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This article is about Fox's appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. For the character in general, see Fox McCloud.
in Super Smash Bros. Brawl
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Universe Star Fox
Other Smash Bros. appearances in SSB
in Melee
in SSB4
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Availability Starter
Final Smash Landmaster
Tier C (15)
The famous Arwing pilot boasts first-class speed and agility in combat.
Brawl manual description

Fox (フォックス, Fox) was confirmed for Super Smash Bros. Brawl at Nintendo World 2006. Fox was the first fighter to appear on the DOJO!! that did not appear on the E3 2006 video. Instead of being voiced by Shinobu Satouchi in all regions of the game like he was in Super Smash Bros. and Super Smash Bros. Melee, he is now voiced by Jim Walker and Kenji Nojima in the English and Japanese versions of the game respectively.

Fox is currently ranked at 15th place on the tier list, placing him in the middle of the C tier, a noticeable nerf from his position at the top of the Melee tier list, and also his worst placement in the series. Fox maintains his incredible movement, fast attack speed, high damage output, effective setup moves (especially his down aerial), and a very fast up smash with enough strength and reach to KO the majority of characters reliably under 100%. Additionally, Fox possesses the fastest projectile in Brawl in his Blaster (which is also transcendent), a long reaching recovery with good mixup, and an effective semi-spike and defensive stalling tactic in his Reflector. Fox is notoriously frail, however, sustaining the fourth most knockback in Brawl, with rather poor vertical endurance (despite strong vertical momentum cancelling abilities), and among the worst horizontal endurance. His endurance problems are exacerbated by his extreme falling speed and acceleration, which leave him heavily vulnerable to combos and juggles, locks, and chain throws, some of which (including Pikachu's and Sheik's) can bring Fox to KO percentage from zero damage, if not zero deathing him outright. Additionally, Fox's attacks are very poor on shield, with high ending lag, low shield stun, and insufficient reach to hit opposing shields safely. Fox also has poor horizontal aerial movement and mobility, a tendency to over-rely on his up smash to KO, and a projectile without any flinch. Nonetheless, Fox's offensive prowess tends to outweigh his significant flaws, with his matchups being above average overall (despite a few hard counters), along with above average tournament results (which are significantly better in Japan, where he ranks 7th on the tier list).


Fox is a very light character who moves at very high speeds, clocking in as the 3rd fastest runner and 2nd fastest walker in the game (with Marth being the fastest). Almost all of his attacks come out quickly and combo with each other. Fox's excellent speed is counter-balanced by the small and short reaching hitboxes in most of his attacks. This can complicate approaches, and his Blaster doesn't make up for that because it doesn't make opponents flinch. However, it is able to force approaches, unless the opponent has a lasting reflector, an absorbing move such as PSI Magnet, or their crouch is low enough to avoid it.

His up smash is a powerful vertical killer, and is also his only move that can KO reliably under 100%. It's a good move due to its high knockback scaling, speed, and reach. It can also be combo'd into, most notably from a down aerial. His forward aerial can add extra height to Fox's jump, due to producing a hovering effect if used shortly after jumping (known as Foxcoptering) - this can extend his recovery and allow him to quickly recover vertically, which isn't possible with his primary vertical recovery move (Fire Fox). His back air has high horizontal knockback. As far as specials go, Fox's laster can easily build damage from a distance, it refreshes stale moves if it hits, and it is also able to steal KOs. Fox's Reflector not only reflects projectiles, but can semi-spike opponents when used in the air, making it a useful tool for gimping poor and/or slow recoveries, and also slows Fox's aerial movement. The jump cancel has been replaced with a dash cancel, allowing a continuous shine volley across the stage (it works best at 70% and above depending on the character). As far as recovery goes, Fox Illusion can be used to gain a horizontal boost, and can also be canceled before completion to trick opponents, as opposed to Fire Fox, which comes off much slower but can move vertically. However, Fire Fox is easily edgeguarded, due to leaving Fox vulnerable during the charge required to use the move (though it can damage opponents if they get too close). Fox is also able to wall jump, boost grab, and DACUS (though his sliding up smash doesn't gain much less distance than his DACUS).

