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This article is about Fox's appearance in Super Smash Bros. 4. For the character in other contexts, see Fox McCloud.
in Super Smash Bros. 4
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Universe Star Fox
Other playable appearances in SSB
in Melee
in Brawl
in Ultimate
Availability Starter
Final Smash Landmaster
Tier A (7-8)

Fox (フォックス, Fox) returns as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. 4. He was one of the characters confirmed to return in the game during the E3 2013 trailers on June 11th, 2013. He was also among the first wave of amiibo figures that are compatible with SSB4.

As in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Kenji Nojima reprises his role in the Japanese version with his re-recorded voice clips of the game. Mike West, who voiced Fox in Star Fox 64 and reprised his role in the 3DS remake, Star Fox 64 3D, now voices Fox in the English version, replacing Jim Walker from Brawl.

Fox has been ranked 7th/8th (tied with Sonic on the last SBR tier list) in all versions of the tier list to date, placed in the A tier on the final tier list. This is a noticeable improvement from his previous position from Brawl where he was ranked 15th of 38 characters as an upper mid tier character, and marks Fox's return to being ranked as a top tier character, like in Melee. Fox's strengths include very quick mobility, a fast and transcendent projectile in his Blaster, and an anti-camping move in his Reflector. Altogether, these grant him one of the fastest and safest approaches in the entire game and allow him to easily keep up with almost any opponent. Fox also boasts a versatile combo game thanks to his quick, low knockback moves, along with capable KOing power, with a quick and powerful finisher in his up smash.

However, Fox's fast falling speed, high gravity, subpar air speed and light weight make him one of the easiest characters to both combo and KO, making him prone to momentum shifts. His recovery, while long-distanced, is linear and predictable, allowing for players to edgeguard him. His grab game is also poor, as his throws lack utility due to having no follow-ups past medium percentages or being realistic KOing options. The introduction of rage further burdens Fox, as the efficiency of his combos drops dramatically with it, as well as becoming even easier to KO.

Regardless, Fox's weaknesses are not enough to keep him out of the top tier, which is evident by his high tournament representation, such as from Larry Lurr, and Fox has attained great results.


Fox fits in with the "hit-and-run" archetype, as he has very fast grounded movement and above average frame data. Fox's mobility is proficient overall: he possesses the third fastest walking speed, the fourth fastest dashing speed, below average air speed but high air acceleration, the highest gravity and the fastest falling speed out of the entire cast. Despite his falling speed, he is also one of the lightest characters in the game (sixth lightest).

Along with his mobility, his attack speed is remarkable. Most of his moves come out in fewer than 10 frames, and some, such as his up smash, also boast terrific power. Though his aerials have noticeable landing lag, they have favorable auto-cancel frames, with his up and back aerials auto-cancelling in a short-hop, and the latter two deal high knockback as well. Fox's frame data grants him a formidable approach, as he can pressure and poke with his tilts and aerials without leaving himself open to punishes. His Blaster, despite being nerfed, is an invaluable tool in Fox's arsenal. Its rapid-fire abilities and range give it great utility in zoning, camping, forcing approaches, and racking on damage. All of the above factors give Fox a powerful neutral game.

Another shining strength is Fox's combo game. All of his tilts and aerials are capable of starting combos. His up tilt can combo into itself at low- to mid-percents, and can lead into his aerials at higher percents. Dash attack deals vertical knockback, leading into aerial combos and juggles. Due to its high hitlag, down aerial has reduced landing lag if it connects, allowing different follow-ups at a variety of percentages. Fox's down throw is also a reliable combo-starter at lower damages. Forward aerial has several set-ups, and if Fox lands while doing the move, he can jab lock the opponent with low-angled forward tilt, and may extend the combo after they are forced into their neutral get-up. Fox can also forward air an opponent offstage and fastfall, which can lead into a footstool and kill extremely early.

Fox has good KO power for a character of his weight class. Up aerial is quick, powerful, and has a wide auto-cancel frame, making it relatively safe. Forward smash, while fairly weak, has moderate start-up and ending lag and long range. Down smash can catch opponents off-guard and gives them little chance to DI, along with its decent power and semi-spike angle. Back aerial has low start-up and is a deadly semi-spike as well. Finally, Fox's most potent KO move is his up smash, with minimal start-up and powerful knockback. He also has a few notable set-ups into it, as both his neutral and down aerials can combo into it at high percentages.

However, Fox has a few weaknesses. His recovery, while far-reaching, is average at best. Fox Illusion is fast and grants long horizontal distance, but is linear and can no longer be shortened. Fire Fox can be angled in any direction, but is also linear and slow. Though Fox Illusion can now be followed up with Fire Fox, his recovery is nonetheless predictable. His very high falling speed and low weight leave him at the mercy of meteor smashes, and he usually cannot survive them even at lower percentages. In addition, similarly to Greninja, Fox's walljump is highly situational and grants minimum vertical and horizontal distance.

Despite having several high-power moves, Fox sometimes has difficulty KOing his opponent. Most of his finishers are easily predictable even in spite of their speed, most notably his up aerial and up smash. Up aerial is hard to land without an air dodge read, and because it is commonly used to rack up damage, it is prone to staling. Back aerial and down smash have short reach and durations, and the latter is punishable. Forward smash is one of the weakest of its kind. His most reliable KOing move, his up smash, is difficult to connect without a read or set-up. It also has 45 frames of ending lag, making it extremely unsafe on shield. A majority of his moves also have somewhat short reach in comparison to other characters, forcing Fox to often be up-close to inflict damage most of the time.

Fox's grab game is quite mediocre. His down throw is easily DIed even at low percentages, and none of his other throws can combo effectively. He lacks a reliable KO throw, which further hinders his ability to close out stocks, and this gives him trouble against foes who continuously shield his finishers and set-ups. Fox does not have a particularly strong edgeguarding ability. He cannot maneuver effectively offstage due to his fast falling speed and slow air speed. He lacks a meteor smash outside of a pseudo autolink meteor in his fastfall forward air, and his aerials either have long durations, high ending lag, or both. In such situations, because of his falling speed, Fox often has to use Fire Fox to return to the stage, which is risky and can backfire if the opponent survives the attempt.

Finally, Fox has terrible endurance. His light weight and high gravity allow many characters to KO him below 100%. Not only that, but his falling speed leaves him extremely susceptible to combos, though less vulnerable to juggles. Thus, he loses the main advantage that light-weights possess while suffering from their most glaring weakness. Some characters can easily rack up 50% on Fox off of one combo, a prominent example being Luigi, and he along with other characters can potentially bring Fox to KO percents with one or two combos. His aforementioned recovery issues only exacerbate Fox's frailty. Since Fox aims to rack up heavy damage but can struggle KOing, he is in even greater danger of losing his stock to opponents with heavy rage, and his endurance prevents him from making effective use of the mechanic.

