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Red Alloy (SSBB)

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This article is about Red Alloy's debug-playable appearance in Brawl. For the character in other contexts, see Fighting Alloy Team.
Red Alloy
in Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Universe Super Smash Bros.
A boss in Brawl
Availability Hacking
Tier Banned

Red Alloy (ザコレッド Zakoreddo, Red Small Fry), is an unplayable character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and only playable via hacking. He is a clone of Captain Falcon.

When playable, much like many Multi-Man Brawl characters, Red Alloy is worse than a good portion of the Brawl roster. Captain Falcon already struggled with landing combos and KOs, mainly due to Brawl's substantial mechanics changes from Melee, and Red Alloy suffers from this even more due to what more is removed; Red Alloy cannot shield, grab the ledge, and lacks all of Captain Falcon's trademark special moves. What really hurts Red Alloy, however, is the 40 frames of landing lag across all of Red Alloy's attacks: This makes utilising up aerial extremely difficult, and with a weaker Knee Smash as insult to injury, there is very little that Red Alloy can offer. The one thing Red Alloy has over Captain Falcon is generally stronger hitboxes, such as on up smash, down aerial, and dash attack, but this does little to make up for the extreme nerfs otherwise received to movement and endlag.

If a player wins with Red Alloy, the game will crash without further modifications. When losing, the game will continue, with Red Alloy being in a pratfall state.


Red Alloy can be played as using the following Gecko codes and choosing any character on the Character select screen. These codes are for the NTSC release.

Player Slot Code
1 4A000000 90180F20
10000098 0000002E
E0000000 80008000
2 4A000000 90180F7C
10000098 0000002E
E0000000 80008000
3 4A000000 90180FD8
10000098 0000002E
E0000000 80008000
4 4A000000 90181034
10000098 0000002E
E0000000 80008000


Red Alloy is a slower, lighter version of Captain Falcon, similar to the functionality of Male Wire Frame in Melee. However, whereas Male Wire Frame has unusually large hitboxes and access to techniques like L-canceling, Red Alloy doesn't necessarily make up for the reduced movement, aside from tripping less.

Red Alloy's attacks are largely the same as Captain Falcon's, but with a lack of special moves, Red Alloy has an extreme lack of burst options to close distance, relying primarily on dash attack in this respect. This, coupled with worsened movement and the same lack of disjoint as Captain Falcon, makes approaching with Red Alloy extremely difficult. While his aerials are somewhat improved — forward aerial doesn't have a sourspot on its early hit in exchange for some power, back aerial lasts longer, and down aerial has the nipple spike from Melee — the 40 frames of landing lag make them virtually unusable if not swinging for a stock. Ergo, Red Alloy can't approach reliably on the ground or in the air, easily being suffocated by characters like King Dedede and Falco in neutral, unable to shield against their overwhelming tools. However, Red Alloy can find stocks more consistently, with down aerial always landing a meteor smash and having an incredibly strong up smash, but with so many issues getting in to do meaningful damage, finding opportunities to use them is difficult.

Whereas Green Alloy has 5 jumps to make for a vaguely respectable recovery, Red Alloy has just one double jump to try and make it back to the stage. With an inability to grab the ledge and no Falcon Dive, this makes his recovery extremely easy to gimp, not even being able to recover if sent at even a Sakurai angle. With only average weight, it isn't hard to send Red Alloy off-stage either, especially given that being unable to airdodge also makes him incapable of hitstun canceling, which makes him uniquely easy to combo.

Differences from Captain Falcon[edit]

Red Alloy is a slower, lighter Captain Falcon, with a few traits that are seemingly from a previous revision of the character, such as a much stronger up smash and the infamous nipple spike from Melee.


  • Change Red Alloy has a slightly larger model, giving him more reach, but making him much easier to combo.
  • Change Red Alloy is unvoiced.


  • Nerf Red Alloy has no special moves.
  • Nerf Red Alloy can't shield and thus cannot roll or spotdodge.
  • Nerf Red Alloy can't airdodge and thus cannot perform hitstun cancelling, making him uniquely susceptible to combos.
  • Nerf Red Alloy can't grab the ledge and can't use any ledge options by extension.
  • Buff Red Alloy's walk speed is higher (0.85× → 1.1×).
  • Nerf Red Alloy's initial dash speed is much worse (2.05× → 1.5×).
  • Nerf Red Alloy's dash speed is much worse (2.18× → 1.5×).
  • Change Red Alloy's traction is slightly higher (0.05× → 0.06×), making it easier to stop short when dashing, but reducing the effectiveness of sliding-based techniques like DACUS.
  • Change Red Alloy's weight is worse (104 → 98), reducing survivability but making it slightly easier to escape combos.
  • Change Red Alloy's gravity is worse by around half (0.1027× → 0.075×), reducing vertical survivability, but making autocancelling aerials slightly easier to get around their landing lag.
  • Buff Red Alloy's fall speed is worse (1.837× → 1.28×).
  • Nerf Red Alloy's fast fall speed is much lower (2.5718× → 1.792×).
  • Buff Red Alloy's air acceleration is higher (0.06× → 0.09×).
  • Nerf Red Alloy's air speed is lower (1.18× → 0.94×).
  • Nerf Red Alloy has a significantly worse meteor cancel window, tied with Wolf for the worst in the game (25f → 60f).

