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The Plain

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World of Trophies
The Plain
Mario in 'The Plain'.
Symbol of the Smash Bros. series.
Mario fighting a Borboras and a Feyesh in the Plains
Universe Super Smash Bros.
Appears in Brawl
Availability Subspace Emissary only
Preceding SSE stage The Jungle
Following SSE stage The Lake

The Plain (平地, Plain) is the fifth stage of the Subspace Emissary. Mario and Pit appear here following the Ancient Minister.


Unlike most other levels, this level does not open with a cutscene. The other levels with this distinction are The Ruins, The Swamp, The Research Facility (Part II), The Subspace Bomb Factory (Part II), and The Great Maze.

The player has to choose to play as Mario or Pit. The level is started by heading to the right. There are several enemies ahead, such as Borboras, Primids, Tickens and Feyeshes. Farther along, there is a huge wall of breakable blocks. On the top right of the highest section of the wall, just above, off screen, there is an orange cube; simply attacking upwards brings the cube down. A bit farther, some walls rise up behind the character and push him to the right. There is a pit on the right with some breakable blocks going downwards.

At the bottom of the pit, Primids drop down out of a gap in the ceiling. Mario can wall jump to reach the hidden door, but Pit will have a much easier time reaching it considering his multiple jumps and up special move, Wings of Icarus. At the top of the gap, there is a platform on the right on which the player can land; the hidden door is on the platform. There are three things in the hidden room: a Trophy, a Heart Container, and an orange cube. There is another door after the gap.

In the next room, there is a moving platform on which a series of forced battles take place. When the moving platform stops, the player has to walk to the right to end the stage.

After the level is complete, Mario and Pit try to catch up to the Ancient Minister. Mario jumps and barely misses him. Pit then footstool jumps on Mario, but also misses. The Ancient Minister then flees. Curiously, Pit does not use his wings to get to the Ancient Minister.

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