Fox's most notable attribute, as well as the most notorious, is his short jump in relation to the rest of the Brawl cast (much like Jigglypuff having the slowest falling speed in the game). His falling speed acceleration is the fastest, and his falling speed is the third fastest in the game (which is unusual for a character as light as he is). It has advantages and some hindrances, all of which must be known to make the best use of Fox. Some advantages of such speed are that it makes him difficult to juggle and KO vertically. However, his extreme falling speed acceleration is what makes him very susceptible to certain chaingrabs (particularly Pikachu's buffered d-throw chaingrab that has a 0-death on Fox) and locks (like Sheik's f-tilt lock). His fast falling speed also shortens his recovery.

The end result is that Fox is a glass cannon. He has difficulty approaching characters with strong defensive games or the ability to space effectively, forcing him to rely on his Blaster to approach if needed, which some characters can avoid rather effortlessly. His combination of a very low weight (seventh lightest character), very high knockback sustained (fourth highest), very fast overall falling speed (third fastest normal falling speed and fastest accelerated falling speed), mediocre air speed, and mediocre recovery for his weight create a tendency to KO at low percentages. However, he has many quick moves, a very strong offensive game, and once the opponent is knocked back he has flexible follow up options, but his speed can make him tough to control.

Changes from Melee to Brawl[edit]

While Fox technically received more buffs than nerfs, the nerfs he did receive were enough to significantly nerf him overall in comparison to Melee. All the traits that made Fox excel in the previous game are still intact: his excellent mobility, great frame data, the ability to force approaches thanks to his Blaster, and his impressive and effective KO and damage racking ability (though the damage output on some of his attacks were toned down slightly).

However, he is much more frail than in Melee thanks to the changes in the knockback formula, despite being heavier. The reduced range on Blaster has weakened his ability to zone and force approaches. The most severe nerf was to his Reflector: it has slower start-up and can no longer be jump-cancelled, greatly weakening Fox's close-range pressure ability and combo game. His general combo game is far worse: down throw can no longer tech-chase, up throw is ineffective for combos and chain-grabs due to the slower fall speeds, and the aforementioned changes to his reflector have removed all previously possible follow-ups, and such changes are exacerbated by the addition of hitstun cancelling. His KO'ing ability is weaker: up smash and up air, his two best finishers in Melee, have had their damage and knockback reduced, and they are also more difficult to combo into in the new physics and with the loss of Fox's Shine combos.

Overall, while Fox's nerfs outweigh his buffs, he's still considered a viable character (especially in Japan) with only a few match-ups that are considered major disadvantages, which is more than what can be said for most of the Melee veterans.


  • Change Fox's design is now a mix between his design in Star Fox Command and Star Fox Assault. Fox also looks more detailed due to the boost in graphics.
  • Change Fox has a new idle stance. He now takes on a fighting stance and hops in place rapidly. In addition, Fox has two new idle animations; one where he takes a Tae-Kwon-Do-esque fighting stance, and the other where he does a beckoning gesture with his hand.
  • Change Some of Fox's attacks received a slight tweak in animation; Fox's feet enlarge during the rapid hitting of his jab and during the kicks of his forward aerial as two examples.


  • Nerf Fox is heavier (75 → 80). However, due to Brawl's changes to the knockback formula (knockback is now also based on a character's gravity, this actually causes him to take more knockback, to the point where he sustains the fourth most knockback out of the 39 characters. The physics of Brawl have also made Fox's vertical endurance drastically worse, where without momentum cancelling he has the fifth worst vertical endurance, and with momentum cancelling, Fox has the 11th worst (when in Melee, Fox had the 6th best vertical endurance out of 26 characters).
  • Nerf Fox walks slightly slower (1.6 → 1.45), (going from being tied with Marth for the fastest to behind Marth for the second fastest).
  • Nerf Fox dashes slightly slower (2.2 → 2.08).
  • Nerf Fox's traction is slightly lower (0.08 → 0.06), especially when comparing with the returning veterans, now going from the 7th highest in Melee to the 11th highest. This makes it harder for him to punish out of shield. Given the lack of wavedashing in the game, it does not provide any benefits whatsoever, .
  • Change As with the returning veterans, Fox's falling speed was reduced (2.8 → 1.831). Compared to the returning veterans, however, Fox falls slower. While worsening his endurance, it improves his recovery and makes him harder to combo on.
  • Buff Fox's midair jump height has been increased, now having the fourth highest midair jump in the game. This significantly improves his recovery.
  • Nerf Fox's jumpsquat is one frame slower (3 frames → 4).

