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This article is about Bayonetta's appearance in Super Smash Bros. 4. For the character in other contexts, see Bayonetta.
in Super Smash Bros. 4
Universe Bayonetta
Availability Downloadable
Final Smash Infernal Climax
Tier S (1)
Bayonetta Gets Wicked!
—Introduction Tagline

Bayonetta (ベヨネッタ, Bayonetta) is a character and newcomer in Super Smash Bros. 4, and is the seventh and final downloadable character. She was announced alongside Corrin during the Super Smash Bros. - Final Video Presentation on December 15th, 2015 and both were released on February 3rd, 2016. She is the sixth third party character to be introduced in SSB4, following fellow SEGA character Sonic, Capcom's Mega Man and Ryu, Bandai Namco's Pac-Man and Square Enix's Cloud. Bayonetta was added to the game as the winner of the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot, being the highest-voted character in Europe and among the top 5 in North America, making her the overall #1 worldwide among realizable characters. Her appearance is based on her redesign for Bayonetta 2, but with slightly modified proportions, most notably in her height. Bayonetta's English voice actress, Hellena Taylor, and her Japanese voice actress, Atsuko Tanaka, both reprise their roles in Super Smash Bros. 4.

Bayonetta currently ranks 1st out of 58 on the tier list. This makes her not only the highest ranked character in the game but the highest ranked DLC character, newcomer, and third-party character. Being a combo-heavy character, her moves reliably chain into each other, leading to good 50/50 mixups at high percentages and even creating zero-to-death combos. Bayonetta has relatively good range and possesses decent zoning options in Bullet Climax and her unique Bullet Arts on almost all of her attacks. Her recovery is among the best in the game, due to both After Burner Kick and Witch Twist granting significant distance, directional flexibility, and enormous hitboxes, rendering her virtually immune to edge-guards, which is further supplemented with her ability to wall jump and wall cling. She herself is capable of edge-guarding many characters with her quick aerials, including several which can become sex kicks if held (neutral and up aerial), along with a powerful finisher in back aerial and a powerful meteor smash in down smash, which is infamous for its size and its ability to hit opponents who either exhaust their ledge invincibility or are attempting to recover. Finally, despite her fast faller status, Witch Time and Bat Within at the beginning of her dodges make it difficult to land a combo on her, as the slightest mistake could allow Bayonetta to intercept and even land a KO.

However, her mobility and frame data are below average, making many of her attacks weak against shields, and her smash attacks are difficult to land without Witch Time activated, due to their low priority, slow startup, and even slower endlag. Bayonetta is lightweight and has a tall hurtbox, which makes her easier to KO than most characters. Bat Within is a double-edged sword, as it does not work on grabs, and to further compensate for its effect, Bayonetta's dodges have the longest overall animations of all characters (only Samus's roll is longer) and the most endlag after their intangibility frames. Finally, due to a recent nerf, her combos are no longer guaranteed due to increased SDI modifiers, requiring different followups in order to land high damage strings and earlier KOs.

Regardless of her weaknesses, Bayonetta has achieved above average tournament results and tournament representation despite her nerfs in 1.1.6, most notably including Pink Fresh winning 2GGT: KTAR Saga along with players like Saj, Salem, and Wonf placing high in nationals such as CEO 2016, KTAR XVIII, and Smash Factor 5 respectively. Salem in particular is making a progressively stronger impression in tournaments, defeating many of the best players in the world with Bayonetta, including ZeRo and Nairo. CaptainZack, who has recently become one of the most successful Bayonettas, has also been garnering amazing results with her, placing 9th, 17th, 7th, and 4th at 2GGT: Abadango Saga, The Big House 6, UGC Smash Open, and GENESIS 4 respectively.


Bayonetta, much like in her home series, is a combo-heavy fighter, with many multi-hitting attacks and chainable moves. Unlike Ryu, Bayonetta specializes in aerial combos, with her special moves being a main component in many of them. However, she shares a similar problem with Ryu in that her overall mobility is only passable with a slow walking speed, average dashing and below average air speed, but she has high air acceleration, jump force, falling speed (the ninth fastest), and gravity, attributes unlike most other combo-based characters. Similar to Sheik, she is also tall and light, which when combined with her fast falling speed and high gravity makes her a rather frail fighter overall.

She has a special mechanic, Bullet Arts, where holding the attack/special button during many of her attacks extends the ending animation to allow her to shoot. Depending on how long the relevant button is held, Bayonetta will fire up to five (with some exceptions) invisible bullets from each used gun with no hitstun and medium range as a way to rack up damage. Most of these bullets are arced in the direction that her attack faces her, while many shoot bullets in separate directions, such as her down tilt (forward and backwards). With this in effect, Bayonetta has the potential to deal more than standard damage should her Bullet Arts connect. Tapping the attack button again during Bullet Arts transitions to the next move in her attack chain (if applicable), but she must do this before she twirls her guns to put them to rest (signifying the end of her combo). With this ability, she has a very good damage racking game, and because her Bullet Arts have moderate range (about the size of half of Final Destination), she can force approaches by dealing chip damage at a distance, or simply hold down the attack button after a whiffed aerial attack to pelt opponents with minor damage, making a missed attack less of a detriment for her compared to other fighters. Bayonetta also has a more traditional projectile variant in her neutral special Bullet Climax, which unlike Bullet Arts, has visible bullets that cause hitstun and can be used to edgeguard recovering opponents.

