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This article is about Mii Brawler's appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. For the character in other contexts, see Mii.
Mii Brawler
in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
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Universe Super Smash Bros.
Other Smash Bros. appearance in SSB4

Availability Custom
Final Smash Omega Blitz
An expert in physical combat, capable of delivering powerful blows.
—The Brawler's Ultimate description

The Mii Brawler (Mii格闘タイプ, Mii Hand-to-Hand Fighting Type) is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. They were confirmed as a playable character on June 12th, 2018 along with the other Mii Fighter types, the Swordfighter, and the Gunner. The Mii Brawler is classified as fighter #51.

As with the other Mii Fighter types, the Mii Brawler has 12 voice options, provided by Yuji Kishi, Takashi Ohara, Ryotaro Okiayu, Michihiko Hagi, Hideo Ishikawa, Kiyoyuki Yanada, Umeka Shoji, Ayumi Fujimura, Makiko Ohmoto, Minami Takayama, and Kimiko Saito.

Changes from Super Smash Bros. 4[edit]

The Mii Brawler has been the most extensively modified of the Mii Fighters, especially in terms of custom moves. With height and weight now being fixed, the Mii Brawler now has set attributes, now being a light middleweight fast faller with high mobility and effective close combat abilities, making their playstyle along the lines of other high-risk, combo-oriented "footsies" fighters like Little Mac or Squirtle.

In terms of move changes, the Mii Brawler's standard moveset has not been altered significantly, apart from some quality-of-life changes like forward tilt losing its sourspot, and forward aerial connecting better. However, the Brawler's special moves have been buffed in many ways: like the other Mii Fighters, many of the Brawler's special moves now have increased KO potential, giving them an abundance of powerful moveset choices and fixing one of the Brawler's former weaknesses. Additionally, the Brawler's notoriously ineffective default special moves have been given significantly more utility, allowing the Brawler to function just as effectively without altered customs.

Finally, the Brawler is the only Mii Fighter to have access to entirely new special moves: each directional input (neutral, side, up, down) has a new special move that replaces another: Ultimate Uppercut was replaced by Flashing Mach Punch, a powerful multi-hit move; Headache Maker was replaced by Suplex, a damaging command grab; Piston Punch was replaced by Thrust Uppercut, a variant with more recovery potential and combo ability but less KO power; and Foot Flurry was replaced by Counter Throw, a unique counterattack with low cooldown, short counter frames, and a retaliating hit in the form of a grab. Each give the Brawler a new option to handle different situations.

However, the Mii Brawler has many newfound weaknesses. The Brawler's set attributes are a double-edged sword, as their low weight and higher gravity makes them easier to both combo and KO, but still harder to KO than other fighters like Fox or Pichu due to the Brawler's heavier weight. Additionally, some of the Brawler's best moves have been nerfed, vastly reducing the KO power of their combo strings and preventing the Brawler from KOing as early as 85% through throw combos: the Brawler's down throw's higher knockback growth limits followups after mid percents, and the Brawler's best followup options from down throw have much weaker KO potential, since Helicopter Kick has lowered knockback and Piston Punch was removed for Thrust Uppercut. As a result, the Brawler's KO setups have actually been reduced, since they now serve only to rack up damage instead of KOing.

Changes to the Brawler's recovery choices make them even less reliable than before: Burning Dropkick's utility has significantly reduced due to its fixed lower distance, and Feint Jump now travels less distance. Finally, the Brawler's approach options have been reduced due to the removal of Ultimate Uppercut and Foot Flurry, the former removing a super armor option in exchange for invincibility when Flashing Mach Punch connects, and the latter removing one of their only approaching attacks in exchange for a counterattack in Counter Throw. As a result, the Brawler's neutral game has not improved, due to their range and moveset still being very inconsistent for combos, KOs or approaching, and the Brawler retains their former weaknesses from Smash 4, such as poor range, slightly below-average frame data for a fighter of their playstyle, and passable recovery.

Overall, the changes to the Mii Brawler's moveset allow more of their special moves to shine while granting them better utility, but at the cost of their strongest tools being streamlined. As a result, the Brawler's actual buffs are a mixed bag in comparison to the extreme changes their special moves have gained, and they have to take advantage of their buffed special moves to counteract the nerfs to their potent down throw combos. Due to these factors, the Brawler is arguably the weakest of the three Mii Fighters, although the Brawler has received consistent and notable buffs throughout patches, unlike the other Mii Fighters. Overall, their viability compared to the cast and, more significantly, their impact on the metagame, are still yet to be determined due to their low representation and results.


  • Change Players can customize the Mii Brawler's voice clips from 12 different voices, with 3 different pitches.
  • Change Mii Brawlers have had their body proportions adjusted.
  • Change While still based off the "Guest C" Mii, the default Mii Brawler has an altered appearance. His hair is longer, and he now sports a stern expression instead of a neutral one as he did in Smash 4.
  • Change The default outfit for the Mii Brawler has significantly more detail, featuring a stylized shirt with extra rubber padding on their forearms and shins.


  • Buff Like all characters, the Mii Brawler's jumpsquat animation now takes three frames to complete (down from 5).
  • Change As with the other Mii Fighter types, the Mii Brawler now has fixed attributes:
    • Change The Mii Brawler now has a set weight of 94, down from 100 in Smash 4. This makes their weight on par with Ness, Lucas and Inkling, and makes them the lightest Mii Fighter. The Mii Brawler is now lighter than the lightest possible Mii in Smash 4, which makes their survivability worse, but their ability to escape combos slightly better.
    • Change The Mii Brawler's gravity is much higher (0.1 → 0.192).
    • Buff Mii Brawler walks much faster (1.15 → 1.26).
    • Buff Mii Brawler dashes much faster (1.72 → 1.92).
      • Buff Mii Brawler's initial dash speed is faster (1.6 → 1.97).
    • Nerf Mii Brawler has a slower air speed (1.2 → 1.15).

