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Master Hand (SSBM)

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This article is about Master Hand's appearance in Melee. For general information, see Master Hand.
Master Hand
Symbol of the Smash Bros. series.

Master Hand's appearance in Melee.

A boss in Melee
Universe Super Smash Bros.
Location Final Destination
English voice actor Dean Harrington

MasterHandHeadSSBM.png Master Hand (known internally as MASTERH) is a boss appearing in Super Smash Bros. Melee, reprising his role as a boss in the single-player mode of Super Smash Bros.. He is the final boss of the 1-player Classic Mode, and has a set HP which must be depleted to win; he does not appear in the Adventure Mode or All-Star Mode, where his role is replaced instead by Giga Bowser and a team of Mr. Game & Watches. He is fought on the Melee version of Final Destination. Defeating Master Hand once again causes the screen to fade to white as he explodes into the background; after the last results screen, the player's character is seen tumbling, then turning into their Trophy state, landing in the Collection room of the game. Master Hand can be played via use of the Master Hand glitch.

Master Hand received a multitude of alterations to his overall fighting style when moving on to Melee. His moveset is slightly altered and expanded, he loses the ability to turn around, and his HP is altered based on the difficulty. In addition to this increase in HP, his power increases with each increment in difficulty, with the highest levels giving him a multitude of attacks with OHKO potential. Additionally, instead of appearing as a glove with a "cuff", Master Hand's "wrist" fades into nothingness.

The game also introduced Crazy Hand, Master Hand's left-handed partner. If the player reduces Master Hand's HP by half, Crazy Hand appears then starts with the same number of HP (matching the difficulty) to whatever Master Hand started with from the beginning. When the two are on the field at the same time, they can perform powerful combination attacks. Crazy Hand appears when set conditions are met.

Master Hand does not appear in the opening cinematic, though his trophy (see below) elaborates his role in the Super Smash Bros. universe.

Changes from SSB to Melee[edit]

  • Change Lost his ability to turn around.
  • Nerf Master Hand's movement is now entirely dependent on the attack he's using and the player's position; he always returns to his starting position when not attacking. This means he cannot be moved freely when controlled via glitching or hacking.
  • Nerf No longer has the Slam move, where he turns into a fist and flies towards the player across the stage (not to be confused with Ram).
  • Buff Has the Lasers, Ground Hit, and Grab attacks added to his moveset.
  • Change His HP is now dependent on difficulty, instead of having 300 HP regardless of difficulty.
  • Buff Pokes three times instead of twice.
  • Change The Jetstream attack has been altered to look less like an obscene gesture.


HP Values Lowest difficulty Below-middle difficulty Middle difficulty Above-middle difficulty Highest difficulty
150 250 300 330 360


Note that none of the names are official. Master Hand can only be played by using the debug menu through an Action Replay, or the use of the Master Hand glitch. All directions are pressed on the D-Pad, not the Control Stick. Lastly, Master Hand can only be controlled by Player 3.


Move Damage Debug mode input Description
Big Swipe 25% L + D-Pad Master Hand takes a big swipe across the stage.
Finger Bullet 10% (single pair), 6% (triple pair) B + D-Pad Master Hand makes the shape of a gun, and fires pairs of bullets. He fires one pair if he hasn't taken 150% damage yet, and three pairs if he took 150% damage or more
Finger Drill 5% (startup), 4% (descent), 1% (each hit) R + D-Pad Master Hand flies up, then slams down while spinning in a drill-like fashion. Difficult to escape and deals high damage, but effectively no knockback.
Finger Walk 10%/12% (walk), 20% (kick) L + D-Pad Master Hand "walks" using his pointer and middle fingers. When he reaches his opponent, he "kicks" them.
Floor Sweep 14% L + D-Pad Master Hand makes a slapping motion across the platform.
Flying Punch 34% A + D-Pad Master Hand flies off the screen, then appears in the background as a fist. He attempts to slam into the player, then flies back onto the stage from the top of the screen. As a meteor smash, it cannot KO grounded players until very high percentages.
Flying Slap 30%/24%/16%/12% (from earlist to latest) A + D-Pad Master Hand flies off the top of the screen, then appears in the background. He attempts to flatten the player. A powerful semi-spike if the player is inside of his palm; the ground-only shockwave produced starts with vertical knockback but flattens out with distance.
Jetstream 10% (startup), 30% (attack) A + D-Pad Master Hand makes a vaguely plane-like shape, then flies into the background. He attempts to fly into the player, then flies in from the right. When Master Hand is about to launch, the fire that comes out of his wrist is a meteor smash.
Laser Nail 9% B + D-Pad Master Hand shoots a laser beam from each of his fingertips.
Power Punch 24% R + D-Pad Master Hand hovers over the target, then quickly punches down with an explosive meteor smash.
Power Slap 26% R + D-Pad Master Hand slaps the ground. Buries the player.
Reverse Throw 18% Z + D-Pad Master Hand throws the opponent backwards with decent knockback.
Squeeze 13% Z +
(D-Pad Or D-Pad)
Master Hand's pummel. After 3 squeezes he will move to a throw.
Tri-Poke 7%, 7%, 20% R + D-Pad Master Hand pokes the air three times. The third poke is more powerful.
Vertical Throw 20% Z + D-Pad Master Hand throws the opponent into the ground. High damage and knockback, but cannot KO under normal conditions.

In combination with Crazy Hand[edit]

The damage recorded here is only for Master Hand's contribution to the attack. For Crazy Hand's contribution, see Crazy Hand (SSBM).

In terms of debug mode inputs, Crazy Hand must go first. Then, Master Hand must finish what he's doing and input Y↑. Not doing so will leave Crazy Hand stuck in the "waiting for Master Hand" phase until either of them is KO'd. If Crazy Hand inputs Y←, Master Hand will ignore it (the corresponding attack is disabled), which will guarantee this.

Move Damage Description
Applause 6% (sleep), 3% (swipes), 10% (last swipe) A gas is released that puts the player to sleep, then the two hands clap together five times. The first four shock the player, and the last one burns the player with vertical knockback. The five hits can chain together, but the player can DI out of the first four hits.
Cross Punch 0% Crazy Hand punches across the stage and is caught by Master Hand. A shockwave that deals shadow damage is released at impact. This attack also sends players upward. This attack can KO opponents at high percentage.
Sandwich Punch 13% (swing) The two hands punch together. Has a fire effect and it sends players upwards. Can KO opponents at high percentage.
Grab (disabled) 15% (grab), 12% (throw) The two hands attempt to grab the player.

Announcer call[edit]

Master Hand has an unused announcer call, which can be accessed if made selectable on the character select screen.


Master Hand trophy from Super Smash Bros. Melee.
Master Hand's trophy in Melee
Master Hand
The Master Hand awaits anyone who survives the long and difficult road to the Final Destination. This symbolic link between the real world and the imaginary battlefields of Super Smash Bros. Melee is quite a handful in battle, and just because it wears a white glove doesn't mean it fights clean. Get ready to be flicked, swatted, punched, and poked like crazy!
Super Smash Bros. (4/99)