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Master Hand (SSB)

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This article is about Master Hand's appearance in Super Smash Bros.. For general information, see Master Hand.
Master Hand
Symbol of the Smash Bros. series.

Official artwork of Master Hand in Super Smash Bros.

A boss in SSB
Universe Super Smash Bros.
Location Final Destination
English voice actor Jeff Manning

Master Hand's head icon from SSB. Master Hand (マスターハンド, Masutā Hando) is a character resembling a large, gloved hand who appears as the final boss of the 1P Game in Super Smash Bros.

Opening movie[edit]

Master Hand is first seen in the opening movie. He places plush doll versions of two random characters on a table, and after carefully positioning objects around them, he counts down from three on his fingers. At the conclusion of the countdown, he snaps his fingers, and the objects, along with the table itself, are changed into a stage resembling Peach's Castle. Soon after, both of the plush dolls come to life.

As a boss[edit]

Master Hand's appearance in Super Smash Bros.

Master Hand is the final boss of the 1P Game. He uses his size and shape to his advantage; he slaps, punches, and flicks the player's character, and receives no knockback from the player's attacks. All of these elements are carried on into his incarnations in later games.

Master Hand cannot be defeated by being launched out of the blast zones. Instead, he has 300 hit points that must be depleted. Once all of his hit points have been depleted, he explodes while floating away into the background, along with the screen fading to white then fade to pitch black.

After the final results screen, a cutscene plays, showing the player's character back into its plush doll form. The camera zooms out, the screen suddently transitions to black, and the sound of a closing door plays.


Master Hand's hurtbox in Smash 64.
Move Damage Debug mode input Description
Big Swipe (ビッグスワイプ) 16% Control StickB / Control StickB* Master Hand makes a wide slapping motion across the platform.
Dual Poke (デュアルポケ) 8%, 16% (finger), 6%, 6% (base) A Master Hand pokes the air twice. The second poke is more powerful.
Finger Bullet (フィンガーバレット) 5% per bullet Control StickA / Control StickA Master Hand makes the shape of a gun, and fires a pair of Bullet Bills. If Master Hand has less than 100 HP remaining, he will fire three pairs.
Finger Drill (フィンガードリル) 4% (startup), 1% (hits 1-20), 5% (last hit) Control StickA Master Hand flies up, then slams down while spinning in a drill-like fashion.
Finger Walk (フィンガーウォーク) 8% or 6% (walking), 18% (kick) B Master Hand "walks" across the stage using his pointer and middle fingers. When he reaches his opponent, he does a fiery flick.
Floor Sweep (床の掃除) 12% per swipe Control StickA Master Hand sweeps across the stage several times, depending on the length of the platform.
Flying Punch (フライングパンチ) 16% Control StickA Master Hand flies in from the background and punches the player.
Flying Slap (フライングスラップ) 1% (hit 1), 16% (hit 2) Control StickA Master Hand flies in from the background and slaps the stage.
Jetstream (ジェット気流) 16% or 12% Control StickB Master Hand makes a vaguely plane-like shape, then flies into the background. He attempts to fly into the player, then flies back in from the right. The takeoff deals flame damage if the player is nearby.
Power Punch (パワーパンチ) 16% Control StickB Master Hand hovers over the target, then quickly punches down with electric effects. If used outside Final Destination, may result in Master Hand getting stuck and unable to move for the rest of the match.
Side Punch (サイドパンチ) 20% Control StickA / Control StickA Master Hand makes a fist and punches horizontally across the stage.

* Playable characters do not have side special moves in this game.