Ground attacks[edit]

  • Neutral attack:
    • Buff Neutral infinite connects significantly better due to the changes to neutral infinites dragging opponents to the ground.
    • Nerf Apart from the final hit, neutral attack's hits deal less damage (hit 1: 3% → 1.8%, hit 2: 2% → 1%, looping hits: 1% → 0.5%).
  • Forward tilt:
    • Buff All angles of forward tilt no longer have a sourspot on the Mii Brawler's leg.
  • Forward smash:
    • Change Forward smash now leaves an electrical trail on the Mii Brawler's fist (though it does not deal electric damage), and the Mii Brawler no longer flexes during their ending animation; instead, the Brawler pumps their arms downwards.
    • Buff The Mii Brawler now steps forward when using their forward smash, giving it more range.
    • Buff Forward smash deals higher knockback (30 (base)/100 (scaling) → 35/102).
  • Up smash:
    • Buff Clean up smash deals more knockback (32 (base)/ 93 (scaling) → 33/96)

Aerial attacks[edit]

  • Buff All aerials except back and down aerial have less landing lag (Neutral: 10 → 9, Forward: 14 → 12, Up: 14 → 11).
  • Neutral aerial:
    • Nerf Neutral aerial no longer autocancels from a short hop.
  • Forward aerial:
    • Change Forward aerial has a new animation: the Mii Brawler now does two alternating kicks inwards, instead of a spin kick.
    • Buff Forward aerial deals more damage (hit 1: 4% → 5%, hit 2: 5% → 6%).
    • Buff Forward aerial has less of a delay between each hit, making it connect better in some circumstances.
      • Nerf However, the first hit no longer has the autolink angle, and thus connects less reliably when moving backwards or downwards. Forward aerial's faster hits also mean it is now more difficult to use the first hit to initiate combos by landing.
  • Back aerial:
    • Buff Back aerial deals more damage (10% → 12%), and has more knockback scaling (100 → 105), significantly improving its KO potential.
  • Down aerial:
    • Buff Down aerial now autocancels from a full hop and double jump fast fall, instead of only at the peak of a full hop.
    • Buff Down aerial's spike has more knockback scaling (90 → 95), although it is still weaker than the non-spiking clean hit.

Throws/other attacks[edit]

  • Change Pummel deals less damage (3.25% → 1.3%) but is much faster.
  • Buff Forward throw launches at a lower angle (45 → 42), improving its ability to set up edgeguards, and slightly improving its KO potential.
  • Buff Back throw deals more damage (hit 1: 2% → 4%).
  • Change Back throw has a more fluid animation.
  • Buff Up throw deals more damage (8% → 11%).
  • Nerf Down throw has more knockback scaling (100 → 120), making followups more difficult at mid percents. The reduced knockback of Helicopter Kick and the removal of Piston Punch also remove the Brawler's infamous down throw KO setups, now making them damage racking strings instead.

Special Moves[edit]

Neutral specials:

  • Shot Put:
    • Buff Shot Put has less endlag.
    • Buff Shot Put's bounces deal slightly more damage (first bounce: 11% → 11.25%, second bounce: 8 → 8.4%).
  • Exploding Side Kick:
    • Change Exploding Side Kick now causes Special Zoom when it lands.
    • Buff Reversed Exploding Side Kick deals more damage (Sweetspot: 27% → 28%, Sourspot: 25% → 26%).
    • Buff Aerial reversed Exploding Side Kick deals more damage (Sweetspot: 22.95% → 23.8%, Sourspot: 21.25% → 22.1%).
    • Buff Exploding Side Kick can be reversed much later, just before the kick comes out. Coupled with the new dodge mechanics, this makes the move better for punishing a dodge.
    • Buff Exploding Side Kick has significantly lower ending lag, making it safe on shield.

Side specials:

  • Onslaught:
    • Change Onslaught has a different animation, with the Brawler also attacking the opponent with their fists, before finishing with a upward kick.
    • Buff Grounded Onslaught's second to last hit is now a meteor smash that drags opponents to the ground. This allows the entire move to connect more consistently at higher percents.
    • Buff Onslaught deals more total damage (10% → 16%) and deals much more knockback, now being capable of KOing at around 100%.
    • Buff Onslaught has a new mechanic: Onslaught deals increased knockback as the Mii Brawler's damage accumulates, similarly to and separate from the effects of rage, but this multiplier lowers to 1x when the move is successfully used. It takes time until Onslaught's knockback multiplier returns to its increased value.
      • Change A purple sparkle briefly appears on the Mii Brawler's shoes when Onslaught's knockback returns to normal.
    • Change Onslaught's grounded meteor smash will cause opponents to drop out of the move if they are near an edge, however this can be used to gimp opponents with weak vertical recoveries, and can set up for edgeguards.
  • Burning Dropkick:
    • Nerf Burning Dropkick can no longer be charged. The Mii Brawler now leaps forward and launches a fixed distance diagonally downwards after a brief pause. It has vastly reduced distance and can now miss entirely if started right next to an opponent, significantly reducing its recovery range, reliability, and utility for mindgames.
    • Buff Burning Dropkick deals more damage compared to the previous uncharged version (10% → 13%).
    • Buff Burning Dropkick's landing lag can be reduced by using it at the peak of a full hop.

Up specials:

  • Soaring Axe Kick:
    • Buff Soaring Axe Kick's animation has been sped up significantly.
    • Buff Soaring Axe Kick's first hit is now highlighted by a large blue trail that significantly increases its range.
    • Buff Soaring Axe Kick's descending hit is much stronger, now being a capable KO option. It also has more base knockback, making sacrificial KOs more effective, though it still KOs the Brawler first at 0%.
    • Buff Soaring Axe Kick gains slightly more height and can now sweetspot the ledge halfway through the ascending hit; previously it could only do so right before the Brawler descended. This significantly improves its safety, as it was notoriously easy to intercept in Smash 4.
    • Buff The descending part of the move now has to be initiated manually, similar to Cloud's Climhazzard. This eliminates the descending portion when recovering, which previously caused self destructs.
  • Helicopter Kick:
    • Change The trajectory of Helicopter Kick's final hit can now be altered. Holding forward will make its knockback diagonal, while holding back will make its knockback more vertical.
    • Buff Helicopter Kick travels significantly higher when used on the ground.
    • Nerf Helicopter Kick has lower knockback, preventing it from KOing early. However, it can still KO at high percents.