Ground attacks[edit]

  • Buff Jab 3's (Gentleman) sweetspot does more damage (6% → 7%).
  • Nerf Rapid Jab has more endlag (FAF: 10f → 15f).
  • Buff Dash attack does overall more damage (8%/6% clean/late → 10%/7%) and launches at a Sakurai angle (65°/40° → 361° universal).
    • Nerf However, it has much worse base knockback (80/65 BKB clean/late → 30/10) in exchange for knockback growth (40/40 KBG → 70/40). This makes it overall worse on shield.
  • Nerf Angled forward tilts don't have lower FAFs (32f angled up/down → 37f), making it consistently -24 on shield.
  • Nerf Up tilt has more endlag (FAF: 40f → 46f), and has lower base knockback (BKB: 50 → 40).
  • Buff Forward smash has an extra frame of hitbox activity (18-20 → 18-21) and has higher knockback growth (85 → 100).
  • Nerf Forward smash's damage no longer varies with angle, instead always dealing less damage than any variation of Captain Falcon's (20%/19%/18%17%).
  • Nerf Forward smash sends at a Sakurai angle (45°/43°/40° → 361°), which becomes less favourable than Captain Falcon's at higher percentages.
  • Buff Up smash has drastically higher knockback growth (Hit 1: 90 → 100/110, Hit 2: 102/103/110 → 128/126/110, KOing much sooner than Captain Falcon's.
  • Buff Down smash has higher knockback growth (85 (Hit 1) / 90 (Hit 2) → 100 (Both hits).
  • Nerf The first hit of down smash's sweetspot does less damage (18%16%).

Aerial attacks[edit]

  • Nerf Red Alloy cannot air dodge.
  • Nerf All of Red Alloy's aerial attacks have 40 frames of landing lag, making them terrible on shield and reducing follow-up potential.
  • Buff Down aerial autocancels sooner (39+ → 36+).
  • Nerf Neutral aerial and back aerial autocancel later (NAir: 32+ → 34+).
  • Buff Neutral aerial has more hitbox activity (Hit 1: 7-8 → 7-12, Hit 2: 20-21 → 20-29).
  • Buff Neutral aerial overall does more damage (Hit 1: 4% → 6%/5%/6%, Hit 2: 6% → 7%).
  • Buff Neutral aerial's second hit has much more knockback growth (100 → 125), but less base knockback (45 → 40); overall, it KOes much earlier.
  • Change Neutral aerial does less weight-based knockback (55 → 40).
  • Buff Forward aerial's early hit is consistent with no sourspot, but does much less damage (Early: 19%/6% sweet/sour → 13%, Late: 3% → 10%).
  • Nerf Forward aerial has less base knockback (Early: 30/35 → 20, Late: 35 → 20), but a bit more knockback growth (Early: 93/80 → 100, Late: 80 → 100). Overall, it KOes much later.
  • Buff Back aerial has more hitbox activity, notably having 2 extra active frames on the early hit (Early: 10-11 → 10-13, Late: 12-15 → 14-17).
  • Nerf Back aerial does less damage (Early/Late: 14%/8% → 12%/7%).
  • Buff Down aerial has more hitbox activity (16-18 → 16-20).
  • Buff Down aerial has the nipple spike hitbox from Melee, dealing 13% with a knockback angle of 290°.
  • Buff Down aerial has consistent 40 base knockback, instead of a 10 base knockback hitbox.
  • Buff Down aerial no longer has a sourspot, always landing a meteor smash of some kind.


For a gallery of Red Alloy's hitboxes, see here.