As aforementioned, Bayonetta's strengths are in her combos, with up tilt, down tilt, up throw, and Heel Slide being good starters. These all launch opponents into the air, where from there she can mix and match her aerials, such as multiple forward airs, Witch Twist, and After Burner Kick, which can result in massive damage and can wall of pain or even zero-death opponents. This also gives her a good edge-guarding game, especially with a powerful back air, a neutral and up air that can frame-trap recovering opponents, and a meteor smash in down air that is surprisingly powerful and recoverable for a stall-then-fall. Her flexible recovery is among the best in the game, as After Burner Kick gives her fair horizontal distance, and while Witch Twist comes up vertically short, she can re-use it after a midair jump. She can also use Witch Twist, double jump, Witch Twist again one frame after, and use her double jump again as a mix-up to her somewhat linear recovery, although this difficult to execute due to the frame precision needed. Using her Witch Time counterattack wisely is also crucial to victory, as the slowdown renders targets wide open to her combos or to one of her powerful smash attacks. She also benefits from her unique safety net in Bat Within, which negates all knockback and reduces damage for attacks that would have hit her if her counter activates too late or during the starting frames of any of her dodging methods. The latter essentially gives Bayonetta a frame 1 air dodge and sidestep, and a frame 3 roll, breaking many combos that would otherwise be true on other characters, such as Charizard's down throw to forward aerial. Furthermore, Bat Within enables Bayonetta to teleport in a given (usually more favorable) position, enabling her to punish her attacker.

However, Bayonetta has weaknesses that are quite exploitable. Being tall and light makes her rather easy to combo and KO (though it is worth mentioning she technically has a frame 1 air dodge, making her harder to combo by characters whose combo ability isn't perfectly linear). She is also quite polarized: while her aerial attacks have very low ending lag, many of her grounded attacks have notable start-up and ending lag, especially her smash attacks, making them relatively unsafe on shield (sans up and down tilt, which have low range) and leaves her vulnerable to opponents that have better frame data than her while grounded, like Pikachu. Her smash attacks also have low priority, rendering them unable to hit any character with an active hitbox, while being unable to trade with most attacks if they make contact with her. Her position after performing her up special, or side special in the air can be exploitable too, as the more of these moves she uses in the air, the longer landing lag she will receive at the end, leaving Bayonetta punishable if they are whiffed and if she is forced to land on the ground. Her neutral game is also poor, as her few approach options are easily telegraphed. Her KOing options are lacking outside of back and down aerials, zero-death combos and smashes and her zero-deaths usually getting staled and escapable if the opponent uses DI and smash DI effectively. Her smashes are somewhat slow to land and are easy to cancel out due to their low priority, enforcing the use of Witch Time or her forward throw (which does not kill until very high percents) to score KOs. In addition, Witch Time can be a double-edged sword as it does not negate lingering hitboxes that can interrupt her attempt to counterattack. Her rolls, sidestep, and air dodge all have noticeable ending lag (though her rolls end three frames earlier than Samus's), and the former two also have among the slowest start-ups out of all the characters in terms of invincibility. Furthermore, despite functioning like a counterattack, Bat Within sometimes moves Bayonetta too far to exploit her opponent's vulnerability, enforcing strict timing for Witch Time and her dodges or to use the move for other purposes. As stated earlier, Witch Twist doesn't travel much vertical distance on its own, making her recovery only marginally better with Little Mac's if she doesn't utilize her second jump or her After Burner Kick. She also suffers against characters that can camp and zone well against her such as Villager or R.O.B. as they give her little room to act against them due to not possessing a reliable projectile to defend against them, and they can capitalize on a misused Witch Time to punish her if she tries to use it against a stray projectile. Finally, she lacks customs specials, like the other DLC characters, though due to the utility her special moveset has, it is more of a nuisance to her.

Overall, Bayonetta's strengths noticeably outweigh her weaknesses. She can dish out large amounts of punishing damage in her combos once she reads her opponents and exploits their vulnerabilities, but must also be careful not to let her foe take advantage of her own weaknesses, though due to the surprisingly high range and priority her attacks have (with the exception being her smash attacks for the latter), doing so is a somewhat difficult task to begin with. Perhaps the only characters that she has problems against are those who can camp well against her, such as Rosalina & Luma (due to their puppet-fighter playstyle), but outside of that, she can easily dominate and punish characters who cannot properly capitalize on her weaknesses.

Bayonetta commands a large playerbase, with smashers including 9B, Pink Fresh, Salem, Saj and Wonf having used her with consistently strong results in regional and national tournaments. However, while Bayonetta was considered one of the best characters in the game upon release, opinions varied on how dominating she was in tournaments; while some regions had gone as far as to ban her from tournaments due to her overpowering potential, others claimed that Bayonetta's supposed potential did not yield the overwhelming success other characters had previously attained, such as Sheik and Diddy Kong. Version 1.1.6 ultimately nerfed a variety of Bayonetta's attributes, putting her more in line with the rest of the cast; while not significantly crippled, her tournament representation and results both fell in response. Despite these nerfs, she is still widely seen as a very strong character, with top player Mr. R ranking her as no. 3 in his personal tier list.