With custom moves on, Fox does gain good benefits. Impact Blaster behaves similarly to how his Blaster did in SSB in that it fires slower, but deals more damage, knockback, and makes the opponents flinch similarly to Falco's Blaster. Charge Blaster fires a single, powerful laser that has slower start-up, but deals good damage, hitstun and knockback. Wolf Flash, originally belonging to Wolf, propels Fox at 35° instead of only horizontally like Fox Illusion does and it can also spike airborne opponents. Flying Fox does not go as far and deals no damage, but has almost no start-up and propels Fox faster, making it harder to gimp. Twisting Fox does not fly as far and propels Fox slower, but has less start-up, sucks opponents in, and is much more powerful, KOing as low as 60% off the top blast zone. It also grants a large momentum boost, making it just as good for recovery despite the lowered distance.

Overall, Fox is a very capable character due to his great grounded mobility, fast attack speed, strong combo game, decent finishers and no crippling weaknesses aside from his poor endurance, poor horizontal aerial movement and linear recovery. He has attained excellent tournament representation, being used by high-level players such as Larry Lurr, and he has strong results at all levels of play.

Changes from Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

Fox received a mix of buffs and nerfs, but despite being directly nerfed from Brawl to Smash 4, several universal changes benefited Fox significantly more in SSB4. Fox's neutral game is less effective, with increased lag on his aerials and a weakened camping game due to the removal of auto-canceling on his Blaster. This means Fox can no longer safely bait as many bad approaches from his opponents. Additionally, his general damage output and frame data were nerfed and some of his finishers (such as up smash) have been weakened. He is lighter, and the changes to hitstun canceling combined with his higher fall speed and gravity makes him even easier to combo and worsens his endurance. One of his most significant nerfs was to his Reflector, which can no longer allow him to stall in the air effectively due to its drastically increased ending lag, no longer has intangibility on startup removing its ability to break combos and can no longer semi-spike, making it much less effective overall now being near useless outside of reflecting projectiles.

However, Fox benefits from the general changes of SSB4 enough to overcome these nerfs. This most notably includes the removal of chain grabbing, which was a major reason for his mid-tier placement in Brawl, and early hitstun canceling, which restores his ability to perform short combos with some of his more versatile attacks, such as his up tilt and neutral aerial. Additionally, while Fox's neutral game was nerfed, it still remains better than most due to his retained mix-ups, excellent foxtrot and short hop and his overall mobility. Fox also benefits from a better jab cancel at higher percents, which can set up KOs more reliably. His recovery has also improved, with Fox Illusion no longer leaving him helpless and Fire Fox traveling farther. Fox benefits from the untechable reeling animation arguably more than any other character, as it now allows Fox to combo his weaker moves (such as down or neutral aerial) into his smash attacks for a K.O.

As a result, he is considered to be much better relative to the cast than he was in Brawl despite his moveset being noticeably worse, reflected by his much greater tournament success compared to Brawl with many more dedicated mains pushing his metagame.


  • Change Due to the aesthetic used in Smash 4, Fox's attire is sleeker, his overall color scheme is more vibrant, and his fur is of a significantly higher visual quality than in Brawl. His teeth are also more pronounced.
  • Change Fox has received three new alternate costumes, one of which resembles Slippy Toad's appearance in Star Fox: Assault.
  • Change Blaster's design has slightly changed.


  • Nerf Fox is lighter (80 → 79), hindering his endurance. While this would also make him less susceptible to combos, his faster falling speed, higher gravity, and the changes to hitstun canceling collectively result in him being more susceptible to combos.
  • Buff Fox dashes faster (2.08 → 2.184), now only slightly trailing his Melee dashing speed.
    • Buff His initial dash is also faster (2.1 → 2.4), still being the fastest in the game, but by a significantly larger margin this time around.
  • Buff Fox's air speed is faster (0.89 → 0.96).
  • Change Fox falls much faster (1.831 → 2.05), going from the third fastest to the fastest. This improves his vertical endurance (despite his lower weight/higher gravity), but makes him more susceptible to combos.
    • Buff His fast-falling speed is significantly faster (2.5634 → 3.28), going from the fourth fastest to the fastest.
  • Nerf Fox's gravity is even higher (0.175 → 0.19). While this does improve his ability to land, this also makes him even more susceptible to combos when he is not put into tumble and it hinders his endurance even further (especially horizontally).
  • Nerf Fox's double jump is much lower, going from being around high enough to reach the top platform on Battlefield to now barely surpassing his full hop.
  • Buff Rolls have less ending lag (FAF 32 → 27), now being among the fastest in the game.
  • Nerf Rolls have a shorter duration (frames 4-19 → 4-14).
  • Buff Air dodge has less startup lag (frame 4 → 2) and ending lag (FAF 50 → 31), now being tied for the second fastest in the game.
  • Nerf Air dodge has a shorter duration (frames 4-29 → 2-25).
  • Buff Spot dodge has less ending lag (FAF 26 → 25), now being among the fastest in the game.
  • Nerf Spot dodge has a shorter duration (frames 2-20 → 2-15).
  • Buff The changes to hitstun canceling and Directional Influence, significantly improve Fox's combo potential, with Fox now gaining a slew of new combos and KO confirms due to their changes.
    • Nerf However, they also significantly increase Fox's own susceptibility to combos due to his low weight and high falling speed, as well as noticeably hindering his already poor endurance.
  • Buff The removal of chain grabbing significantly improves Fox's endurance moreso than almost any other returning veteran, while also not hindering Fox as he lacked any chain grabs of his own (outside of very difficult grab release chain grabs in a small number of matchups).
  • Buff The removal of teching from a reeling tumble state benefits Fox moreso than any other returning veteran as he can easily set up reeling with his forward tilt or late neutral aerial, which can then easily lead into an up smash for a KO.
  • Nerf The removal of meteor canceling makes Fox significantly more susceptible to meteor smashes, due to his low weight and high falling speed, while he lacks any powerful meteor smashes of his own to compensate.
  • Nerf The changes to aerial grab releases hinders Fox as it removes the guaranteed followups he had against a select few smaller characters, while unlike almost every other character, he is left more vulnerable to aerial release followups (as he is released higher in the air, making him land later).
    • Buff However, his higher and less laggy aerial grab release animation also leaves him in a less exploitable spot when he is aerial grab released off stage.

