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Bullet Climax

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Bullet Climax
Bayonetta Neutral B SSBU.gif
Bullet Climax in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
User Bayonetta
Universe Bayonetta
For Bayonetta's Fighter ability, see Bullet Arts.

Bullet Climax (バレットクライマックス, Bullet Climax) is Bayonetta's neutral special move in Super Smash Bros. 4 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Bayonetta fires bullets forward at a slight upward angle either from her hand guns or heel guns, with each pose being chosen alternatively. Unlike her Bullet Arts, Bullet Climax deals hitstun and the bullets can be seen, meaning that they can be reflected like other projectiles. The bullets deal 1.35% damage each and launch opponents at a straight horizontal angle both on the ground and in the air. This move is very useful for edge guarding, as the bullets can disrupt various recoveries, and their minimal knockback keeps opponents in place when hit.

The attack can be held to charge up, which results in Charge Bullets that deal more damage (exactly double that of the regular bullets, at 2.7% each) and knockback, in addition to launching opponents at a higher angle. While charging the move in SSB4, Bayonetta can cancel it by shielding, rolling or air dodging; it can otherwise be held indefinitely before firing. In Ultimate, she can only cancel it once it is fully charged, and a charge can only be held for 1 second. She can fire up to eight rounds of two bullets each (for a total of sixteen bullets), with a minimum of two rounds, though only those first two rounds can become Charge Bullets. The rounds themselves travel about three-quarters the length of Final Destination, and due to their trajectory, they are not likely to hit opponents that are either small or crouching at that range, except in stages featuring slopes or tilting (such as Lylat Cruise).

Usually, when charging the move in the air and then landing, Bayonetta is able to shield-cancel it as soon as she lands. However, if she has used either After Burner Kick or Witch Twist (therefore triggering her special move landing lag) and then charges Bullet Climax, she will release it immediately upon landing, even if the player is still holding the special move button. This occurs likely to prevent the player from abusing the move's shield-canceling ability to negate the landing lag of Bayonetta's specials, which is otherwise impossible without using Witch Time (which has noticeable ending lag and becomes less effective with repeated use) or grabbing a ledge.

Instructional quote[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List BayonettaHeadSSBU.png Quickly fires a volley from two guns. Can be charged for more power and extended by tapping the button.


Special Move customization was added in Super Smash Bros. 4. These are the variations:

1. Bullet Climax
"North America Quickly fires a volley from two guns. Can be charged for more power and extended by tapping the button.
Europe Quickly fires a volley from two guns. Can be charged for more power, and extended by tapping the button.
  1. Bullet Climax: Default.

Like the other DLC characters, Bayonetta lacks custom move variations.


Charge Bullets as seen in Bayonetta 2. From the Bayonetta Wikia.
Charged Bullets as seen in Bayonetta 2.

In Bayonetta and its sequel, Bayonetta can fire her guns at any time with the Action Button, regardless of which weapons are equipped on her arms or legs. This attack is mainly done to preserve the score multiplier in between combos, as well as picking off enemies from a distance. Bayonetta is capable of walking and jumping while firing her guns. The actual Bullet Climax technique varies based on which weapons are equipped, with Bayonetta being able to manually aim her guns from a third person shooter perspective if she is wielding any. Much like in SSB4, she can also perform this technique with her stiletto guns as well.

Charge Bullet is an upgrade in Bayonetta 2, where Bayonetta can charge her bullets for more damage. However, the upgrade only applied to simply firing the guns, and not to the Bullet Climax ability.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese バレットクライマックス, Bullet Climax
UK English Bullet Climax
France French Déluge de balles
Germany German Kugel-Klimax
Spain Spanish Clímax balístico
Italy Italian Tempesta di piombo
China Chinese (Simplified) 枪弹高潮
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 槍彈高潮
South Korea Korean 불릿 클라이맥스, Bullet Climax
Netherlands Dutch Kogelclimax
Russia Russian Пулевой апогей


  • Unlike other chargeable special moves that can be shield-cancelled (e.g. Aura Sphere), Bullet Climax's charge can't be stored by shield-cancelling.

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