both a deceptively decent combo game and impressive mindgame potential. Lastly, Wii Fit Trainer's overall mobility is good, thanks to her grounded mobility, high jumps, and ability to wall jump. By extension, these traits also grant her a good approach and, when coupled with Header, make her potent at edge-guard breaking.

However, Wii Fit Trainer's strengths are counterbalanced by her short range, owing to her hitboxes being mostly focused on very specific parts of her body. By extension, Wii Fit Trainer's grab game is very poor: her overall grab range is notoriously short; her pummel is very slow; and her throws have very minimal utility. Altogether, these traits make it difficult for her to space consistently at close range and/or against small characters.

Wii Fit Trainer's KO potential also ties in with this issue: her most powerful attacks are offset by considerable overall lag (smash attacks), specific sweetspots (up smash and back aerial), or insufficient knockback, which results in her having few dependable KO options at reasonable percentages without Deep Breathing's boost. Deep Breathing itself is also flawed: its duration is short and its recharge time is long, which necessitate wise usage. Lastly, Wii Fit Trainer's recovery is predictable and short-ranged without extendable elements (such as Header) or button mashing Super Hoop.

Due to her steep learning curve, hitbox placements and inconsistent KO potential, Wii Fit Trainer has a small playerbase and is perceived to have poor matchups against a large portion of the cast. However, she has nevertheless managed to achieve a decent amount of success at various levels of tournament play: John Numbers and Waveguider have collectively won a handful of local tournaments, while John Numbers, RIN and Wii Twerk Trainer have each managed to achieve several high placings in both singles and doubles play at regional and national tournaments.


Wii Fit Trainer is a middleweight that, unsurprisingly for a character hailing from the Wii Fit series, has overall good mobility. She possesses good grounded mobility, thanks to her slightly above average walking and dashing speeds, above average traction, and very effective extended dash-dance. While Wii Fit Trainer's aerial mobility is marginally less effective in comparison because of her slightly below average air speed, it is nevertheless capable. This is thanks to her above average air acceleration, slightly above average gravity, her above average jump height, and her ability to wall jump. Wii Fit Trainer also has impressive evasiveness: her sidesteps, rolls and air dodges are all fast, while her crouch and crawl are the lowest ones in the game.

In keeping with her home series, Wii Fit Trainer's moveset involves her assuming various yoga poses or performing certain exercises. As a result, many of her attacks possess unusual hitbox properties. For example, her forward aerial and Header each have two hitboxes that allow them to either launch the opponent or meteor smash them, while her neutral attack, forward tilt and forward smash can punish and/or surprise opponents behind her, thanks to their backward hitboxes. In addition to granting Wii Fit Trainer impressive mindgame potential, her unique hitbox properties also make her capable of warding off pressure, or even punishing rolls.

Wii Fit Trainer's air game is also overall formidable. Her neutral aerial has a respectable damage output, favorable launching angles, and minimal ending and landing lag. These traits make it not only a very useful combo starter when SHFF'd, but also her overall best combo starter. With its ability to combo into her forward and up tilts, which also possess respectable combo potentials, neutral aerial is also pivotal aspect of Wii Fit Trainer's damage racking potential. Her up and back aerials can KO at reasonable percentages, even when not boosted by Deep Breathing, while her back aerial also has sex kick properties. Lastly, Wii Fit Trainer's forward and down aerials boast respectable damage outputs and are capable of meteor smashing. When supplemented with her capable recovery and aerial mobility, her forward, back and down aerials allow her to function as a potent edge-guarder.

Wii Fit Trainer also possesses versatile special moves. Sun Salutation charges quickly and is spammable, while fully charging it allows it to deal impressive damage and slightly heal Wii Fit Trainer upon being fired. Header is an extremely useful edge projectile, to the point that it is arguably one of the best edge-guard breakers in the game thanks to its utility: it can deter approaches after dropping from an edge, edge-guard recovery attempts, meteor smash opponents at point-blank range via its headbutt, and be canceled in order to play mindgames.

Deep Breathing increases her overall damage output, overall knockback and even her walking speed when it is successfully used. As such, it can bolster her already strong damage racking ability and KOing options, strengthen her forward tilt and fully charged Sun Salutation into becoming viable KOing options, and supplement her camping ability alongside Sun Salutation and Header. In addition to its offensive benefits, Deep Breathing also slightly heals Wii Fit Trainer like Sun Salutation. Wii Fit Trainer's primary recovery option, Super Hoop, grants above average vertical distance when button mashed. It also deals 5% to any opponents that come into contact with the hoops, which grants it some protection against edge-guarders.