Down specials:

  • Head-On Assault:
    • Change Head-On Assault has an altered startup animation, with the Brawler doing a half-backflip instead of a headbutt while rising. It also has a different ending animation; the Brawler simply stands back up again.
    • Change The descending hit no longer buries opponents. Instead, it deals diagonal knockback that can KO at 112%. This removes bury followups, but significantly improves its utility as an attack.
    • Buff Head-On Assault's headbutt is now a corkscrewing attack that deals multiple hits very quickly. Each hit deals 1%, and a ground-starting attack can hit at least 3 times.
    • Nerf The descending hits deal less overall damage if started on the ground (8% → 4%).
    • Buff Head-On Assault's headbutt is now a corkscrewing attack that deals multiple hits very quickly. Each hit deals 1%, and a ground-starting attack can hit at least 3 times.
    • Buff Due to the multiple hits, Head-On Assault deals more damage if it lands on an aerial opponent, and it will always KO the opponent first if it the grounded version leads to a sacrificial KO. However, whoever is KO'd first is still inconsistent if the aerial version is used.
  • Buff Head-On Assault deals significantly more shield damage, especialy the landing hit.This allows it to break full shields if all hits land.
  • Feint Jump:
    • Change Feint Jump's kick now surrounds itself in a blue aura instead of purple.
    • Change The kick attack used during Feint Jump sends the Brawler flying at a more downward angle.
      • Nerf Because of this, its recovery potential has been worsened.
      • Change Mii Brawler can hit closer grounded opponents more easily but also can have a harder time hitting opponents from a far distance.
      • Nerf Feint Jump’s momentum is stopped completely when landing with the kick, removing its notorious ledge-cancel and resulting in high landing lag.
    • Buff The Kick can be initiated much earlier and later, now adding more mixups.
    • Buff When landing on an opponent during the descent of the flip, the Brawler will now automatically perform a meteor smashing kick that deals 7%.
  • Final Smash:
  • Change Omega Blitz now has the Brawler stay in one place while throwing a barrage of punches and kicks after dragging the opponent upward, the initial attack is now an upwards-arcing heel kick, and the Final Smash finishes with a downward punch rather than a chop.
    • Buff Because of the change of the initial attack, the activation hitbox has extended range.
  • Buff Omega Blitz deals more total damage (42% → 47%).
New special moves:[edit]

The Mii Brawler has received four new special moves, each replacing one former special move from each category.

  • Flashing Mach Punch:
    • This neutral special move replaces Ultimate Uppercut. It is a multi-hitting series of five fast punches from a single hand, that extends to a total of 22 consecutive punches if any initial hits connect. The final hit deals good vertical knockback and can KO at around 115%.
      • Change Compared to Ultimate Uppercut, Flashing Mach Punch deals consistent damage (8-22% → 17.9%).
      • Buff Flashing Mach Punch does not leave the Mii Brawler helpless, and the first midair use causes them to stall.
      • Buff Flashing Mach Punch has KO potential anytime it lands and has the same power on the ground and in the air, whereas Ultimate Uppercut needs to be fully charged and grounded to have KO potential.
      • Buff Flashing Mach Punch offers invincibility for the duration of the move if it connects with an opponent, making it harder to interrupt than Ultimate Uppercut.
      • Nerf Unlike Ultimate Uppercut, Flashing Mach Punch does not offer armor for a few frames before an uncharged punch, or super armor during a fully-charged punch.
      • Nerf Flashing Mach Punch has punishable ending lag. It also cannot start the looping portion if it hits a shield.
  • Suplex:
    • This side special command grab replaces Headache Maker. The Mii Brawler will dash forward a short distance: if it connects, the Brawler will lift the opponent into the air and do a backwards suplex, slamming the opponent headfirst into the ground.
      • Buff Suplex goes through shields since it is a grab.
      • Buff Suplex deals high damage for a command grab, and does more total damage than the strongest hit of Headache Maker (13% → 18%).
      • Buff Suplex covers slightly more horizontal distance than Headache Maker, though it still travels less than Onslaught.
      • Nerf Suplex has very low knockback scaling, making it ineffective for KOing.
      • Nerf Suplex causes helplessness if used in the air, and causes the Brawler to be KO'ed first if used as a Sacrificial KO.
  • Thrust Uppercut:
    • This up special move replaces Piston Punch. Unlike the other new moves, it is similar in function to the attack it replaced. It consists of a multi-hitting uppercut, dealing five hits in total. The Mii Brawler switches their hands for the final hit.
      • Buff Thrust Uppercut travels upward with a slight diagonal trajectory, making it better for recovering than Piston Punch. It can also be angled to travel further horizontally. Coupled with its fast startup, it can easily act as a combo finisher out of an aerial.
      • Buff Thrust Uppercut deals more damage than Piston Punch (10% → 13%).
      • Nerf Thrust Uppercut is much worse for KOing, only doing so at ground level after 180%.
  • Counter Throw:
    • This down special counterattack replaces Foot Flurry. After being hit, the Mii Brawler will grab the opponent before throwing the victim on the ground behind them.
      • Change Counter Throw removes an approach and aerial stalling option, but grants the Brawler a counterattack.
      • Change Unlike other counterattacks, Counter Throw has a very short duration, but very low ending lag, allowing it to be used more flexibly.
      • Change Counter Throw has the second highest damage multiplier of any counterattack by default (1.5×), tied with King K. Rool's Gut Check and surpassed by Joker's Rebel's Guard.
      • Nerf Counter Throw completely fails against projectiles and attacks that hit the Brawler's legs, while any sufficiently disjointed move will cause the retaliating grab to miss.

