Monster Hunter

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This article is about the player-created avatar in the Monster Hunter series. For the universe, see Monster Hunter (universe).
Monster Hunter
Monster Hunters wearing Hunter's Armor
Concept art of Monster Hunters wearing Rathalos Armor

Monster Hunters as seen in Monster Hunter Tri.
Universe Monster Hunter
Debut Monster Hunter (2004)
Smash Bros. appearances SSB4
Most recent non-Smash appearance Dragalia Lost (update, 2020) (Rathalos Set: cameo as costume)
Console/platform of origin PlayStation 2
Species Human
Gender Varies

Monster Hunters refer to the player-created avatars from Capcom's Monster Hunter series.


In every Monster Hunter game to date, as the game's title states, players take up quests in hunting and defeating monsters. Their parts can be used to create various pieces of equipment. Weapons, and the monsters whose parts can be used, vary from missions and the game.

The Hunter's Armor Set is a recurring set of armor throughout the Monster Hunter series. It is usually the first non-default armor available for purchase from the armory. The Hunter's Knife is the first sword and shield in the "Iron" series of weapons. The Rathalos Armor Set is also a recurring armor set. By repeatedly hunting Rathalos, a hunter can gather enough parts from carving to assemble the set. The set is modeled after Rathalos in appearance. The Blazing Falchion is a sword and shield that can be crafted from Rathalos parts.

In Super Smash Bros. 4[edit]

Two Monster Hunter armor sets are the basis for paid downloadable content costumes for Mii Swordfighters. The armor sets used are the Hunter's Blademaster Armor while wielding the Hunter's Knife sword and shield set, and the Rathalos Blademaster Armor while wielding the Blazing Falchion sword and shield set.