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Boxing Ring
SSBU-Boxing Ring 1.png
SSBU-Boxing Ring.png
Boxing Ring in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
Universe Punch-Out!!
Appears in SSB4
Home stage to SSB4:
Little Mac
Little Mac
Availability Starter
Crate type Normal
Maximum players 4 (3DS and Wii U)
8 (Ultimate)
Tracks available 3DS version:
Jogging / Countdown
Minor Circuit (Alternate)
Wii U version:
Minor Circuit
Minor Circuit
Title (Punch-Out!!)
World Circuit Theme
Shin Onigashima Medley
Tomorrow's Passion
Tournament legality
Smash 4 Singles: Banned
Doubles: Banned
Punch-Out!! is the inspiration for this stage. You're able to fight both inside the ring and out. Try using the ropes on the left and right of the ring to perform giant jumps, or attack the light fixture above the ring to send it crashing down.
Super Smash Bros. 4 Official Site
You can jump really high using the ringside rope. And when you attack the lights on the ceiling…well, you'll have to wait and see. By the way, holding down the L button when selecting this stage will turn this into the Punch-Out!! version of the Boxing Ring!
Super Smash Blog, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Official Site

Boxing Ring (特設リング, Special Ring) is a stage in both versions of Super Smash Bros. 4 and in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This stage is set in the World Circuit boxing ring from the Punch-Out!! series.

Stage layout[edit]

The boxing ring lies inside of an indoor stadium. An overhead light fixture hangs above the ring, along with a jumbotron in the background with large speakers astride of it. The stadium additionally features various lights, green krypton lasers, background pyrotechnics, fog machines along the entrance platforms, a scrolling LED panel hanging around the walls, and a visible audience surrounding the entirety of the ring.

Both sides of the stage feature sloped entrance platforms that incline downwards towards the ring. Players can spring off of the ropes strung around the left and right sides of the ring. These ropes can also be used to reach the light fixture hanging above. This light fixture can be stood on and even damaged to the point of it dropping down into the ring and breaking, consequently dimming the lighting of the stadium. It can deal damage on the way down and may potentially KO players who have high damage percentages. The light fixture can take about 64% before it comes crashing down. The lower blast line is normally inaccessible in this stage.

The jumbotron displays the action in the ring. Both the surrounding scrolling LED panel and jumbotron display "KO!" when a character scores a KO, (does not happen on Local Wireless of the 3DS version) and "SUDDEN DEATH" during Sudden Death for the remainder of the match. When the Smash Ball appears, the scrolling text says "CHANCE!" instead of "PUNCH-OUT!!" or "SMASH BROS." In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, the screen can display a versus splash with unique titles for the character shown, a character's KO and damage totals, and the match timer. If the battle is not timed, the time display will have dashes in place of numbers. The screen also shows "Fight #". This number actually refers to what number the match played is. If the match number is 10 or more, it will just display "Fight #9". It resets every time the game is turned on. When playing online, it's random. The last thing the jumbotron will display is the current leader of the match, displayed by the "TOP" area in the versus splash screen, such as "TOP - KIRBY". If two or more characters are tied in points, stocks or coins, the display will instead read "TOP -". Additionally, the leader's KO total and position can also be briefly be seen during the time the jumbotron displays "KO!".

There are two aesthetic variants to this stage: one is the standard Punch-Out!! World Circuit boxing ring, and the other has a Super Smash Bros. motif. While each variant of the stage is chosen at random, players can also manually choose which variant of the stage they would like to play on at the stage select screen. The standard Punch-Out!! version can be chosen by selecting the stage while holding the Y button in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS or the ZR button in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. The Super Smash Bros. variant can be chosen by selecting the stage while holding the L button in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS or the ZL button in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

Ω form[edit]

Both the Punch-Out!! and Super Smash Bros. boxing rings are available in Ω form. There are no ropes around the ring, the foreground audience is missing, and the light fixture cannot be reached.

Tournament legality[edit]

The stage is usually banned because the hanging lights can drop and cause early KOs to even heavier characters. The stage also has walk-offs which can promote camping.


The boxing ring for the World Circuit as it appeared in Punch-Out!! for the Wii.

In every home console Punch-Out!! game, the player plays as Little Mac as he works his way up in professional boxing circuits to become the W.V.B.A. (World Video Boxing Association) champion. The Punch-Out!! variation of this stage is loosely based on the Major Circuit stadium's interior design, which features a lot of bluish designs and furniture, and the World Circuit's boxing ring, which has a blue mat with the World Circuit's logo in the center and yellow ropes. Both of these designs appear in Punch-Out!! for the Wii, though the text displays "Punch-Out!!" rather than "Major Circuit" or "World Circuit," and the walkways leading to the ring are largely absent in the game itself. The jumbotron hanging above the ring is taken from the Punch-Out!! arcade game, though in addition to displaying player stats like in said game, it also shows the action from the ring in real-time. The Major Circuit is the second circuit in the game, where Little Mac must fight Piston Hondo, Bear Hugger, Great Tiger and Title Holder Don Flamenco. The World Circuit is the final circuit in the game and has Little Mac fight against Aran Ryan, Soda Popinski, Bald Bull, Super Macho Man and the reigning champion, Mr. Sandman. After beating the game in Contender mode, Little Mac must fight off tougher versions of his past opponents in the World Circuit ring in Title Defense mode.