Update history[edit]

Bayonetta has been noticeably nerfed in game updates since her debut. She was at first slightly nerfed in 1.1.5: her up and forward smash are slightly weaker, her down aerial's animation has more ending lag, her Heel Slide has more ending lag, and her infamous Witch Time has more ending lag, shorter duration, decays more with each use, and has a slower regeneration rate after usage. However, these changes did not reduce her effectiveness as she was still widely perceived as the best character in the game due to her immense strengths, while the effectiveness of other top tier characters, notably Sheik and Zero Suit Samus, being toned down in the same patch further exacerbated her dominance.

However, 1.1.6 significantly nerfed Bayonetta by directly worsening her combo game, with the effectiveness of her combo starters being weakened and her combos becoming easier in general to escape: her down tilt and forward aerial both have slightly more ending lag, while the former has less range and the latter is less powerful, both versions of After Burner Kick and Witch Twist have doubled SDI multipliers that make it easier to escape her combos, non-input ABK has increased knockback scaling that renders it worse for comboing at high percents, input ABK has a much worse launch angle that outright removes nearly all of her zero-to-death combos and makes it easier to DI (now only works if the opponent has poor DI towards her), and Witch Twist has altered knockback values that limit its combo ability at higher percentages. Despite these changes, however, people have compared her to Diddy Kong in that while she initially seemed to be much less effective after her nerfs, her greatest strengths have remained intact. As a result, while she is no longer the best character in the game by a considerable margin, she is still a very popular and successful character in competitive play.

Super Smash Bros. 4 1.1.5

  • Nerf Forward smash has more base knockback, but less scaling, (25 base/105 scaling → 26/102), KOing slightly later.
  • Nerf Up smash has less knockback scaling: 92 → 90.
  • Nerf Down aerial has more ending lag: 7 → 12 frames, making it more difficult to use offstage without self-destructing.
  • Nerf Heel Slide has more startup and ending lag.
  • Buff Heel Slide's second hit duration increased: 7 frames → 8.
  • Nerf Grounded first and multi hit Witch Twist deal less damage.
  • Nerf Witch Time has more ending lag: 16 → 21 frames.
  • Nerf Witch Time's slowdown duration is shorter, decays more with each use and regenerates slower.

Technical changelist

Super Smash Bros. 4 1.1.6

  • Nerf Forward aerial's first two hits deal less damage (3.8%/2.8% → 3%/2.2%), while the third hit has lower knockback scaling (82 → 68). In addition, a frame speed multiplier of 1.2x has been added to frame 29. This makes the move autocancel on frame 35 and be interruptible on frame 40.
  • Nerf Upward After Burner Kick has higher knockback scaling (40/30/100 → 50/38/112), which makes it more difficult to combo at high percentages.
  • Nerf Downward After Burner Kick deals less damage (8% → 6.5%), has a different launch angle (80° → 60°), less range (6.5 → 4.5) and a higher SDI multiplier (1x → 2x). This makes the move much worse at comboing, even if the opponent applies no DI.
  • Nerf Down tilt has less range (3.5 → 2.8) and slightly more ending lag (FAF: 26 → 27).
  • Nerf Down aerial's landing hit has lower knockback scaling (140 → 135).
  • Nerf Witch Twist has a higher SDI multiplier (1x → 2x), allowing opponents to escape her combos and KO confirms. The upper part of the middle hit also deals less knockback (160 fixed/100 scaling → 140/97) and all have less range (Y offset: 24 → 21, radius: 8 → 7).
    • Buff Due to Witch Twist's autolink angle knockback, the change in SDI multiplier allows opponents to be KO'd easily at early percent near close to the upper blast line.
  • Buff Last hit of first Witch Twist deals less knockback (50 base/105 scaling → 55/80), allowing for more follow-ups at higher percentages.
  • Nerf Last hit of first Witch Twist has a smaller hitbox (radius: 9 → 8.5) and lower vertical positioning (Y offset: 20 → 19).
  • Nerf Last hit of second Witch Twist has increased base knockback (30 → 50) and a smaller hitbox (radius: 9 → 8.5). It also has lower vertical positioning (Y offset: 20 → 19).


