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Wii Remote selection sound

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The Wii Remote selection sound is a feature that appears only in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. If a player is using any controller aside from GameCube, when they select a character on the character selection screen in a Group Brawl, a sound effect will be emitted from that player's Wii Remote. Each character's sound effect is different, and the volume can be adjusted by using the Home menu. The Random box provides no sound.

List of selection sounds[edit]

Character Sound Description
Mario Sound.png Mario says "Here we go!".
Luigi Sound.png Luigi says "Hii-yah!".
Peach Sound.png Peach says "Sweet!", similarly to her up taunt from Melee.
Bowser Sound.png Bowser roars; this particular roar is from Bowser's voice as it appears in the N64 and GameCube games, which is a stock roaring sound effect.
Yoshi Sound.png Yoshi lays an egg and says "Yoshiii!".
Wario Sound.png Wario gives three short laughs, similar to his up taunt.
Donkey Kong Sound.png DK roars, similar to his attack sounds.
Diddy Kong Sound.png Diddy taps the ground and makes a short giggle, similar to his edge-grabbing sound.
Link Sound.png Link yells similar to his up smash.
Toon Link Sound.png A noise plays, similar to the one that plays when talking to people in The Wind Waker, and then Toon Link shouts similarly to his up smash.
Zelda/Sheik Sound.png Zelda makes the Transform sound effect and shouts similarly to what she did in Melee after using Farore's Wind. Selecting Sheik uses the same sound due to her not having her own.
Ganondorf Sound.png Ganondorf says "Oooh-yah!".
Samus Sound.png Samus makes a blasting noise followed by her double jump noise. As Zero Suit Samus isn't present on the character selection screen, she lacks a selection sound.
Kirby Sound.png Kirby makes a bouncy sound and says "Haaaaiii!" like his taunt in Melee.
Meta Knight Sound.png Meta Knight says "Fight me!" in a slightly different tone than his side taunt.
King Dedede Sound.png Dedede spins his hammer and laughs like his up taunt.
Fox Sound.png Fox says "C'mon." in a different tone than his up taunt.
Falco Sound.png Falco says "Piece of cake.".
Wolf Sound.png Wolf says "Playtime's over.".
Pikachu Sound.png Pikachu says "Pii-ka!", similar to its battle cries in Melee.
Jigglypuff Sound.png Jigglypuff makes a bouncy sound and says "puff!".
Pokémon Trainer Sound.png The Trainer opens a Poké Ball and says "Go for it!". Selecting Squirtle, Ivysaur, or Charizard uses the same voice clip.
Lucario Sound.png Lucario grunts, similar to its up smash.
Captain Falcon Sound.png Falcon says "yeeeeAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!", similar to how he did so in his victory pose from previous games.
Ness Sound.png Ness says "Okay." like his up taunt.
Lucas Sound.png Lucas shouts like his up smash.
Ice Climbers Sound.png The Climbers produce an Ice Shot and both say "Youp!" like their side taunt.
Marth Sound.png Marth swings his sword twice and shouts.
Ike Sound.png Ike says "Prepare yourself." in a different tone than his side taunt.
Mr. Game & Watch Sound.png Mr. Game & Watch makes five beeps.
Pit Sound.png Pit says "The fight is on!", just like his up taunt.
Olimar Sound.png Olimar plucks a Pikmin, the Pikmin cheers, and Olimar blows his whistle.
R.O.B. Sound.png R.O.B. makes a pair of whirring noises.
Sonic Sound.png The score tally from every Sonic game starting with Sonic the Hedgehog.
Snake Sound.png Snake says "It's showtime!".


  • The selection sounds for Kirby, Samus, Pikachu, Captain Falcon, Peach, and Ganondorf are taken directly from Melee, rather than using the newly-recorded voices for the characters.
    • The sound for Ganondorf is unused in Melee and can only be heard in its Sound Test.
  • Despite not appearing in Brawl outside of unused files in the game's data, Mewtwo has a Wii Remote selection sound. The file for this in the game's data, however, is empty and does not produce sound when played back.
  • Sonic is the only character that doesn't make his own sound (either through vocalizing or one of his actions), instead using the score tally sound from his games.