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Infernal Climax

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Infernal Climax
Bayonetta Final Smash SSBU.gif
Infernal Climax in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
User Bayonetta
Universe Bayonetta

Infernal Climax (大魔獣召喚, Great Demon Beast Summoning) is Bayonetta's Final Smash.


Bayonetta slows time down to fill a Climax Gauge to summon Gomorrah to devour her opponents. Gomorrah retains its elephant-like roar from the Bayonetta games.

Bayonetta yells "Smashing!" ("ショータイム!" (Showtime!) in the Japanese version, when using her Bayonetta 2 outfit) before activating the effect of Witch Time across the entire stage, slowing all opponents to 0.25× speed for 7 seconds; Bayonetta also has 0.6× gravity and 0.8× falling speed during this time. A Climax Gauge then appears at the bottom of the screen, and Bayonetta must attack opponents to fill the gauge before Witch Time's effect runs out; if the timer runs out fully, the attack fails. After it is full, she must hit another fighter with an attack that deals knockback (her Bullet Arts will not work). Once this occurs, Bayonetta yells "Avavago!" and creates a portal, summoning the demon Gomorrah, who eats up to three of the most recent opponents being affected by hitstun from one of Bayonetta's attacks the moment it is summoned, regardless of whether it was from the final hit or not; if the final attack does not trap opponents hit by previous attacks, the camera will zoom in on Bayonetta during the transition. Gomorrah's attack deals 30% (28% in Ultimate) damage, and while it is chewing another gauge appears: if the said gauge is filled by mashing either attack button, an extra 15% (13% in Ultimate) is done to the targets. If any target's damage reaches 100% or more by Gomorrah, they are instantly KO'd at the end of the attack; otherwise, they receive moderate knockback; in Ultimate, opponents not instantly KO’d also take an additional 10% damage.

Teammates will also be affected by the Witch Time's slowdown, but their attacks on opponents will contribute to filling the Climax Gauge. However, once it's full, Bayonetta herself must deal the last blow in order to summon Gomorrah.

If more than three opponents are hit by the final attack needed to summon Gomorrah, only three of them will suffer Gomorrah‘s attack.

Instructional quote[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List BayonettaHeadSSBU.png Bayonetta enters Witch Time and attacks foes to fill up her magic gauge. If she fills the gauge, she summons the demon Gomorrah, who attacks up to three opponents. Keep pressing the button to increase Gomorrah's damage.


Infernal Climax's trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Infernal Climax
NTSC Before her Final Smash, Bayonetta enters Witch Time, during which she can attack the enemy to fill her magic gauge. If it fills up, she summons the demon Gomorrah, who chomps down on the unfortunate foe! Keep pressing the button during Gomorrah's attack to increase damage. If it hits 100%, the enemy will be instantly KO'd!
PAL Before her Final Smash, Bayonetta enters Witch Time, during which she attacks the enemy to fill her magic gauge. If it fills up, she summons the demon Gomorrah, who chomps down on the unfortunate foe! Keep pressing the button during Gomorrah's attack to increase damage. If it hits 100%, the enemy will be instantly KO'd!


Gomorrah appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as an Advanced-class primary spirit.

In Adventure Mode: World of Light, Gomorrah is presumably one of the countless spirits captured by Galeem during his takeover of the universe. After Galeem's defeat, Dharkon takes control of Galeem's spirits, including Gomorrah . Gomorrah's spirit is located in the southeastern area from the starting location of The Dark Realm.

Gomorrah uses a Bayonetta puppet fighter and is fought on the Umbra Clock Tower stage. During the battle, the player will receive sudden damage and Bayonetta will receive a sudden Final Smash, referencing how Bayonetta's Infernal Climax Final Smash is capable of instantly KO'ing an opponent with high damage.

No. Image Name Type Class Slots Base Power Max Power Base Attack Max Attack Base Defense Max Defense Ability Series
SSBU spirit Gomorrah.png
★★ 0 2207 8834 1457 5831 750 3003 No Effect Bayonetta Series


Official artwork of Gomorrah from Bayonetta.

Infernal Climax is based off of Bayonetta's main way of finishing off large opponents. The Climax Gauge is modeled after the one seen in Bayonetta 2, where it fills up for button prompts and quick time events (QTEs) rather than the damage she deals as in Super Smash Bros. 4. The Megaton/Gigaton/Infiniton score system used in the Bayonetta series is also absent. She also says "Smashing", like she randomly does in Bayonetta 2 while performing a combo.

Official artwork of Gomorrah, Devourer of the Divine, from Bayonetta 2.

Gomorrah, Devourer of the Divine, is one of Bayonetta's Infernal Demons who appears as colossal, demonic dragon-like reptilian beast. It is used to finish off large enemies throughout the series, with only its head ever being shown. Gomorrah attacks by biting, gnawing, and devouring any enemy it is set upon. It was her go-to option for dealing with most enemies in the first game, but in Bayonetta 2, Gomorrah breaks free from her control and fights her atop a skyscraper. It is its betrayal that causes Jeanne to lose her soul, and the start of Bayonetta's journey to save it. After the defeat of Aesir, the God of Chaos, Gomorrah would return to being one of Bayonetta's loyal demons once again, his betrayal being a result of Aesir's influence.

To keep the E10+ rating, her clothing stays on during the attack, as opposed to in her origin games where all of her clothes disappear, aside from hair that is around her body, her gloves, and her heels. This is because her clothing is her hair.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese 大魔獣召喚
UK English Infernal Climax
France French Apothéose infernale
Germany German Höllenklimax
Spain Spanish Clímax infernal
Italy Italian Apoteosi infernale
China Chinese (Simplified) 大魔兽召唤
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 大魔獸召喚
South Korea Korean 대마수 소환
Netherlands Dutch Demonische Climax
Russia Russian Инфернальный апогей


  • Infernal Climax is the first attack in the Super Smash Bros. series that has the ability to instantly KO opponents at 100% damage.
    • It is also the first Final Smash that is censored from the original game, as Bayonetta was completely naked in her original game, while she keeps a large portion of her outfit on in Smash; it would later be joined by All-Out Attack, in which the high-pressure blood that gushes from the opponents in Persona 5 is replaced by sparkles.
  • As with most Final Smashes, AI opponents will constantly air dodge while this move is in use. In this move's case, this makes it especially hard to land attacks to fill the Climax Gauge, as the duration of air dodges are extended by the slowdown.
  • If Bayonetta is metal, she will return to normal upon starting this attack, even if she is permanently metal such as due to conditions set in Special Smash. However, she can break a Metal Box to become metal again before the clock runs out. Should this happen and she successfully summons Gomorrah, she will once again return to normal.
  • If this move is used on Golden Plains, any golden characters will return to normal, and the coins will become intangible for everybody.
  • Unlike the Timer item, Infernal Climax's slowdown persists on all opponents so long as the Climax Gauge is onscreen, even if they are KO'd and respawn during its effect.
  • Infernal Climax is the only cinematic Final Smash that can involve some sort of player input during the Final Smash, as the player can press buttons during Gomorah's attack to fill up the Climax Gauge.
  • Infernal Climax is the only Final Smash that starts off in-game but ends with a cinematic.
  • Gomorrah will be wrapped in Bayonetta's hair when summoned. As a result, when Bayonetta is in her Jeanne costume, Gomorrah is wrapped in white hair rather than the standard black to match with her own hair color being changed.

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