Ground attacks[edit]

  • Neutral attack:
    • Buff The first hit of neutral attack deals more knockback (10 (base), 20 (scaling) → 15/40), improving its jab canceling potential.
    • Change The first hit's far hit is positioned slightly higher (y offset: 0 → 0.6).
    • Nerf The first hit has more ending lag (FAF 16 → 18).
    • Buff The second hit deals more knockback (25 (base), 30 (scaling) → (25/32)/(70/80)), noticeably improving its jab canceling potential, especially at higher percents.
    • Buff The second hit's body hitbox launches opponents at a higher angle (20° → 68°), improving its jab canceling potential.
    • Change The far hit is positioned slightly higher (y offset: 0 → 0.6).
    • Nerf The second hit has more ending lag (FAF 18 → 21).
    • Nerf The second hit deals less damage (2% → 1%).
    • Nerf The second hit's arm and hand hitboxes send opponents at a less favourable angle, especially the former (80° → 40° (arm)/76° (hand)).
    • Buff Fox now has to press the attack button three times in order to initiate the infinite (if he does not hold it after hitting an opponent). This makes it much harder for the player to accidently perform the neutral infinite.
    • Buff The startup of the neutral infinite now has a hitbox on frame 3, significantly reducing the infinite's startup lag (frame 9 → 3).
    • Buff The infinite's looping hits have more base knockback (5/3 → 20) and a lower SDI multiplier (1× → 0.4×), making them connect much more reliably.
    • Buff The infinite now uses three extended hitboxes, giving the move more vertical range.
      • Nerf However, the move also has slightly reduced horizontal range.
    • Change The infinite's looping hits now launch opponents vertically (361° → 60°/85°/78°).
      • Buff This allows them to connect more reliably.
      • Nerf However, this also removes their ability to lock opponents.
    • Nerf The infinite deals less damage (2%/1% → 0.4% (starting hit)/0.7% (loop)).
    • Buff The infinite has received a updated finisher, a side kick. This new finisher now uses a normal hitbox (rather than a windbox) which deals more damage (0% → 2%) and knockback (0 (base), 29 (set), 100 (scaling) → 30/0/170).
    • Buff The finisher has a larger extended hitbox (5u → 6u), improving its range.
    • Buff The finisher has a longer duration (frame 2 → 3-4).
    • Nerf The finisher has more startup lag (frame 2 → 3) and much more ending lag (FAF 12 → 33).
    • Nerf The finisher launches opponents at a higher angle (0° → 361°).
  • Forward tilt:
    • Change Forward tilt has a slightly altered animation where Fox swings his leg more horizontally inward, as opposed to thrusting his leg out forward.
    • Nerf Forward tilt now only uses one extended hitbox rather than three normal hitboxes, which gives the move less horizontal range (with the move now failing to fully cover Fox's leg on the first two active frames), as well as making it cover less of Fox's body.
      • Nerf This also means that the entire move now has transcendent priority (rather than just Fox's foot), hindering its safety against stronger attacks and projectiles.
  • Up tilt:
    • Nerf Up tilt has a shorter duration (frames 3-10 → 3-7) with no animation change, reducing its range in front of Fox.
    • Nerf The sweetspots have been repositioned (x/y offsets: 0/4 → 3.9/-0.6), slightly reducing their range.
    • Nerf Up tilt deals less damage (10% (ground foot)/8% (aerial foot/legs/body) → 9%/7% (ground/aerial foot)/6% (legs/body)), hindering its KO potential.
      • Buff However, this combined with the changes to hitstun canceling/DI significantly improves its combo potential beyond lower percents, to the point where the move now has some KO setups at high percents.
    • Nerf Up tilt now has a late hit from frames 6-7 of its duration, which deals much less damage (10%/8% → 6% (foot)/5% (body/legs)).
      • Buff However, this further improves the move's combo potential at higher percents.
  • Down tilt:
    • Nerf Down tilt deals less damage (9%/8%/7% → 8%/7%/6%), hindering its KO potential.
      • Buff However, when combined with the changes to hitstun canceling/DI, this improves down tilt's combo potential, particularly from mid percents with the sourspot.
  • Dash attack:
    • Buff Dash attack has increased base knockback (35 (clean)/20 (late) → 55/40). This not only improves dash attack's KO potential but when combined with the changes to hitstun canceling/DI, this also improves its combo potential.
    • Nerf Dash attack deals less damage (7% (clean)/5% (late) → 6%/4%).
    • Nerf The clean hit's foot hitbox has been slightly repositioned (x/y offset: 0/-4.5 → -0.7/4.4), slightly reducing its range.
  • Forward smash:
    • Buff Forward smash deals more knockback (10 (base), 96 (scaling) → 20/98 (clean); 2 (base) → 20 (late)), improving its KO potential despite its lower damage.
    • Buff The back leg hitbox is marginally larger (2.88u → 2.9u).
    • Buff Forward smash has an altered animation where Fox's right foot enlarges more and Fox travels about twice the distance, significantly improving its range.
      • Nerf However, this does also make the move easier to punish on shield.
    • Bug fix Due to the rebound hitbox flag being fixed, forward smash no longer rebounds, much like in Melee.
      • Buff This significantly improves its approach potential, especially when combined with its increased travel distance.
    • Change Forward smash always now always launches opponents in the direction Fox is facing.
    • Nerf Forward smash has more ending lag (FAF 41 → 46).
    • Nerf Forward smash deals less damage (15% (clean)/12% (late) → 14%/11%).
    • Nerf Forward smash's foot and head hitbox is marginally smaller (4.32u/3.84u → 4.3u/3.8u) and the foot hitbox has been moved slightly closer to Fox (x/y offset: 0/4.2 → 4.1/0), slightly reducing its range relative to Fox.
  • Up smash:
    • Buff Up smash's leg hitbox is a tiny bit larger (4.099983u → 4.1u).
    • Nerf Up smash has a shorter duration (frames 8-10 (clean)/11-15 (late) → 8-9/10-11). The clean hit's shorter duration prevents it from being able to hit opponents on platforms, while the late hit's shorter duration significantly decreases the move's range behind Fox.
    • Nerf Up smash has more ending lag (FAF 47 → 56).
    • Nerf Fox's head has less intangibility when performing up smash (frames 1-10 → 1-9).
    • Nerf Up smash deals less damage (17%/15% (clean)/13% (late) → (16%/14%)/11%), with the clean hit also having decreased knockback scaling (96 → 94), hindering its KO potential.
    • Nerf The foot hitbox has been repositioned (x/y/z offset: 0/2.7/2.5 (clean), 0/2.7/1.8 (late) → (3/2.1/0)/(2.9/2.1/0), slightly reducing its range.
    • Nerf Fox's running up smash covers noticeably less distance out of an initial dash, forcing him to rely on his jump cancelled up smash.
      • Nerf When combined with the removal of DACUS, this hinders up smash's approach potential.
  • Down smash:
    • Change Down smash has more base knockback but less knockback scaling (50 (base), 65 (scaling) → 30/75).
      • Buff This improves its overall KO potential.
      • Nerf However, this also hinders its edgeguarding potential, as well as its KO potential when used close to the horizontal blast zone, and even from around center stage on smaller tournament legal stages.
    • Nerf Down smash has a shorter duration (frames 6-10 → 6-7).
    • Nerf Down smash has more ending lag (FAF 50 → 53).
    • Nerf Down smash has a new charging animation where Fox stands upright on one leg while bracing himself when looking up; this somewhat enlarges his hurtbox while charging compared to the previous animation.

