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Robots vs. Dragons

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Robots vs. Dragons
Robots vs. Dragons event icon.
Official description Custom combination of the flags of Canada, the USA, and Mexico. Dragons have invaded the geothermal power plant! Good thing we've created a pair of combat robots for this situation.
Source, tweaked to fix rendering issues Reptilian beasts have appeared in the Geothermal Power Plant! Send in the combat robots!
Character(s) used Mega Man (1P) (200 HP)
R.O.B. (2P) (200 HP)
Opponent(s) Giant Yoshi (200 HP)
Giant Charizard (200 HP)
Ridley (stage boss)
Stage(s) Pyrosphere
Music Vs. Meta Ridley
Availability Clear Solidarity, unlock R.O.B.
For reward Clear within 70 seconds.
Double-Jump Boost Helmet

Robots vs. Dragons (known as Robots vs Reptiles in PAL versions of the game) is a co-op event match in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Player 1 controls Mega Man while player 2 controls R.O.B.. The players must initially defeat Giant Yoshi, Giant Charizard, and Ridley in a 200 HP battle.


This event is unlocked by unlocking R.O.B. and clearing Solidarity. Completing the event does not unlock any further paths.

Completing the event within 70 seconds awards a Double-Jump Boost Helmet equipment.


  • Despite the NTSC name of this Event Match, both of the non-boss opponents involved are not consistently considered to be dragons:
    • Charizard lacks the “Dragon” Pokémon elemental type unless Mega Evolved into Mega Charizard X despite being based on a European dragon.
    • Yoshi is generally (and inconsistently) considered a dinosaur rather than a dragon in his home series. An update on the Smash Bros. DOJO!! (now changed) once read:
It’s tough to know what to call Yoshi—some call him a dragon, others a dinosaur. Some people don’t know WHAT he is. But whatever you call him, Yoshi’s true power will be seen here! [1]
  • This is one of only four events in Wii U to have a stage boss for an opponent. The others are Galactic Avenger, Mechanical Menace and Yellow Devils.
    • It is also the only Co-Op event to have a stage boss.
      • Ironically, this is also the only event to have both opponents in Mechanical Menace as playable fighters.