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Getting Healthy

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Getting Healthy
Getting Healthy event icon.
Official description Custom combination of the flags of Canada, the USA, and Mexico. These two health nuts just finished a killer burpee sesh, brah! If they can win this battle, they might just treat themselves to some carbs!
Source, tweaked to fix rendering issues Thanks to a healthy lifestyle, you're feeling light and breezy! Time to get your foes on a health kick…or punch, or throw.
Character(s) used Little Mac (1P) (100 HP)
Wii Fit Trainer (2P) (100 HP)
Opponent(s) Kirby (150 HP)
Pac-Man (150 HP)
Stage(s) Boxing Ring
Music Minor Circuit
Availability Clear Pokémon Multi Battle!
For reward Clear within 40 seconds.
Picky Eater Clothes

Getting Healthy is a co-op event match in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. In it, player 1 controls Little Mac and player 2 controls Wii Fit Trainer, and must defeat Kirby and Pac-Man in a Stamina Battle. The players have 100 HP, whereas the opponents have 150 HP.


This event is unlocked by clearing the Pokémon Multi Battle! event. Completing the event unlocks the right path. Once both the event is completed and Wario is unlocked, the up path is revealed.

Completing the event within 40 seconds awards a Picky Eater Clothes equipment.


  • Although the event is set on Boxing Ring, the event image on the selection screen depicts Wii Fit Studio. The icon also depicts Doc Louis interacting with the characters on-stage, which he never does in any gameplay context.