Aerial attacks[edit]

  • Neutral aerial:
    • Nerf Neutral aerial has more landing lag (9 frames → 11).
    • Nerf The foot hitbox has been moved closer to Fox (x/y offset: 0/-2.38 → 2.3/0), with the foot hitbox now failing to fully cover Fox's foot.
  • Forward aerial:
    • Buff Forward aerial's first four hits now send aerial opponents at the autolink angle (75° → 366°) with set knockback (10 (base), 50 (scaling) → 120 (set)/100 (scaling)). When combined with the weakening of SDI, this allows it to connect much more reliably and it makes the move harder to escape, despite its SDI multiplier being increased (1× → 1.3×).
      • Buff Additionally, if Fox fast falls in the middle of the attack, it will drag opponents down with him. This can notably lead into a footstool jump off stage, allowing Fox to get off stage KOes at extremely low percents (although it is difficult and risky to perform).
    • Buff The first four hits deal more knockback to grounded opponents (10 (base), 50 (scaling) → 60/120 (hit 1)/60/150 (hits 2-4)).
    • Buff The final hit's middle hitbox is larger (6.5u → 7u), and the foot hitbox has been positioned further outwards (x/y/z offset: 1/5/0 → 5.1/-, increasing its range.
    • Change The final hit has a higher hitlag multiplier (1× → 2×).
    • Nerf Forward aerial has noticeably increased landing lag (18 frames → 27).
    • Nerf Forward aerial deals much less damage (6% (hit 1)/5% (hits 2/3)/4% (hit 4)/23% (total) → 2%/1%/0.6%/0.8%/7.4%), going from the most damaging forward aerial in Brawl to one of the least damaging in Smash 4.
    • Nerf Forward aerial has an altered animation where Fox extends his foot further out. This noticeably reduces forward aerial's range relative to Fox, with the first four hits no longer being disjointed.
    • Nerf The first four hits have smaller hitboxes (6u/6u/4u (hit 1)/5.5u/5.5u/3.5u (hit 2) → 4u/3u) and the body hitbox has been removed. This significantly reduces their range, especially on the foot, despite its hitboxes being positioned further outwards (x/y/z offset: 1/5.2/0 → 5.1/
    • Nerf The final hit launches at a lower angle (75° → 70°) and has decreased knockback scaling (140 → 130), hindering its KO potential and making it more susceptible to DI, especially when considering its higher hitlag.
    • Nerf Due to Fox's increased falling speed and gravity, forward aerial has a weaker hover effect. This not only hinders its recovery potential, and its ability to chase aerial opponents (especially when combined with Fox's lower double jump) but this also;
      • Nerf Removes its ability to auto-cancel in a short hop, noticeably hindering its approach potential.
      • Nerf Removes Fox's ability to land on the top Battlefield platform with full hop - forward aerial, as well as removing/hindering its ability to land on other hard to reach areas.
  • Back aerial:
    • Buff Back aerial has larger hitboxes (4u/4u/4u/3u → 4.6u/4.6u).
      • Nerf However, Fox can no longer hit smaller characters (or as many crouching characters) with back aerial and still auto-cancel it due to his aforementioned increased falling speed/gravity.
    • Buff Back aerial notably benefits from the increased shieldstun, now granting Fox frame advantage on shield if its auto-cancel is timed properly.
    • Change As with most back aerial's, back aerial now always launches opponents in the opposite direction Fox is facing.
    • Nerf Back aerial deals less damage (15% → 13%), without full compensation on its knockback scaling (85 → 88), hindering its KO potential.
    • Nerf The foot hitbox has been moved closer to Fox (x/y/z offset: 1/6/0 → 5.9/0.9/1.3), reducing its range.
    • Nerf The sourspots on Fox's body have been removed, reducing back aerial's range in front of Fox, as well as reducing back aerial's overall utility.
  • Up aerial:
    • Nerf Up aerial's second hit has a shorter duration (frames 12-14 → 12-13).
      • Buff However, this also makes up aerial auto-cancel one frame earlier (frame 26 → 25).
  • Down aerial:
    • Buff Down aerial auto-cancels earlier (frame 31 → 29).
    • Buff The first six hits have altered angles (285° → 250° (body/110° (foot)) and knockback (33 (base), 0 (set) 40 (scaling) → 0/5/100 (body)/38/0/30 (foot)). When combined with weakening of SDI, this makes down aerial connect more reliably, as well as making it much more difficult to escape.
      • Nerf However, this also removes their edgeguarding potential.
    • Buff The final hit has larger hitboxes (6.4u → 4.5u/8.5u) and it has gained an additional smaller hitbox on Fox's body (similar to its Smash 64/Melee counterparts), increasing its range.
    • Change The loop hits now uses a weak kick sound, while the final hit and new landing hit use a medium kick sound (rather than a medium punch sound).
    • Change The final hit has a higher hitlag multiplier (1x → 2x).
    • Change The final hit launches opponents at a higher angle (285° → 60°) and deals more knockback (33 (base), 40 (scaling) → 50/140).
      • Buff This improves the move's followup potential at lower percents (when auto-cancelled), while still being able to lead into KO confirms at higher percents due to the changes to hitstun canceling/DI (although the move is still too weak on its own to lead to KOes).
      • Change The move's higher launch angle allows Fox to lead into aerial followups, but removes its ability to lead into ground moves.
      • Nerf However, the move's new angle also removes its edgeguarding ability, and Fox overall has less followup options out of the move, especially since it can now be DIed from very low percents.
    • Buff Down aerial has a new landing hitbox with a high hitlag multiplier, allowing it to benefit from the introduction of frame canceling.
    • Nerf Down aerial has much more landing lag (12 frames → 25), significantly hindering its safety, as well as its followup potential (although frame cancelling with the landing hit does partially compensate for this).
    • Nerf The first six hits deal less damage (3% → 1.4%), significantly reducing down aerial's total damage output (21% → 11.4%).
    • Nerf The first six hits now use smaller extended hitboxes (6.4u → 3u/3u), significantly reducing their horizontal range.
    • Nerf Compared to the previous loop hits, the landing hit deals less damage (3% → 1%), more knockback (33 (base), 40 (scaling) → 20/150) and launches opponents at a horizontal angle (285° → 361°). When combined with the move's higher landing lag (even when taking frame canceling into account) this hinders down aerial's followup potential, removing up tilt followups beyond lower percents (which are a lot more difficult to set up due to the horizontal launch angle) and tightening the percentage window for up smash KO confirms.
    • Nerf The landing hit has a smaller extended hitbox (6.4u → 4u) compared to the previous looping hits.