Update history[edit]

The Mii Brawler has been significantly buffed from game updates, and has been one of the characters that have received the most updates through patches so far. Update 2.0.0 improved the Brawler's offense by improving their neutral infinite, increasing the damage of up aerial and some special moves, extending up smash's sweetspot duration, and granting neutral and back aerials less landing lag. The landing lag decreases now make back aerial safer on shield, while giving late neutral aerial more followups, some into KO moves. Flashing Mach Punch's increased damage is more rewarding on hit, Exploding Side Kick's reduced ending lag makes it harder to punish, Onslaught's increased speed makes it easier to connect, Soaring Axe Kick is safer, Feint Jump's kick has more knockback, and Head-On Assault can now break full shields if all hits connect.

Patch 3.1.0 gave a mixed bag of changes, with their neutral attack and Flashing Mach Punch connecting more consistently. The Brawler's notoriously high falling and fast falling speeds were also reverted back to their SSB4 values, making them less susceptible to combos and juggles while also allowing forward aerial to autocancel out of a short hop. However, their airdodge and footstool animations were made laggier.

Patch 4.0.0 significantly improved the utility of what was commonly considered their two worst custom moves: Flashing Mach Punch was once again buffed by decreasing its startup and ending lag if connects, while also increasing the final hit's knockback, while Thrust Uppercut's final hit has more knockback, allowing it to actually KO at reasonable percents. However, the Brawler's infamously fast falling speed from earlier iterations has returned, resulting in the Brawler once again being easier to combo, forward aerial losing its ability to auto-cancel in a short hop, and the Mii Brawler's recovery being worse, but making them harder to juggle in return, as well make their airdodge and footstool animations less laggier.

As a result, the Mii Brawler is significantly better than they were during Ultimate's release.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 2.0.0

  • Buff Neutral infinite has more range and is harder to SDI.
  • Buff Up smash's sweetspot has a longer duration, with its sourspot having a shorter duration.
  • Buff Neutral aerial has less landing lag.
  • Buff Back aerial has less landing lag.
  • Buff Up aerial deals more damage (8% → 9%).
  • Buff Flashing Mach Punch deals more damage (15.8% total → 17.9% total).
  • Buff Exploding Side Kick has less ending lag.
  • Buff Onslaught travels farther and faster.
  • Buff Soaring Axe Kick can grab onto ledges more easily.
  • Buff Head-On Assault deals far more shield damage, with it breaking full shields if all hits connect.
  • Buff Feint Jump's kick deals more knockback.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 3.0.0

  • Bug fix The glitch involving Lucina that allowed Suplex to lose 2 stocks during a Sacrificial KO in 1v1 matches has been fixed.
    • Bug fix Additionally, it no longer causes Bayonetta to become stuck after Sacrificial KO.
    • Bug fix Shadow glitch from Bowser Jr. was fixed.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 3.1.0

  • Buff Neutral attack 2 connects into neutral infinite more reliably.
  • Buff Neutral infinite's finisher has a new hitbox, giving it more range.
  • Buff Flashing Mach Punch's hits connects more reliably.
  • Change Falling speed and fast falling speed decreased back to their SSB4 values. (1.92 → 1.7 (normal); 3.072 → 2.72 (fast fall))
    • Buff Because of this, forward aerial can auto-cancel in a short hop.
    • Buff The Mii Brawler's recovery travels further as a result, and they are less vulnerable to meteor smashes and semi-spikes.
    • Change Mii Brawler is now harder to combo, but at the cost of being easier to juggle.
    • Nerf Mii Brawler acts later after being footstooled in the air (FAF 31 → 35)
    • Nerf Mii Brawler's airdodges have more ending lag (FAF 42 → 45 (neutral), 70 → 77 (sideways), 86 → 92 (up), 59 → 65 (down)).
  • Bug fix Counter Throw collision with Alolan Whip no longer causes an already grabbed opponent to become stuck in grab invulnerability state resulting in a game crash if KOed.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 4.0.0

  • Change Mii Brawler's falling speed and fast falling speed have been reverted back to their pre-3.1.0 values. (1.7 → 1.92 (normal); 2.72 → 3.072 (fast fall))
    • Change All of the resulting changes from 3.1.0 have been reversed as a result.
  • Buff Flashing Mach Punch has less startup lag (frame 15 → 10) with its total duration reduced as well (FAF 60 → 55 (miss), 108 → 94 (hit)).
  • Buff Flashing Mach Punch has more invulnerability if it connects (frames 15-37 & 60-73 → 10-69).
  • Buff Flashing Mach Punch's final hit has more knockback scaling (103 → 109).
  • Buff Thrust Uppercut's final hit has more knockback scaling (58 → 71).


Note: All numbers are listed as base damage, without the 1v1 multiplier.

