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Star Fox 64

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Star Fox 64 (Lylat Wars)
Box art of Star Fox 64.

Box cover for the North American version of Star Fox 64

Developer(s) Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Released Nintendo 64:
Japan April 27, 1997
North America June 30, 1997
Europe October 20, 1997
Australia October 20, 1997
Wii Virtual Console:
North America April 2, 2007
Japan April 17, 2007
Europe April 20, 2007
Australia April 20, 2007
Nintendo 3DS:
North America / Europe September 9 2011
Genre(s) Rail Shooter
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer
Ratings ESRB: K-A, E10+ (3D)
Platform(s) Nintendo 64
Virtual Console
Nintendo 3DS
Article on Lylat Wiki Star Fox 64 (Lylat Wars)

Star Fox 64 (スターフォックス64, Star Fox 64), known as Lylat Wars in Australia and Europe, is the second game in the Star Fox series and was released for the Nintendo 64 console. It was remade for the Nintendo 3DS system in September 2011 under the title Star Fox 64 3D, regardless of region. It appears as a Masterpiece in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It can be played for 180 seconds, and has access to all menu features including the Main Game, Training Mode, and VS. mode.

In the Super Smash Bros. series[edit]

Gameplay of Star Fox 64.
Gameplay of Star Fox 64.


Fox McCloud, playable in all games in the series, and Falco Lombardi, playable since Super Smash Bros. Melee, didn't debut in this game. However, their design were based on this game until they were updated in Brawl. Wolf O'Donnell, a character who made his debut in this game, appears as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but his appearance is not based on his Star Fox 64 appearance, instead being based on his appearance from Star Fox: Assault.


Sector Z, Corneria and Venom all come from this game. While these locations all technically debuted in the original SNES game, they all instead use designs specifically based on their incarnations from this game. Sector Z is the fifth level when taking the hard path, Corneria is the first level, and Venom is the location for the final stage on each path through the game.


"Sector Z", "Venom", "Main Theme (Star Fox 64)", "Area 6", "Area 6 Ver. 2", "Star Wolf", "Star Wolf's Theme / Sector Z", and "Theme from Area 6 / Missile Slipstream" all come from this game. "Sector Z", "Venom", and, as the name implies, "Main Theme (Star Fox 64)" are remixes of the main theme of the game. "Area 6" and "Area 6 Ver. 2" are both remixes of the theme that played on the Area 6 stage in this game. "Star Wolf" is a remix of the track that plays when fighting the Star Wolf team. "Star Wolf's Theme / Sector Z" is a medley of three songs from this game: Team Star Wolf's theme, followed by the Sector Z theme and then the Fortuna theme. "Theme from Area 6 / Missile Slipstream" is a combination of two different music pieces from two games: The first is a remix of Area 6 from this game, and the second is a remix of Missile Slipstream from a different game, Star Fox: Command.


The character portraits for Corneria and Venom's Smash Taunt are taken from this game with a lighter tint in Melee and Brawl.