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Dante DMC.png

Artwork of Dante from Project X Zone.

Universe Devil May Cry
Debut Devil May Cry (2001)
Smash Bros. appearances Ultimate
Most recent non-Smash appearance Street Fighter: Duel (2023, via update)
Console/platform of origin PlayStation 2
Species Human/Demon hybrid
Gender Male
Created by Hideki Kamiya
Article on Wikipedia Dante (Devil May Cry)

Dante (ダンテ, Dante) is the main protagonist of Capcom's Devil May Cry series.


Dante is one of the half-human, half-demon twin sons of the demon Sparda and a human woman named Eva, the other being Vergil. Shortly before their eighth birthday, Eva gave Dante and Vergil one half each of the pendant needed to awaken Sparda's sword Force Edge. Eventually, Sparda died under unknown circumstances, Eva was killed in an attack by demons, and Dante and Vergil were separated. Dante went into hiding and grew up to become a powerful demon slayer.

Dante opens a devil hunting business and is invited by Vergil to a demonic tower called the Temen-ni-gru, where Vergil intends to open a portal to the demon realm and claim Sparda's power for his own. Dante battles Vergil several times, awakening his latent ability to transform into a demonic form called Devil Trigger; ultimately, he surpasses Vergil and acquires the Force Edge, while Vergil remains in the demon realm where he is defeated by the demon king Mundus and corrupted into Nelo Angelo. Shortly afterward, Dante is lured to Mallet Island by a mysterious woman that looks identical to his mother named Trish, where Mundus is plotting his return. Dante makes his way through the island, defeats Nelo Angelo, and restores the Force Edge to its true form, the Devil Sword Sparda. He then defeats Mundus with Trish's help and seals him away again.

After battling a corrupt businessman named Arius who seeks to conquer the world through demonic power, Dante hears from a human Devil Hunter he met at the Temen-ni-gru named Lady about a demon-worshipping cult called the Order of the Sword, and travels to the town of Fortuna to investigate alongside Trish (who has since worked alongside Dante as a Devil Hunter). There, he battles the Order and comes into conflict with another descendant of Sparda named Nero, who Dante eventually deduces is Vergil's son. Eventually, Dante befriends Nero, who kills the leader of the Order of the Sword after seeing the true nature of "His Holiness". Before they part ways, Dante bequeaths to Nero Vergil's signature sword "Yamato."

Some time later, Dante is approached by a mysterious man named V, who hires him to destroy a powerful demon named Urizen. However, Urizen defeats Dante and knocks him into a coma for a month, during which his demonic forces ravage Red Grave City. V finds and reawakens Dante, who, in a bid to fully unlock his demon powers, returns to his childhood home and stabs himself with Rebellion, the sword given to him by Sparda. This fuses the sword with the Devil Sword Sparda and Dante's own demonic powers to form Devil Sword Dante and unlocks his ultimate form, Sin Devil Trigger. With his new power, he defeats Urizen, revealed to be the demonic half of a surviving Vergil. V, revealed to be the human half of Vergil who he cast aside in his pursuit of power, merges with Urizen to reform Vergil. Dante engages Vergil in a final battle, but Nero intervenes and forces the two to reconcile their differences. The two travel into the demon realm and seal it off from the human realm, then reignite their rivalry on friendlier terms.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

As a costume[edit]

A Mii Swordfighter in the Dante costume.

Dante was released as a DLC Mii Swordfighter costume on June 29th, 2021, alongside Kazuya Mishima. The design of the Mii Costume is largely based on his appearance in the first Devil May Cry game, though the wig is closer in design to his hairstyle in Devil May Cry 5. Dante is wielding the Alastor, one of the many swords usable in the game.

In the costume's trailer, the Dante Mii is shown using Gale Stab, a clear reference to Stinger, one of his most iconic moves. The Dante Mii is then seen fighting Piranha Plant, possibly referencing Echidna, a plant-like boss from Devil May Cry 4, using Stone Scabbard on it, this one referencing two of his most commonly used attacks from the Devil May Cry series, High Time for the initial launch and Helm Breaker for the downward stab. The trailer then shows the Dante Mii fighting Dark Samus, possibly as a reference to Doppelganger from Devil May Cry 3, as both it and Dark Samus serve as evil doppelgangers of Dante and Samus, respectively. Dark Samus' appearance as an enemy could also be a nod to Nelo Angelo, a boss in the first Devil May Cry game with dark blue pulsating lines running across his armor.

Although it isn't available in-game, the track "Public Enemy (Battle Theme 1)" from the first Devil May Cry game is used in the trailer.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese ダンテ, Dante
UK English Dante
France French Dante
Germany German Dante
Spain Spanish Dante
Italy Italian Dante
China Chinese (Simplified) 但丁, Dante
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 但丁, Dante
South Korea Korean 단테, Dante
Netherlands Dutch Dante
Russia Russian Данте