Ground attacks[edit]

  • Buff Fox's neutral infinite is faster and the first two hits link more reliably.
  • Nerf Both hits of neutral attack deal less damage (4% → 2%). They also deal much less knockback (0 (base)/100 (growth) → 10/20 (first hit) and 25/30 (second hit)) and have altered angles (70° (both hits) → 35°/80°/20° (first hit) and 80°/80°/20° (second hit)), no longer being able to combo into many other attacks, and, as a result, is no longer the best jab.
  • Nerf Dash attack's hitbox duration is 2 frames shorter (14 frames → 12 frames).
  • Change Forward tilt deals less damage (9% → 6%-8%), but its knockback was compensated (0 (base)/100 (growth) → 10/110).
  • Buff Forward tilt has less ending lag (IASA 27 → 24).
  • Nerf Forward tilt has slightly more startup (5 → 6 frames) and a slightly shorter duration (5-8 → 6-8).
  • Buff Fox has a new up tilt: a fast scorpion kick via him bending all the way down with both hands on the ground. It has slightly better reach, less startup lag (frame 5 → 3), and a longer duration (5-11 → 3-10).
  • Nerf Up tilt deals less damage (12% → 10%) and has much weaker knockback overall (18 (base)/140 (growth) → 22/110), no longer being among the strongest up tilts in the game (it was the third strongest up tilt in Melee). It also has more ending lag (IASA 23 → 28), making it less effective for juggling overall despite having faster startup.
  • Nerf Down tilt has a decreased damage output (10% → 9%/8%/7%), significantly reduced knockback growth (125 → 100), and the inner hitboxes send opponents at a lower angle (70°→ 65°/45°), significantly hindering its comboing and KOing potential.
  • Buff Forward smash has a new animation, where Fox tumble-vaults over via swinging his leg(s) more vertically in an overhead arc upon turning, turns his upper body more forward sooner and kicks more with the side of his foot instead of with his heel (making it more akin to a pseudo-butterfly kick). This gives it much more vertical range and less ending lag in comparison (IASA 48 → 42).
  • Nerf Forward smash has more startup lag (12 → 14), its clean hit has less knockback growth (105 → 96), and its overall hitbox duration is shorter (12-22 → 14-19).
  • Buff Fox can now DACUS, improving his up smash's utility. It also has slightly more range.
  • Nerf Sweetspotted up smash deals less damage (18% → 17%) and has considerably reduced knockback growth (112 → 96), though this is somewhat mitigated by the lower falling speeds. It also has slightly more startup lag (frame 7 → 8).
  • Change Sweetspotted up smash has a slash effect, and has a new charging animation where Fox kneels down with his right hand planted on the ground.
  • Buff Down smash has been improved. It has significantly increased base knockback (20 → 50), restoring some of its power from Smash 64 and making it much better at edgeguarding and Koing. Fox also kneels down a bit more when charging it; this somewhat shrinks his hurtbox.
  • Nerf Down smash deals slightly less damage (15% → 14%).

Aerial attacks[edit]

  • Nerf Neutral aerial deals less damage (12%/9% → 9%/6%) and knockback (20 (base)/65 (growth) → 50/65) , no longer being a viable KO move at very high percentages.
  • Buff Forward aerial has been drastically improved. All of its hits link properly now and have much less startup lag. The move also has increased damage (17% → 23%). Additionally, the move produces a "hover" effect, which can be used with jumping to significantly increase the height of Fox's jumps (especially his midair jump), greatly improving his recovery.
  • Buff Fox has a new back aerial: a face-away-backwards-hooking-kick slanted upward at the same angle as his prior back aerial (which recovers into the back turning motion much quicker). It has significantly increased base knockback (0 → 20), now semi-spikes when sweetspotted (361°→ 30°), and auto-cancels earlier (frame 23 → 15). These changes significantly improve its spacing and edgeguarding potential.
  • Nerf Back aerial has increased startup lag (frame 4 → 9), a much shorter hitbox duration (16 frames → 3), increased ending lag (frame 38 → 49), and less reach with much smaller hitboxes. Its knockback scaling has also been lowered (100 → 85), making it slightly weaker overall, and the move also has less combo potential.
  • Nerf Up aerial's sweetspot has significantly weaker knockback (40 (base)/116 (growth) → 30/100) and damage (13% → 11%), now requiring opponents to be around 140% or near the upper blast line to KO, instead of reliably KOing under 100% regardless of the opponent's proximity to the upper blast line, though it is still one of his most effective KO moves.
  • Buff Down aerial deals slightly more damage (19% → 21%). It additionally no longer has set knockback (33 (base)/40 (growth)), improving its edgeguarding ability. Fox can also use it offstage now without self-destructing due to his much slower falling speed.
  • Nerf Down aerial can now be meteor cancelled, hindering its reliability.