Although Wii Fit Trainer's unique hitbox placements grant her some noteworthy benefits, their placements are also problematic. This is especially evident with smaller characters, as Wii Fit Trainer's fastest attacks to threaten them with are her neutral attack and forward tilt, and even then she can only do so when using their leg hitboxes. Wii Fit Trainer's range is further hindered by her grounded moves largely keeping her stationary, with her up smash being possibly her riskiest yet most rewarding move: despite being her strongest attack overall with or without Deep Breathing, its strongest hitbox is located entirely at her hands and upper arms, making it deceptively difficult to hit even grounded opponents who are practically touching her, unless their hurtboxes are high or large.

Wii Fit Trainer's grab game is also unimpressive. While her grabs are easy to land from out of shield thanks to her high traction, they have poor ranges outside of that position. This is further compounded by her grabbox's relatively high position, making it one of the few grabs that will easily miss smaller opponents. Additionally, her pummel's high damage output is offset by its status as the second slowest pummel in the game. Lastly, her throws are largely unrewarding overall: none of them possess KO potential at reasonable percentages, even when boosted by Deep Breathing, while forward, up and down throws have minimal combo potential only from 0%-20%.

Although the majority of Wii Fit Trainer's moves have minimal start-up lag, they are hindered by considerable ending lag. As such, she must plan accordingly in order to avoid punishment when attempting to use her neutral aerial's combos, and especially her KOing options. Lastly, Wii Fit Trainer's KO potential is inconsistent due to both her small number of KOing options outside of Deep Breathing, as well as Deep Breathing itself. Her KOing options without Deep Breathing consist of her smash attacks, back aerial and up aerial, and they all boast respectable power. However, up aerial is the only one that is not burdened with any glaring issues in regard to lag or hitbox placements.

While Deep Breathing remedies this and also makes forward tilt and fully charged Sun Salutation into viable KOing options, it only lasts for approximately 9.8 seconds upon its first successful use (approximately 7 seconds upon subsequent uses) and has a considerably long recharge time, regardless of whether or not it was successfully performed. Lastly, Wii Fit Trainer's varied recovery is nonetheless predictable, as Super Hoop is quite easy to gimp due to its linearity, rather slow speed and very minimal horizontal range.

In regard to custom moves, Wii Fit Trainer benefits significantly from one: Jumbo Hoop. While it grants minimal vertical distance and has an extreme amount of ending lag, it grants very good horizontal distance. It also possesses a very large hitbox, which can deal up to 30%, a good amount of shield damage, boasts priority over all non-disjointed and/or non-projectile attacks, and can even be used to edge-guard, gimp, or KO.

Overall, Wii Fit Trainer has a steep learning curve, as wise usage of her distinct hitbox placements can confound opponents and leave them guessing as to how to counteract them. As such, she performs optimally with a hit and run playstyle that relies on using her unique hitboxes for combos, mindgames, punishment and warding off pressure, using her potent air game for edge-guarding, and using her projectiles to camp or zone.

Update history[edit]

Wii Fit Trainer has been noticeably buffed via game updates. Update 1.1.0 improved the damage outputs, knockback, and ranges of many of her moves, while her grabs became much more reliable overall due to their grab boxes being lowered. Wii Fit Trainer's special moves were also improved in a variety of ways. Both Sun Salutation and Sweeping Sun Salutation now heal 1% more, improving their utility. Header's cancel timing has been decreased, which allows for more mix-ups, while it and its variations gained increased knockback growth on all of their respective hitboxes, and increased health for their soccer balls.

Lastly, Deep Breathing now grants a 20% boost (16% for subsequent uses) to her overall damage output, which consequently improves knockback as well. It lasts 9.8 seconds on a fresh use, and as short as 7.2 seconds on a stale use (the move has a 60 second refresh time). This significantly improves Deep Breathing's utility thanks to allowing Wii Fit Trainer to inflict much more damage and KO reliably.