Character titles[edit]


These titles are used in the Wii U version and Ultimate's screen above the appropriate character's portrait:

Character Title Flag of North America.png Title Flag of Europe.png Title Mexico Title Spain Title Japan Title Germany Title France Title Italy Title Netherlands Title Portugal
Mario Mr. Video Game Himself Smashes Bricks with His Fists El Sr. Videojuego (Mr. Video Game) Rompe Bloques con los Puños (Smashes Bricks with His Fists) ミスタービデオゲーム (Mr. Video Game) Der Schrecken aller Blöcke (The Horror of all Bricks) Le cauchemar des briques (The nightmare of bricks) Distrugge blocchi con i pugni (Smashes Bricks with His Fists) Breekt blokken met zijn vuisten (Breaks blocks with his fists) Destrói tijolos com os punhos (Destroys bricks with his fists)
Luigi The Eternal Understudy Lean, Green Fighting Machine Quiere Poner el Verde de Moda (Wants to Make Green Trending) 緑の人気もの (Green Popular Guy) Grün, kühn und ungestüm (Green, Keen and Impetuous) Le grand vert semeur de bleus (The tall green one distributor of bruises) La verde macchina da guerra (Green War Machine) Groen is goed voor je (Green is good for you) A máquina de guerra verde (The green war machine)
Peach Princess of Toadstools Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom La Princesa del Reino Champiñón (Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom) キノコ王国のお姫様 (Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom) Prinzessin des Pilz-Königreichs (Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom) La princesse du Royaume Champignon (The princess of the Mushroom Kindgom) Principessa del Regno dei Funghi (Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom) Prinses van het Paddenstoelenrijk (Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom) A princesa do Reino Cogumelo (The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom)
Bowser King of the Koopas El Malvado Rey de los Koopas (The Evil King of the Koopas) Rey de los Koopas (King of the Koopas) カメ族の大魔王 (Great Demon King of the Turtle Tribe) König der Koopas (King of the Koopas) Le roi des coups bas (The king of low blows) Re di tutti i Koopa (King of all the Koopas) Koning van de Koopa’s (King of the Koopas) O rei dos Koopas (The king of the Koopas)
Dr. Mario The Prescriber Fists Full of Medicine Te Reta y te Receta (He Challenges you and Prescribes you) Te Receta... Jarabe de Palo (He Prescribes you... Beatdown Medicine) カプセルの弾幕 (Capsule Barrage) Punktesieg durch Pillenwurf (Highscore through Pill-throwing) Un aller simple pour l'hôpital (A single ticket to hospital) Ama le pillole (He Loves Pills) Een bittere pil om te slikken (A bitter pill to swallow) Dr. Mario, Charlatão de Serviço (Dr. Mario, Charlatan in Service)
Rosalina & Luma The Cosmic Travelers Cosmic Travellers Los Viajeros de la Galaxia (The Travelers of the Galaxy) 星の旅人 (Traveler of the Stars) Kosmisches Dream-Team (Cosmic Dream Team) Les voyageurs galactiques (The cosmic travelers) Viaggiatori del cosmo (Travellers of the Cosmos) Ruimtereizigers (Space travellers) As viajantes cósmicas (The cosmic travelers)
Bowser Jr. Prince of the Koopas Like Father, Like Son El Príncipe de los Koopas (The Prince of the Koopas) El Ojito Derecho de su Papá (His Father's Right Eye) 万能のチャリオット (All Purpose Chariot) Wie der Vater, so der Sohn (Like Father, Like Son) Tel père, tel fils (Like father, like son) Tale padre, tale figlio (Like father, like son) Aardje naar z’n vaartje (Chip off the old block) Tal pai, tal filho (Like father, like son)
Larry The Youngest Leader of the Seven Minions El Koopalín Más Joven (The Youngest Koopaling) Esbirro Jefe (Boss Minion) Anführer der sieben Schergen (Leader of the Seven Minions) Le leader des sbires de Bowser (The leader of Bowser's minions) Capo dei sette scagnozzi (Leader of the Seven Minions) Leider van de bende (Leader of the gang) O líder dos Lacaios do Bowser (The leader of Bowser's Minions)
Roy The Cool One Fear the Shades El Koopalin de las Gafas (The Koopaling of Shades) Le Encantan las Gafas de Sol (He Loves Sunglasses) Ohne Sonnenbrille geht gar nichts (No go without Shades) L'œil mystère (The mysterious eye) Terrorizzato dalle ombre (Terrified by shadows) Wat schuilt er achter z’n zonnebril? (What hides beneath his sunglasses?) O Koopa mais relaxado (The most relaxed Koopa)
Wendy The Bold Beauty Bold, Bossy and Big-Headed La Belleza de las Pulseras (The Beauty of Bracelets) Lleva la Voz Cantante ("Sings" (Calls) the Shots) Rechthaberisch und Rücksichtslos (Bossy and Reckless) La reine du coup de tête (The queen of the headbutt) Coraggiosa, prepotente e megalomane (Brave, Bossy and Megalomaniac) Brutaal, bazig en arrogant (Rude, bossy and arrogant) Corajosa, mandona e teimosa (Bold, bossy and stubborn)