  Name Damage Description
Neutral attack   1.5% A thrusting pistol-whip, followed by an outward pistol-whip, followed by an upward pistol-whip. If button mashed, it is followed by a barrage of pistol-whips that concludes a thrusting pistol-whip. It has an excellent damage output for a neutral infinite, as the Bullet Arts version is capable of dealing 19% if all of its hits connect. It is also very hard to SDI out of, but due to being active on frame 9, it is the third slowest neutral attack in the game, behind King Dedede and Zelda's. All hits of the combo shoots her guns forward, with the exception of the third hit, which shoots forward and upward in a diagonal direction behind herself. It is Bayonetta's Punch Punch Punch • Punch (PPP • P) combo from Bayonetta 2. In addition, she may sometimes shout "Get out!" when it is performed.
0.5% (loop), 1% (penultimate hit) 6% (last)
Forward tilt   3% (hit 1), 3% (hit 2), 8% (hit 3) A side kick, followed by a mid-level roundhouse kick, followed by a stretch kick. Like Meta Knight's forward tilt, it is unconventional for a tilt attack due to functioning similarly to a neutral attack: pressing the attack button will cause Bayonetta to perform the first hit, while subsequently pressing the attack button will cause her to perform the second and last hits. It is her slowest tilt attack, due to being active on frame 12. The last hit launches opponents diagonally upward, while holding the attack button down on any part of the attack allows her fire her guns at different angles: forward, then slightly upward, then diagonally upward. It is Bayonetta's Kick Kick Kick (KKK) combo while wielding Love is Blue.
Up tilt   5% (early), 6% (clean) An upward pistol-whip. One of her faster tilts, though it can only hit opponents in front of and/or above herself. It can lead into aerial combos, while its clean hitbox can combo into itself. The Bullet Arts version fires both guns upward. It is based on the delayed punch launcher.
Down tilt   7% (heel), 6% (leg) A legsweep. Her most reliable anti-pressure option and grounded combo starter, due to its range, vertical launching angle and speed. The Bullet Arts version fires two guns in front of herself and one behind herself. It is the final hit of Bayonetta's PPK combo while wielding Love is Blue.
Dash attack   10% (clean), 8% (late) The Stiletto. It has noticeable start-up. The Bullet Arts version fires both guns in front of herself.
Forward smash   14% (wrist), 16% (fist) Uses Wicked Weaves to summon Madama Butterfly's arm, which is used to throw a punch. It has great horizontal range, but high ending lag and low priority, making it fairly easy to cancel out. It can also be dodged by fighters with low crouches, such as Wii Fit Trainer, or by standing directly in front of Bayonetta due to a blind spot between her and Madama Butterfly's wrist. If the button is held, Bayonetta will also fire in front of her. KOs at 104% from the center of Final Destination when not charged. It is based on the final hit of Bayonetta's PPP • P combo in Bayonetta 2. Madama Butterfly's hitbox cannot be reversed.
Up smash   17% Uses Wicked Weaves to summon Madama Butterfly's arm, which is used to throw an uppercut. It hits directly in front of Bayonetta, and thus leaves her vulnerable from behind and directly above, similarly to Palutena's up smash. It has rather noticeable start-up, high ending lag and low priority, but it is her strongest attack, as it is capable of KOing middleweights around 100%. The Bullet Arts version fires one gun forward and one upward. It is based on the delayed punch Wicked Weave launcher. It cannot be reversed.
Down smash   5% (Bayonetta), 15% (Madama Butterfly) The Heel Stomp. It has a hitbox on Bayonetta's leg that leads into the main hitbox. It can meteor smash opponents that are either on the edge or in midair, making it a potent edge-guarding option. Like up smash, it only hits in front of her, has high ending lag and low priority, but has considerable vertical range. While powerful, its launching angle results in it KOing at 146% from anywhere on-stage. Oddly, the Bullet Arts version fires the guns on her feet downward into the ground, making it useless except for opponents directly touching her back. Madama Butterfly's hitbox cannot be reversed.
Neutral aerial   8% (clean), 5% (late) A spinning roundhouse kick, similar to Samus' neutral aerial. It hits around Bayonetta and continuing the input for the Bullet Arts version has her continue to spin for a few seconds. It has very good coverage, as it can hit opponents adjacent and/or below her. It is based on the aerial Bullet Climax in Bayonetta.
Forward aerial   3% (hit 1), 2.2% (hit 2), 6% (hit 3) A thrusting pistol-whip, followed by an outward pistol-whip, followed by a downward roundhouse kick. Each hit on an opponent will make Bayonetta float slightly, allowing each of its hits to connect easily. A superb option for aerial and off-stage combos. The Bullet Arts version fires in front of her for the first two hits, while the third hit fires two guns downward (with one being slightly diagonally) and one upward. It is Bayonetta's aerial PPK combo while wielding Love is Blue.
Back aerial   13% (heel), 10% (leg) A high-angle back kick. Its respectable damage output, high knockback and low ending lag make it one of Bayonetta's most viable KOing options, as it KOs at 110% while near the edge. The Bullet Arts version fires one gun behind her at an upward angle.
Up aerial   9% (kick), 5% (late) A backflip kick. Very fast with little ending lag, along with decent knockback, making it a good juggling and KOing option near the upper blast line. The Bullet Arts version has her perform a cartwheeling kick. While this version deals less damage, it provides excellent coverage that covers wide areas around her, making it useful for edge-guarding and dealing additional damage. It is based on the kick launcher in Bayonetta.
