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For fighter Info, see Meta Knight (SSBB), Meta Knight (SSB4), Meta Knight (SSBU).
Meta Knight
Meta Knight

Official artwork of Meta Knight from Kirby Star Allies.

Universe Kirby
Debut Kirby's Adventure (1993)
Smash Bros. appearances Brawl
Most recent non-Smash appearance Kirby Star Allies (2018)
Console of origin Nintendo Entertainment System
Species Unknown (often speculated to be the same as Kirby's)
Gender Male
Place of origin Dream Land
Created by Masahiro Sakurai
English voice actor Eric Newsome
Japanese voice actor Atsushi Kisa'ichi
Article on WiKirby Meta Knight

Meta Knight (メタナイト, Meta Knight) is a character from the Kirby universe. He is often seen as Kirby's rival, but has also been portrayed as an ally and even an occasional mentor.

Character description[edit]

Official artwork of Meta Knight from Kirby Super Star Ultra.

Meta Knight is a major character in the Kirby video game series developed by HAL Laboratory. Kirby's Adventure was his first appearance, although Meta Knight was not given a name until Kirby's Avalanche, released in 1995. He is a mysterious character and is seen as both a hero and a villain, and more generally an anti-hero, in the series. He is sometimes cast as an antagonist to Kirby, but his intentions are not generally portrayed as evil. In certain instances, he sends his troops, the Meta-Knights, as enemies against the pink protagonist as a sort of training.

In various cases in battle, Meta Knight has a notable code of honor enough to always provide a sword to Kirby (automatically granting him the Sword ability) in order to have a just duel with him; however in some games such as Kirby Super Star and Kirby Squeak Squad, there may be certain circumstances that cause him to make the first move when Kirby takes too long to get the weapon.

Meta Knight's mask breaks almost every time Kirby defeats him, revealing a Kirby-like face underneath, leading fans to speculate that the two are of the same species. The only difference is that Meta Knight's facial features are pure white and his face is blue. His mask gives the wearer's eyes a yellowish tint; it makes Meta Knight's white eyes yellow and Kirby's blue eyes green, as revealed in various Kirby games.

Meta Knight also wears a cape that can turn into wings, which he uses to fly around. On certain occasions, he will take off his cape in battle.

In Super Smash Bros. Melee[edit]

Meta Knight's trophy in Melee.

Meta Knight's only appearance in this game is as a collectible trophy, unlocked as one of the 250+ trophies that can be collected randomly during normal play, such as in the Trophy Lottery and throughout the various Single-player Regular Matches (though it will only be available to start appearing after the player has played over 200 Vs mode matches). The trophy has a factual error: while his first appearance was in Kirby's Adventure in May 1993, the trophy claims that his first appearance was in Kirby Super Star in September 1996.

Trophy description[edit]

The mysterious head of the Meta-Knights, he wields his sword with dignity. He delivered his sword to Kirby and demanded single combat in show of his knightly honor; his strict adherence to his code of ethics makes him a rarity in Dream Land. Sometimes he throws off his cape in battle. It occasionally transforms into wings.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

Main article: Meta Knight (SSBB)
Meta Knight as he appears in Brawl

Meta Knight is a newcomer in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and he is available to play from the start. Almost all of his attacks involve his sword, Galaxia, and most of these attacks are extremely fast such as his up air that comes out in just two frames (2/60 of a second), referencing his swordsmanship in the Kirby franchise. Though his overall reach is average, the length of his sword relative to his small body gives him grossly disproportionate disjoint in all of his attacks giving him excellent spacing options. In addition to fast attacks, Meta Knight is equipped with incredible recovery potential. Like Kirby, King Dedede, Jigglypuff, he has multiple jumps, but, despite physically resembling Kirby, he doesn't puff himself up to fly. Instead, he transforms his cape into wings to propel himself upwards, Meta Knight has the ability to glide using his cape wings. Furthermore, Meta Knight is equipped with very versatile special moves that not only improve his already stellar recovery but also heavily define his neutral and edgeguard game.

At this point in time, Meta Knight is widely considered to be the best character in the game due to his lack of disadvantageous match-ups (with one documented but heavily disputed even matchup against Pikachu) along with his overwhelming dominance in tournaments. Due to being considered "broken", Meta Knight had been banned since January 9, 2012 on the Unity Ruleset and has been the only character in the Smash series to be banned in standard tournaments. However, after the disbandment of the Unity ruleset, prohibiting him is up to the Tournament Organizer.


Meta Knight's trophy in Brawl.

The head of the Meta-Knights, and something of a rival to Kirby. He's quite an accomplished swordsman. Following his code of knightly ethics, he once delivered his sword to Kirby and demanded single combat. His giant cape transforms into wings, giving him the power of flight. He's shown his face briefly before, but his relationship to Kirby is still a mystery.