Throws/other attacks[edit]

  • Buff Up, down, and back throws deal more damage (7% → 8% (up), 5% → 9% (down), 7% → 8% (back)).
  • Nerf The slower fall speeds and changes to hitstun have greatly harmed up throw's utility, as it can no longer true combo into aerials or lead into chain-grabs.
  • Nerf Down throw has a different launch angle (270° → 60°), removing its ability to tech chase and thus making it much harder to set-up follow-ups with the move, especially with the changes to hitstun. It no longer has KO potential at the ledge.

Special moves[edit]

  • Buff Fox can now shoot three lasers in a short hop.
  • Nerf Blaster shots travel roughly half the distance they previously did in Melee, greatly hindering their range.
  • Buff Fox Illusion travels more distance, improving Fox's recovery potential.
  • Nerf Fox Illusion deals less damage (7% → 4%) and knockback.
  • Nerf Fire Fox's dash now has two hitboxes instead of one that does consistent damage (14% → 14% (clean)/8% (late). The clean hitbox now only lasts four frames instead of lasting throughout the entire duration of the move (frame 43 → 72 (Melee)/43 → 46 (Brawl), and the added late hitbox doesn't start KOing until just under the 200% range. It also travels a shorter distance, somewhat hindering Fox's recovery.
  • Buff Reflector can be dropped faster (effectively reducing ending lag), which leaves him less vulnerable after reflecting a projectile and makes it much easier for Fox to halt his aerial momentum and stall in the air while losing very little height. It also reflects projectiles slightly earlier (on the 2nd frame, improved from the 4th frame in Melee, preventing him from being hit by projectiles during invincibility on frame 1), and has been given slight knockback scaling, making shine spikes gradually harder to recover from on higher percents. Reflector can also now be canceled with a roll or sidestep when successfully reflecting a projectile.
  • Nerf Reflector can no longer be jump cancelled, completely removing Fox's shine combos. It also has more startup lag (frame 1 → 6). Due to the decreased falling speeds in Brawl, Reflector is less effective for gimping despite its increased knockback.
  • Change Fox has a Final Smash: Landmaster. Upon using the Final Smash, Fox jumps into the air and comes back down in a Landmaster. The Landmaster is a huge land assault vehicle that can hover, fire its cannon, a perform a Barrel roll. With the exception of it's lackluster air mobility, Fox's Landmaster is the most balanced out of the three Landmaster Final Smashes. After 18 seconds, the Landmaster will disappear.