Throws/other attacks[edit]

  • Grabs:
    • Buff All grabs have less ending lag (FAF 30 (standing)/40 (dash)/36 (pivot) → 29/36/34).
    • Buff Dash grab has less startup lag (frame 11 → 10).
    • Buff All grabs extend further outwards (z offset: 8.8 (standing)/7.0 (dash)/-13.0 (pivot) → z stretch: 9.0/10.2/-15.0). This gives dash and pivot grabs more range (especially the former).
    • Nerf Pivot grab has more startup lag (frame 9 → 11).
    • Nerf All grabs have smaller grabboxes (4.8u (standing)/4.5u (dash/pivot) → 3u (standing/pivot)/2.4u (dash)). This gives Fox's grabs less vertical range, as well as giving his standing grab less horizontal range, despite it being positioned further outwards.
  • Throw lasers:
    • Buff The weakening of DI benefits Fox's back and up throws (especially the former), as it is now more difficult to DI out of the lasers' line of fire.
    • Change Throw lasers now use a unique sound laser sound effect (rather than a punch sound) and up/down throw's lasers also now have a laser effect.
  • Pummel:
    • Buff Pummel deals more damage (1% → 1.2%).
    • Change Pummel now launches bystanders horizontally (80° → 361°).
      • Buff This makes the pummel safer against bystanders, especially against floatier characters.
      • Nerf However, this also hinders its ability to chain into itself.
  • Forward throw:
    • Buff Forward throw's hitbox has a longer duration (frame 10 → 10-11).
    • Change Fox releases his opponent from forward throw one frame later (frame 11 → 12).
  • Down throw:
    • Buff The changes to hitstun canceling/DI significantly improve down throw's combo potential, as it is now a reliable combo starter at lower percents.
    • Change The lasers now use an extended hitbox (z stretch: 0 → 6).
    • Nerf Down throw's lasers deal less damage (2% → 1.5%), reducing down throw's total damage output (9% → 7%).
  • Floor attacks:
    • Buff Floor attacks have less ending lag (FAF 50 → 46).
    • Buff Floor attacks deal more damage (6% → 7%) and shield damage (1 → 8) per hit, without full compensation on their knockback scaling (50 → 48).
    • Nerf Floor attacks launch opponents at a higher angle (361° → 48°).
    • Nerf Floor attacks now use one extended hitbox rather than multiple large normal hitboxes, reducing their range, both in front of Fox and around his body.
  • Front floor attack:
    • Buff Front floor attack has less startup lag (frame 19 (back)/25 (front) → 16/21).
    • Nerf Front floor attack has less intangibility (frames 1-26 → 1-22).
  • Back floor attack:
    • Buff Back floor attack has less startup lag (frame 17 (front)/24 (front) → 16/21).
    • Nerf Back floor attack has a shorter duration (frames 17-19 (front)/24-26 back) → 16-17/21-22).
    • Nerf Back floor attack has less intangibility (frames 1-26 → 1-22).
  • Edge attack:
    • Buff Edge attack no longer has set knockback (110 (set), 100 (scaling) → 90 (base)/20).
    • Buff Edge attack has less startup lag (frame 25 → 19).
      • Nerf However, its total duration was unchanged, giving it more ending lag.
    • Change Edge attack deals consistent damage (8% (legs)/6% (body) → 7%).
    • Nerf Edge attack has a shorter duration (frames 25-32 → 19-21).
    • Nerf Edge attack has less intangibility (frames 1-23 → 1-16).
    • Nerf Edge attack now uses one extended hitbox, rather than three normal hitboxes. This hitbox gives the move less vertical and horizontal range (especially when combined with the move's shorter duration).
    • Nerf Edge attack now always launches opponents in the direction Fox is facing, removing its ability to set up edgeguards.
  • Trip attack:
    • Buff Trip attack deals more shield damage (1 → 8) per hit.
    • Nerf Trip attack has less intangibility (frames 1-8 → 1-7).
    • Nerf Trip attack now has one extended hitbox rather than three separate hitboxes, which covers less of Fox's body.

Special moves[edit]

  • Blaster:
    • Change Much like Fox's throw lasers, Blaster's laser now has a unique laser sound effect when it connects (rather than a punch sound).
    • Nerf Blaster has one more frame of ending lag (FAF 39 (ground)/37 (air) → 40/38).
      • Nerf In addition to this, Aerial Blaster has a longer ending animation (22 frames → 27), increasing the amount of time Fox cannot grab ledges after performing the move.
    • Nerf In a similar vein to Falco, Blaster no longer auto-cancels upon landing, greatly hindering its safety and camping ability.
      • Nerf In addition to this, Fox can now only fire two lasers from a short hop due to his lower short hop (with his higher falling speed/gravity generally reducing his laser output in mid-air), further hindering its camping potential.
    • Nerf Blaster now has a clean hit, a mid hit and a late hit with the mid hit dealing the same damage as the previous late hit and the new late hit dealing less damage (2% → 1.4%).
    • Nerf Blaster's clean and mid hits have shorter durations with the new late hit having the longest duration (frames 11-17 (clean)/18-30 (late) → 11-12/13-19/20-30).
    • Nerf Blaster's hitbox is not positioned as far out (x offset: 10 → 6), reducing its range.
      • Nerf In addition to this, the laser now only uses one extended hitbox, rather than two normal hitboxes. This both reduces the laser's range and it means that the back of the laser still has a large blind spot.
  • Fox Illusion:
    • Buff Fox Illusion no longer leaves Fox helpless after the move is performed in the air, though it can still only be used once in the air. When combined with the removal of edge hogging, this drastically improves its recovery potential.
    • Buff Fox Illusion travels slightly further.
    • Buff Fox no longer dashes over the edge when using Illusion on the ground.
    • Buff Fox Illusion has less landing lag (24 frames → 16).
    • Buff If Fox performs Fox Illusion on the first frame of his jump, he will now perform the aerial version rather than the grounded version. When combined with the move's lower landing lag, this greatly reduces the move's lag when used after a jump.
    • Change Fox Illusion has less base knockback but more knockback scaling (68 (base), 40/60 (ground/aerial scaling) → 10/(170/200)).
      • Buff This improves its KO potential, while now giving the aerial version KO confirms at higher percents due to the changes to hitstun canceling/DI.
      • Nerf However, this also makes the much less safe on hit at lower percents (especially the grounded version), hindering its utility at lower percents.
    • Bug fix Fox Illusion no longer gives Fox RCO lag.
      • Buff This naturally makes Fox Illusion less risky as an approach or recovery option.
    • Nerf Fox Illusion deals less damage (4% → 3%).
    • Nerf Fox Illusion has more startup lag (frame 20 → 21) and ending lag (FAF 64 → 70).
    • Nerf Fox Illusion can no longer be shortened, hindering its mix-up potential.
    • Nerf Fox can no longer reuse Fox Illusion if he is aerial grab released out of it.
  • Fire Fox:
    • Buff Fox's momentum is no longer completely halted after performing Fire Fox at an upwards 45° angle, making it cover noticeably more distance.
    • Buff Fire Fox's dashing hitboxes are larger (4.7u (clean)/3.8u (late) → 5.3u/4.7u).
    • Nerf Fire Fox has more landing lag (18 frames → 20 (normal/30 (RCO lag)).
  • Reflector:
    • Buff Reflector has a longer duration (frame 3 → 6-7).
    • Buff Reflector has a larger hitbox (6u → 7.5u).
    • Buff Reflector deals more knockback to aerial opponents (60 (base), 30 (scaling) → 66/45).
    • Buff Reflector has a higher speed multiplier (1x → 1.4x) and a higher duration multiplier (0.5x → 1x), making it more effective at reflecting projectiles.
    • Buff Reflector preserves more of Fox's momentum (0.5 → 2), improving its approach potential.
    • Buff Reflector now protects Fox from most explosive projectiles, with the exception of sudden death Bob-ombs.
    • Change Reflector has an updated sound effect.
    • Nerf Reflector deals less damage (5% (grounded opponents)/4% (aerial opponents) → 2% (both)), without full compensation on its knockback against grounded opponents (60 (base), 30 (scaling) → 66/32).
    • Nerf Reflector launches aerial opponents at a much higher angle (10° → 40°), significantly hindering its edgeguarding and KO potential despite its higher knockback.
    • Nerf Reflector has more startup lag (frame 3 → 6).
    • Nerf Reflector no longer grants Fox intangibility during its startup, removing its use as a combo breaker and as a close range defensive tool.
    • Nerf Reflector has a lower reflection multiplier (1.5x → 1.4x).
    • Nerf Similar to its Smash 64/Melee counterparts, Fox is now locked in his reflector for 20 frames before he can release it, drastically increasing the move's ending lag (FAF 22 → 41). This significantly hinders its safety as an attack on the ground, as well as removing its followup potential.
    • Nerf Fox has slightly higher gravity when using Reflector (0.2666666 → 0.27). When combined with its increased ending lag, this drastically hinders Reflector's stalling potential.
  • Landmaster:
    • Buff Landmaster can now fire its cannon while airborne.
    • Change Landmaster is now light blue, instead of dark blue.
    • Nerf Landmaster has a shorter duration (18 seconds → 12).
    • Nerf Landmaster deals less damage (5%-22% → 5%-17% (ram), 15% → 12% (falling), 16%/15% → 13%/12% (turning), 12%/17% → 8%/15% (shot)).
    • Bug fix The regenerating terrain glitch has been fixed.

