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Outside the Ancient Ruins

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World of Trophies
Outside the Ancient Ruins
The Captains Subspace Emissary.png
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Captain Falcon and Olimar looking down from a cliff on the Isle of the Ancients.
Universe Super Smash Bros.
Appears in Brawl
Availability Subspace Emissary only
Preceding SSE stage The Research Facility (Part II)
Following SSE stage The Glacial Peak
The Kongs and the captains just before the fight on the Smash Skiff.

Outside the Ancient Ruins (エインシャント遺跡外部, Ancient Ruins Outside) is the 20th stage in the Subspace Emissary of Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


The level opens with many Pikmin pecking at something, which a change in camera angle reveals to be a giant R.O.B. in a dormant state. Further changes in view reveal hundreds of Pikmin attacking it. The R.O.B. activates and spins its torso, sending all but a few Pikmin to their deaths upon contact with the ground. The camera cuts to show a terrified-looking Olimar on the ground nearby, surrounded by about a dozen Pikmin. A lone red Pikmin taps Olimar on the leg to get his attention and points behind him.

Olimar turns to see the Blue Falcon racing down between ruined columns. Suddenly, the vehicle stops and its hatch pops open, sending its occupant flying forward. With a shout of "Falcon Punch!", the camera shows Captain Falcon performing the signature move of the same name. The punch lands between the R.O.B.'s eyes, knocking it over and defeating it. Captain Falcon's momentum sends him sliding along the ground, accidentally killing all of Olimar's Pikmin except the one at his side. The captains team up for the level at this point.

After a section of the stage, another cutscene shows the new duo arriving at a cliff overlooking the great ocean of the World of Trophies. They see a flying platform (the Smash Skiff), guarded by Primids, that also holds the chained trophy of Donkey Kong. The camera cuts to show an Arwing flying after the platform, flown by Falco but also containing a very cramped Diddy Kong. Falco performs a barrel roll, allowing Diddy to drop out of the Arwing. To keep himself aloft in the air, he fires up his Rocketbarrel Pack. He then fires his Peanut Popguns at the Primids on the platform, sending them flying. Seeing this action, Captain Falcon smiles, grabs the once again terrified Olimar, and jumps off the cliff towards the platform.

Diddy Kong then lands on the platform, and immediately touches the base of Donkey Kong's trophy. The revived Kong breaks out of his chains. The captains land on the platform next to the ape buddies. More Primid are seen encroaching on the platform, at which point the four team up to drive them off. After this, the ape buddies are seen doing a victory dance with each other, where Falco flies off, giving a thumbs-up, and Diddy waves him goodbye.

After defeating the Subspace Army enemies, the platform flies into a hangar on the Isle of the Ancients, and the level is clear. Donkey Kong, Olimar and Captain Falcon then join the player's team.

Playable Characters[edit]

Playable for the whole level:

Only playable for final ambush section:

Both Fox and Falco are removed from the team after completion, but Fox will return later after Battleship Halberd Exterior is completed and Falco will do the same after Battleship Halberd Bridge is finished.

List of enemies[edit]


  • While the Pikmin are attacking the giant R.O.B., during Olimar's introduction and when he and Captain Falcon were traveling around Isle of the Ancients, Main Theme (Pikmin) plays.
  • During Captain Falcon's entrance, Mute City briefly plays.
  • When the two captains and the Kongs invade the Smash Skiff, Fire Field plays.


The decaying R.O.B. statue
A partially built R.O.B. statue.
  • There exist multiple golden R.O.B. statues strewn throughout the level, including an old decaying statue near the start of the level, and multiple partially built statues in the background of the bonus room.
    • Oddly, despite being in a more prominent location, the decaying statue is much lower-poly, and uses lower quality textures.
  • The turquoise cube in the level will only release the Hocotate Ship trophy.
  • Captain Falcon's introduction bears a resemblance to the iconic Falcon Punch scene in the F-Zero anime.
  • The opening scene of this level may be in reference to Pikmin 2, where one is able to find and interact with the severed head of a R.O.B. as a treasure called the Remembered Old Buddy.