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Enough with the Kidnapping

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Enough with the Kidnapping
Enough with the Kidnapping event icon.
Official description When you've been kidnapped this many times, maybe it's time to learn some self-defense...
Character(s) used Peach (2 stock)
Opponent(s) Bowser (1 stock)
Bowser Jr. (1 stock)
Boss Galaga (item)
Nabbit (stage hazard)
Stage(s) Mushroom Kingdom U
Music Rainbow Cruise
Availability Clear New Challengers 1
For reward Clear within 60 seconds.
All-Around Trade-Off Toad

Enough with the Kidnapping is a single-player event match in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. In it, the player controls Peach and must defeat Bowser and Bowser Jr. The player has 2 stocks while the opponents have 1. A Boss Galaga appears on stage, with another one appearing immediately after the last one leaves, and will try to kidnap the player. Nabbit will also try to kidnap the player if the stage is allowed to transition, but he can also be useful to defeat the opponents.


This event is unlocked by clearing New Challengers 1. Completing the event does not unlock any further paths. However, after R.O.B. is unlocked and the event is completed, the right path will be revealed.

Clearing the event within 60 seconds awards an All-Around Trade-Off Toad equipment.


  • The music used in this event, Rainbow Cruise, normally plays on Delfino Plaza, rather than Mushroom Kingdom U.
  • The name of this event in the PAL version is only different in that it ends with an exclamation point.
  • In Ultimate's Classic Mode, both opponents are individually as both Peach's first and penultimate rounds each, given that her Classic Mode route references how she learns self-defense in this event.