Iggy The Laughing Prankster El Koopalín Risueño (The Koopaling that Laughs a Lot) Risa de Lunático (Lunatic Laughter) Kleiner Schelm mit schauriger Lache (Little Prankster with Eerie Laughing) Le farceur hilare (The beaming joker) Il burlone ridente (The Laughing Prankster) De lachende lolbroek (The laughing funny-pants) O brincalhão lunático (The lunatic joker)
Morton The Enforcer He'll Make You See Stars El Koopalín Corpulento (The Burly Koopaling) Te Hará Ver las Estrellas (He'll Make You See Stars) Lässt Gegner Sterne sehen (Makes Foes See Stars) L'étoile de fer (The iron star) Ti farà vedere le stelle (He'll Make You See Stars) Laat je sterretjes zien (Lets you see stars) Faz qualquer um ver estrelas (Makes anyone see stars)
Lemmy Wacky War Machine Let's Get Wacky El Koopalín Extravagante (The Extravagant Koopaling) Aspirante a Estrella de Circo (Aims to be a Circus Star) Ein Star in der Manege (A Star in the Ring) La bête de cirque (The circus beast) Pazzerellone (Very mad fellow) Doe eens goed gek (Get good and crazy!) O artista de circo (The circus artist)
Ludwig Pompous Prodigy Un Prodigio Presumido (A Prodigy Smug) Un Prodigio, y lo Sabe (A Prodigy, and he Knows it) Genie mit Größenwahn (Genius with Megalomania) Le prodige ronflant (The snoring prodigy) Un prodigio di arroganza (A prodigy of haughtiness) Pompeus wonderkind (Pompous wünderkind) O prodígio presunçoso (The presumptuous prodigy)
Yoshi Omnivore of the Year He's Not Yolking Around Un Glotón que Tiene su Propia Isla y Todo (A Glutton with his own Island and everything) ヨースター島のくいしんぼう (Glutton of Yo'ster Island) Inselbewohner mit Mega-Kohldampf (Islander with Ravenous Hunger) Le distributeur d'oeufs au beurre noir (The distributor of black eggs) Non tiene mai a freno la lingua (He never restrains his tongue) De grootste eter van het eiland (The biggest eater on the island) O dinossauro que não anda a pisar ovos (The dinosaur that doesn't go around stepping on eggs)
Donkey Kong King of the Jungle El Rey de la Jungla (The King of the Jungle) ジャングルの王者 (King of the Jungle) Der König des Dschungels (The King of the Jungle) Le primate à cravate (The primate with a tie) Il re della giungla (The King of the Jungle) Koning van de Jungle (King of the Jungle) O rei da selva (The king of the jungle)
Diddy Kong The Acrobat Trigger Happy with His Peanut Popgun El Gran Acróbata (The Great Acrobat) Tiene el Gatillo Fácil con su Cacahuetola (Trigger Happy with His Peanut Popgun) 南国の軽業師 (Acrobat of the Southern Countries) Kleiner Affe mit großer Waffe (Small Monkey with big Weapon) Pirouettes et cacahouètes (Pirouettes and peanuts) Ama sparare con la Nocciol-pistola (He loves to shoot with his Peanut Popgun) Schiet graag met zijn pindaschieter (Likes shooting his peanut shooter) O Dispara-Amendoins mais rápido da selva (The fastest Peanut-Shooter of the jungle)
Link Hero of Hyrule Super Smash Bros. 4
Champion of Hyrule Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
El Héroe de Hyrule (The Hero of Hyrule) 勇気のトライフォース (Triforce of Courage) Held von Hyrule (Hero of Hyrule) Le sauveur d'Hyrule (The savior of Hyrule) Eroe di Hyrule (Hero of Hyrule) De held van Hyrule (The hero of Hyrule) O herói de Hyrule (The hero of Hyrule)
Zelda Hyrule's Wise Princess La Princesa de Hyrule (The Princess of Hyrule) ハイラルの王女 (Princess of Hyrule) Prinzessin von Hyrule (Princess of Hyrule) La princesse d'Hyrule (The princess of Hyrule) Saggia principessa di Hyrule (Wise Princess of Hyrule) De wijze prinses van Hyrule (The wise princess of Hyrule) A sábia princesa de Hyrule (The wise princess of Hyrule)
Sheik The Illusive Sheikah A Sheikah Shrouded In Mystery Un Guerrero Envuelto en Misterio (A Warrior Shrouded In Mystery) 闇に舞う旋風 (Whirlwind that dances in the Darkness) Shiekah mit geheimnisvoller Vergangenheit (Sheikah with Mysterious Background) Qui Sheikah éteint la lumière ? (Who turned the light off ?) Uno Sheikah avvolto nel mistero (A Sheikah Shrouded in Mystery) Een Sheikah gehuld in mysterie (A Sheikah shrouded in mystery) Um Sheikah envolto em mistério (A Sheikah shrouded in mystery)
Ganondorf The King of Darkness The King of Evil El Rey de las Tinieblas (The King of Darkness) El Rey Malvado (The Evil King) 蘇る魔王 (The Resurrected Demon King) König des Bösen (King of Evil) La menace Gerudo (The Gerudo menace) Il re del male (The King of Evil) Koning van het Kwaad (King of Evil) O rei do mal (The king of evil)