  Name Damage Description
Neutral attack   1.8% Two quick punches, followed by a series of rapid punches, ending with a side kick. It is a useful close-range interceptor on the ground, but as it will only transition into the neutral infinite after the first two hits, it is punishable if shielded since it gives the opponent time to react.
0.5% (loop), 2% (final hit)
Forward tilt   8.5% A roundhouse kick. Can be angled, which deals more damage when angled up or angled down, and is the Brawler's longest ranged tilt. Unlike the version in SSB4, it no longer has a sourspot. As a result, it is useful for creating space.
Up tilt   6% Punches with an uppercut. Sends the opponent upwards and slightly behind the Brawler, which is most noticeable at mid percents. As a result, it can juggle into itself at low percentages, drag the opponent closer for a grounded followup like a tilt, grab or up special, and set up aerial combos at mid percents, including back aerial. The move's hitbox can reach through the lower platforms of Battlefield and can hit prone opponents, but it cannot hit opponents behind the Brawler. Additionally, it has low horizontal range, and usually sends too far to combo after 120%.
Down tilt   8% An inverted sweep kick along the ground. Knocks opponents upward, allowing it to combo into tilts or forward aerial at low percents, and aerials or any up special move at medium percents.
Dash attack   11% (clean), 6% (late) A flying kick. A risky but useful approach option.
Forward smash   18% A strong straight punch. The move moves the Brawler slightly forward. Although an electric trail appears at the Brawler's fist, it does not deal electric damage. It deals immense knockback and easily KOs from 75% at the center of Final Destination. However, it has high startup overall and incredibly high ending lag (hits on frame 17 and ends on frame 67), and its hitbox only lasts for one frame.
Up smash Cartwheel Kick 14% (clean), 10% (late) A flip kick. It has high speed (frame 8), which makes it a good anti-air and grounded combo finisher at low percents, and it can KO at around 120%. However, the late hit (after the Brawler completes 3/4 of the backflip) has significantly lower knockback growth and only KOs at around 170%. Like up tilt, its hitbox can reach through the lower platforms of Battlefield.
Down smash   13% Punches forwards and kicks backwards simultaneously. Very fast like up smash (frame 9), with the lowest ending lag of all the Brawler's smash attacks (FAF 43). Both sides deal the same damage and knockback. However, both hits have very poor range.
Neutral aerial   10% (clean), 5% (late) A sex kick, similar to Mario's neutral aerial. Its extremely high ending lag has been reduced from SSB4. Due to its startup (frame 3) and low landing lag (frame 8), it is a useful combo breaker, and the clean hit can act as a niche KO option at the sides of the stage at around 130%. As of the 2.0.0 patch, neutral aerial's landing lag is low enough for the weak hit to true combo into a multitude of moves, including neutral attack, Thrust Uppercut and Head-On Assault at low percents, or down tilt or Helicopter Kick at mid percents. Autocancels from a full hop.
Forward aerial   5% (hit 1), 6% (hit 2) Two alternating inward kicks. The first kick can be used to initiate combos on grounded opponents, but as the kicks transition much faster than in SSB4, it is much more difficult to drag opponents to the ground with the first hit. Additionally, the move's hitboxes are on the Brawler's legs, which can cause it to whiff.
Back aerial   12% A swinging back kick. Very fast (frame 7) and is the Brawler's most reliable KO option in midair. Has a small chance of tripping grounded opponents at low percents. However, its hitbox is very brief. Autocancels from a short hop, which allows it to wall out opponents.
Up aerial   9% Swipes their foot above their head in an arc. Autocancels from a short hop, has the second lowest ending lag of all the Brawler's aerials (frame 10), and has a wide hitbox; the front hitbox is capable of hitting tall characters out of a short hop (such as Marth). As a result, it is an excellent combo initiator or extender, as a falling up aerial can start grounded combos at low percents, or juggle into itself or any up special move at mid percents.
Down aerial   13% (clean), 12% (late) Swings both fists beneath themself in a double axe handle. The clean hit is a powerful meteor smash, and sends grounded opponents diagonally upwards. However, it is the Brawler's slowest aerial in terms of startup lag, ending lag and landing lag. Autocancels from a full hop and double jump fast fall.
Grab   The Brawler reaches in front of themself.
Pummel   1.3% Headbutts the opponent.
Forward throw   9% Launches the opponent away with a backhand. It is the Brawler's KO throw, though it does so poorly as it KOs at around 144% at the edge of Final Destination.
Back throw   4% (kick), 5% (throw) Kicks the opponent behind themself.
Up throw   11% Knocks the enemy up with a palm strike. It is the Brawler's most damaging throw and can initiate aerial juggles, though it has no true followup potential due to its ending lag.
Down throw   2% (chop), 4% (throw) Karate chops the opponent into the ground. This is the Brawler's combo throw, though it has been significantly nerfed from SSB4 due to it having higher knockback growth. As a result, it is still a reliable combo throw that can be extended into aerials, up special moves, or up aerial chains, though it has lost its potent KO setups at a wide percent range and quickly loses combo potential at high percents.
Floor attack (front)   7% Gets up while kicking both sides.
Floor attack (back)   7% Same as their frontal floor attack.
Floor attack (trip)   5% Gets up while kicking both sides.
Edge attack   9% A low backhanded karate chop.
Neutral special Default Shot Put 15% (no bounce), 11.25% (first bounce), 8.4% (second bounce) A shot put is thrown into the air as an arcing projectile. Bounces twice upon landing, which deals lower damage; if it misses, the shot travels a set distance before disappearing. Very damaging and strong for an unchargeable projectile, which makes for a useful edgeguarding tool.
Custom 1 Flashing Mach Punch 0.4% (hits 1-21), 9.5% (hit 22); 17.9% if all hits connect The Brawler performs five fast punches with a single hand. If any of these punches land, the move will extend into a flurry of consecutive punches, the maximum total being 22. The last hit deals good vertical knockback, KOing at around 115%. The move doesn't lose power if used in the air, and the first use will stall the Brawler's descent. If the move lands on an opponent, the Brawler gains invincibility for the duration of the move, making the move hard to interrupt. Although it has respectably fast startup (frame 10), it has noticeable ending lag that makes it easy to punish if whiffed. If the first few hits are shielded, or hit opponents under the effects of armor, it will not transition to the looping portion of the move.
Custom 2 Exploding Side Kick 23% (leg), 25% (foot), 26% (reversed, leg), 28% (reversed, foot), 19.5% (aerial, leg), 21.25% (aerial, foot), 22.1% (reversed aerial, leg), 23.75% (reversed aerial, foot) Stands on one leg and charges their leg in flame, before unleashing a powerful burning kick. Functions like Falcon Punch. The move can be reversed once anytime during the move; the window to do so is extremely lenient compared to other moves of its kind, allowing the Brawler to turn around right before the kick itself. The Brawler gains super armor just before the kick, even if started in midair, allowing it to function as a hard punish. For its power, it has surprisingly low ending lag, which was further reduced in the 2.0.0 patch; the move is safe on shield as a result.