  Name Damage Description
Neutral attack   2% Punches twice, followed by a flurry of kicks.
Forward tilt   8% Kicks his leg out. Can be angled.
Up tilt   10% (foot), 8% (leg) Fox does a fast scorpion kick that covers his back. Can juggle at low percentages.
Down tilt   9% (close), 8% (mid), 7% (far) Fox performs a quick tail whip.
Dash attack   7% (clean), 5% (late) Fox jumps slightly off the ground and performs a running kick.
Forward smash   15% (clean), 12% (late) Fox performs a powerful spinning jump kick.
Up smash Flip Kick 17% (clean sweetspot), 15% (clean sourspot), 13% (late) Fox does a flip kick. The attack is weaker when it hits opponents behind Fox. Considered the strongest up smash out of the 3 Star Fox characters.
Down smash   14% (feet), 12% (legs) Fox does a split kick that hits both sides of him. His legs are intangible for the duration of the attack.
Neutral aerial   9% (clean), 6% (late) Fox does a sex kick that loses power the longer it's out. The move can jab lock fallen opponents.
Forward aerial   6% (hit 1), 5% (hits 2-3), 4% (hit 4), 3% (hit 5) Fox performs five kicks in succession. Fox "hovers" whenever he performs all five kicks, useful for gaining distance when recovering.
Back aerial   15% (sweetspot), 9% (sourspot) Fox performs a slow back kick, sending opponents at a semi-spike trajectory. It's sweetspot is on his right extended leg with the sourspot being on his left.
Up aerial   5% (hit 1), 11% (hit 2) Fox flips himself upward for a tail whip and follow-up kick. Considered one of Fox's best air finishers if both hits connect.
Down aerial   3% (7 hits) A spinning drill kick that hits multiple times in succession. It can meteor smash, but it's hardly noticeable at lower percentages due to its very weak power. It does a good amount of damage, and if the whole move connects right before landing on the stage (possible with a short hop down aerial), it can immediately lead into an up tilt, grab, or down or up smash. Down aerial to up tilt combos are very useful and common in Fox's metagame. Overall, considered one of Fox's most useful moves.
Pummel   1% Knees opponent.
Forward throw   4% (hit 1), 3% (throw) Fox punches the opponent forward.
Back throw   2% (throw), 2% (shots) Fox throws the foe backwards and then fires three shots with his Blaster. Shots can be avoided using DI.
Up throw   2% (throw), 2% (shots) Fox throws the foe upwards and fires three shots with his Blaster. Shots can be avoided using SDI.
Down throw   2% (shots), 1% (throw) Tosses opponent downward, then jumps up fires four very quick Blaster shots downward onto them. Can be followed up with either a forward aerial at low percentages on certain characters or an up aerial on all characters.
Floor attack (front)   6% Fox does a kick in front and in back.
Floor attack (back)   6% Fox punches forwards, and kicks backwards.
Floor attack (trip)   5% Fox spins around, kicking foes with who are close.
Edge attack (fast)   6% (legs), 8% (body) Fox lunges at the opponent with a kick.
Edge attack (slow)   10% Fox slowly gets up and hammers the ground with a kick.
Neutral special Blaster 3% (close), 2% (far) Fox fires his Blaster. The lasers lose power the farther they travel.
Side special Fox Illusion 4% Fox dashes forward, leaving an afterimage behind him. Enemies hit by the move will be launched at an upward angle.
Up special Fire Fox 2% (charge loop), 14% (clean dash), 8% (late dash) Fox charges up and suddenly fires himself in one of many directions, depending on what direction is held.
Down special Reflector 5% (ground) 4% (air) (activation), 1.5x damage for reflected projectiles Fox activates a Reflector around him. All projectiles are deflected and do more damage than they normally would. The Reflector damages nearby foes upon activation. Can be used to stall in the air if used repeatedly.
Final Smash Landmaster 6-22% (movement), 15-16% (turn), 17% (shot), 11% (roll), 15% (fall) Fox summons his Landmaster. It's overall the most balanced out of all the three, it's only drawback being it's air mobility.

On-screen appearance[edit]

  • Ejects from an Arwing.


  • Up taunt: Fox charges fire and says "Here I come!" (いくぞ!, Let's go!). Although it is useless, it can be used for mindgames as it looks very similar to Fire Fox.
  • Side taunt: Fox throws his Blaster into the air, then allows it to land back into its holster.
  • Down taunt: Like in Melee, Fox backs up, bends down a bit, and says "Come on!" (かかってこい!, Come at me!), although faster than before.
  • Smash taunt: On Lylat Cruise or Corneria, Fox can summon various Star Fox Conversations by quickly tapping down on the Control Pad (for one frame). This taunt can only be used once per match.
Up taunt Side taunt Down taunt Smash taunt
FoxUpTauntBrawl.gif FoxSideTauntBrawl.gif FoxDownTauntBrawl.gif Taunts-Brawl-Fox-SmashTaunt.png

Idle poses[edit]

  • Holds his hand in front of him and takes a deep breath.
  • Makes a beckoning gesture with his hand.
Fox Idle Pose 2 Brawl.png Fox Idle Pose 1 Brawl.png

Crowd cheer[edit]

English Japanese
Fox Cheer NTSC Brawl.ogg
Fox Cheer JP Brawl.ogg
Description Fox Fox *clap x3* Fox! *clap x3*
Pitch Group chant Group chant

Wii Remote selection sound[edit]

  • Fox says "Come on!" like one of his taunts, but in a different tone.
Fox's selection sound

Victory poses[edit]

This victory theme comes from the main theme of Star Fox 64.
  • Up: Goes into shooting position with his Blaster at 2 different angles, then points it at the screen saying "Mission Complete". In Japanese, he says "作戦完了!" (Operation complete!)
  • Left: Flips his Blaster in the holster and says "This is Fox. Returning to base" and puts his hand on his hip. In Japanese, he will say こちらフォックス、これより帰還する。 (This is Fox, returning feedback here.)
  • If Falco is present after a match, he will instead say "Better luck next time, Falco".
  • Right: Flips his tail up and looks to the side with a smug (prideful) expression on his face with his arms crossed, akin to his character selection animation in Smash 64.
Up Left Right
Fox-VictoryUp-SSBB.gif Fox-VictoryLeft-SSBB.gif Fox-VictoryRight-SSBB.gif