However, the changes to the shield mechanics brought about in updates 1.1.0 and 1.1.1 slightly hinder her, as her moveset's low hitlag makes her attacks less safe on shield despite her reliable projectiles. Nevertheless, the buffs Wii Fit Trainer received have improved her standing against the rest of the cast.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS 1.0.4

  • Nerf Air dodge landing lag standardized: 12 → 22 frames.
  • Nerf Forward aerial's third hitbox is no longer unblockable.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS 1.0.5

Super Smash Bros. 4 1.1.0

  • Buff Up tilt deals 2% more damage: 8% → 10%.
  • Buff Forward smash's hitbox sizes increased.
  • Buff Up smash's knockback scaling increased (95 (clean hands)/100 (clean body)/110 (late hands)/105 (late body) → 97/102/112/107), improving its KO potential.
  • Buff Up smash's hitbox sizes increased.
  • Buff Down smash deals 2% more damage (10% (far)/8% (near) → 12%/10%) and has higher knockback scaling (107 → 110), improving its KO potential.
  • Buff Neutral aerial's knockback scaling increased (70 (hit 1)/100 (hit 2) → 72/102) and its first hitbox's size increased, improving its combo potential.
  • Buff Forward aerial's knockback scaling increased (100 (arm)/60 (leg) → 102/62).
  • Buff Back aerial's foot hitbox's knockback scaling increased (98 (clean)/100 (late) → 100/102), improving its KO potential.
  • Buff Up aerial's knockback scaling increased (80 → 82), improving its KO potential.
  • Buff Down aerial's knockback scaling increased (80 (grounded)/78 (aerial)/100 (late) → 82/80/102).
  • Buff All grabs have had their grabboxes lowered, improving their reliability against crouching or small characters.
  • Buff Sun Salutation and Sweeping Sun Salutation heal 1% more damage (1% (Sun Salutation)/2% (Sweeping Sun Salutation) → 2%/3%).
  • Buff All variations of Header have had their hitboxes' knockback scaling and soccer balls' health increased, improving their spacing potentials.
  • Buff Header's landing lag decreased (30 frames → 20 (hit)/15 (cancel)).
  • Buff Deep Breathing increases overall damage output more (1.16× (initial) → 1.2x) and for a longer period of time (8 seconds (initial) → 9.8 seconds). These changes significantly improve its utility.

Super Smash Bros. 4 1.1.1

  • Buff Volatile Breathing can hit floored opponents.


  • Wii Fit Trainer can increase her overall damage output with Deep Breathing. The following moveset list details the properties of her attacks when she has not used Deep Breathing.
  • Wii Fit Trainer can crawl and wall jump. Her crawl notably has the shortest height in the game.

For a gallery of Wii Fit Trainer's hitboxes, see here.

