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Super Smash Bros. series This article's title is unofficial.
Captain Falcon's neutral special move, Falcon Punch in Brawl.
Charizard's Flamethrower.

The neutral special move (officially referred to as standard special move, also known as neutral B, standard B, B move or simply B) is a special attack performed by pressing the special move button without holding a direction on the control stick. As the original Super Smash Bros. lacks side special moves, neutral specials can also be used if the stick is tilted sideways; with the introduction of side specials in Melee, some characters' neutral specials were changed to be side specials, with a new neutral special taking their place.

The majority of neutral specials are either a projectile or a strong single-hit attack that may be chargeable (and sometimes both). If a character has a single projectile, it is most likely to be their neutral special. Neutral specials also tend to not move the character.

Reverse neutral special move[edit]

Mewtwo reversing his direction in mid air.

A reverse neutral special move allows a character in mid-air to use a neutral special in the opposite direction that they're facing. This requires a different method than simply holding backward and pressing 'B', as this would activate the side special move. Instead, one must tap the control stick in that direction and allow it to return to its neutral position before pressing 'B'.

In Melee, Brawl, and SSB4, the player can perform a reverse neutral special move by tapping the control stick in the opposite direction they are facing right after they press 'B'. This can be done on the ground and in the air, although some characters will not reverse even when doing the input or have extreme difficulty doing so, such as Samus.

List of neutral special moves[edit]