In competitive play[edit]


According to the current SmashBoards matchup chart for Brawl, Fox's matchup spread has the seventeenth highest unweighted rank and has a weighted total of -58, seventeenth highest overall. Fox has mostly positive matchups, despite being hard countered by three characters. He is also soft countered by seven characters and even with eight characters. He soft counters ten characters, counters seven characters, and hard counters only Ganondorf. Fox is notably hard countered by Pikachu and Sheik as they can take advantage of his extremely fast falling speed acceleration attribute. Pikachu can perform a "0-death" chain grab on him by using its down throw to rack up damage in excess of 100%, then using a Thunderspike to KO, while Sheik can rack up 50%+ damage with her forward tilt. The Ice Climbers also hard counter Fox, as he lacks safe options to approach without getting grabbed. On the positive side, Fox has a winning matchup against King Dedede, a character known to counter almost every character below him on the tier list. Fox's amazing speed and effective KOing options allows him to counter many characters that are below him on the tier list.

Notable players[edit]

See also: Category:Fox professionals (SSBB)

Tier placement and history[edit]

Fox has both risen and fallen on the tier list over time. He started out at position 19 on the first tier list before falling to being below the top 20 (the lowest placing being at spot 24 on the second tier list) until the fifth tier list came out in which he rose to position 16, and stayed in the 15th-16th place since then.

Role in The Subspace Emissary[edit]

Fox in SSE

An Arwing is seen engaging the battleship Halberd, but is soon struck and begins to fall toward it. This causes Kirby and Zelda/Peach to be blown overboard in its wake.

It is later shown that the Arwing crash-landed at the edge of a jungle, near a lake. Diddy Kong discovers the Arwing, but Rayquaza rises from the lake and territorially attacks the Arwing with an Energy Ball, setting it aflame. As Diddy is snatched up by the provoked Pokémon, Fox is ejected from the cockpit of the burning Arwing and proceeds to effortlessly rescue Diddy from the clutches of the serpentine Pokémon using his Fox Illusion and Reflector. After the two defeat the giant Pokémon, Fox attempts to leave, but is dragged back by Diddy and follows him deeper into the jungle. Soon, they fight a Shadow Bug clone of Bowser and defeat it. Suddenly, the real Bowser fires his Dark Cannon at them, and Fox barely dodges the shot. Although Diddy is eager to fight Bowser, Fox knows that they can't survive against his Dark Cannon, so he grabs Diddy and jumps off a cliff.

After recovering from the fall and quickly making their way through The Swamp, they are ambushed by Bowser again, who succeeds in turning Diddy into a trophy. Bowser then attempts to turn Fox into a trophy, but he manages to dodge the shot, so Bowser sends some Shadow Bugs to clone Diddy's trophy, outnumbering Fox. Falco suddenly appears out of nowhere in his Arwing and saves Fox from Bowser by destroying his Dark Cannon, forcing Bowser to escape. The Diddy clone begins to absorb more Shadow Bugs, becoming gigantic as a result. Fox uses the opportunity to revive the real Diddy, and the three fight the clone. After Falco unwillingly joined the group, they find a ship carrying Donkey Kong's trophy to a floating island. The Great Fox suddenly appears, and as Falco and Diddy attempt to free DK, Fox plans to take down the Halberd with the Great Fox.