Down aerial   7% (leg), 8% (heel), 5% (landing) A split-legged axe kick. A stall-then-fall with low duration and ending lag, which allows her to safely recover afterward. It is a meteor smash when hitting with her heel, while its landing hit has extremely high knockback, both of which make it a viable, but punishable KOing option overall. The Bullet Arts version fires one gun from her heel forward, but only upon landing. It is based on Bayonetta's standard aerial kick in Bayonetta.
Grab   Reaches out. Bayonetta's grab has slightly above average range for a non-tether grab, while her dash grab has deceptively long range.
Pummel   1.5% (per hit) The Slap Punish Attack. It has average speed, but is unique in that it consists of two hits per input. As a result, it is possible for the opponent to break free in the middle of the pummel, and thus the second hit entirely.
Forward throw   7% (slam), 3% (throw) The Tetsuzanko (鉄山靠, Iron Mountain Leaning), a technique based on the tie shan kao used in Bajiquan. She occasionally says "十年早いんだよ! (Ten years too early!)", even in the English version of the game. The quote is a reference to Akira Yuki's famous quote in the Virtua Fighter series, and is said occasionally by Bayonetta herself in Bayonetta. It is her strongest and most versatile throw, as it KOs at 155% while near the edge and launches opponents at an angle that is very ideal for edge-guarding.
Back throw   3% (kick), 6% (throw) A jumping roundhouse kick. It can be used to set-up an edge-guard with Bullet Climax at medium to high percents.
Up throw   3% (kick), 4% (throw) An outside crescent kick, similar to Lucario's up tilt. A good combo starter that can lead into Witch Twist or up aerial until medium to high percents. The pose Bayonetta assumes afterward is based on the final hit of her PPK combo while wielding Scarborough Fair.
Down throw   3% (stomp), 5% (throw) A kneeling stomp. It can lead into her Heel Slide at low to medium percents. It is the final hit of Bayonetta's PPPKKK combo while wielding Love is Blue.
Floor attack (front)   7% A low-angle kick performed from a windmill, an acrobatic technique used in breakdancing.
Floor attack (back)   7% A low-angle kick performed from a windmill.
Floor attack (trip)   5% A low-angle kick performed from a windmill.
Edge attack   7% Performs a hook kick while climbing up.
Neutral special Default Bullet Climax 1.34% (uncharged), 2.5% (charged) Fires bullets at a slight angle. When held, Bayonetta instead fires Charge Bullets, which are stronger but only active during the first few shots. While holding the charge, it can be canceled by rolling. Due to its angle, it is useful for edge-guarding and hindering aerial approaches.
Custom 1 N/A
Custom 2 N/A
Side special Default Heel Slide 8% (Heel Slide, kick), 6% (Heel Slide, follow-up kick), 6% (After Burner Kick, standard), 6.5% (After Burner Kick, downward) A kick that functions differently when used on the ground or in midair. On the ground, she performs the Heel Slide, which is a one-legged baseball slide, a dropkick variation. If the button is held, Bayonetta will then follow it up with an aú aberto, one of many cartwheeling kicks in capoeira. It is her primary combo starter, due to the follow-up kick launching the opponent upward. While it is unsafe on shield, it is difficult to punish nonetheless due to its speed and duration. It can also be used to bait an air dodge from opponents who anticipate the follow-up kick, and then punish them with a smash attack. In the air, she alternately performs the After Burner Kick, which is a diagonally upward flying kick that can be performed twice in a row as long as the first kick connects, and can be angled downward by holding down before attacking. Both versions of After Burner Kick are her primary aerial follow-ups.
Custom 1 N/A
Custom 2 N/A
Up special Default Witch Twist 4% (hit 1), 0.3% (hits 2-6), 3% (hit 6) An ascending, corkscrew pistol-whip. It hits multiple times, but covers minimal vertical distance and extremely minimal horizontal distance, similarly to Rising Uppercut. Despite this, Witch Twist is still a very useful recovery option, as using it after a jump allows Bayonetta to use her double jump, and then use another Witch Twist. It comes out on frame 4, making it Bayonetta's fastest move, and possesses a disjointed hitbox at its very end.
Custom 1 N/A
Custom 2 N/A
Down special Default Witch Time Uses her magic to slow down time around an opponent who attacks her. Its duration increases the more damaged the opponent is, but decreases when used used too frequently. It is also the only counterattack that is capable of working on some unblockable attacks, with the exception of grabs. However, if Witch Time is activated too late, then Bat Within is activated instead. Bat Within teleports Bayonetta in any direction, but unlike in the Bayonetta series, it halves the damage received, rather than negating it. Bat Within can also be triggered by Bayonetta's sidestep.
Custom 1 N/A
Custom 2 N/A
Final Smash Infernal Climax 30% (Gomorrah), 15% (bonus spell) Activates Witch Time to affect the whole stage. While this effect is active, Bayonetta has a limited time to deal damage to her opponents in order to fill up the Climax Gauge. Once it is filled, she has to deal knockback to any opponent before a cutscene occurs. The cutscene consists of her using her hair as a conduit to summon Gomorrah, who then damages any opponents suffering hitstun from Bayonetta's attacks by chomping them four times before they are launched with set knockback. The attack button can be mashed during the attack to fill a second Climax Gauge that deals an additional 15% after the cutscene. It is very powerful, as opponents can be KO'd under 100% if they are close to the blast lines, while they are instantly KO'd if they have 100% or more once the cutscene ends.