  Name Damage Description
Neutral attack Lunge (ランジ) 3% (most), 2% (late rear) Performs a Single Leg Extension, Knee Raise, and Single Leg Kneeling Squat to attack with an outstretched arm, knee strike, and kneeling stomp, respectively. The first hit also has a hitbox on Wii Fit Trainer's leg that deals much more knockback and has mindgame potential, as it can be used for spacing or edge-guarding. The third hit is able to bury grounded opponents, which can easily follow up into a tilt attack or a smash attack. However, Wii Fit Trainer can also wait for the opponent to wriggle out of being buried and catch them with an aerial attack.
Forward tilt Dancer (ダンスのポーズ, Dance Pose) 9% Assumes the Dancer pose to simultaneously perform a knifehand thrust and scorpion kick. As a result, it is useful for punishing rolling opponents. Does not move her at all on use, which can make it difficult to land. Both of Wii Fit Trainer's limbs have high knockback growth, but have differing traits: her arm launches the opponent horizontally and is better for KOing, whereas her leg launches them vertically and is thus able to start combos. Its different launching trajectories also grant it mindgame potential when it is pivoted. Her arm KOs middleweights at 144% while near the edge, whereas her leg KOs them at 162%.
Up tilt   10% (front), 2% (close late rear) Assumes the Triangle pose to attack with her outstretched arm. Only possesses a small hitbox on her arm, making it rather difficult to use as the move may whiff even if an opponent is close by. Launches the opponent straight up and is reliable for combos, particularly into itself and up smash, or as a follow-up from a short hopped up aerial.
Down tilt Bridge (橋のポーズ, Bridge Pose) 12% Assumes the Bridge pose to attack with her knees. It has fairly quick start-up and deals both respectable damage and high hitstun, but lacks knockback for its power and has high ending lag. Useful for retaliating after dodging with her effective crouch. It is also capable of launching opponents behind her, which can be immediately followed up with a reversed forward tilt or a reversed fully charged Sun Salutation.
Dash attack Gate (かんぬきのポーズ, Gate Pose) 6% Assumes the Gate pose while sliding to attack with her arcing arm. It has a respectable duration, which makes it useful for mindgames when used alongside a fox-trot. However, it is punishable on shield.
Forward smash Warrior (英雄のポーズ, Warrior Pose) 15.5%/14% Assumes the Warrior pose to attack with her outstretched arms on both sides. Strikes in both directions, but the backward hit may miss smaller characters. Its front hit may not reliably connect, as the hitbox is at Wii Fit Trainer's arm, especially if the opponent is small or the opponent has been buried. Its sweetspot KOs middleweights at 103% while near the edge. However, its considerable start-up and ending lag make it very punishable.
Up smash Tree (立ち木のポーズ, Standing Tree Pose) 18% (clean hands), 15% (clean body), 11% (late lands), 8% (late body) Assumes the Tree pose to attack with her outstretched, clasped hands. It has good vertical range and its clean hitboxes grant intangibility from start-up, making it useful for aerial protection. However, its purely vertical hitbox makes it extremely difficult to use against a grounded opponent, as Wii Fit Trainer has to practically touch them in order to hit them. In addition, it is very punishable because of its considerable start-up and ending lag. Its clean hands' hitbox KOs middleweights at 98% from center-stage, whereas its clean body's hitbox KOs them at 106%.
Down smash Arm & Leg Lift (アーム&レッグレイズ, Arm & Leg Raise) 12% (outside), 10% (inside) Performs an Arm & Leg Lift to attack with an outstretched arm and outstretched leg. It is a semi-spike and boasts very high knockback, which makes it very useful for punishing rolls, setting up edge-guards or KOing outright. Due to Wii Fit Trainer's excellent crouch height, it can even avoid certain moves for a free retaliating hit. Due to having the highest amount of start-up lag out her smash attacks, as well as a considerable amount of ending lag, it is very punishable. Its outside hitbox KOs middleweights at 113% while near the edge.
Neutral aerial Jackknife (ジャックナイフ) 5% (hit 1), 9% (hit 2) Assumes the Jackknife pose to attack with her arms and legs. It deals impressive damage when both of its hits connect, connects much easier compared to most of her attacks thanks to its fairly large hitbox, has minimal ending and landing lag, and auto-cancels from a short hop. Altogether, these traits make it a very useful combo starter when SHFF'd, and her overall best combo starter. Its most reliable combos are into her forward and up tilts from 0%-10%, with the former tilt being capable of leading into aerial combos when connecting with its leg hitbox, while the latter tilt can combo into her neutral attack. Beginning at 50%, it can combo into her other aerials, which are effective up to high percentages, or even set up into an up smash for a KO. In the event both hits do not land, it still has combo potential via its first hit, which can combo into a back aerial.
Forward aerial Single-Leg Extension (片足バランスウォーク, Single-Leg Balance Walk) 10% (clean), 6% (late) Performs a Single Leg Extension to attack with an outstretched arm and outstretched leg. Due to its hitbox placements, it can hit opponents in front of and/or behind her, but can be awkward to connect with due to its small hitboxes. Wii Fit Trainer's leg can meteor smash when clean, and thanks to it coming out on frame 9 like her arm hitbox, it is among the fastest meteor smashes in the game. It also has sex kick properties, but unlike typical sex kicks, it has a short duration. Auto-cancels from a short hop.
Back aerial   13.5% (clean feet), 11% (clean legs), 9% (clean body), 6% (late) Assumes the Cobra pose to perform a double-footed back kick. It comes out on frame 5, making it Wii Fit Trainer's fastest aerial, and a fast attack in general. When coupled with its high knockback growth, its clean feet hitbox enables it to KO middleweights at 120% while near the edge. It also has sex kick properties, but unlike typical sex kicks, it has a short duration.
Up aerial   10% Assumes the Half Moon pose to attack with her outstretched, clasped hands. It comes out on frame 6, making it Wii Fit Trainer's second fastest aerial, and a fast attack in general. In addition to having a wide range compared to the Trainer's other aerials, it has good juggling potential, auto-cancels from a short hop and and is fairly strong, as it KOs middleweights at 122% while near the upper blast line.
Down aerial   13% (clean grounded), 14% (clean aerial), 8% (late) Assumes the Chair pose to perform a double foot stomp. It can meteor smash aerial opponents, but not grounded ones. Despite this, it is still fairly powerful against grounded opponents, as it KOs middleweights at 144% while near the edge. However, it comes out on frame 20, which makes it Wii Fit Trainer's slowest aerial.
