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Distant Planet

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Distant Planet
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Distant Planet across the series.
Universe Pikmin
Appears in Brawl
SSB4 (3DS)
Availability Starter
Crate type Normal
Maximum players 8 (Ultimate only)
Bolded tracks must be unlocked
Brawl Main Theme (Pikmin) (100%)
World Map (Pikmin 2) (20%)
Stage Clear / Title (Pikmin) (20%)
Forest of Hope (20%)
Ai no Uta (20%)
Ai no Uta (French Version) (5%)
Tane no Uta (20%)
Environmental Noises (5%)
Title (Big Brain Academy) (5%)
for 3DS Main: Main Theme (Pikmin)
Alternate: Stage Select
Ultimate Pikmin series music
Main: Main Theme - Pikmin
Alternate: Main Theme - Pikmin
Tournament legality
Brawl Singles: Banned
Doubles: Banned
Smash 4 Singles: Banned
Doubles: Banned
Ultimate Singles: Banned
Doubles: Banned
Article on Pikipedia PNF-404

Distant Planet (とある星, A Certain Planet) is a stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It is the first and only stage to represent the Pikmin universe in Brawl. The stage returns as a familiar stage in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. In Ultimate, Olimar is fought here for his unlock battle.

Stage overview[edit]

The stage arena consists of a vine platform with three small leaves above it. The small leaves sink when characters are standing on them; the heavier the character, the lower the leaf falls. When the player walks or jumps off, the leaves will spring back into position. The vine platform briefly wobbles when landed on in a similar manner. To the left, there is a downward slope slanting into the lower blast line.

As the match plays, Pellets will be seen falling from the Pellet Posies around the stage. The player can grab one of these by attacking the Posy and throw it into a nearby Onion (Pikmin ship) to get items. Just as the Onions produce more Pikmin based on the number on the pellet and if the colors correspond in the games, more items will come out the higher the number on the pellet, and more still if it is thrown in the Onion of the matching color (these are red, blue, and yellow). The pellets start out as 1, and the longer they are left to stand, they will change to 5, and then 10. Onions will land on the leaf-platforms, and can be attacked to make them flee. This may be a good tactic if a player wishes to withhold items from their enemies.

Also, this planet experiences frequent torrential downpours. When things get wet, the left edge of the hill will have water sliding down, dragging players off the stage. The edge of the hill can still be grabbed during the rain effect. A Red Bulborb sometimes appears on the right side of the area; landing in its mouth will cause it to swallow the player. If this happens in Brawl or Smash 4, the Bulborb will drag the player off the stage, which counts as a self-destruct (unless the player is launched by a foe). In Ultimate, the Bulborb's bite causes an instant KO instead. While landing in the mouth will result in being eaten, players can grab the ledge of the Bulborb's mouth like any other ledge and walljump against the vertical part of his mouth. Furthermore, if the player is under the effect of a Starman, the Bulborb will not eat the player [1]. Sometimes the Bulborb will cry out or yawn, or stand with its mouth gaping open. The Bulborb will wander on and off screen throughout the match. Furthermore, standing on top of the Bulborb for too long is dangerous, as the Bulborb can walk off the stage or eat characters on top, with both causing a self-destruct. The Bulborb can also eat defeated players in Stamina Mode in at least Brawl and for 3DS.

In the background, a landing site for the Onions can be seen, as evidenced by markings in the dirt. Another Red Bulborb, a group of Cloaking Burrow-nits, and a soda can with the Smash logo on it can be seen there. In Brawl and for 3DS, the Bulborb will be seen sleeping; in Ultimate, it moves around the landing site.

Ω forms and Battlefield form[edit]

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, the Ω form is a flat version of the ground of the regular form that also extends down past the blast line. The walk-off, pellets, Onions, and Bulborb are absent. Rain will also not occur.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the Ω form and Battlefield form are similar to SSB4's Ω form; however, the main platform does not extend below the blast line and is resized and reshaped to match Final Destination and Battlefield, respectively. The three soft platforms of the Battlefield form are based on the leaves of the normal form.

Hazards Off[edit]

With stage hazards turned off in Ultimate, the following changes are made:

  • The small leaves and vine platform remain still when stood on.
  • Pellets, Onions, and the Red Bulborb do not appear.
  • The rain effect is absent, along with the river that it produces on the hill to the left.


Onion glitch[edit]

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS an unknown glitch causes an Onion to stay in place where it lands, and it will not move at all, even when a player stands on a leaf, or if the leaf returns to its default position. After this glitch is executed, the Onion can be hit infinite times, and it won't go away.

Red pellet glitch[edit]

In Ultimate, if the game speed is modified via Custom Smash, whenever a flower drops a pellet, the pellet will instantly become a red 1 pellet, regardless of what it was when it was on the flower.