Bullet Arts[edit]

Bullet Arts (バレットアーツ, Bullet Arts) is one of Bayonetta's signature mechanics, based on the Umbra Witches' fighting style of the same name.

In Super Smash Bros. 4, Bullet Arts deal 0.5% each and can be used after the initial animation of almost every attack. The rapid firing can be held for a few seconds and the bullets have moderate range. However, in stark comparison to their appearance in the Bayonetta series, the bullets themselves are actually invisible, since their hitboxes are similar to a grab aerial's instead of a typical projectile's. The bullets cause flinching at point-blank range, but otherwise deal no hitstun, much like Fox's Blaster. Thus, they can be used to steal KOs in timed matches.

Technically, the bullets are not projectiles, but rather indirect attacks with large disjointed hitboxes. As such, they cannot be reflected or blocked by the Hylian/Hero's Shields, though they can be slowed down by another Bayonetta using Witch Time. Bullet Arts are also capable of traveling through multiple characters at once, and will thus hit anyone or anything in their line of fire.

Bat Within[edit]

Bat Within (バットウィズイン, Bat Within) is Bayonetta's other signature mechanic, based on the defensive technique of the same name.

In Super Smash Bros. 4, this activates when hit by an attack early during rolls, sidesteps, or air dodges, or late during Witch Time. Nimble/Dodgy Dodger Equipment does not affect this window. When this happens, Bayonetta transforms into a flock of bats, halves the amount of damage inflicted, and continues moving in the direction she was traveling; for a roll, she will advance in the same direction, and for a sidestep or after Witch Time, she will stay in place. She can travel in any direction if done during her air dodge, but needs to have jumped prior if she wants to rise with it.

When Bat Within is activated, she endures some ending lag, meaning that it is possible to extend a combo on her if it was activated by a faster attack or a long-lasting, multiple hitting attack. While Bat Within makes Bayonetta's rolls, sidestep and air dodge appear to be the best in the game, each of them possess noticeable ending lag. To compound this, several characters, such as Duck Hunt and Mewtwo, have rolls, sidesteps or air dodges that start up just 1 frame later without being nearly as vulnerable at the end.

Bat Within also has the distinction of being treated as a counterattack that does not strike back; therefore, it does not trigger against grabs, Final Smashes, or unblockable attacks. Although difficult, it is possible to simultaneously activate both Witch Time and Bat Within if Bayonetta is struck precisely when their activation windows overlap. However, doing this is actually a hindrance, as she will still receive halved damage while Witch Time's slowdown effect on the opponent is reduced.

On-screen appearance[edit]

  • Emerges from her Bat Within form while surrounded by the Umbra Witches' symbol, then proceeds to wield her guns.


  • Up taunt: Twirls around, moves both arms around her in a graceful manner, then strikes a pose with both arms over her head, saying, "If you need to learn how to talk to a lady, ask your mum." The ending is slightly different depending on the direction Bayonetta faces. It is based on her long taunt from Bayonetta 2.
  • Side taunt: Gracefully spins around, then points both guns directly in front of herself, saying, "New 'do, dead you." The quote comes from her short taunt while wielding Salamandra in Bayonetta 2.
  • Down taunt: Strikes a number of poses while flourishing her guns before looking away and then looking forward, while her glasses briefly emit a light purple glint upon concluding. Based on the dances she performs prior to fighting the first Joy she encounters in Bayonetta.
    • Due to the length of Bayonetta's taunts, they are capable of being canceled halfway through their animations.
Up taunt Side taunt Down taunt
BayonettaUpTauntSSB4.gif BayonettaSideTauntSSB4.gif BayonettaDownTauntSSB4.gif

Idle poses[edit]

  • Waves one of her guns in an inviting motion.
  • Holds her left gun in front of herself, and her right gun upward beside her head. This idle pose only occurs once she ends any ground attack, and reverts to her standard idle animation after a few seconds.
BayonettaIdlePose1SSB4.jpg BayonettaIdlePose2SSB4.jpg

Crowd cheer[edit]

English Japanese
Bayonetta Cheer NTSC SSB4.ogg
Bayonetta Cheer JP SSB4.ogg
Description Bay-o! Bayo-nett-a!
Pitch Group chant Group chant

Victory poses[edit]

The first few notes of Let's Hit the Climax! followed by the jingle that plays upon completing a Verse in Bayonetta.
  • Faces her back to the screen while holding her guns up beside her face, then performs a pirouette before concluding with a pose that involves her aiming her guns in front of herself, saying, "That all you got?" (全力を見せてよ, Show me your full power.) or "You're making it easy." (楽勝ね, Too easy.)
  • Performs the Break Dance while either saying "Dreadful." (退屈だわ, Boring.) or "Don't make me beg." while her glasses briefly emit a light purple glint upon concluding. The quote comes from her short taunt while wielding Takemikazuchi in Bayonetta 2.
  • Strikes a number of poses while flourishing her guns before concluding by looking away and then looking forward while saying "Miss me, baby?" (私はここよ, I'm right here.) while her glasses briefly emit a light purple glint upon concluding. This is basically a shortened version of her down taunt.
BayonettaPose1WiiU.gif BayonettaPose2WiiU.gif BayonettaPose3WiiU.gif