Grab   Performs a bodyweight squat to grab and lift the opponent off the ground. Wii Fit Trainer's grabs have extremely short ranges, to the point that they almost require her to be physically touching the opponent in order to connect.
Pummel 3% Squeezes the opponent. It is one of the most damaging pummels in the game, but also the second slowest one in the game, surpassed only by Robin's.
Forward throw   3% (hit 1), 7% (throw) A jump serve, a technique used in volleyball. Due to having the second highest base knockback and lowest knockback growth out of her throws, its only combo is into a fully charged Sun Salutation beginning at 0% and up to low percentages. Outside of this, its utility consists only of dealing damage and setting up an edge-guard.
Back throw   3% (hit 1), 6% (throw) Throws the opponent behind herself and then dropkicks them away. Like forward throw, it has high base knockback and below average knockback growth, which make it unable to KO reliably. As a result, its utility consists only of dealing damage and setting up an edge-guard.
Up throw   11% A jump set, a technique used in volleyball. It has the lowest base knockback and the highest knockback growth out of her throws, which allows it to combo into an up aerial at low percents for damage or at higher percents as a KO setup, although this combo is easily avoidable. Despite being Wii Fit Trainer's most damaging throw, its average knockback growth results in it being unsuited for KOing without a boost from Deep Breathing.
Down throw   7% Slams the opponent onto the ground between her legs. Due to it being her least damaging throw, and being almost impossible to combo with because of its long ending lag, it is effectively her least effective throw. Its only follow-ups are a back aerial or a reversed fully charged Sun Salutation, but these require hard reads.
Floor attack (front)   7% Performs a spinning, double-footed roundhouse kick.
Floor attack (back)   7% Kicks around herself while getting up.
Floor attack (trip)   5% Kicks around herself while getting up.
Edge attack   7% Performs a dropkick while climbing up.
Neutral special Default Sun Salutation 5% (uncharged), 18% (fully charged) Assumes the Sun Worship pose and charges a yellow energy ball in front of herself.[2] Like Charge Shot, the energy ball grows in size as it charges. A fully charged Sun Salutation is quite strong,[2] as it KOs middleweights at 148% while near the edge. Firing a fully charged Sun Salutation also heals Wii Fit Trainer by 2%. Charging a Sun Salutation also causes a weak push effect during the charge.
Custom 1 Enriched Sun Salutation 3% (uncharged), 21% (fully charged) Instead of growing, the energy ball shrinks as it charges. It deals more damage when fully charged, but does not heal Wii Fit Trainer. It is also useful for playing mindgames, since its small size when fully charged can make opponents assume that it is merely an uncharged Sun Salutation.
Custom 2 Sweeping Sun Salutation 1.2% (uncharged), 1.6% (fully charged) The energy ball hits multiple times, which enables it to drag opponents with it. If released at full charge, it will heal 3%. However, it travels slower.
Side special Default Header 15% (clean headbutt), 10% (late headbutt), 8-9% (ball) Heads a soccer ball. It has impressive mindgame potential overall, due to its manipulable nature and hitboxes. The ball can be hit early if the special button is pressed, which launches the ball at different angles. Wii Fit Trainer can also air dodge upon initiating it, which drops the ball next to her and allows her to subsequently launch it with any other attack. However, air dodging while using Header renders her helpless. Aside from hitting the ball, the headbutt itself can be used as an attack and is able to meteor smash. In addition to its offensive potential, it has recovery potential: using it after a jump grants a slight boost upward, whereas using it while descending will briefly stall her, similarly to Cape. However, it cannot be used again until Wii Fit Trainer lands on a platform or stage, while its meteor smash hitbox is small due to only covering her head.
Custom 1 Huge Header 15% (clean headbutt), 10% (late headbutt) The soccer ball is much larger, but is slower and deals less damage. It stays on the stage for some time, and can hit opponents multiple times if it bounces off the stage and touches the opponent again.
Custom 2 Weighted Header 15% (clean headbutt), 10% (late headbutt) The soccer ball is heavier, stronger and faster, which make it capable of KOing much earlier than Header. However, it disappears faster and its heavier weight results in it having extremely limited range, as it will drop near Wii Fit Trainer's feet if used.
Up special Default Super Hoop 5% Twirls hula hoops around herself in order to ascend. Button mashing will make Wii Fit Trainer ascend higher and faster, which greatly improves its ascent. At the end of the move, the hoops fall and can hit opponents. The hoops deal damage and can be used to stage spike, although this is somewhat difficult and risky.
Custom 1 Jumbo Hoop 6% Covers minimal vertical distance, but considerable horizontal distance. It also has much larger hoops and grants much better maneuverability. Deceptively useful as an attack, as the hoops have a large hitbox and great maneuverability, allowing Wii Fit Trainer to keep the hoops on the opponent to deal a sizable amount of damage. It is equally difficult to interrupt outside of projectiles.
Custom 2 Hoop Hurricane 2% (loop 1), 4% (loop 2) The hoops vacuum opponents, hit multiple times, and have an overall faster animation. Without button mashing, it covers very minimal vertical distance, whereas button mashing enables it to cover slightly more vertical distance than Super Hoop.
Down special Default Deep Breathing Takes a deep breath.[2] When used correctly, it heals 2% and increases her walking speed and overall damage output by 20% (this consequently improves knockback as well) for 9.8 seconds.[2] However, it has a long recharge time of 60 seconds. Subsequent uses also grant a lower damage output increase (16%) and a shorter duration (7 seconds), regardless of whether or not the initial use was successful.
Custom 1 Volatile Breathing 15% (near), 8% (far) Instead of healing Wii Fit Trainer and boosting her damage output and knockback, it creates a large explosion. The move also has a much shorter recharge time between uses.
Custom 2 Steady Breathing Instead of boosting Wii Fit Trainer's overall damage output and knockback, it significantly increases her weight and grants super armor. It also heals 5%, but takes significantly longer to recharge when used.
Final Smash Wii Fit 5%, 4%, 3% (based on position and timing) Assumes the Warrior pose to emit several multicolored afterimages forward, with each afterimage dealing damage and launching any opponents hit.