Toon Link Wind-Waking Warrior Wave-Riding, Wind-Waking Warrior El Aventurero que Despierta a los Vientos (The Adventurer who Awakens the Winds) El Aventurero que Surca los Mares (The Adventurer who Sails the Seas) 大海原をゆく戦士 (Ocean-Bound Warrior) Wellenreiter und Windzähmer (Wave Rider [=Surfer] and Wind Tamer) Le héros au pied marin (The hero with sea legs) Un guerriero che solca i mari (A warrior who sails the seas) Golvenrijder, windtemmer, krijger (Wave rider, wind tamer, warrior) O aventureiro que atravessa os mares (The adventurer that crosses the seas)
Samus Bounty Hunter Extraordinaire La Cazarrecompensas Intergaláctica (The Intergalactic Bounty Hunter) 凄腕バウンティハンター (Skillful Bounty Hunter) Intergalaktische Kopfgeldjägerin (Intergalactic Bounty Hunter) La chasseuse de primes intergalactique (The intergalactic bounty hunter) Leggendaria cacciatrice di taglie (Legendary Bounty Hunter) Buitengewone premiejager (Extraordinary bounty hunter) A implacável caçadora de recompensas (The relentless bounty hounter)
Zero Suit Samus The Warrior Within Low Armour, High Agility La Bella Guerrera Galáctica (The Beautiful Galactic Warrior) 美しき銀河の戦士 (Most Beautiful Warrior in the Galaxy) Leichte Rüstung, schwer auf Zack (Light Armour, Really up to Snuff) Sans armure, quelle allure ! (So stylish without armor !) Meno protezione, più agilità (Less protection, more agility) Geen pak, toch gevaarlijk (No suit, still dangerous) Armadura Zero, Agilidade Máxima (Zero Armor, Maximum Agility)
Ridley Cunning God of Death
Kirby The Pink Puffball Gritty in Pink La Bola Rosa más Famosa (The Most Famous Pinkball) ピンクの悪魔 (Pink Demon) Berühmteste rosa Kugel aller Zeiten (Most Famous Pink Ball of all Time) La petite terreur rose (The tiny pink terror) Rosaceo eroe (Pinkish Hero) Gevaarlijk roze is niet lelijk (Dangerously pink isn’t ugly) A bola rosa mais famosa (The most famous pink ball)
Meta Knight The Masked Swordsman El Espadachín Enmascarado (The Masked Swordfighter) El Luchador Enmascarado (The Masked Fighter) 仮面の剣士 (The Masked Swordsman) Der maskierte Schwertkämpfer (The Masked Swordsman) L'épéiste au masque de fer (The iron masked swordfighter) Lo spadaccino mascherato (The Masked Swordsman) De gemaskerde zwaardvechter (The masked swordsman) O espadachim mascardo (The masked swordsman)
King Dedede The King of Dream Land Says He's King, and That's That El Rey de Dreamland (The King of Dream Land) Él Dice que es Rey y no hay mas que hablar (He Says He's King, and That's That) 自称大王 (Self-Proclaimed Great King) Der selbsternannte König (The Self-Proclaimed King) Le roi marteau (The crazy king) Si proclama il re e questo è quanto (He proclaims himself the King, and that's that) Koning, volgens hemzelf dan (King, according to himself anyway) Tem a mania que é rei mas não manda nada (He thinks he's a king but doesn't boss anything)
Fox Leader of Star Fox Never Gives Up! Trusts His Instincts! El Líder de Star Fox (Leader of Star Fox) No se Rinde Nunca y Confía en su Instinto (Never Gives Up and Trusts His Instincts) 雇われ遊撃隊長 (Leader of a Mercenary Group) Feurig und Fuchsteufelswild (Fiery and Furious) Le renard de l'espace (The fox from outerspace) Non si arrende mai! Segue il suo istinto! (Never Gives Up! Trusts his Instincts!) Voer een zijwaartse rol uit! (Do a sideways roll!) Nunca se rende! Confia nos seus instintos! (Never surrenders! Trusts his instincts!)
Falco Proud Space Ace Un Piloto Espacial sin Igual (An Incomparable Space Pilot) 宇宙のエースパイロット (Ace Space Pilot) Weltraumpilot und Fliegerass (Space Pilot and Flying Ace) La tête brulée intersidérale (The interstellar sturbborn one) Fiero asso spaziale (Proud Space Ace) Trotse toppiloot (Proud ace pilot) O piloto espacial bestial (The awesome space pilot)
Pikachu Pika Pika! The Electric Mouse Pokémon Pokémon Ratón de Tipo Electrico (Electric Type Mouse Pokémon) 雷撃のねずみポケモン (Lightning Attack Mouse Pokémon) Niedlich und elektrisierend (Cute and Electrifying) Le rongeur survolté (The overexicted rodent) Il Pokémon Topo di tipo Elettro (The Electric-type Mouse Pokémon) De elektrische muis-Pokémon (The electric mouse Pokémon) O Pokémon rato de tipo Elétrico (The Electric type mouse Pokémon)
Jigglypuff The Sleepy Singer The Delightful Balloon Pokémon El Adorable Pokémon Globo (The Adorable Balloon Pokémon) 魅惑のふうせんポケモン (Alluring Balloon Pokémon) Liebreizendes Pokémon der Klasse Ballon (Lovely Balloon-type Pokémon) Bouboule (Fatty) Il dolcissimo Pokémon Pallone (The very sweet Balloon Pokémon) De lieflijke ballon-Pokemon (The charming Balloon-Pokémon) O adorável Pokémon Balão (The adorable Balloon Pokémon)
