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That Elusive 9

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That Elusive 9
That Elusive 9 event icon.
Official description Custom combination of the flags of Canada, the USA, and Mexico. Defeat the enemy with the number 9 Judge attack! If you use anything else, you'll be here awhile...
Source, tweaked to fix rendering issues Defeat the enemy with the number "9" Judge attack! Use anything else, and you'll be here a while…
Character(s) used Mr. Game & Watch (1 stock)
Opponent(s) Metal Mr. Game & Watch
Stage(s) Flat Zone X
Music Flat Zone 2
For reward Clear the stage on hard difficulty.

That Elusive 9 is a single-player event match in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. In it, the player controls Mr. Game & Watch, and must defeat a metal Mr. Game & Watch by getting a 9 using Judge; depending on the situation, success may be granted when the 9 hits and the "lethal blow" visual effect appears, before the opponent is actually KO'd. If any other attack KOs the Metal Mr. Game & Watch, it does not count and he immediately respawns. Pitfalls and Deku Nuts are the only items which will spawn in this event, and can be used to ensure that the Metal Mr. Game & Watch does not try to shield or dodge a successful 9.


This event is unlocked by clearing Fire-Type Frenzy and having Mr. Game & Watch unlocked. Completing the event unlocks the down path.

Completing the event on hard difficulty awards a Sudden Death Gambler Torch equipment.