Announcer call[edit]

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On-screen appearance[edit]

  • Steps off the Wii Balance Board after balancing on it. After stepping off, the Balance Board floats into the air, waves goodbye to Wii Fit Trainer, and then disappears in a puff of smoke.


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  • Up taunt: Stretches her arms above her head, saying "Let's get a good stretch." (ストレッチは念入りにしましょう, Stretch thoroughly.)[3]
  • Side taunt: Stretches her shoulders, saying "Stretch those shoulders." (肩の筋肉を伸ばします, Stretch those shoulder muscles.)
  • Down taunt: Sits down and stretches her legs, saying "Let's stretch our legs." (脚を伸ばしましょう, Let's stretch our legs.) Much like Luigi's side taunt, this taunt can allow Wii Fit Trainer to avoid attacks with high hitboxes.
Up taunt Side taunt Down taunt
Wii Fit Trainer's up taunt in Smash 4 Wii Fit Trainer's side taunt in Smash 4 Wii Fit Trainer's down taunt in Smash 4

Idle poses[edit]

  • Stretches her neck.
  • Shifts her weight and twists her hips.
Wii Fit Trainer's first idle pose in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Wii Fit Trainer's second idle pose in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

Crowd cheer[edit]

English Japanese
Description Wii Fit! Trainer-san!
Pitch Group chant Group chant

Victory poses[edit]

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A remix of the jingle that plays upon successfully completing a minigame in the Wii Fit series.
  • Assumes the Triangle pose, then the Standing Knee Hug pose, and then the Single Leg Extension pose.
  • Assumes the Tree pose and then the Warrior pose.
  • Wipes her forehead with a towel draped around her shoulders and then strikes a thumbs up.
Female FemaleWiiFitTrainerPose1WiiU.gif FemaleWiiFitTrainerPose2WiiU.gif FemaleWiiFitTrainerPose3WiiU.gif
Male MaleWiiFitTrainerPose1WiiU.gif MaleWiiFitTrainerPose2WiiU.gif MaleWiiFitTrainerPose3WiiU.gif
  • During these victory poses, Wii Fit Trainer will say one of these lines depending on their gender.
Female outfits Male outfits
"The key is to focus on your balance." "Feel the stretch through your arm and leg."
"Work hard to tone that tummy!" "Let's work on building a strong upper body."
"That's it, feel the burn!" "Stretching your spine will help stimulate your body."
"Let's tone up those legs." "Time to firm up your thighs and back muscles!"
"Good posture begins with a strong base." "This pose strengthens the back and improves posture."
"Let's step up the intensity!" "Stabilize your upper body."
"Let's work on your balance." "Let's work on your coordination."
"Feel the burn in your thighs and glutes!" "This exercise works your core muscles."
"Don't forget to exhale when exerting yourself." "Keep at it every day to improve your posture!"
"How about some deep breathing?" "Let's do some jackknife exercises!"
"Watch your posture. Keep those glutes tucked in!" "Follow my lead as we do this pose together!"
"Tuck in those glutes!" "Exercise every day to tone your body!"
"Now that was a great workout!" "That was a great workout!"
"Work towards strong, firm abs!"
"Your lower body is key for support."
"When exerting yourself, remember to keep breathing."
"Firm up those abs!"
"You're wobbling! Try to keep your balance."
"Now, let's try it together!"
"Let's get fired up!"