Side special Default Onslaught 2% (hit 1), 1.5% (hits 2-7), 5% (hit 8) Charges forward with their knee out. If the knee connects against an opponent, the Brawler will perform a series of blows (a knee strike, a kick with the opposite leg, a backhanded punch, a swinging fist punch with the opposite arm, a double-hitting axe kick, and a double-fisted axe handle swing) concluded by a backflip kick. If whiffed, there is noticeable endlag. In the air, even after attacking, Onslaught leaves the Brawler helpless. It has excellent KO potential, as it can KO grounded opponents as early as 110%. Onslaught deals increased knockback as the Mii Brawler's damage accumulates, similarly to and separate from the effects of rage, but this multiplier lowers to 1x when the move is successfully used. Onslaught will go back to full power after some time, indicated by a brief flash of purple sparkles on the Brawler's shoes. Despite its in-game description, accumulated damage doesn't affect the damage of the move.
Custom 1 Burning Dropkick 13% Extends both legs in front of themself, charging forward to deliver a dropkick while covered with flames. Unlike the previous iteration of this move, it is no longer chargeable, so it deals set damage. Furthermore, it now covers a set, albeit vastly reduced distance, and can now miss entirely if started right next to an opponent. As a result, it has lost majority of its utility from SSB4, though it is still an effective approach move due to its quick startup, and can also KO at high percents.
Custom 2 Suplex 18%, 3% (collateral grab), 4.5% (collateral descent), 15% (collateral slam) A command grab in which the Brawler dashes forward a short distance with their arms out in a grabbing motion. If it connects, the Brawler will lift the opponent into the air and do a backwards suplex, slamming the opponent headfirst into the ground. The Brawler gains super armor while throwing an opponent. Any opponents nearby for the grab and slam will take collateral damage. The move has extremely low knockback scaling, but can be used to effectively rack up damage. If used in midair, the move causes helplessness; it can grab foes near an edge and drag them off as a sacrificial KO, though it will always KO the Brawler first. Suplex makes for a poor horizontal recovery option, as it travels less distance than Onslaught.
Up special Default Soaring Axe Kick 4% (hit 1), 3% (air hit 2), 6% (ground hit 2), 4% (shockwave) Performs an upward flip kick. Similar to Cloud's Climhazzard, a second press of the special move button will have the flip kick followed up by an axe kick that meteor smashes opponents in the air. The move will snap to ledges during the rising portion, and can also snap during the downward kick after a bit of travel time. Both hits transition quickly, and the landing hit has enough knockback to KO at around 120% near the edge of Final Destination. The meteor smash is notably powerful, as it can KO ledge hanging opponents at as low as 20%.
Custom 1 Helicopter Kick 3% (hit 1, ground), 1.5% (hit 1, air), 1.5% (hits 2 - 5), 6% (hit 6) Performs a flurry of spinning kicks while traveling diagonally upward, similar to Fox's forward aerial. Travels much higher if initiated from the ground. The trajectory of Helicopter Kick's final hit can be altered: holding forward will make its knockback diagonal, while holding back will make its knockback more vertical. This allows the Brawler to choose how to launch the opponent. Allows for long horizontal recovery, but lacks vertical lift. While it is still an excellent combo finisher out of aerials or a throw, its knockback has been heavily reduced from Smash 4, making it unable to KO extremely early near the sides of the stage.
Custom 2 Thrust Uppercut 0.8% (hits 1-5), 9% (hit 6) The Brawler rises upwards with a multi-hitting uppercut, at a slight diagonal trajectory. The uppercut is followed by a second uppercut with the opposite fist. By angling during the ascent, it is possible to travel further horizontally, though the move has deceptively low recovery distance due to the move's animation. It has very fast startup (frame 3), and renders the Brawler's arm intangible from frames 3 to 7. Like Helicopter Kick, Thrust Uppercut is a reliable combo finisher due to its speed, though its trajectory is more suitable for ending vertical combos. However, it is much weaker than the previous version (Piston Punch), which was capable of KOing out of a down throw from 65%. As a result, Thrust Uppercut's combos are more suited for damage racking, though it can KO near the top blast line at around 140%.
Down special Default Head-On Assault 6% (flip kick), 1% (multi-hits), 14% (landing) The Brawler leaps up, performing a backflip kick with both of their legs, and plummets downward with a corkscrewing headbutt. If performed in the air, the Brawler will just perform the headbutt. On the ground, the initial leap sends the opponent into the main headbutt. In both versions of the move, the descending headbutt hits multiple times, and acts as a meteor smash. If the grounded version is used as a sacrificial KO, the opponent will be KO'd first. The grounded hit is very powerful and can KO consistently at 120%, though it is extremely risky due to its overall lag. If performed in midair while facing a ledge, the Brawler will be able to sweetspot said ledge, allowing it to be used as an edgeguard. The move does a high amount of shield damage, being able to break full shields if both hits connect.
Custom 1 Feint Jump 10% (diving kick), 7% (meteor smashing kick) Flips off the ground and, when the special button is pressed again, performs a divekick while surrounded by a blue aura. The startup offers brief intangibility. Similarly to Zero Suit Samus's Flip Jump, by landing on an opponent midair during the jump, the Brawler will automatically perform a kick which meteor smashes foes. The angle they are launched, however, is more diagonal, similar to that of Ryu's down air. The direction they are sent is opposite of the direction of the flip (i.e flipping to the right will diagonally meteor smash the opponent to the left, and vice versa). Both the jump and the kick can be reversed if the player taps in the other direction upon startup.
Custom 2 Counter Throw 1.5× (minimum 14%), 9% (collateral hit) The Brawler enters a defensive stance, bringing their arms close to their face. Upon being hit, the Brawler will counterattack by grabbing the opponent and slamming them on the ground behind themself. The slam will lightly damage nearby opponents. Unlike other counters, Counter Throw has a short duration, but low ending lag, allowing it to be used more flexibly. However, unlike other counters, Counter Throw completely fails against projectiles and attacks that hit their legs (i.e. attacks from underneath the Brawler), and moves with sufficiently disjointed hitboxes will cause the retaliating grab to miss. As a result, the counterattack can be rather inconsistent.
Final Smash Omega Blitz 56.4% Knocks the target into the air with an upwards-arching heel kick, and then proceeds to strike them with a maelstrom of punches and kicks before smashing them back downwards with a downward straight punch.

