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Crazy Hand (SSBM)

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This article is about Crazy Hand's appearance in Melee. For general information, see Crazy Hand.
Crazy Hand
Crazy Hand trophy from Super Smash Bros. Melee.
Symbol of the Smash Bros. series.

Crazy Hand as a trophy in Melee.

A boss in Melee
Universe Super Smash Bros.
Location Final Destination
English voice actor Dean Harrington

CrazyHandHeadSSBM.png Crazy Hand (known internally as CREZYH) is a boss character who first appeared in Super Smash Bros. Melee. In Classic Mode, he appears as a bonus boss fought alongside Master Hand; to fight him, one must play Classic Mode on Normal difficulty or higher, reach Master Hand, and reduce Master Hand's HP by half within a total of 5 minutes and 50 seconds since the start of the mode. Crazy Hand starts with the same number of HP that Master Hand started with (dependent on the difficulty). Outside of Classic Mode, Crazy Hand can also be fought alongside Master Hand in Event 50: Final Destination Match.

Most of Crazy Hand's attacks are stronger variations of Master Hand's; however he also has a few unique attacks of his own. On top of his standard attacks, Crazy Hand can team up with Master Hand for a few attacks.


HP Values Lowest difficulty Below-middle difficulty Middle difficulty Above-middle difficulty Highest difficulty
N/A N/A 300 330 360


Note that none of the names are official. Crazy Hand can only be played by using the debug menu through an Action Replay. All directions are pressed on the D-Pad, not the Control Stick. Lastly, Crazy Hand can only be controlled by Player 4.


Move Damage Debug mode input Description
Big Swipe 16% L + D-Pad Crazy Hand makes a large swipe across the stage.
Finger Bomb 5% (contact), 10% (explosion) B + D-Pad Crazy Hand drops several bombs. If a bomb hits a character before it hits the ground, it does low damage with minimal knockback. If a bomb hits the ground, it does double damage with a very large darkness explosion and reasonable knockback.
Finger Drill 6% (startup), 2% (hits 1-24), 1% (last hit) R + D-Pad Crazy Hand drills into the ground. Not much difference from Master Hand's version.
Floor Sweep 11% L + D-Pad Crazy Hand sweeps across the stage. This move electrocutes the player. Has decent vertical knockback.
Forward Throw 18% Z + D-Pad Crazy Hand throws the opponent forward with very high horizontal knockback, KOing the player at low percentages without DI.
Flying Punch 30% A + D-Pad Crazy Hand flies in from behind the stage as a fist, causing an electrical explosion on crossing the playing field. Unlike Master Hand, this attack is a vertical KO move, star KOing as low as 35%.
Flying Slap 20% (clean center), 15% (otherwise) A + D-Pad Crazy Hand flies in from the background and slaps the ground. The center of the move has the highest damage and is a semi-spike. Being hit by the grounded shockwave produced starts with vertical knockback, becoming more horizontal and less knockback (but same damage) with distance.
Jetstream 30% (main part), 12%/10% (otherwise) A + D-Pad Crazy Hand flies in from behind the stage and spins around. The player gets electrocuted when the move is done. Unlike Master Hand, this move doesn't have fixed knockback and rather can KO the player at high percentage.
Laser Nail B + D-Pad Crazy Hand shoots lasers from his fingertips. Only the endpoints do damage. If Master Hand is not in the match, the game will freeze before they start.
Power Punch 30% R + D-Pad Crazy Hand punches the ground with a large explosion. Unlike Master Hand, it aims at the player faster and has more knockback, but the knockback is fixed.
Power Slap 24% R + D-Pad Crazy Hand slaps the ground. This attack can bury grounded players, while on aerial characters it instead results in considerable horizontal knockback.
Reverse Throw 18% Z + D-Pad Crazy Hand throws the opponent backwards with low horizontal knockback, though with higher scaling than his forward throw.
Spasm 17% per hit L + D-Pad Crazy Hand lies on the ground and has violent spasms. Very large hitbox and sends opponents upward, but cannot hit aerial targets.
Spider Walk 20% (early), 18% (late) L + D-Pad Crazy Hand "crawls" across the stage using his fingers. High damage and okay knockback when it connects, dealing darkness damage. Slightly weaker with a slash sound and flatter angle if it hits during the later part of the move.
Squeeze 15% Z +
(D-Pad Or D-Pad)
Crazy Hand's pummel. Flowers the player. After 3 squeezes he will move to a throw.
Tri-Poke 6%, 6%, 20% R + D-Pad Crazy Hand pokes three times. The first causes darkness, the second causes electrocution, and the third poke causes freezing. The pokes can chain together but are easy to DI out of. The first two pokes can hit three times each, while the third has high vertical knockback, being capable of star KOing any players at middle to high percentage.

In combination with Master Hand[edit]

The damage recorded here is only for Crazy Hand's contribution to the attack. For Master Hand's contribution, see Master Hand (SSBM).

In terms of debug mode inputs, Crazy Hand must go first. Then, Master Hand must finish what he's doing and input Y↑. Not doing so will leave Crazy Hand stuck in the "waiting for Master Hand" phase until either of them is KO'd. If Crazy Hand inputs Y←, Master Hand will ignore it (the corresponding attack is disabled), which will guarantee this.

Move Damage Debug mode input Description
Applause 5% (sleep), 2% (swipes), 6% (claps), 12% (last clap) Y + D-Pad A gas is released that puts the player to sleep, then the two hands clap together five times. The first four electrocutes the player, and the last one burns the player with vertical knockback. Five hits can chain together, can DI'd out of first four hits.
Cross Punch 3% (swing), 20% (clean impact), 12% (late impact) Y + D-Pad Crazy Hand punches across the stage and is caught by Master Hand. A shockwave that deals shadow damage is released at impact. This attack also send players upward. This attack can KO opponents at high percentage.
Sandwich Punch 16% (swing), 20% (impact) Y + D-Pad The two hands punch together. Has a fire effect and it sends players upwards. Can KO opponents at high percentage.
Grab (disabled) N/A Y + D-Pad The two hands attempt to grab the player. Unlike Master Hand, Crazy Hand has no hitboxes for the attack.


Crazy Hand trophy from Super Smash Bros. Melee.
Crazy Hand's trophy in Melee
Crazy Hand
Where the Master Hand loves to create, its alter ego is impulsive and destructive, consumed with that hollow feeling which comes from destroying one's own creations. The Crazy Hand appears when a player clears obstacles quickly and the Master Hand's power is low. You have only one chance to defeat the Crazy Hand.
Super Smash Bros. Melee (12/01)


  • The game will freeze if Crazy Hand is KO'd while grabbing someone.
  • On Final Destination, the solo fight with Master Hand prevents the background from changing twice unless Crazy Hand is present.
  • When Crazy Hand is played through the debug menu in Pokémon Stadium, the screen will say "Crazyhand."
  • Melee is the only game that features Crazy Hand where he cannot be fought on his own (counting both versions of Super Smash Bros. 4 as one), outside of hacking.
  • Melee is also the only game in the series where Crazy Hand has a unique stock icon, the stock icon for him seems to have him doing a "thumbs up".CrazyHandHeadSSBM.png