Character Neutral Special Move Custom Special Moves Super Smash Bros. 4
Bayonetta Bullet Climax N/A
Bowser Fire Breath Custom 1: Fire Shot
Custom 2: Fire Roar
Bowser Jr. Clown Cannon Custom 1: Piercing Cannon
Custom 2: Air Cannon
Captain Falcon Falcon Punch Custom 1: Falcon Dash Punch
Custom 2: Mighty Falcon Punch
Charizard Flamethrower Custom 1: Fire Fang
Custom 2: Fireball Cannon
Chrom unnamed N/A
Cloud Blade Beam N/A
Corrin Dragon Fang Shot N/A
Daisy Toad N/A
Dark Pit Silver Bow Custom 1: Piercing Bow
Custom 2: Guiding Bow
Dark Samus Charge Shot N/A
Diddy Kong Peanut Popgun Custom 1: Exploding Popgun
Custom 2: Jumbo Peanuts
Donkey Kong Giant Punch Custom 1: Storm Punch
Custom 2: Lightning Punch
Dr. Mario Megavitamins Custom 1: Fast Capsule
Custom 2: Mega Capsule
Duck Hunt Trick Shot Custom 1: High-Explosive Shot
Custom 2: Zigzag Shot
Falco Blaster Custom 1: Explosive Blaster
Custom 2: Burst Blaster
Fox Custom 1: Impact Blaster
Custom 2: Charge Blaster
Ganondorf Warlock Punch Custom 1: Warlock Blade
Custom 2: Warlock Thrust
Greninja Water Shuriken Custom 1: Stagnant Shuriken
Custom 2: Shifting Shuriken
Ice Climbers Ice Shot N/A
Ike Eruption Custom 1: Tempest
Custom 2: Furious Eruption
Inkling Splattershot N/A
Isabelle Pocket N/A
Ivysaur Bullet Seed N/A
Jigglypuff Pound Super Smash Bros. See Side special move.
Rollout Super Smash Bros. MeleeSuper Smash Bros. BrawlSuper Smash Bros. 4Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Custom 1: Relentless Rollout
Custom 2: Raging Rollout
King Dedede Inhale Custom 1: Dedede Storm
Custom 2: Taste Test
King K. Rool Blunderbuss N/A
Kirby Inhale Custom 1: Ice Breath
Custom 2: Jumping Inhale
Link Boomerang Super Smash Bros. See Side special move.
Bow Super Smash Bros. Melee N/A
Hero's Bow Super Smash Bros. BrawlSuper Smash Bros. 4 Custom 1: Power Bow
Custom 2: Quickfire Bow
Traveler’s Bow Super Smash Bros. Ultimate N/A
Little Mac Straight Lunge Custom 1: Flaming Straight Lunge
Custom 2: Stunning Straight Lunge
Lucario Aura Sphere Custom 1: Snaring Aura Sphere
Custom 2: Piercing Aura Sphere
Lucas PK Freeze N/A
Lucina Shield Breaker Custom 1: Storm Thrust
Custom 2: Dashing Assault
Luigi Fireball Custom 1: Bouncing Fireball
Custom 2: Iceball
Mario Custom 1: Fast Fireball
Custom 2: Fire Orb
Marth Shield Breaker Custom 1: Storm Thrust
Custom 2: Dashing Assault
Mega Man Metal Blade Custom 1: Hyper Bomb
Custom 2: Shadow Blade
Meta Knight Mach Tornado Custom 1: Entangling Tornado
Custom 2: Dreadful Tornado
Mewtwo Shadow Ball N/A
Mii Brawler Shot Put Custom 2: Ultimate Uppercut
Custom 3: Exploding Side Kick
Mii Gunner Charge Blast Custom 2: Laser Blaze
Custom 3: Grenade Launch
Mii Swordfighter Gale Strike Custom 2: Shuriken of Light
Custom 3: Blade Flurry
Mr. Game & Watch Chef Custom 1: XXL Chef
Custom 2: Short-Order Chef
Ness PK Fire Super Smash Bros. See Side special move.
PK Flash Super Smash Bros. MeleeSuper Smash Bros. BrawlSuper Smash Bros. 4Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Custom 1: Rising PK Flash
Custom 2: PK Freeze
Olimar Pikmin Pluck Custom 1: Hardy Pikmin Pluck
Custom 2: Explosive Pluck
Pac-Man Bonus Fruit Custom 1: Freaky Fruit
Custom 2: Lazy Fruit
Palutena Autoreticle Custom 1: Explosive Flame
Custom 2: Heavenly Light
Peach Toad Custom 1: Sleepy Toad
Custom 2: Grumpy Toad
Pichu Thunder Jolt N/A
Pikachu Custom 1: Thunder Wave
Custom 2: Thunder Shock
Pit Palutena Bow Custom 1: Piercing Bow
Custom 2: Guiding Bow
Richter Axe N/A
Ridley unnamed N/A
R.O.B. Robo Beam Custom 1: Wide-Angle Beam
Custom 2: Infinite Robo Beam
Robin Thunder Custom 1: Thunder+
Custom 2: Speed Thunder
Rosalina Luma Shot Custom 1: Luma Warp
Custom 2: Power Luma Shot
Roy Flare Blade N/A
Ryu Hadouken N/A
Samus Charge Shot Custom 1: Dense Charge Shot
Custom 2: Melee Charge Shot
Sheik Needle Storm Custom 1: Penetrating Needles
Custom 2: Paralyzing Needle
Shulk Monado Arts Custom 1: Decisive Monado Arts
Custom 2: Hyper Monado Arts
Simon Axe N/A
Snake Hand Grenade N/A
Sonic Homing Attack Custom 1: Stomp
Custom 2: Surprise Attack
Squirtle Water Gun N/A
Toon Link Hero's Bow Custom 1: Fire Arrow
Custom 2: Quickfire Bow
Villager Pocket Custom 1: Garden
Custom 2: Pocket Plus
Wario Chomp Custom 1: Inhaling Chomp
Custom 2: Garlic Breath
Wii Fit Trainer Sun Salutation Custom 1: Enriched Sun Salutation
Custom 2: Sweeping Sun Salutation
Wolf Blaster N/A
Yoshi Egg Lay Custom 1: Lick
Custom 2: Egg Launch
Young Link Fire Bow N/A
Zelda Nayru's Love Custom 1: Nayru's Rejection
Custom 2: Nayru's Passion
Zero Suit Samus Paralyzer Custom 1: Blast Shot
Custom 2: Electromagnetic Net

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