On-screen appearance[edit]

Lands with an explosion, does a flip kick, and makes a pose similar to their side taunt.


  • Up taunt: Does a backflip, then performs a crane pose upon landing.
  • Side taunt: Moves their fists in front of them in an "X" motion and assumes an altered crane pose, before punching downwards and swinging an open hand outward, performing a knifehand block stance.
  • Down taunt: Punches twice toward the screen.

Idle poses[edit]

  • Quickly performs four fighting stances.
  • Unclenches their fists and hops on the spot, as if poised for battle.
  • Mii Brawler's first idle pose

  • Mii Brawler's second idle pose

Victory poses[edit]

  • Left: Does a punch and kick combo, then poses.
  • Up: Punches many times toward the screen, then poses.
  • Right: Cartwheels into the foreground, does a roundhouse kick, and poses.
A portion of Lifelight, the main theme of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

In competitive play[edit]

Notable players[edit]

Role in World of Light[edit]

Finding Mii Brawler in World of Light

Although the Mii Brawler does not appear in the World of Light opening cutscene, they were vaporized and later imprisoned alongside the rest of the fighters (excluding Kirby) when Galeem unleashed his beams of light.

The default Mii Brawler was one of the many fighters that fell under Dharkon's control upon Galeem's first defeat. They can be found in the Sacred Land sub-area after completing an optional time puzzle on the Triforce of Wisdom, which is hinted by an Owl Statue located in the Triforce of Power's section left path, by setting the time to 4:40.

Defeating the Mii Brawler automatically adds the default Mii Brawler under the name "Mii" with a default 1111 moveset to the list of Mii Fighters for all modes where Mii Fighters are usable. This Mii cannot be restored if deleted.

Fighter Battle[edit]

No. Image Name Type Power Stage Music
Mii Brawler SSBU.png
Mii Brawler Attack 10,000 Final Destination Final Destination - Super Smash Bros. for 3DS / Wii U


The Mii Brawler's Fighter Spirit is available periodically for purchase in the shop for 500 Gold. Unlocking Mii Brawler in World of Light allows the player to preview the first spirit below in the Spirit List under the name "???". As a Fighter Spirit, it cannot be used in Spirit Battles and is purely aesthetic. Unlike most fighters, the spirit for Mii Brawler only uses the official artwork from Ultimate.

In Spirit battles[edit]

As the main opponent[edit]

Spirit Battle parameters
No. Image Name Series Enemy Fighter(s) Type Power Stage Rules Conditions Music
Toad Spirit.png
Toad Super Mario series Mii Brawler MiiBrawlerHeadSSBU.png (Moveset 1331, Super Mushroom Hat, Toad Outfit, Blue Outfit Color, High Voice Type 8)
3,600 Princess Peach's Castle •Item: Mushrooms •The enemy favors side specials Plucky Pass Beginnings
Shy Guy Super Mario series Mii Brawler MiiBrawlerHeadSSBU.png (Shy Guy Mask, Standard Outfit, Red Outfit Color, Low Voice Type 7)
Mii Gunner MiiGunnerHeadSSBU.png (Shy Guy Mask, Standard Outfit, Red Outfit Color, Low Voice Type 7)
Mii Swordfighter MiiSwordfighterHeadSSBU.png (Shy Guy Mask, Standard Outfit, Red Outfit Color, Low Voice Type 7)
1,500 Mushroom Kingdom II (Battlefield form) •Item: Throwing Types •The enemy favors neutral specials
•The enemy is easily distracted by items
Ground Theme - Super Mario Bros. 2
Skull Kid The Legend of Zelda series Mii Brawler MiiBrawlerHeadSSBU.png (Moveset 2123, Skull Kid's Hat, Skull Kid's Outfit)
Meta Knight (×2) (MetaKnightHeadNavySSBU.pngMetaKnightHeadPinkSSBU.png)
4,000 Distant Planet (hazards off) Assist Trophy Enemies (Skull Kid (Invisibility Effect))
•Hazard: Fog
•Defeat the main fighter to win
•The stage is covered in fog
•Hostile assist trophies will appear
Saria's Song / Middle Boss Battle
Flying Man Spirit.png
Flying Man Earthbound series Mii Brawler Team MiiBrawlerHeadSSBU.png (Moveset 2122, Flying Man Hat, Flying Man Outfit) (×5)
Ness NessHeadYellowSSBU.png
9,100 Magicant N/A •Defeat the main fighter to win
Stamina battle
Nia Xenoblade Chronicles series Mii Brawler MiiBrawlerHeadSSBU.png (Moveset 2122, Nia Wig, Nia Outfit, High Voice Type 2)
Incineroar IncineroarHeadWhiteSSBU.png
9,100 Gaur Plain N/A Stamina battle
•The enemy heals over time
Battle!! - Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Cap'n Cuttlefish Splatoon series Mii Brawler MiiBrawlerHeadSSBU.png (Moveset 1323, Vince's Hat, Skull Kid's Outfit, Low Voice Type 12)
3,300 Mushroom Kingdom U (Rock-Candy Mines) N/A •The enemy's ranged weapons have increased power
•The enemy has increased move speed
Calamari Inkantation
The Creature & Flea Man Castlevania series •Giant Mii Brawler MiiBrawlerHeadSSBU.png (Moveset 1333, Hockey Mask, Business Outfit, Low Voice Type 11)
Diddy Kong DiddyKongHeadYellowSSBU.png
4,500 Dracula's Castle (Battlefield form) •Hazard: Zap Floor •The floor is electrified
•The enemy is giant
Out of Time
Charlie the Party Phil.png
Party Phil Wii Party series Mii Brawler MiiBrawlerHeadSSBU.png (SSB T-shirt)
Mii Swordfighter MiiSwordfighterHeadSSBU.png (SSB T-shirt)
Mii Gunner MiiGunnerHeadSSBU.png (SSB T-shirt)
8,800 WarioWare, Inc. (Battlefield form) Bob-omb Festival •Bob-ombs will rain from the sky
•Explosion attacks aren't as effective against the enemy
Final Results - Wii Party U
Gold Bone Spirit.png
Gold Bone StreetPass Mii Plaza series •Gold Mii Brawler MiiBrawlerHeadSSBU.png (Moveset 1313, Hockey Mask, Vampire Garb)
3,800 Lylat Cruise •Hazard: Low Gravity
•Item: Super Scope
•Gravity is reduced Tunnel Scene - X
Smash Ball Super smash Bros. series Mii Brawler MiiBrawlerHeadSSBU.png Moveset 3213, (SSB T-shirt, Low Voice 9)
Mii Gunner MiiGunnerHeadSSBU.png Moveset 3113, (SSB T-shirt, High Voice 2)
Mii Swordfighter MiiSwordfighterHeadSSBU.png Moveset 2332, (SSB T-shirt, Normal Voice 5)
9,600 Final Destination (Battlefield form) •Sudden Final Smash
•Item: Food
•Survive until the timer runs out
•The enemy will suddenly have a Final Smash
•You'll get a Final Smash
Final Destination
Nikki Swapnote series Mii Brawler MiiBrawlerHeadSSBU.png (Moveset 1111, Standard Outfit, Chartreuse Outfit Color, Normal Voice 7)
Mii Gunner MiiGunnerHeadSSBU.png (Moveset 1111, Standard Outfit, Chartreuse Outfit Color, Normal Voice 8)
Mii Swordfighter MiiSwordfighterHeadSSBU.png (Moveset 1111, Standard Outfit, Chartreuse Outfit Color, Normal Voice 1)
8,900 PictoChat 2 (Ω form) Assist Trophy Enemies (Nikki) •Hostile assist trophies will appear Mii Plaza
Spring man.png
Spring Man ARMS Mii Brawler MiiBrawlerHeadSSBU.png (Moveset 2333, Spring Man Mask, Spring Man Outfit, Normal Voice Type 3)
9,300 Boxing Ring N/A •The enemy's punches and elbow strikes have increased power
•The enemy has increased jump power
Title Theme - Wii Sports Club
Golden Dash Mushroom Spirit.png
Golden Dash Mushroom Super Mario series •Gold Mii Brawler MiiBrawlerHeadSSBU.png (Moveset 2122, Super Mushroom Hat, Standard Outfit)
10,000 Figure-8 Circuit (Ω form) •Attack Power ↑
•Uncontrollable Speed
•Item: Mario Kart
•The enemy has super armor and is hard to launch or make flinch
•The enemy is very fast and can't stop quickly
•The enemy has increased attack power
Mario Circuit - Mario Kart 8
Toy-Con Robot Spirit.png
Toy-Con Robot Nintendo Labo series Mii Brawler MiiBrawlerHeadSSBU.png (Toy-Con Visor, Toy-Con Outfit)
Mii Brawler MiiBrawlerHeadSSBU.png (Bionic Helmet, Mecha Suit)
10,000 New Donk City (Battlefield form) N/A •Defeat the main fighter to win
•The enemy has increased attack power
Marionation Gear