In competitive play[edit]

Tier placement and history[edit]

Wii Fit Trainer remained one of the most obscure characters throughout SSB4's lifetime, despite some brief flashes of success. While players pointed out her decent camping potential courtesy of Sun Salutation and Header, Deep Breathing's healing and temporary buff abilities, potentially powerful combos when given the opportunity, and her fast frame data, most have argued that her disadvantages were too significant in competitive play. Her scarce combo options mixed with her overall moveset's minuscule hitboxes (most notably her grab before update 1.1.0, alongside up smash) resulted in Wii Fit Trainer being extremely difficult to utilize. As such, her playerbase was rather perpetually meager throughout the game's competitive lifespan, in spite of notable players' efforts such as John Numbers and Waveguider.

Even when Wii Fit Trainer achieved notable results at national-tournaments such as EVO 2015, her very minimal representation reflected her status as a low-tier character throughout SSB4's lifespan, demonstrated with her initial ranking relegating her to 39th on the first tier list. The addition of DLC characters served mostly to harm her, as she did not possess a single favorable matchup out of all of them. Cloud and Bayonetta were commonplace in many tournamnets, and could easily wall out against Wii Fit Trainer, even with the aid of Sun Salutation enhancing her damage output. As a result of her being unable to reliably break through top-tier staples, she tied with Bowser Jr. for 46th/47th on the second tier list. Without significant advancements to her metagame, she dropped to 49th on the third tier list and then 50th on the fourth and final tier list.

Since then, Wii Fit Trainer players have failed to develop notable breakthroughs to their camping and combo abilities while her limitations were only further highlighted. This is further demonstrated by other lower-tiered characters achieving more notable success than her, which included achievements like zaki's 17th-place run with King Dedede at 2GG: Hyrule Saga, Gungnir's 17th-place finish at Umebura Japan Major with Ganondorf, and Captain L being ranked on the Panda Global Rankings 100 with Jigglypuff (although the latter needed to complement his results with Jigglypuff). As such, most professionals maintain that her current placement is accurate, while other players argue her strong placements at select tournaments (such as EVO 2015) warrant a slightly higher placement. Regardless, Wii Fit Trainer has heavily struggled to find success throughout the metagame as a result of her shallow combo tree and meager hitboxes.

Official Custom Moveset Project[edit]

Character Custom sets available
Wii Fit Trainer's stock icon in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Wii Fit Trainer 2321 1321 3321 3221 2221
3323 1323 1121 2322 2311

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Trophy of Wii Fit Trainer in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS
3DS Classic Mode trophy
Wii U Classic Mode trophy
Wii Fit Trainer
NTSC The female trainer who helps you in the Wii Fit series. She favors a fighting style composed of yoga poses. This makes her a capable close-quarters fighter, but she has ranged attacks as well. She also has a move called Deep Breathing, which can heal you and increase attack power if timed right.
Wii: Wii Fit (05/2008)
Wii: Wii Fit Plus (10/2009)
PAL You can choose one of two Trainers to help whip you into shape – or better yet, whip everyone else into shape! Use all sorts of yoga poses and exercises to get fit and flexible, and inflict serious damage on the other fighters in the process! Or try some deep-breathing drills to increase power and defence. It's all good!
Wii: Wii Fit (04/2008)
Wii: Wii Fit Plus (10/2009)
3DS All-Star Mode trophy
Wii U alternate trophy
Wii Fit Trainer (Alt.)
NTSCSuper Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS The male trainer from the Wii Fit series, his neutral special Sun Salutation charges up a ball of light that, when launched, will heal him a bit. His Jackknife pose is excellent for toning the abdominal muscles, but in Smash Bros. the Wii Fit Trainer uses it as an air attack. Timed right, the attack can hit twice!
NTSCSuper Smash Bros. for Wii U The male trainer from the Wii Fit series, his standard special Sun Salutation charges up a ball of light that, when launched, will heal him a bit. His Jackknife pose is excellent for toning the abdominal muscles, but in Smash Bros. the Wii Fit Trainer uses it as an air attack. When timed right, the attack can hit twice!
Wii: Wii Fit (05/2008)
Wii: Wii Fit Plus (10/2009)
PAL The Wii Fit Trainers' Sun Salutation move charges a ball of sunlight in front of you, which you can then fire forwards. When fully charged, it even heals you slightly! Jackknife exercises can help tone your abs, but they also work for air attacks in this game. Get close to a foe and, if you time it right, you can do a rep to hit them twice.
Wii: Wii Fit (04/2008)
Wii: Wii Fit Plus (10/2009)
Wii Fit trophy
Wii Fit
NTSC Wii Fit Trainer strikes the Warrior pose, sending an army of silhouettes flying forth in a variety of poses (21 in all!). This Final Smash's individual hits don't hurt much, but they add up and can even push foes off the edge. Meanwhile, Wii Fit Trainer is invincible! Unleash it at a height to get the full range of the cone effect.
PAL Wii Fit Trainer takes the Warrior pose, then sends an army of silhouettes flying forth in a variety of poses (21 in total!) This Final Smash's individual hits don't hurt much, but they add up, and can even push foes off the edge. Meanwhile, Wii Fit Trainer is invincible! Unleash it from a height to get the full range of the fan effect.