In competitive play[edit]

Notable players[edit]



Tier placement, history and tournament bans in various regions[edit]

Bayonetta was, along with Corrin, one of the only two characters to miss on the first 4BR tier list, due to them being available two days after the tier list was released. Her initial perception on the community has been, however, positive since the game's release, albeit in a controversial way. Players pointed out her abundance of strengths, namely her extremely strong combo game with zero to death potential, her excellent recovery, a decent neutral game despite her average mobility, the strength of her moveset despite being a light character alongside guaranteed KO setups with Witch Time, and the ability to punish the opponent for trying to punish her due to the former move. Despite her strengths being slightly toned down in update 1.1.5, people stated she was too good in competitive play while comparing her to Brawl's Meta Knight, and certain regions even had officially or considered banning the character from their tournaments. Regions stated that unlike Sheik before update 1.1.5, "she is very simple to pick up". Following update 1.1.6, after the tremendous nerfs she received, all of the regions that had banned have removed the ban since then, while any region that had considered her ban also desisted after said update.

Even so, while her perception suddenly dropped in the eyes of many smashers, it became positive again due to the smashers that kept maining her in competitive play adapting to a newer, more creative playstyle, similar to Diddy Kong after update 1.0.8. While her results were not as amazing as before, her strong tournament representation and results culminated in her being placed at 11th place on the second 4BR tier list. Said tournament representation and results would become even more bountiful as time passed, in particular due to Salem, Captain Zack, Pink Fresh and Saj's strong results within their regions, with the former two also making it to Top 8 at two major tournaments. As a result of this, she now holds the 1st placing on the current tier list (in another similarity to Diddy Kong with the previous tier list), this tier rise is also the second largest between the second and third tier lists, with people having stated that while the nerfs did make a difference in how simple it was to pick her up, they didn't hold her back from being considered one of the best characters in the game.

Officially banned[edit]
Ban in consideration[edit]

Reveal trailer[edit]


In addition to the normal three fighter trophies, Bayonetta has an additional trophy of her design from the original Bayonetta game.

North America Bayonetta is one of the last of the near-extinct Umbra Witches clan. She's a master of the Bullet Arts and can use her hair as a conduit to bring forth Infernal Demons. She brings all these skills and more to Smash, where she'll unleash additional damage if you hold the attack button. Damage and distract your foes with this move!
Europe Bayonetta is one of the last of the long-extinct Umbra Witches clan. She's a master of the Bullet Arts, and can use her hair as a conduit to bring forth Infernal Demons. She brings all these skills and more to Smash, where if you hold down the attack button, she'll fire bullets at the enemy. They don't just do damage; they even work as a feint!
Bayonetta (01/2010)
Wii U: Bayonetta 2 (10/2014)
Bayonetta (Alt.)
If you use Bayonetta's side special in midair, she'll do a diagonal kick upward that goes through platforms. If you press down just before doing the move, it'll turn into a downward attack! Plus, if you hit an enemy in midair, you can use the attack again before you hit the ground–great for combos and recoveries!
Bayonetta (01/2010)
Wii U: Bayonetta 2 (10/2014)
Infernal Climax
Before her Final Smash, Bayonetta enters Witch Time, during which she can attack the enemy to fill her magic gauge. If it fills up, she summons the demon Gomorrah, who chomps down on the unfortunate foe! Keep pressing the button during during Gomorrah's attack to increase damage. If it hits 100%, the enemy will be instantly KO'd!
Bayonetta (Original)
North America This Umbra Witch awakens after hundreds of years without any memories of her past life. Usually Bayonetta spends her days pretending to be a nun to lure out angels, until a witch with the same powers as her starts to slowly bring her memories back. She ends up embroiled in a battle to save the world.
Europe This Umbra Witch awakens after hundreds of years without any memories of her past life. She spends her days with shenanigans like dressing as a nun to lure out angels to fight, until a witch with the same powers as her starts to slowly bring her memories back. As her memories return, she ends up embroiled in a battle to save the world!
Bayonetta (01/2010)

Alternate costumes[edit]

Bayonetta's default outfit is based on her appearance in Bayonetta 2 and is equipped with Love is Blue. She has an alternate outfit based on her appearance in the original Bayonetta, known as "A Witch With No Memories", and is equipped with Scarborough Fair. Depending on the costume, various visual effects will be one of two colors (which directly correlates to the aesthetic theme of both Bayonetta games): Blue for Bayonetta 2 and red for Bayonetta. One of Bayonetta's alternate outfit color schemes is based on Jeanne, her childhood friend and friendly rival. While using Jeanne's color scheme, Bayonetta's Smash attacks as well as her final smash will have the hair surrounding Madama Butterfly's limbs and Gomorrah colored white.

Her appearance while doing Wicked Weaves (summoning Madama Butterfly in her smash attacks and summoning Gomorrah in Infernal Climax) is less revealing than in the Bayonetta games, as she retains most of her clothing while performing them.