  Name Damage Description
Neutral attack   3% Punches twice before knee butting the opponent, which followed by a flurry of punches.
7% (clean), 5% (late)
1-2% (loop)
Forward tilt   11% (foot), 10% (leg) A roundhouse kick. Can be angled, but doesn't have any lag benefits unlike Captain Falcon, making it strictly for spacing.
10% (foot), 9% (leg)
10% (foot), 9% (leg)
Up tilt   13% An axe kick with fair horizontal knockback. This move's hitbox stretches from above Red Alloy, making it one of his few anti-air options.
Down tilt   10% Does a sweep kick with vertical knockback. It is a fast semi-spike.
Dash attack   10% (clean), 7% (late) A shoulder bash; does way more damage than Captain Falcon's.
Forward smash   17% Red Alloy strikes the opponent with his elbow. Lacks any sweetspot or sourspots unlike Captain Falcon's, making it consistent, albeit weaker overall.
Up smash   11%/8% (hit 1), 13%/12% (hit 2) A spinning vertical kick. Strikes through platforms and incredibly strong, KOing characters extremely early.
Down smash   16%/6% (hit 1), 16% (hit 2) Red Alloy kicks side to side. Does fair knockback and covers the ledge decently.
Neutral aerial   6%/5% (hit 1), 6% (hit 2) Red Alloy kicks twice; connects into itself well and racks up damage with decent knockback, but the landing lag makes it hard to utilise.
Forward aerial   13% (early), 10% (late) The famous Knee Smash, albeit without the iconic electrical sweetspot. Does mediocre knockback.
Back aerial   12% (clean), 7% (late) A backward punch. Has surprisingly high hitbox activity reminiscent of Melee, making it excellent for spacing.
Up aerial   13%/12% (clean), 12%/10% (late) Red Alloy does a flip kick with fast start-up and good all-around range. Its autocancel window largely makes up for the landing lag issues, making it a usable anti-air, albeit still not being useful for combos.
Down aerial   14% (general), 13% (nipple spike) Stomps downward with a strong meteor smash. Unlike Captain Falcon's, it always meteor smashes.
Grab   Reaches out with his right hand. Despite his tall stature, Captain Falcon's grab range is extremely short (the second-shortest behind that of Ganondorf), and his pivot grab has absurdly slow startup for a non-tether pivot grab (the slowest to be precise).
Pummel   2% Knees the opponent. A fairly fast pummel.
Forward throw   5% (hit), 4% (throw) (9% total) Red Alloy punches his enemy forward.
Back throw   5% (hit), 4% (throw) (9% total) Red Alloy puts the enemy behind him and kicks.
Up throw   4% (hit), 3% (throw) (7% total) Red Alloy holds the enemy up and punches them upwards.
Down throw   7% Red Alloy flips the opponent and slams them on the ground.
Forward roll
Back roll
Spot dodge
Air dodge
Floor attack (front)
Floor getups (front)
  6% Red Alloy does a spin on the ground to kick both sides.
Floor attack (back)
Floor getups (back)
  6% Red Alloy spins around to do a double kick.
Floor attack (trip)
Floor getups (trip)
  5% Red Alloy punches both sides.

Announcer call[edit]

The Fighting Alloy Team has an unused announcer call intended for Classic Mode, which can be accessed if an Alloy is made selectable on the Character select screen. It is present in all versions.

In competitive play[edit]

Due to Red Alloy only being playable via hacking, he has been banned in competitive play since Brawl's release. While the accessibility of Wii modding makes it relatively easy to add the Fighting Alloys to the character select screen, and they don't crash the game unlike the Fighting Wire Frames upon winning, the entry barrier still exists. This barrier also causes logistical issues that tournament organisers have to work around, such as the potential for installing further mods to cheat, consoles not having the appropriate mods installed that can cause setup disputes, and more. Due to the Fighting Alloy Team as a whole being largely inferior versions of their base characters, especially in the case of Red Alloy, there is also little interest in changing that status quo. Ergo, the entire Fighting Alloy Team group has not seen much competitive experimentation, with no documented tournament matches. Should they ever be made legal, however, their influence on the metagame would likely be minimal.

In 1-P Mode[edit]

In Multi-Man Brawl[edit]

The Fighting Alloys fighting Mario and Sonic in Co-op 3-Minute Brawl.

Red Alloy, as part of the Fighting Alloy Team, is a central figure in Multi-Man Brawl, where he spawns alongside the other Alloys to attack the player. He appears in all modes, including Cruel Brawl, where he becomes quite overwhelming. Additionally, in each mode, Red Alloy will fight with a handicap, changing its properties by quite a bit.


The Red Alloy trophy is unlocked by defeating five Alloys in Cruel Brawl.

Red Alloy's trophy in Brawl
Red Alloy
A member of the Fighting Alloys. This one's sporting a red body. Built like an everyday hero, he fights like one too. Typically, when groups are divided into colors, red tends to serve a leadership role. Although this does not necessarily apply to the Alloys, the Red Alloy somehow feels the need to step it up.
Wii: Super Smash Bros. Brawl


The Fighting Alloy Team on the victory screen, with the Green, Red, and Blue Alloys in their tripped state, while Yellow Alloy is in its standing pose.
  • When winning, if the game is forced to not crash, in lieu of a victory pose, all Alloys will use their default standing pose instead.