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Doppelgänger Duel

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Doppelgänger Duel
Official description Dark Pit has challenged Pit to a duel! Time to decide once and for all which angel is the real deal!
Character(s) used Dark Pit (200 HP)
Opponent(s) Pit (200 HP)
Stage(s) Skyworld
Music Dark Pit's Theme
Availability Clear A Situation of some Gravity, unlock Dark Pit
For reward Clear on Hard difficulty.
Air Defender Raiment

Doppelgänger Duel is a single-player event match in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. The player controls Dark Pit, and must defeat Pit in a 200 HP battle.


This event is unlocked by clearing A Situation of some Gravity and unlocking Dark Pit. Completing the event unlocks the down path.

Clearing the stage on hard difficulty awards the Air Defender Raiment equipment.


  • The music used in this event, Dark Pit's Theme, normally plays on Palutena's Temple, rather than Skyworld.
  • The premise is similar to that of Event 18: Dark Link Duel and its predecessor, except that the roles are flipped; instead of fighting the dopplegänger as the original, the player fights the original as the doppelgänger.
    • This may be in reference to Kid Icarus: Uprising, where Dark Pit believed himself to be the original and Pit the doppelgänger towards the beginning of Chapter 6.