NES: Kirby's Adventure
SNES: Kirby Super Star


Name Game Effect Characters
Meta Knight Kirby: Squeak Squad AttackSlash+032EffectIcon(Slash).png Attack +32 Kirby Meta Knight King DededeKirbyHeadSSBB.pngMetaKnightHeadSSBB.pngKingDededeHeadSSBB.png
Meta Knight Ball Kirby: Canvas Curse SpecialLaunchPower+008StickerIconLaunchPower.png +8 Kirby Meta Knight King DededeKirbyHeadSSBB.pngMetaKnightHeadSSBB.pngKingDededeHeadSSBB.png
Brawl Sticker Meta Knight (Kirby Squeak Squad).png
Meta Knight
(Kirby Squeak Squad)
Brawl Sticker Meta Knight Ball (Kirby Canvas Curse).png
Meta Knight Ball
(Kirby Canvas Curse)

In Super Smash Bros. 4[edit]

Main article: Meta Knight (SSB4)
Meta Knight as he appears in SSB4.

Meta Knight was confirmed as a playable character on August 13th, 2014. He has been visually updated, with his gloves now having sporting gauntlets, a detail seen in official artwork of Meta Knight in Kirby: Squeak Squad and Kirby Super Star Ultra.

Possibly due to his dominance in Brawl, Meta Knight has been significantly nerfed from Brawl to SSB4. Many of his attacks are slightly slower, and his range has been noticeably shortened, forcing him to take a more aggressive play style. His attacks no longer have transcendent priority. He has lost the ability to glide, toning down his recovery. Mach Tornado, a staple in Brawl, has less momentum and higher ending lag, removing his dominance in the neutral game. These changes have also left him more vulnerable to camping strategies.

Meta Knight is currently ranked 16th on the tier list, placing him in the B tier. Meta Knight still has numerous strengths, such as his combos from Brawl, and his deadly edge-guarding game. He has received several buffs to his KO moves as well, with his forward smash and back aerial now dealing more knockback, and Shuttle Loop deals more damage, has increased range and much higher knockback scaling. As a result, he has a powerful punishing ability. Most importantly, his air speed has been greatly increased, now being roughly average, whereas it was tied for the third slowest in Brawl. Even with the loss of many of his advantages, his strengths heavily outweigh his flaws; this has translated to his tournament status, in which he has secured strong representation and noteworthy results.


Meta Knight
North America Kirby's mysterious rival, this masked swordsman appears in several Kirby games. His cape transforms into wings to grant him flight. In Smash Bros., his quick sword skills and aerial agility set him apart. He can jump up to five times in a row, and he has a special move to soar higher.
Europe A mysterious masked swordsman from the Kirby series. His cape can turn into wings, which gives him the ability to fly. His swift swordplay and ability to stay in the air give him an edge in this game. He can combine five mid-air jumps with a special move to make recovering a cinch. If you use him, try to keep battle airborne.
Meta Knight (Alt.)
North America Meta Knight's Dimensional Cape lets you teleport, changing where you'll reappear with directional inputs and attacking by holding the button! His Mach Tornado special can draw in and attack multiple opponents. Rise by pressing the button repeatedly, and press left or right to move.
Europe Meta Knight's Dimensional Cape lets you teleport. After vanishing, you can move to reappear somewhere else. You can also keep holding the button to turn it into an attack! His Mach Tornado special can mix up multiple opponents in the fray. Press the button repeatedly to rise up, and move left and right to create extra havoc.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Main article: Meta Knight (SSBU)
Meta Knight as he appears in Ultimate.

Meta Knight returns as a fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, as with all previous characters.


  • Meta Knight was the first newcomer confirmed for Brawl and the last veteran starter confirmed for SSB4.
  • Meta Knight's appearance slightly differs between the Kirby and Super Smash Bros. series. Specifically, Galaxia has only four spikes like its appearance in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, unlike how it has six spikes in most of the game and anime series, or how it has no spikes in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. In addition, the ends of his visor slightly curve inward, instead of being straight. He wears purple sabatons, sports the letter M printed on his left pauldron and, in SSB4, wears silver gauntlets. Recently, his appearance in SSB4 has been carried over into Kirby: Planet Robobot.
  • Meta Knight is the only character in the Super Smash Bros. series whose entire special moveset renders him helpless.
  • Meta Knight is the only sword-wielding character in the Super Smash Bros. series who lacks both a projectile and a counterattack.
  • Unlike Kirby and King Dedede, Meta Knight's Japanese voice in the Super Smash Bros. series was directly lifted from the anime series instead of any prior Kirby games, mainly due to the fact he was never voiced in them. To further reflect this, his English voice, albeit different from the dubbed anime, features a slight accent, similar to how his English voice in the anime series has a Spanish accent.
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