Flat Zone X

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Game & Watch
Flat Zone X
Flat Zone X
Universe Game & Watch
Appears in SSB4 (Wii U)
Home stage to Mr. Game & Watch
Availability Unlockable
Unlock criteria Destroy 100 blocks in a game of Trophy Rush as Mr. Game & Watch.
Crate type Normal
Maximum players 6
8 (Ω form only)
Tracks available Flat Zone 2
Flat Zone
Dr. Mario
Chill (Dr. Mario)
Tournament legality
Smash 4 Singles: Banned
Doubles: Banned

Flat Zone X (フラットゾーンX, Flat Zone X) is an unlockable stage in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Essentially, it is Flat Zone 2 with the addition of one more possible transformation: the layout of Flat Zone, based on Helmet. The Helmet layout is unchanged from its appearance in Flat Zone in Melee; the other layouts are unchanged from Flat Zone 2 in Brawl.

Stage transformations[edit]

See the articles on Flat Zone and Flat Zone 2 for further information.

As Flat Zone X is a composite of Flat Zone and Flat Zone 2, all areas from both stages appear. These include Fire, Oil Panic, Lion, and Chef from Flat Zone 2 and Helmet from Flat Zone. While most of these transformations are unchanged from prior installments, a construction worker now appears in the top right corner of Helmet to signify a stage change in a similar manner to the other transformations from Flat Zone 2. Also, falling tools can no longer OHKO upon being hit by a powerful attacks.

Star KO'd characters are now covered by the gas station in Oil Panic.

Tournament legality[edit]

As with its predecessors, Flat Zone X is banned competitive play, due to the variety of damaging hazards (such as the falling food items in the Chef scenario), the small size of the stage, the camera's refusal to zoom in at any point, the constantly changing stage setup, and the removal of the lower blast line (which makes techniques that require it, such as meteor smashes virtually useless). Furthermore, the walk-off edges allow characters to throw or spit others off the side blast lines.


The Game & Watch game Fire (widescreen version).
See the articles on Flat Zone and Flat Zone 2 for further information.

Flat Zone X is based on the Game & Watch series of handhelds released by Nintendo from 1980-1991. Game & Watch systems came with one game each and used an LCD screen to display images. The stage is based around the "Widescreen" layout, and each featured game on the stage except for one (Oil Panic) used this format when they were originally released. It should be noted that the transformations featured on this stage are based on some of the earliest Game & Watches released, with all being released in 1981 (with the exception of Oil Panic, which was released in 1982). While it did not receive its own transformation, Manhole is represented by the player character, who appears on the Fire and Helmet transformations to shuffle around platforms.

Ω Form[edit]

The Omega form features a brick platform above the normal ground and blast lines are moved further back. The stage is only set in the Oil Panic portion and uses the same design as Flat Zone 2 Ω. When selected through Fixed Camera Smash, the stage appears to be zoomed out during the fighters' on-screen appearances then zoomed in when the match starts.



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