Update history[edit]

Fox has been slightly buffed overall in game updates. His jab cancel was weakened and his jab lock was completely removed, though his Blaster and Reflector were improved. Fox also does not seem to be notably affected by the changes to the shield mechanics brought about by updates 1.1.0 and 1.1.1.

Super Smash Bros. 4 1.0.6

  • Change Neutral infinite has less visual whiffs.

Super Smash Bros. 4 1.1.0

  • Nerf Neutral attack's first and second hit's knockback and ending lag increased, removing Fox's jab lock and weakening his jab cancel.
  • Buff Neutral infinite received a hitbox that deals 0.4% and appears on frame 3. This makes its hits connect together better.
  • Buff Reflector's hitbox duration increased: 1 frame → 2.
  • Buff Reflector's hitbox size and horizontal displacement increased.
  • Buff All variations of Blaster had their ending lag decreased by 3 frames.

Super Smash Bros. 4 1.1.1

  • Change Down throw's Blaster shots deal 0.5% less damage: 2% → 1.5%. However, its total damage output is unchanged due to Fox now firing one more shot.

Super Smash Bros. 4 1.1.4

  • Buff Hard tripping now grants five frames of invincibility.


For a gallery of Fox's hitboxes, see here.

  Name Damage Description
Neutral attack   2% Two alternating jabs followed by a flurry of kicks, ending with a mid-level roundhouse kick. The second one is very easy to drop via jab cancel, allowing Fox to combo into other quick moves or into a grab.
0.4% (connecting hit), 0.7% (loop), 2% (final hit)
Forward tilt   8% A roundhouse kick. Can be angled up or down, but has below average knockback. When angled downwards, it can jab reset at low percentages.
Up tilt   9% (clean), 6% (late) A scorpion kick. Excellent for follow-ups, such as back aerial, forward aerial, or up aerial. It comes out extremely fast, being frame 3, making it a good surprise attack for foes approaching from behind. Combined, its extremely fast start up and low reaching start up hitbox means it can be used as an easy "two frame" ledge snap punish, which of course can be followed up with.
Down tilt   8% (close), 7%, 6% (far) Swipes at the opponent with his tail. Slightly less range than the animation would indicate. The sourspot sends opponents at a higher angle, which allows it to combo into other attacks more easily, most notably into a KO confirm up aerial at high percentages.
Dash attack   6% (clean), 4% (late) A flying kick. One of Fox's best combo starters.
Forward smash   14% A butterfly kick. It has good range since Fox somersaults forward. Has possibly the lowest base knockback in the game for a forward smash, but decent knockback growth.
Up smash Flip Kick (サマーソルトキック, Somersault Kick) 16% (clean), 11% (late) A bicycle kick, similar to Yoshi's up smash. It loses strength the farther it is into the animation. The clean hit has the slash effect. It hits on frame 8, has high power, and has intangibility on head during startup and clean hit, making it Fox's most potent finisher. However, it has high ending lag (45 frames).
Down smash   14% (feet), 12% (legs) A split kick. Very fast start-up, hits on both sides and launches opponents at a semi-spike angle.
Neutral aerial   9% (clean), 6% (late) A flying kick. Due to being a sex kick, it loses power the longer it is out. However, the late hit can be useful for setting up a slide smash or any other attacks, especially due to rather low landing lag coupled with Fox's quick falling speed.
Forward aerial   2% (hit 1), 1% (hit 2), 0.6% (hit 3), 0.8% (hit 4), 3% (last hit) Five swiveling roundhouse kicks performed in quick succession. This move makes Fox "hover" until the move ends if used right after a jump. Good for building up damage, as opponents will be trapped within the flurry of kicks for the duration of the attack. Suffers from moderate landing lag, but auto-cancels from a full hop. When fast-fallen, the first three kicks combined with a footstool are capable of gimping opponents offstage.
Back aerial   13% A back kick. Has a very generous auto-cancel window, to where it can be used at the peak of a short hop and still auto-cancel. A useful edge-guarding attack, and deadly at the sides of the stage due to its good knockback and angle, though not to the extent of Falco's.
Up aerial   5% (hit 1), 11% (last hit) A somersault kick. Auto-cancels out of a short hop. Fox's strongest aerial, as it deals high knockback to the point where it can even KO grounded opponents reliably at around 140%. In the air, it KOs at around 110%. and However, the first hit of up aerial can be SDI'd out of to avoid getting hit by the second hit.
Down aerial   1.4% (hits 1-6), 3% (last hit), 1% (landing hit) A drill kick that hits multiple times in quick succession. Auto-cancels from a full hop, making it useful for reading jumps. The last hit deals low knockback. The landing hit launches opponents away and at high percentages, a running up smash can be used as an immediate follow-up.
Pummel   1.2% Knee strikes the opponent. Fast, but weak.
Forward throw   4% (hit 1), 3% (throw) Releases the opponent and quickly performs a cross, launching them forward. Can lead into a dash attack or up smash at low to high percentages if the opponent does not DI away or tech. It is also Fox's strongest throw, but it does not start KOing until extremely high percentages.
Back throw   2% (throw), 2% (shots) Throws the opponent backward and shoots them with three rapid shots from his Blaster.
Up throw   2% (throw), 2% (shots) Throws the opponent upward and shoots them with three rapid shots from his Blaster. Can occasionally be followed up into an up aerial if the opponent's reaction is read properly.
Down throw   1.5% (shots), 1% (throw) Forces the opponent onto the ground and fires four rapid, point-blank shots at them with his Blaster. A semi-reliable combo starter into forward aerial, back aerial, or up aerial, depending on DI, but since it has high base knockback and scaling, such follow-ups become impossible past very low percentages unless the opponent DIs poorly.
Forward roll
Back roll
Spot dodge
Air dodge
Floor attack (front)
Floor getups (front)
  7% Does a kick in front and in back.
