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Artwork of the Dragonborn from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Universe The Elder Scrolls
Debut The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2011)
Smash Bros. appearances Ultimate
Most recent non-Smash appearance The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Anniversary Edition (2021)
Console/platform of origin Microsoft Windows
Xbox 360
PlayStation 3
Species Varies
Gender Varies
Place of origin Tamriel
Created by Todd Howard
Designed by Adam Adamowicz
Ray Lederer

The Dragonborn (ドラゴンボーン, Dragonborn), or Dovahkiin (ドヴァーキン, Dovahkiin), is the main protagonist of the action RPG video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks.


The journey begins with the last Dragonborn waking up in a cart with several other people. The player is brought up to speed that they had been captured by the imperial legion for unknown reasons and is sentenced to death. Just before the execution, the dragon Alduin ambushes the area, which allows the Dragonborn to escape. The Dragonborn then travels across Skyrim, the frigid northern region of Tamriel, and goes on many quests to obtain new abilities and resources to take down the many enemies in their path.

The Dragonborn has the ability to permanently kill and consume the soul of a slain dragon, absorbing its knowledge and power and using it to unlock words of power, allowing them to use the Thu'um, or Shouts; each shout has a different effect depending on the word being used. These dragon abilities on top of the abilities of whatever race the player chooses the Dragonborn to be, makes them an exceptionally powerful character in the universe, capable of feats few others can accomplish. The Last Dragonborn is the only person able to stand against the threat of dragons returning to the war-torn nation of Skyrim, chief among them being Alduin, the World-Eater, said to bring about the end of the world.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

As a costume[edit]

A Mii Swordfighter in the Dragonborn costume.

The Dragonborn was released as a DLC Mii Swordfighter costume on June 29th, 2021, alongside Kazuya Mishima. While the Dragonborn can wear a multitude of equipment in Skyrim, the Mii costume is based on their equipment seen in most Skyrim promotional material: a Steel Sword, Studded Armor, and Iron Boots, Gauntlets and Helmet. Similarly, the Mii used in the costume's reveal trailer depicts the Dragonborn as a male Nord.

In the costume's reveal trailer, the Dragonborn Mii Swordfighter is first seen in Kapp'n's bus, in reference to the opening scene of Skyrim, where the player awakes inside of a carriage on their way to be executed. The scene with the Dragonborn Mii Swordfighter fighting a giant Ganondorf holding a Home-Run Bat is a reference to Skyrim's common Giant enemies and the clubs that they wield. The Ω form of Distant Planet is most likely a reference to the fields outside of the city of Whiterun, where the Dragonborn will likely encounter their first Giant to fight. The Dragonborn Mii Swordfighter is later seen knocking out Wolf and Yoshi, possibly a reference to the Khajiit and Argonian races respectively. At the end of the trailer, the Dragonborn Mii Costume is standing at the base of the Statue of the Goddess on Skyloft. This is likely a reference to the Dragonborn standing in front of a Word Wall that they may discover on their journey throughout Skyrim. It could also be a reference to the Shrines of the Nine Divines and the various Standing Stones that, when prayed to or activated by the Dragonborn, give them a specific buff or buffs.

Although it isn't available in-game, Skyrim's main theme, "Dragonborn", is used in the trailer and when Masahiro Sakurai talks about Dragonborn's inclusion. Notably, the main vocals from the song are absent.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese ドラゴンボーン, Dragonborn
UK English Dragonborn
France French Enfant de dragon
Germany German Drachenblut
Spain Spanish Sangre de Dragón
Italy Italian Sangue di Drago
China Chinese (Simplified) 龍裔, Dragonborn
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 龍裔, Dragonborn
South Korea Korean Dragonborn
Netherlands Dutch Dragonborn
Russia Russian Драконорожденного, Dragonborn


  • As with other Mii Costumes based on characters from primarily M-rated franchises, the logo for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the game the Dragonborn hails from, is absent in the American version of his Mii Costume reveal trailer, being replaced with a wordmark featuring the character's name. Unlike previous examples, this change was also present in the UK presentation. This also applies to Dante and Doom Slayer.
    • Despite this, Masahiro Sakurai can be heard saying the name Skyrim when talking about the costume's inclusion, though it isn't referred to by name in the subtitles.
  • The Dragonborn is the only Bethesda character from a franchise that was always owned by Bethesda. Fallout was originally owned by Interplay Entertainment before selling the IP, while id Software, the original IP holder of Doom, was an independent company until Bethesda's acquisition of the company in 2009.

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