Mewtwo A Legend Reawakens Una leyenda vuelve a despertar (A Legend Reawakens) 覚醒する遺伝子 (Awakened Genes) Rückkehr einer Legende (The Comeback of a Legend) Le retour de la légende (The comeback of the legend) Il risveglio di una leggenda (The awakening of a legend) O despertar de uma lenda (The awakening of a legend)
Pokémon Trainer Wants to Be the Very Best
Charizard* Blazing Fury Furia Ardiente (Blazing Fury) 新たなる進化 (Reach a New Evolution) Lodernde Wut (Blazing Fury) Le feu du ciel (The fire of the sky) Una furia infuocata (A Blazing Fury) Vurige furie (Firey fury) Fúria abrasadora (Blazing fury)
Lucario Master of Aura Exudes Power Domina el Aura (Master of the Aura) 波導の勇者 (Hero of Aura) Die Macht der Aura (The Power of the Aura) Le canidé aux poings d'acier (The canidae with iron punches) Potenza allo stato puro (Power in its purest form) Krachtig aura (Powerful aura) O Pokémon que domina a aura (The Pokémon that masters aura)
Greninja Master of Stealth The Unpredictable Ninja Pokémon El Pokémon Ninja Impredecible (The Unpredictable Ninja Pokémon) 神出鬼没のしのびポケモン (Elusive Ninja Pokémon) Unberechenbares Pokémon der Klasse Ninja (Unpredictable Ninja-type Pokémon) L'imprévisible Pokémon Ninja (The Unpredictable Ninja Pokémon) L'imprevedibile Pokémon Ninja (The Unpredictable Ninja Pokémon) De onvoorspelbare Ninja-Pokemon (The unpredictable Ninja-Pokémon) O Pokémon Ninja imprevisível (The unpredictable Ninja Pokémon)
Captain Falcon The Supersonic Slugger Supersonic F-Zero Pilot El Piloto Supersónico de F-Zero (The Supersonic F-Zero Pilot) 音速のF-ZEROパイロット (Supersonic F-Zero Pilot) Ultraschneller F-Zero-Pilot (Ultra-fast F-Zero Pilot) Le pilote supersonique (The supersonic pilot) Supersonico pilota di F-Zero (Supersonic F-Zero Pilot) Supersonische F-Zero piloot (Supersonic F-Zero pilot) O piloto supersónico de F-Zero (The supersonic F-Zero pilot)
Ness The PSI Powerhouse El Niño con Poderes PSI (The Kid with PSI Powers) PSIを持つ少年 (Boy who wields PSI) Stark durch PSI-Kräfte (Strong through PSI Powers) Le PSYchopathe en culottes courtes (The PSYchopath in short pants) Il maestro dei poteri psichici (The master of psychic powers) Het PSI-wonderkind (The PSI-wunderkind) O menino com poderes telecinéticos (The boy with telekinetic powers)
Lucas Boy from Nowhere The Tazmilian Devil El Chico de Tazmily (The Tazmily Boy) El Demonio de Tazmilian (The Tazmilian Devil) タツマイリの少年 (Boy from Tazmilly) Le diable de Tazmilly (The Devil of Tazmilly) Il diavolo di Tazmily (The Tazmilian Devil) O diabo tazmiliano (The tazmilian devil)
Ice Climbers Bone-Chilling Duo
Marth The Hero-King The Legendary Hero-King El Rey Legendario (The Legendary King) 紋章の王子 (Prince of the Emblem) Der legendäre Heldenkönig (The Legendary Hero-King) L'héroïque roi de légende (The legendary hero-king) Il leggendario re-eroe (The legendary king-hero) De legendarische, heldhaftige koning (The legendary, heroic king) O lendário rei-herói (The legendary hero-king)
Roy The Young Lion El joven león (The Young Lion) 若き獅子 (The Young Lion) Le jeune lion (The Young Lion) Il giovane leone (The Young Lion) O jovem leão (The young lion)
Ike The Radiant Hero of Legend The Radiant Hero El Héroe Resplandeciente (The Radiant Hero) 蒼炎の勇者 (Hero of the Blue Flames) Der strahlende Held (The Radiant Hero) Le héros de l'aube (The hero of dawn) L'eroe della fiamma (The Hero of Flame) De stralende held (The radiant hero) O Herói das Chamas (The Hero of Flames)
Robin The Tactician Magician Tome-Toting Strategist Estratega de Ylisse (The Strategist of Ylisse) 自衛団の名軍師 (Renowned Vigilante Tactician) Meisterstratege aus Ylisse (Master-Strategist of Ylisse) L'atout stratégique des Veilleurs (The strategic asset of the Shepherds) Stratega dai molti tomi (Strategist with many tomes) Strategie volgens het boekje (Strategy by the book) Estratega de Ylisse (Ylisse strategist)
Lucina Warrior from a Doomed Future Defiant of Destiny Desafía al Destino (Defies Destiny) 未来を知る王女 (Princess Who Knows the Future) Herausforderin des Schicksals (Challenger of Destiny) La guerrière venue d'un autre futur (The warrior from another future) Sfida il destino (She challenges Destiny) Vecht tegen het lot (Fighting against Destiny) A guerreira que desafia o destino (The warrior that challenges destiny)
Corrin Blood of Dragons Sangre de dragón (Blood of dragon) 竜の血族 (Blood of Dragons) Sang de dragon (Blood of dragons) Sangue di drago (Blood of Dragon) Sangue de Dragão (Dragon Blood)
Mr. Game & Watch Master of Two Dimensions El Maestro de las 2D (The Master of 2D) 平面世界の住人 (Resident of Flat Zone) Zweidimensionaler Tausendsassa (Two-dimensional Allrounder) Le castagneur vintage (The vintage fighter) Maestro delle due dimensioni (Master of Two Dimensions) Meester van twee dimensies (Master of 2 Dimensions) O mestre das duas dimensões (The master of two dimensions)
