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Small Battlefield

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Small Battlefield
Small Battlefield
Symbol of the Smash Bros. series.
Small Battlefield in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Universe Super Smash Bros.
Appears in Ultimate
Availability Downloadable (Free)
Crate type Normal
Maximum players 8
Bolded tracks must be unlocked
Ultimate Any (as of 8.1.0)
Super Smash Bros. series music
Main: Battlefield
Alternate: Mob Smash
Tournament legality
Ultimate Singles: Counterpick/Starter
Doubles: Counterpick/Starter

Small Battlefield (小戦場, Small Battlefield) is a downloadable stage in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It was released in the 8.1.0 update on August 4, 2020 (August 5 in some time zones).

Stage overview[edit]

As the name suggests, Small Battlefield is a slightly smaller version of Battlefield. The main change from the original Battlefield is that the top platform is removed, and the two soft platforms of Small Battlefield are slightly closer together than the bottom two platforms of normal Battlefield. This also makes it fairly similar to the hazards-off versions of Pokémon Stadium and Pokémon Stadium 2. Additionally, the stage's blast zones are identical to that of Final Destination.[1]

Visually, Small Battlefield has the exact same background as Battlefield. It is set in a futuristic ruins-like setting, while having other floating islands with crumbled buildings on them in the background.

Ω form and Battlefield form[edit]

Small Battlefield's Battlefield and Ω forms are exactly identical to regular Battlefield's.

Tournament legality[edit]

Small Battlefield has been warmly received by the competitive community, which had lamented the lack of small stages appropriate for competitive play, and the consequent slant in stage lists towards large and/or open stages. However, its layout has been deemed fairly similar to Pokémon Stadium 2, albeit with several notable differences such as their size; as a result, the stages do not usually appear together as starter picks, with one or the other often being available as a counterpick instead.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 小戦場 Small Battlefield
UK English Small Battlefield
France French Petit Champ de Bataille Small Battlefield
Germany German Kleines Schlachtfeld Small Battlefield
Spain Spanish Pequeño campo de batalla Small Battlefield
Italy Italian Le rovine XS The Ruins XS
China Chinese (Simplified) 小战场 Small Battlefield
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 小戰場 Small Battlefield
South Korea Korean 소전장 Small Battlefield
Netherlands Dutch Klein Slagveld Small Battlefield
Russia Russian Маленькое поле боя Small Battlefield


  • This is the first DLC stage to be added into Ultimate for free.
  • This is the first DLC stage to come from the Super Smash Bros. universe.
  • According to Masahiro Sakurai, the stage is designed for one-on-one battles. For these types of battles, he felt that Battlefield can be too wide and Final Destination can be too empty, so Small Battlefield was created as a middle ground between the two.[2]
    • The development team was unable to add Small Battlefield as an option for all stages, so it was made its own stage, and the ability to play music from any series was added to compensate;[3] doing so required permission from all IP owners involved.[4]
  • When the camera is set to "fixed", it is more zoomed out than it is on Battlefield, or its Ω form.