In the Japanese version of the game, Bayonetta is voiced in Japanese by Atsuko Tanaka while wearing her Bayonetta 2 outfit and in English by Hellena Taylor while wearing her original outfit, making her the the only character who speaks a different language depending on the costume. This references the fact that Bayonetta did not have Japanese voice acting in its initial release; Japanese dubbing was introduced for the Wii U version after Hideki Kamiya was impressed with the Japanese voice-acting done for the animated movie: Bayonetta: Bloody Fate.

Bayonetta Palette (SSB4).png
BayonettaHeadSSB4-U.png BayonettaHeadYellowSSB4-U.png BayonettaHeadRedSSB4-U.png BayonettaHeadWhiteSSB4-U.png BayonettaHeadOriginalSSB4-U.png BayonettaHeadGreenSSB4-U.png BayonettaHeadPinkSSB4-U.png BayonettaHeadBlueSSB4-U.png



  • Bayonetta is the only female third-party playable character in the Super Smash Bros. series.
  • Bayonetta and Cloud are the only characters to change weapons as part of their alternate costumes. Along with Wario in Brawl, they are also the only characters who pose differently in their artwork when wearing alternate costumes that change their outfits.
  • Bayonetta's pose in her artwork for her "A Witch With No Memories" costume is based on her artwork for her appearance in Anarchy Reigns.
  • If the match ends while Bayonetta is speaking through a taunt, it can still be heard, even over the announcer. This also happens with Wii Fit Trainer.
  • If Bayonetta grabs a Hammer (or Golden Hammer) with her forward aerial and stops the attack in midair without performing all three hits, the hammer's music will not play.
SSB4-WiiU - Bayo Jump Crest 01.pngSSB4-WiiU - Bayo Jump Crest 02.png
Magic Crests that appear when Bayonetta jumps,
and when she lands.
  • Some of Bayonetta's animations outside of her attacks reference the Bayonetta games:
    • When Bayonetta jumps, she leaves behind a Blue Umbra Magic Crest as she does in her games. When she lands she creates a Magenta Magic Crest, just as in her home series. However it is lacking the crest that appears in her mid-air double jump.
    • Her on-screen appearance is a reference to when she enters Purgatorio, as she appears within the realm through an Umbra magic glyph.
    • Her crouch is a reference to the Break Dance technique, where she strikes a similar pose at the end of the attack.
    • Her ability to wall cling references the Witch Walk ability usable by Umbra Witches during a full moon.
    • When she plucks Grass, she'll uproot the item with a kick and then grab it in midair, referencing how she picked up weapons from the ground in the Bayonetta games.
    • Bayonetta's sidestep pose is based off her Love is Blue Weapon taunt from Bayonetta 2.
    • The pose Bayonetta takes when having her attacks interrupted with another attack is based off her Kafka Weapon Taunt from Bayonetta 2.
    • She has a special idle pose once she stops any ground attack, which returns to her standard idle pose after a few seconds pass. This is based on her 'attack pose' from her home franchise. Her arms down position is used when traversing open areas with no enemies, while holding her arms up with her guns, and placing one foot on its toe, is the pose she takes when enemies are near by. Players performing attack animations in her home series without enemies near by will have her take her 'attack pose' for a few seconds, before going into her 'relaxed pose'.
    • After using an Assist Trophy and the Special Flag items Bayonetta will blow a kiss. This has two possible references: the Infernal Kiss ability which enables her to break down heavenly barriers, as well as her target lock on animation, where if the player holds the lock-on button while standing still she will blow a kiss sending a heart darting across the field to the locked on enemy, some times stunning them for a few seconds when the heart impacts them.
    • When damaged, roses appear around her body where damage sparks would normally appear. This references how, in the Bayonetta universe, those who are damaged and have blood drawn will have it turn into something different before being blown away. In Bayonetta's case, rose petals fly off of where she would normally bleed. This makes her the only character in the Super Smash Bros. series to bleed when damaged, unless Little Mac's bruising is counted as internal bleeding.
  • Bayonetta is the only newcomer in SSB4 with one voice clip for getting KO'd past the blast lines.
  • Bayonetta, Mr. Game & Watch, and Wii Fit Trainer are the only three characters in SSB4 with unique sound effects for charging their smash attacks.
  • Bayonetta possesses unique technical data:
    • She is the first character in the Super Smash Bros. series to have a smash attack that is also a meteor smash that works on aerial targets, and isn't part of an automatic combo that negates the downward knockback.
    • She is the only character that can affect opponents who have invincibility frames (such as those from the Super Star item or from dismounting a revival platform) via usage of Witch Time.
    • She is one of two characters whose jab requires multiple taps of the button, as merely holding it triggers her Bullet Arts; the other is Ryu, as his attacks change depending on whether the button is tapped or held.
  • If one listens closely, Bayonetta's gun shooting noises will change depending on the alternate being used. The "A Witch With No Memories" costume with Scarborough Fair uses their gun shooting noises from Bayonetta, while her default uses Love Is Blue's shooting noises.
  • Bayonetta is the first third-party character to be ranked first on an official tier list.
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