Floor attack (back)
Floor getups (back)
  7% Punches forward and kicks backward.
Floor attack (trip)
Floor getups (trip)
  5% Spins around, hitting opponents with his tail.
Edge attack
Edge getups
  7% A dropkick.
Neutral special Default Blaster 1.4% (far), 2%, or 3% (close) Takes his Blaster out of its holster and fires at the opponent. The Blaster's lasers are fired rapidly, but do not make the opponent flinch and they lose power the farther they travel. They nearly cover the length of Final Destination.
Custom 1 Impact Blaster 2% (far), 3%, 4% or 4.3% (close) The Blaster fires slower lasers that don’t travel as far, but deal more damage and knock opponents back, making it function similarly to Fox's Blaster in Super Smash Bros.
Custom 2 Charge Blaster 10.5% Fires a single, powerful laser. Has a slower start-up time, but has considerable hitstun and good knockback. Less start-up time if used while airborne. Pushes Fox back slightly.
Side special Default Fox Illusion 3% Dashes forward at a blindingly fast speed, leaving behind afterimages. Fox will launch opponents at an upwards angle on contact. Can be used as a situational recovery option.
Custom 1 Fox Burst 13% Doesn’t go as far, and cannot hit opponents with the dash itself, but it will generate a large explosion wherever he stops. It can also be used to stall in midair.
Custom 2 Wolf Flash 3% (dash), 9% (end of the move), 10% (sweetspot hitting airborne opponents) Dashes at an upwards angle, meteor smashing opponents at a downward angle if it hits with the sweetspot at the move's end. Covers slightly less horizontal distance. It was Wolf's side special move in Brawl.
Up special Default Fire Fox 2% (charging hits 1-7), 14% (clean dash), 8% (late dash) Cloaks himself in fire and suddenly fires himself in one of many directions, depending on what direction is held.
Custom 1 Flying Fox 0% Quicker, lacking any starting charge, but deals no damage.
Custom 2 Twisting Fox 1% (charging hits 1-3), 1.2% (hits 1-7), 2% (last hit) Spins rapidly, dragging opponents in as he fires himself off and dealing rapid damage, similarly to Fire Wolf. Can KO as low as 60% in the air. Has a decrease in distance to compensate, but grants a larger momentum boost at the end of the move, meaning it covers the same overall distance.
Down special Default Reflector 2% (Reflector), 1.4× (reflection) Activates a Reflector around himself. All projectiles are deflected and do more damage than they normally would. The Reflector damages nearby foes upon activation, and deals relatively fixed knockback. Fox can change direction while using the move, and can roll after reflecting something by tilting the control stick.
Custom 1 Big Reflector 1.2× (reflection) A larger Reflector that has a weaker reflection multiplier, but has a slightly larger reflecting hitbox. It pushes back enemies at close range instead of damaging them from the front, and pulls enemies in from the back.
Custom 2 Amplifying Reflector 2.1× (reflection) Has a longer start-up time, but a much stronger reflection multiplier. It cannot deal damage or pushback at close range and does not stall Fox in midair.
Final Smash Landmaster 5% (activation), 5-17% (ram), 13% (turning around), 11% (roll), 12 (landing) 8% (cannon while firing), 15% (cannon projectile) Calls in a Landmaster. While piloting it, Fox can drive it around and hover by holding down the jump button. The Landmaster also has many methods of attacking, such as firing the laser turret and running over foes. Fox's version lasts longer than Falco's, but has a lower air speed.


Stats Weight Dash speed Walk speed Traction Air friction Air speed Air acceleration Gravity Falling speed Jumpsquat Jump Height Double jump Height
Value 79 2.4 – Initial dash
2.184 – Run
1.45 0.06 0.015 0.96 0.01 – Base
0.08 – Additional
0.19 2.05 – Base
4 35 - Base
16.403395 - Short hop

Announcer call[edit]

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On-screen appearance[edit]



  • Up taunt: Fox charges up a fiery field around himself similarly to when he performs Fire Fox, saying "Here I come!". (行くぞ!, Let's go!)
  • Side taunt: Fox throws his Blaster into the air, then allows it to land back into its holster.
  • Down taunt: Fox backs up, bends down slightly, and says "Come on!" (かかってこい!, Come at me!) whilst waving his hand in a beckoning gesture.
  • Smash taunt: When fighting as Fox on the Corneria stage in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS or Lylat Cruise in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, quickly tap down on the directional pad once and he will kneel down and seem as though he is trying to communicate with someone through a device, and then stand back up, at which point a conversation will begin with another character from the Star Fox universe.
Up taunt Side taunt Down taunt
FoxUpTauntSSB4.gif FoxSideTauntSSB4.gif FoxDownTauntSSB4.gif

Idle poses[edit]

  • Does a Tae Kwon Do fighting stance and takes a deep breath.
  • Holds out his hand and makes a beckoning gesture, as if performing his down taunt.
FoxIdlePose1SSB4.jpg FoxIdlePose2SSB4.jpg

Crowd cheer[edit]

English Japanese
Description Fox! Fox! Fox! Fo-kusu! *claps 3 times*
Pitch Group chant Group chant

Victory poses[edit]

This victory theme is based upon the main theme of Star Fox 64, most specifically the title theme. It is also reminiscent of the music that would play when a mission was completed or accomplished.
  • Poses with his Blaster, saying "Mission complete!" In the Japanese release, he says "作戦完了!" (Operation complete!)
  • Spins his Blaster and re-holsters it, saying "This is Fox. Returning to base." Japanese: こちらフォックス、これより帰還する。 (This is Fox, heading back.)
    • If Falco is present after a match, he might say "Better luck next time, Falco." Or in Japanese: まだまだだな、ファルコ。 (Not just yet, Falco.)
  • Crosses his arms, looks upward, and raises his tail. The pose matches his "character chosen" animation and taunt from Super Smash Bros.
FoxPose1WiiU.gif FoxPose2WiiU.gif FoxPose3WiiU.gif

In competitive play[edit]

Official Custom Moveset Project[edit]

Character Custom sets available
FoxHeadSSB4-U.png Fox 2132 2332 3132 2122 2322
3322 1131 1331 2131 3131