As a minion[edit]

Spirit Battle parameters Inspiration
No. Image Name Series Enemy Fighter(s) Type Power Stage Rules Conditions Music Character
Toadette Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker series Villager VillagerHeadPinkSSBU.png
Mii Brawler MiiBrawlerHeadSSBU.png (Moveset 1331, Toad Hat, Toad Outfit, High Voice, Type 7)
2,600 The Great Cave Offensive (Battlefield form) N/A •The enemy is easily distracted by items Plucky Pass Beginnings Captain Toad
Sebastian Tute.png
Sebastian Tute Wii Music Mii Swordfighter MiiSwordfighterHeadSSBU.png (Moveset 2312, Prince's Crown, Butler Outfit)
Mii Gunner MiiGunnerHeadSSBU.png (Moveset 2312, Saki Amamiya Wig, Steampunk Getup)
Mii Brawler MiiBrawlerHeadSSBU.png (Moveset 2312, Isaac Wig, Toy-Con Outfit)
8,900 Tomodachi Life (Battlefield form) N/A •Defeat the main fighter to win
•Only certain Pokémon will emerge from Poké Balls (Meloetta)
•Reinforcements will appear during the battle
Final Results - Wii Party U Mii
Iris Archwell.png
Iris Archwell StreetPass Mii Plaza series Villager VillagerHeadPinkSSBU.png
Mii Brawler MiiBrawlerHeadSSBU.png (Moveset 1222, Wild West Hat, Butler Outfit)
3,600 Luigi's Mansion •Invisibility •All fighters are invisible after a little while On the Hunt -Gloomy Manor Ver.- (Instrumental) Mii
Let's Go Pikachu Spirit.png
Partner Pikachu Pokémon series Pikachu PikachuHeadRedSSBU.png
Mii Brawler MiiBrawlerHeadSSBU.png (SSB T-shirt)
8,000 Saffron City •Sudden Final Smash
•Item: Poké Ball
•The enemy will suddenly have a Final Smash when the enemy's at high damage
•The enemy's electric attacks have increased power
Stamina battle
Main Theme - Pokémon Red & Pokémon Blue (Melee) Chase
Peachette Spirit.png
Peachette Super Mario series Peach PeachHeadSSBU.png
Mii Brawler MiiBrawlerHeadSSBU.png (Toad Hat, Yellow Toad Outfit)
Luigi LuigiHeadSSBU.png
Mario MarioHeadSSBU.png
10,000 Mushroom Kingdom U •Easy to Launch
•Low Gravity
•All fighters are easy to launch
•Timed battle
•Gravity is reduced
Ground Theme - New Super Mario Bros. U Yellow Toad

Alternate costumes[edit]


Character Showcase Video[edit]


  • The Brawler is the only type of Mii Fighter to have a non-special move named in one of its tips; namely, its up smash, which is called "Cartwheel Kick".
    • The name is somewhat misleading: an actual "cartwheel kick" is a maneuver used in Capoeira, while the Mii Brawler's up smash is actually a bicycle kick.
  • The Brawler is also the only Mii Fighter to be unlocked in the Dark Realm.
  • Mii Brawler is the only Mii Fighter that does not possess a reflector.
    • Additionally, they do not have a Spirit battle with a Legend Spirit unlike the other Miis.
  • Mii Brawler’s pose in the group artwork for Ultimate resembles its neutral aerial.