The Great Fox duels with the Halberd, but it ends up getting carried away by it, gets crashed into a mountain, and flies away in smoke. Later on, as Peach and Zelda (disguised as Sheik) are making their escape after Snake frees them, Fox is seen attacking the Halberd again in his Arwing. During the fire-fight, some of the Arwing's Blasters hit dangerously close to Peach. Sheik does a very high range teleport on top of the Arwing and breaks open the cockpit. Both Sheik and Fox fall out of the Arwing and on the Halberd deck. They start running towards each other at high speeds and just before they break into a fight, Peach randomly offers them a cup of tea. Although Fox is shocked by this, when Sheik accepts hers, he accepts his as well. Just as they do, a group of Shadow Bug Mr. Game & Watches fall from the Halberd's cockpit and form into Duon. The three are joined by Lucario and Snake (who knocked them down there in the first place), as well as Falco who arrives on another Arwing, and defeat the monster. Duon leaves behind the real Mr. Game & Watch trophy as it disappears. Fox prepares to blast the trophy, but Peach approaches it and revives Mr. Game & Watch. With Meta Knight taking back control of the Halberd, he flies his ship into the daylight and eventually landing on The Canyon, coincidentally the same time The Falcon Flyer lands, after previously escaping the doomed Subspace Factory. Fox, Falco, Peach, Zelda, Lucario, Snake, and Mr. Game & Watch are now greeted with Mario, the rest of the Canyon heroes, and the Falcon Flyer heroes, they all unite and become one big team, now plotting against Subspace. Fox joins the rest of the heroes in the assault on the Subspace Gunship and the attack on Tabuu, although he would be one of the many heroes to be transformed into trophies by Tabuu. However, like the other heroes, his trophy could be found and be revived by King Dedede, Luigi, and Ness in Subspace. After being rescued, he join the rest of the heroes to go to The Great Maze and defeat Tabuu.

Playable appearances[edit]

After Outside the Ancient Ruins is completed, Fox is removed from the player's team, and is not seen until Battleship Halberd Exterior is completed.

Exclusive stickers[edit]

The following stickers can either be only used by Fox, or by a select few characters including Fox:

  • Andrew: Launch Resistance +7
  • Arwing: [Leg] Attack +6
  • Falco (Star Fox 64): [Weapon] Attack +11
  • Falco (Star Fox Command): [Energy] Attack +14
  • Falco (Star Fox Adventures): [Specials: Indirect] Attack +11
  • Fox (Star Fox Command): [Tail] Attack +18
  • Fox (Star Fox Adventures): [Arm, Leg] Attack +15
  • Fox (Star Fox 64): [Energy] Attack +18
  • Fox (Star Fox: Assault): [Energy] Attack +33
  • Krystal (Star Fox Adventures): [Electric] Attack +28
  • Krystal (Star Fox Command): [Energy] Attack +12
  • Krystal (Star Fox: Assault): [Tail] Attack +17
  • Miniature Dachshund: [Tail] Attack +28
  • Panther: [Tail] Attack +18
  • Pigma: [Arm] Attack +7
  • ROB: [Electric] Resistance +15
  • Wolf: [Arm, Leg] Attack +15
  • Wolfen (Star Fox 64): [Tail] Attack +16
  • Wolfen (Star Fox: Assault): [Tail] Attack +30

In Event Matches[edit]

Solo Events[edit]

Co-op Events[edit]


Fox's main and Final Smash trophies can be obtained by clearing Classic Mode and All-Star mode respectively with Fox.

Trophy descriptions[edit]

The leader of the commando unit for hire known as Star Fox. He uses both the team's mother ship, the Great Fox, and his personal Arwing fighter to challenge the evil scientist Andross. He made his name as an ace pilot but has lately shown himself also to be an adventurer with a knack for hand-to-hand combat.
SNES: Star Fox (NTSC), Starwing (PAL)
DSTitle.png: Star Fox Command
Landmaster (Fox)
Fox's Final Smash. Climb aboard the Landmaster tank, the ultrahigh-performance, antiair, rolling combat vehicle of Team Star Fox. Just like in the Star Fox series, the cannon can be used to blast foes, and the tank can roll over enemies. The jets beneath the main body can be used to hover. Between its firepower and mobility, this tank knows no equal.
Wii: Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Alternate costumes[edit]

Fox Palette (SSBB).png
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  • Fox holds the world record for Co-Op Target Smash!! Level 3 with Pit (completed in 4.03 seconds).[1]
  • The early trailers of Super Smash Bros. Brawl featured Fox constantly holding his Blaster, instead of holstering it as usual.
  • If Fox uses a forward aerial during a Mini Light Brawl, the momentum created by the attack actually causes him to float upwards.
  • Fox, Diddy Kong, Samus, Pikachu, and Lucas are the only characters in the Subspace Emissary to fight more than 2 bosses (excluding boss re-creations in the Great Maze). Fox can be chosen to fight Rayquaza at The Lake and Duon at the Battleship Halberd Bridge, as well as Tabuu in the final battle at Tabuu's Residence.
  • Fox's trophy is the only one for a playable Star Fox character that doesn't give the character's full name.

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