Most historically significant players[edit]

See also: Category:Fox players (SSB4)

Tier placement and history[edit]

During the game's release, Fox was considered a mid-tier character by the SSB4 community. Players believed the reductions to his overall damage output, the weakening of his up smash, the heavily increased landing lag on his aerials, the loss of Blaster auto-cancelling and shine-spikes, and his increased frailty resulted in him being worse than his Brawl incarnation. However, they slowly reassessed their thoughts on the character, as the removal of chaingrabbing and edge-hogging and the heavy changes to hitstun cancelling would prove beneficial to Fox, as such mechanics plagued him in Brawl. Opinions on Fox improved further as players discovered the first two hits of his jab could perform infinites and easily combo into other moves, including his main finishers. As a result, a massive amount of Fox players rushed into the competitive scene and quickly gained results, with many spamming the infinite as their battle strategy. Ultimately, this "infinite" carried even casual players to victories over experts. While nerfs to his jab in patch 1.1.0 removed the infinite and reduced its combo utility, his results continued to improve thanks to the efforts of players such as Charliedaking, Eon, Light, and most notably Larry Lurr, who consistently ranked in the top 10 on global power rankings. In addition, Fox also notably benefited from the nerfs to Sheik and Luigi, who were among Fox's most challenging match-ups prior to their nerfs.

These points have led Fox to be considered a top tier character by the community as the metagame advanced, which is reflected on him ranking at 7th on all iterations of the 4BR tier list. This also makes Fox the only character to consistently stand on the same placing on each iteration of the tier list (although he shares the spot with Sonic on the fourth and final tier list). However, some smashers such as Dabuz and ESAM have claimed that Fox should be ranked higher on the tier list due to his dominant results and overwhelming advantage state, with both players ranking Fox among the top 5.


3DS Classic Mode trophy
Wii U Classic Mode trophy
NTSCSuper Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Fox is the leader of the mercenary unit Star Fox, often enlisted to defeat the evil Andross. His piloting skills are top notch, but in Smash Bros. he brings speed and fast attacks to the battle. His Reflector move allows him to turn projectile attacks against his foes, increasing their power for a punishing blow.
NTSCSuper Smash Bros. for Wii U Fox McCloud is the leader of the mercenary flight team, Star Fox, often enlisted to defeat the evil Andross. His piloting skills are top notch, but in Smash Bros. his strength is sheer speed. His Reflector move allows him to turn projectile attacks against his foes, increasing their power for a punishing blow.
SNES: Star Fox (03/1993)
N64: Star Fox 64 (07/1997)
PAL Leader of the Star Fox team, Fox is a skilled pilot with a strong sense of justice. In this game, he's quick on his feet and can use his speed to toy with opponents, attacking relentlessly and giving them no room to breathe. Even if they try to attack him from afar with projectiles, his Reflector move just sends them flying right back!
SNES: Starwing (06/1993)
N64: Lylat Wars (10/1997)
3DS All-Star Mode trophy
Wii U alternate trophy
Fox (Alt.)
NTSC Fox is at home in the air, and many of his moves, like his up smash, Flip Kick, will send foes up there. It's great for KO'ing a damaged opponent. Another handy move is his up special Fire Fox. The flames that surround Fox deal damage to nearby foes, and you can launch yourself in any direction once charged.
SNES: Star Fox (03/1993)
N64: Star Fox 64 (07/1997)
PAL The Flip Kick that Fox does for his upward smash can really send foes flying. It's well worth pulling out this attack in combos against airborne opponents. Try following it up with his red-hot Fire Fox special to hammer them repeatedly. The fact that you can fly in any direction with this move is a real bonus too!
SNES: Starwing (06/1993)
N64: Lylat Wars (10/1997)
Landmaster (Fox) trophy
Landmaster (Fox)
NTSC Originally designed for exploration, the Landmaster in Fox's Final Smash has been converted into an ultra-high-performance, anti-air, rolling combat vehicle. When Fox hops aboard, he can drive or roll into foes and blast them with cannon fire. It can even fire in midair. And best of all, Fox is safe from damage inside this metal beast!
PAL Originally designed for exploration, the Landmaster in Fox's Final Smash has been converted into an ultra-high-performance, anti-air, rolling combat vehicle. When Fox gets on board, he can drive or roll into foes and blast them with cannon fire. It can even fire in mid-air. And best of all, Fox won't take any damage while inside!

In Event Matches[edit]

Solo Events[edit]

Co-op Events[edit]

  • Keep 'Em off the Ship!: Fox and Falco must prevent a group of Mr. Game & Watches from landing on the stage. The opponents have more stock on higher difficulties.
  • Visiting Onett: Fox is one of the opponents fought in this event. The opponents are outer space-oriented characters or characters from other planets.
  • The Ultimate Battle: Two players choose a character and must defeat the entire roster.

Alternate costumes[edit]

Fox Palette (SSB4).png
FoxHeadSSB4-U.png FoxHeadBlackSSB4-U.png FoxHeadRedSSB4-U.png FoxHeadGreenSSB4-U.png FoxHeadOrangeSSB4-U.png FoxHeadWhiteSSB4-U.png FoxHeadYellowSSB4-U.png FoxHeadPurpleSSB4-U.png



  • Fox has three English voice actors in both versions of Super Smash Bros. 4. He has Mike West for his battle voice and the Orbital Gate Assault Smash taunts, Jim Walker for the Lylat Cruise Smash taunts, and Steve Malpass for the Corneria Smash taunts.
    • However, despite his current Japanese voice actor being Takashi Ōhara since Star Fox 64 3D, Kenji Nojima reprises Fox in Japanese by the time of both Smash 4 and Star Fox 64 3D's release dates. This trait is also shared with Falco.
  • Super Smash Bros. 4 is the only Smash Bros. game where Fox is not holding his Blaster in his official art and also the only game where he is not featured in the boxart of both versions.
  • Fox is the only top tier character in Smash 4 to have never changed position on any tier list, staying at 7th.
  • Fox is the only character in SSB4 whose normal falling speed is higher than 2, at 2.05.
    • This is also the first iteration where Fox has the fastest falling speed out of all characters in the game.
  • In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, Fox will appear to have two upper jaws if the game is paused right after getting hit, but only while using an attack that makes him visually open his mouth. This appears to be a graphical error similar to the "double mouth" glitch experienced by Sonic.
  • In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, there's an animation bug for the first two his of Fox's jabs where his forearms will detach from his model. This is hard to see due to the visual whiffs.
    • Additionally, Fox has an expression bug with his down taunt where his blinking expression overlaps with his neutral expression of paused after he performs the second beckoning gesture.
    • There's one more expression bug where if Fox grabs a edge with Fire Fox, his eyes disappears during his edge catching animation.
  • Fox and Meta Knight are the only two characters whose clapping animation are slightly different in between the two versions. In Fox's case, his tail remains stiff in the Wii U version while it moves around freely (just like in Brawl) in the 3DS version.