The pellet glitch in action


Pellet Posies in the Awakening Wood, from Pikmin 2.

The main series Pikmin games primarily take place on a mysterious unknown planet. Specifically, this stage is most likely based on The Forest of Hope and the Awakening Wood from Pikmin and Pikmin 2, respectively.

In order to create more Pikmin, Captains must find Pellets and return them to an Onion. Pellets are primarily harvested from Pellet Posies, though they may also be dropped by certain creatures when defeated, or be found simply lying around in an area. The number on a Pellet indicates the minimum amount of Pikmin needed to carry it. The number in most cases also indicates how many Pikmin it will spawn when returned to an Onion of the same color; the only exception is a 1 pellet, which spawns two Pikmin instead. Returning a Pellet to an Onion with a nonmatching color produces roughly half the number of Pikmin it would have otherwise. Harvesting Pellets works similarly in this stage; larger numbers create more items, and matching colors add even more.

Red Bulborbs are the most common enemy in the Pikmin series. Its characteristics are to sleep until disturbed, then march around its territory looking for Pikmin to eat. These traits are shown in Smash by the Bulborbs in the foreground and background. There is also a Cloaking Burrow-nit, an enemy from Pikmin 2, in the background. In Ultimate, a group of five smaller Cloaking Burrow-nits appear instead.

In Pikmin 2, the primary objective is to search for treasures to pay off a massive debt. These treasures mostly consist of pieces of everyday litter, but are considered valuable by Olimar's people, the Hocotatians. In the GameCube and Wii releases of Pikmin 2, many of these treasures were real-world products such as Duracell batteries, Skippy peanut butter, and ChapStick lip balm. The soda can in the background that has the Smash symbol on it is likely a homage to these treasures and a parody of the game's product placement. However, in Pikmin and Pikmin 3, exposed pipes and tin cans were used as signals for the location of bomb rocks. In the original Forest of Hope itself, a similar can serves this exact function.

While the identity of the planet is never outright confirmed (hence the non-descriptive name for the stage), it is very heavily implied that it is Earth, with some cutscenes showing landmasses identical to those found in real-life, and the stage's file name in Brawl being "STGEARTH". In Pikmin 3, the planet is named "PNF-404" by Koppaites; this name format is similar to naming conventions of exoplanets or less important planets. The letters and numbers in the name are in fact a hidden reference: 404 is the HTTP status code for Page Not Found (or perhaps Planet Not Found in this case).

Tournament legality[edit]

While Distant Planet's legality was often debated, the stage was rarely legal in Brawl tournaments, as the slope enables walkoff camping and easy KOs with high knockback attacks and chain grabs such as King Dedede's infinite chain grab with his down throw. The stage layout overall encourages light circle camping, and the bottom of the slope below the main platform is an unreasonably powerful camping position.

Both for 3DS and Ultimate provide many more appropriate stage options for competitive play and as such Distant Planet is never brought up as a potential competitive stage.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese とある星 A Certain Planet
UK English Distant Planet
France French Planète lointaine Distant Planet
Germany German Ferner Planet Distant Planet
Spain Spanish Planeta remoto Distant Planet
Italy Italian Il pianeta remoto Distant Planet
China Chinese (Simplified) 某个星球 A Certain Planet
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 某個星球 A Certain Planet
South Korea Korean 어느 별 A Certain Planet
Netherlands Dutch Verre Planeet Distant Planet
Russia Russian Далекая планета Distant Planet


  • If Sonic wears a Bunny Hood on this stage, he can run fast enough to overcome the force of the downpour on the hill, even being able to run all the way to the blast line.
    • Furthermore, Wario is not affected by the downpour while he is on the Wario Bike.
  • It is possible to avoid death on the Bulborb if the player jumps the same frame that it will eat their character; however, this only occurs on the top of it, with its mouth closed.
  • Transformation Final Smashes, like the Landmasters or Giga Bowser, are not recognized as players when standing on Bulborb's mouth.
  • The AI in Brawl does not recognize the Bulborb's gaping mouth as a hazard and will treat it like any other ledge, meaning a CPU player will often try to recover into it, causing a self-destruct after climbing up the ledge. This behavior bug occurs on all CPU difficulties, and was fixed in Smash 4.
  • This is the only Brawl stage in SSB3DS to have a new remix.
  • In Ultimate, the following Assist Trophies can only appear on the Battlefield and Omega forms of this stage: Kapp'n, Devil and the Squid Sisters. The Moon cannot appear on this stage at all. Additionally, the following Poké Ball Pokémon can only be summoned on the stage's Battlefield and Omega forms: Electrode, Goldeen, Moltres, Kyogre, Palkia, Giratina, Darkrai, Arceus, Zoroark, Kyurem, Chespin, Fennekin, Dedenne, and Xerneas.

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