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Wario Waft

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Wario Waft
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Wario Waft in Ultimate
User Wario
Universe Wario
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Wario Waft (ワリオっぺ, Wario Fart), commonly referred to as the Fart, is Wario's down special move, which makes use of his flatulence to attack opponents.


Wario Waft becomes more powerful as time passes, ranging from a tiny "poot" to a massive explosion (which has high knockback and damage). At half-charge, it is his fastest and strongest KO move, activating in only 3 frames when half-charged, which is incredibly fast for a very powerful move. It was first revealed in the E3 2006 trailer for Super Smash Bros. Brawl, albeit with it creating a much larger explosion than the one in the game. It takes nearly 1 minute and 50 seconds for it to charge completely, with a full charge indicated by Wario flashing orange. Wario Waft is one of only two chargeable attacks whose charge is retained even after the user is KO'd, the other one being Oil Panic.

In Brawl, a fully charged Wario Waft does 42% damage (40% plus 2% for being fresh) and rockets him high into the air with nearly unrivaled altitude, making it a powerful recovery. However, it's possible to self-destruct if Wario flies across the top blast line when performing this move with a full charge. As Wario-Man, it deals 50% damage if fully charged, and even when it is not at full charge, it can potentially make one-hit KOs under normal circumstances. A 73% charge (around 1 minute and 20 seconds) is usually enough to OHKO Mario. Even if Wario doesn't connect with a fully-charged blast, he can still collide into characters while being launched to deal approximately half damage and strong vertical knockback. It works well after an up throw set up or as an edgeguarding attack. In addition, a fully charged Wario Waft has armor.

A half-charged Wario Waft (a waft held for at least 1 minute, but not fully charged, up to 1 minute 45 seconds) actually deals more knockback than a fully-charged waft. Thus, it is often more practical for a player to release the waft before it gets fully charged, in order to secure an earlier KO.

In Smash 4, the Wario Waft retains most of its properties; however, damage and knockback from the fully charged variant has been altered. The maximum charged Waft now deals 27% damage instead of to 42% (along with less height gained), but now possesses far more knockback, being able to KO characters from the center of the stage at just 60%. The charge time can also be decreased by eating items with Chomp, but it still self-destructs Wario at the upper blast line.

A graph of how much damage the Wario Waft does based on its charge in Brawl. The gold line represents the damage dealt as Wario, and the pink line represents the damage dealt as Wario-Man. Click for full-size version.

Wario's weakest "poot" (which is the uncharged Waft) deals no damage, but it does knock most foes off their feet, and if performed as Wario-Man, it stuns opponents. After the uncharged Waft, Wario will face the screen and sheepishly laugh while scratching his head.

Example damages[edit]

Time to charge Damage Percent that can KO
0:00 0%
0:15 10% 288%
0:30 11% 259%
0:45 12% 239%
1:00 21% 119%
1:05 22% 112%
1:10 23% 106%
1:15 24% 101%
1:20 25% 96%
1:25 26% 91%
1:30 27% 85%
1:35 28% 81%
1:40 29% 77%
1:45 30% 73%
1:50 40% 60%

Instructional quotes[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Brawl instruction booklet WarioHeadSSBB.png Punish foes with a fart. Don't use it for a while to build the fart's power.
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List WarioHeadSSBU.png Releases noxious gas from his rear end. It, uh ..."charges" automatically.


Special move customization was added in Super Smash Bros. 4. These are the variations:

1. Wario Waft 2. Rose-Scented Waft 3. Quick Waft
"Release noxious gas from your rear end. It, uh... "charges" automatically." "Release noxious gas that makes flowers grow on opponents' heads." "The noxious gas charges more quickly, but it's less offensive."
  1. Wario Waft: Default.
  2. Rose-Scented Waft: The Wario Waft will add a flower to the opponent's head, but loses a lot of knockback. It also charges faster, and possesses a much larger hitbox.
  3. Quick Waft: The Wario Waft charges much faster, but doesn't deal as much damage or knockback. All waft charge levels other than the half waft are faster overall, as well. An uncharged waft can potentially lead to a getup chase situation due to the reduced ending lag.


The move is based on Wario's scatological personality and his general love for toilet humor as seen in numerous game manuals and promotional websites for many of his games, mainly for the Japanese market, as the Western market usually leaves out this trait of Wario's personality. One of the first instances concerning Wario and farting is the Japanese manual for Wario Land II, where Wario mentions that his Hot Wario reaction was not produced "because his fart caught on fire". However, farting would not be part of the actual Wario games until the WarioWare: Smooth Moves microgame He Who Smelt It..., where Wario is seen constantly farting, forcing the player to waft the air by waving the Wii Remote side-to-side to win the game. Mario Strikers Charged released one year before Brawl, and it includes Wario farting as his Super Ability in that game. Named "Gas Mask!", Wario will fart and release a trail of toxic green gas behind him. Wario Waft later makes an appearance as Wario's skill in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games and other installments.


In Brawl[edit]

In Smash 4[edit]

In Ultimate[edit]


  • In Brawl and Ultimate, Wario's stomach sticks out of his shirt slightly when he has a fully charged fart ready. In SSB4, his entire torso bulges with a fully charged fart.
  • As seen on the above graph, Wario-Man gets to higher charge levels (except the last) faster than regular Wario does. However, this does not actually speed up the charging process; the two forms simply use different formulas when calculating what charge level the move is at.
  • Wario's NTSC SSB4 trophy description claims the Wario Waft is Wario's trademark attack, despite the fact that Wario has never created a fart explosion in a Wario game and the Dash Attack being considered Wario's trademark attack.