Pit Captain of Lady Palutena's Guard Lady Palutena's Captain of the Guard El Capitán del Ejercito de Palutena (The Captain of Palutena's Army) パルテナ軍親衛隊隊長 (Captain of Palutena's Royal Guard) Anführer von Palutenas Leibgarde (Captain of Palutena's Life Guard) Le chef de la garde de Paluténa (The boss of Palutena's Guard) Il capitano della guardia di Palutena (The captain of Palutena's Guard) Kapitein van Palutena’s wacht (Captain of Palutena’s Guard) O capitão do exército da deusa Palutena (The captain of goddess Palutena's army)
Palutena Goddess of Light La Diosa de la Luz (Goddess of Light) 光の女神 (Goddess of Light) Göttin des Lichts (Goddess of Light) La déesse de la lumière (The goddess of light) La Dea della luce (The Goddess of Light) Godin van het licht (Goddess of Light) A Deusa da Luz (The Goddess of Light)
Dark Pit Dark-Winged Doppelgänger El Doble de Alas Oscuras (The Dark-Winged Double) El Doble con Malas Pulgas (The Grumpy Doppelgänger) 黒き翼 (Blackest Wings) Doppelgänger mit dunklen Schwingen (Dark-Winged Doppelgänger) La réplique diabolique (The diabolic replica) Il sosia dalle ali nere (The black-winged Dopplegänger) Duistere dubbelganger (Dark doppelgänger) A réplica diabólica (The diabolical replica)
Wario Scoundrel with a Fart of Gold Cuidado con sus Ventosidades... (Watch out for his Flatulence...) Ojito con sus Ventosidades... (Watch out for his Flatulence...) 圧巻の悪漢 (Rascal of the Best) Stinkbombe auf zwei Beinen (Stink Bomb on two Legs) La boule puante ambulante (The strolling stink bomb) Un teppista che sbuffa da dietro (A thug who snorts from his back) Boef waar een luchtje aan zit (Crook who smells funny) O patife com um problema de gases (The scoundrel with a gas problem)
Olimar Veteran Astronaut El Astronauta Veterano (Veteran Astronaut) El Veterano Astronauta (The Astronaut Veteran) ベテラン宇宙飛行士 (Veteran Astronaut) Astronautenveteran (Veteran Astronaut) L'astronaute vétéran (The astronaut veteran) Esperto astronauta (Expert Astronaut) Ervaren astronaut (Experienced Astronaut) O astronauta veterano (The veteran austronaut)
Alph Astronaut in Training Novice Explorer, Engineering Pro El Astronauta Novato (Novice Astronaut) Explorador Novato e Ingeniero (Novice Explorer and Engineer) 若き宇宙整備士 (Young Space Mechanic) Meisteringenieur mit Forscherdrang (Engineering Pro with Scientific Curiosity) L'ingénieur cogneur (The engineer bruiser) Esploratore novizio e abile ingegnere (Novice explorer and clever engineer) Onervaren verkenner, ervaren mechanicus (Inexperienced explorer, experienced mechanic) Explorador novato e hábil engenheiro (Novice explorer and skilled engineer)
R.O.B. The Last of His Kind Robotic Obliteration Buddy Experto en Rayos Láser (Expert in Laser Beams) 灼熱のロボビーム (Red Hot Robo Beam) Randaliert. Ohne. Bedauern. (Rampages. Without. Regret.) Rectifier Oblitérer Broyer (Crush, Obliterate, Rectify) Robot Obliterante Benevolo (Benevolent Obliterating Robot) Retro-Ogende Bondgenoot (Retro-Looking Ally) Robô Obliterador Bondoso (Kind Obliterator Robot)
Villager Mayor of Smashville Alcalde♂/Alcadesa♀ de Pueblo Smash (Mayor of Smashville) スローライフの伝道師 (Evangelist of the Slow Life) Bürgermeister von Smash-Stadt (Mayor of Smashville) Monsieur♂/Madame♀ le maire (Mr./Ms. Mayor) Sindaco di Smash Village (Mayor of Smash Village) Burgemeester van Smashdorp (Mayor of Smashville) O♂/A♀ presidente da Vila Smash (The mayor of Smashville)
Little Mac Bruiser from the Bronx The Only Numbers He Knows Are "One-Two" El Pugilista que más Pega (The Boxer Puncher) Solo se Sabe los Números "¡Uno,Dos!" (The Only Numbers He Knows Are "One-Two") 不屈の闘魂 (Undaunted Fighting Spirit) Klein, aber oho - schlägt die Gegner schnell k.o. (Small but Strong - Punches Foes K.O. fast) Le dentiste (The dentist) Gli unici numeri che conosce sono "Uno-due" (The Only Numbers He Knows Are "One-Two") Klein, maar pijnlijk (Small, but painful) Só conhece os números "um, dois"! (Only knows the numbers "one, two"!)
Wii Fit Trainer Yoga Warrior She'll Make You Feel the Burn! ¡A Quemar Calorias! (Let's Burn Calories!) 今日も一緒にダイエット (Let’s also Diet Together Today) Verhilft dir zu einer guten Haltung! (Helps You towards a Good Posture!) Inspirer, éjecter (Breathe in, release) Ti fa bruciare un bel po' di calorie! (She'll Make you Burn a Bunch of Calories!) Voel je je spieren al branden? (Can you feel your muscles burn?) Queima calorias até a dormir! (Burns calories even while sleeping!)