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Alternate costumes[edit]

Wii Fit Trainer Palette (SSB4).png
Wii Fit Trainer's stock icon in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. WiiFitTrainerHeadMaleSSB4-U.png WiiFitTrainerHeadGreenSSB4-U.png WiiFitTrainerHeadMaleGreenSSB4-U.png WiiFitTrainerHeadRedSSB4-U.png WiiFitTrainerHeadMaleRedSSB4-U.png WiiFitTrainerHeadYellowSSB4-U.png WiiFitTrainerHeadMaleYellowSSB4-U.png



  • Wii Fit Trainer is the only character who uses her standard artwork while appearing on the boxart for both versions of SSB4. All other characters that appear on the boxart display unique poses.
  • Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS marks the first time the Wii Fit Trainer is playable.
  • Wii Fit Trainer and Lucario are the only characters in SSB4 who are uniquely associated with a particular effect. In her case, she is associated with the solar effect, because of Sun Salutation.
  • Altogether, Wii Fit Trainer has 17 voice actors across both genders and all languages, the most out of any character in SSB4.
    • When disregarding Smash Taunt voice actors, Wii Fit Trainer is the only character in the entire series to have two different English voices for each gender. There is one British voice (for each gender) and one American voice.
    • In the North American release, although both Wii Fit Trainers typically speak in North American accents, the voice that appears in the background of Wii Fit Studio (the female one only) speaks in a British accent when she says, "Now, return to your original position." This was fixed in update 1.1.1.
  • Oddly, the male Wii Fit Trainer's voice in North American versions of SSB4 uses a reverberating echo during his Final Smash, instead of the smooth echo effect used by the female Wii Fit Trainer and every other character.
  • Wii Fit Trainer is the only character to occasionally speak full sentences when using her smash attacks. She can say up to three sentences for each smash attack.
    • Oddly, if a battle is quit or won while Wii Fit Trainer is speaking, such as during one of her taunts or smash attacks, she can still be heard even over the announcer. She shares this trait with Bayonetta.
  • Wii Fit Trainer's general usage of exercises and yoga poses also extends to her prone/supine, air dodge, sidestep, roll, crouch, crawl, teeter, edge hang, dash attack (while holding a battering item) and screen KO's animations.
  • Wii Fit Trainer, Mr. Game & Watch, Bayonetta and Mega Man (albeit only while using his Mega Buster) are the only characters in SSB4 to have different charging sound effects for their smash attacks, with her smash attacks charging with the blow of a whistle. This is a reference to exercises in Wii Fit beginning and ending with a whistle being blown.
  • When the Wii Fit Trainer is unconscious, it looks like they're forming the Spinal Twist pose.
  • Of all the characters in Smash 4 who have male and female variants, Wii Fit Trainer is the only one who is female by default.
    • Additionally, Wii Fit Trainer is the only one without a different name in Japan.
  • Wii Fit Trainer and Wario are the only characters who can heal themselves without the help of another character and/or when items are not made available; Wii Fit Trainer does so through Sun Salutation and Deep Breathing, while Wario does so via Chomping his own Wario Bike.
  • In PAL French, Spanish, and German, the voice clip from the announcer on the victory screen is slightly different from the one used on the character select screen, instead featuring a noticeable translation of "the" ("l'Entraîneuse Wii Fit"/"l'Entraîneur Wii Fit", "la Entrenadora de Wii Fit"/"el Entrenador de Wii Fit", and "die Wii Fit-Trainerin"/"der Wii Fit-Trainer"). Oddly, this did not carry over to the NTSC French and Spanish translation.
  • Interestingly, all of Wii Fit Trainer's grounded weak hitstun animations are directly copied from Zelda's animations due to briefly assuming her stance at the end. This assumes that Zelda's skeleton was used as a base when creating Wii Fit Trainer's skeleton.