Water Shuriken

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Water Shuriken
Charging Water Shuriken in Ultimate.
User Greninja
Universe Pokémon
Article on Bulbapedia Water Shuriken (move)
Unleash a water shuriken. Charge it with B.
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Fires a shuriken of water straight ahead. Charging it up makes the shuriken grow!
—Description from Ultimate's Move List

Water Shuriken (みずしゅりけん, Water Shuriken) is Greninja's neutral special move.


Water Shuriken being charged in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.

Water Shuriken starts charging when pressing the special button, and is thrown forward when the button is released. The more it is charged, the bigger, more powerful and slower it is, and when charged for a sufficient duration it hits multiple times while pushing the opponent back and ends with some notable knockback (which can be Smash DI'd out of). Uncharged shurikens only hit once and are very quick, making them easy to spam.

Unlike several similar projectiles, the charge of the move cannot be stored.


Special Move customization was added in Super Smash Bros. 4. These are the variations:

1. Water Shuriken 2. Stagnant Shuriken 3. Shifting Shuriken
"Fire a shuriken of water straight ahead. Charge it up to make the shuriken grow!" "Fires a water shuriken that hovers in place wherever it is created." "Fires two different types of shuriken depending on whether you tap the button or hold it."
  1. Water Shuriken: Default.
  2. Stagnant Shuriken (known as Still Water Shuriken in the PAL version): Always hits multiple times, but remains in front of Greninja. Releases faster than default Water Shuriken.
  3. Shifting Shuriken: Fires one of two types of shuriken, depending on whether the button is tapped or held.
  • Tap Button: Throws a shuriken that launches foes upward.
  • Hold Button: Throws a shuriken that passes through opponents; sends foes toward Greninja.


Water Shuriken in Pokémon X/Y.

Introduced in Generation VI, Water Shuriken is a physical (Generation 6) or Special (Generation 7) Water-type move with the unique trait of having +1 priority (like Quick Attack), going before most other moves, while also hitting multiple times in one turn. Greninja can first learn Water Shuriken at level 36, the same level at which it evolves from Frogadier. Additionally, Water Shuriken was one of Greninja's two signature moves in Pokémon X & Y, although it has since been made accessible to Accelgor as well.



  • Despite being a Water attack, this move can still harm blue Pikmin, most likely due to the actual damaging component of the move being blade-based and not water-based.