Wii Fit Trainer The BMI Bandit He'll Blast Your Core! ¡A Ponerse en Forma! (Let's get Fit!) 今日も元気に筋肉美 (Let's also be Heathly and Beautiful Today) Stets bereit zum Training! (Always Prepared for Training!) Ti spezza in due! (He'll snap you in two!) Valt aan met kernoefeningen (Attacks with core-exercise) Põe toda a gente em forma! (Turns everyone fit!)
Shulk The Visionary Has Visions of Victory Maestro de las Artes Monado (Master of the Monado Arts) 穏やかさを秘めた力 (Power Hidden By Gentleness) Kampferprobter Visionär (Battle-proven Visionary) L'artiste Monado (The Monado artist) Ha visioni di vittoria (He has visions of victory) Visionaire vechter (Visionary fighter) O mestre das Técnicas da Monado (The master of Monado Arts)
Duck Hunt Bark, Quack, Boom! The Most Unlikely of Partnerships La Extraña Pareja (The Odd Couple) La pareja dispareja (The Odd Couple) 異色の共演 (A Unique Group) Ein äußerst ungewöhnliches Paar (A Really Unusual Pair) Le plus improbable des duos (The most unlikely of duos) La strana coppia (The Odd Couple) Vreemde eend in de bijt (Strange duck in the ice-hole) A parelha mais que improvável (The more-than-unlikely pair)
Inkling Part Kid, Part Squid イカしたワカモノ (Squid and Kid)
Snake The Legendary Mercenary 潜入のスペシャリスト (Sneaking Specialist)
Sonic The Blue Blur Speed is His Game El Erizo Más Rápido del Mundo (The World's Fastest Hedgehog) 世界最速のハリネズミ (Fastest Hedgehog in the World) Der schnellste Igel der Welt (The Fastest Hedgehog in the World) La bombe bleue (The blue bomb) Velocità è il suo secondo nome (Speed is his second name) Snel, sneller, snelst (Fast, faster, fastest) O ouriço mais veloz do mundo (The world's fastest hedgehog)
Mega Man Blue Metal Hero Super Smash Bros. 4
The Blue Bomber Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
The Blue Bomber El Heroico Robot Azul Humanoide (The Heroic Humanoid Blue Robot) La Bomba Azul (The Blue Bomber) 青きメタルヒーロー (Blue Metal Hero) Das Blaue Heldenwunder (The Blue Hero Miracle) La gâchette multi-tâches (The multitasking trigger) Il futuristico guerriero blu (The futuristic Blue Warrior) De blauwe beuker (The blue bruiser) O guerreiro azul do futuro (The blue warrior from the future)
Pac-Man The Yellow Bane of Ghosts Ghost-Gobbler El Héroe Amarillo Tragafantasmas (The Yellow Ghost-Swallowing Hero) Merienda Fantasmas (Ghost-Gobbler) 黄色い伝説 (The Yellow Legend) Vielfraß mit Appetit auf Geister (Glutton with Appetite for Ghosts) Le glouton jaune (The yellow glutton) Ama ingurgitare fantasmi (He loves to swallow ghosts) Spokenslokker (Ghost gobbler) O come-fantasmas (The ghost-eater)
Ryu Tireless Wanderer Trotamundos (Globetrotter) 不断の探求者 (Tireless Wanderer) Le guerrier errant (The stray warrior) Errante infaticabile (Tireless Wanderer) O caminhante incansável (The tireless wanderer)
Cloud SOLDIER 1st Class SOLDADO de 1ª clase (SOLDIER 1st Class) ソルジャー・クラス1st (SOLDIER 1st Class) SOLDAT 1re classe (1st Class SOLDIER) 1ª classe SOLDIER (1st Class SOLDIER) SOLDADO de 1.ª classe (1st class SOLDIER)
Bayonetta Umbra Witch Bruja de Umbra (Umbra Witch) アンブラの魔女 (Umbra Witch) Sorcière de l'Umbra (Umbra Witch) Strega di Umbra (Umbra Witch) Umbra-heks (Umbra Witch) Bruxa de Umbra (Umbra Witch)
Mii Brawler The Brawler of Many Faces El Peleador de las Mil Caras (The Brawler of a Thousand Faces) El Karateka de las Mil Caras (The Karate Master of a Thousand Faces) 千の顔を持つ格闘家 (The Martial Artist with Thousand Faces) Prügelprofi mit hartem Schlag (Brawling Pro with a Strong Punch) Le boxeur aux mille visages (The boxer with a thousand faces.) Il pugno dai mille volti (The Fist of a Thousand Faces) De bokser met vele gezichten (The boxer with many faces) O Guerreiro das mil caras (The Warrior of a thousand faces)
Mii Swordfighter The Swordfighter of Many Faces El Espadachín de las Mil Caras (The Swordfighter of a Thousand Faces) 千の顔を持つ剣士 (The Swordfighter with Thousand Faces) Klingen-Koryphäe (Blade Expert) L'épéiste aux mille visages (The swordsman with a thousand faces.) La spada dai mille volti (The Sword of a Thousand Faces) De zwaardvechter met vele gezichten (The swordfighter with many faces) O Espadachim das mil caras (The Swordsman of a thousand faces)
Mii Gunner The Gunner of Many Faces El Tirador de las Mil Caras (The Gunner of a Thousand Faces) 千の顔を持つ射撃手 (The Marksman with Thousand Faces) Meisterschütze mit Adleraugen (Marksman with Eagle Eyes) Le tireur aux mille visages (The gunner with a thousand faces.) Il fuciliere dai mille volti (The Gunner of a Thousand Faces) De cyborg met vele gezichten (The cyborg with many faces) O Artilheiro das mil caras (The Gunner of a thousand faces)


Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS[edit]

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Character title references[edit]

  • Luigi: The NA character title for Luigi is a reference to his Super Smash Bros. unlock notice: "You can now use Luigi, the eternal understudy."
  • Peach: The NA character title for Peach is a reference to her original localized name until 1996, "Princess Toadstool".
  • Bowser: The PAL French character title for Bowser is a pun of pronunciation with the name of the Koopas.
  • Dr. Mario: The PAL Spanish character title for Dr. Mario is a reference to the Spanish group Jarabe de Palo.
  • Larry: The PAL character title for Larry describes him as the leader of the Koopalings as a result of an out-of-context translation of his Japanese title, "Boss Minion", meaning that he is a minion among bosses being the youngest Koopaling. This also references how Larry is usually the first to be fought, essentially "leading" the charge.
  • Yoshi: The PAL French character title for Yoshi is a pun of pronunciation with the names "œufs" (eggs) and "yeux" (eyes).
  • Diddy Kong: The PAL French character title for Diddy Kong is a pun with a popular French rhyme "Il était un petit homme" (literally "He was a little man") written by Gabrielle Grandière.
  • Sheik: The Spanish character title for Sheik uses the male word for "warrior".
  • Sheik: The PAL French character title for Sheik is a wordplay with the name of the "Sheikah" and the french "Qui c'est qu'à [...]" (means "Who does [...]) which share similar pronunciation.
  • Ridley: Ridley's title is a reference to a title he was given on the official Japanese website of Metroid: Zero Mission, 狡猾の死神 (Cunning God of Death).
  • Kirby: The Japanese character title for Kirby is a reference to the in-game description for The Arena in Kirby Super Star, which calls him a "pink demon" in the Japanese script (translated to "Pink Wonder" in the original SNES version's English script and "Pink Terror" in Kirby Super Star Ultra's English script).
  • King Dedede: The PAL French character title for King Dedede is a pun with "marteau" in French which means "crazy" and "hammer".
  • Fox: The PAL character title for Fox is a reference to a recurring line in the Star Fox franchise: "Never give up. Trust your instincts."
  • Fox: The Dutch character title for Fox references Peppy's infamous quote, "Do a barrel roll!"
  • Pikachu: The PAL French character title for Pikachu is a pun with "survolté" which is composed of the word "volt" and means "overexcited".
  • Mewtwo: The character titles for Mewtwo reference the title of the movie, Pokémon the Movie: Genesect and the Legend Awakened.
  • Pokémon Trainer: The NA character title for Pokémon Trainer refers to the first line of the anime's theme song: "I want to be the very best."
  • Lucas: The NA and PAL character titles for Lucas are a play on the name of his hometown: Tazmily Village on the Nowhere Islands.
  • Marth: In every language, Marth's character title is based on the honorific "Hero-King" epithet given to him in the timeline seen in the best ending of Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem. He is also frequently referred to by this title in later games and spinoffs.
  • Roy: In every language, the character title for Roy is the epithet given to him in the character ending sequence of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. He is also frequently referred to by this title in later games and spinoffs.
  • Ike: In every language, Ike's character title is the epithet first given to him in the epilogue of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. The epithet only originally appeared in the Japanese version of Radiant Dawn, having been skipped over in all localizations of the game, but entered regular use in all languages from Awakening onward.
  • Lucina: The Japanese character title for Lucina is her epithet in the epilogue of the Japanese version of Fire Emblem Awakening, and is also the title of that game's sixth chapter, which heavily features her. In both cases, the English version of Awakening translated this as "Foreseer". She also goes by this epithet in the Japanese version of Fire Emblem Heroes, translated as "Future Witness" in that game's English releases.
  • Villager: All but the Japanese titles for the Villager reference how the Villager is the mayor of their city in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
  • Shulk: The Japanese character title for Shulk is a reference to one of his recurring text-only quotes in the Japanese Xenoblade Chronicles script, "穏やかじゃないですね", which has a different meaning (e.g. "You sure aren't peaceful" or "How exciting") depending on context.
  • Inkling: The Japanese character title for Inkling is a wordplay on いかす (ikasu, meaning stylish, fresh) and イカ (ika, meaning squid).
  • Snake: The NA character title for Snake is a title given to both Solid Snake and Big Boss, fittingly matching Snake's own hybrid appearance in his Smash design.
  • Sonic: The PAL character title for Sonic is a reference to one of his victory pose quotes in Brawl: "Sonic's the name, speed's my game!"
  • Mega Man: The pre-Ultimate NA and Japanese character titles for Mega Man are references to Mega Man 8's full Japanese title, Rockman 8: Metal Heroes.

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