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Wario Bike

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Wario Bike
Wario Side B SSBU.gif
Wario riding on his bike in Ultimate.
User Wario
Universe Wario
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Wario Bike (ワリオバイク, Wario Bike), called Wario Chopper during earlier stages of development, is Wario's side special move.


When performed, Wario yells "Go!" as he hops on his motorcycle and can move faster on the ground. The bike can be used to ram into opponents, and as a throwable and destructible item after Wario dismounts. As such, it can be thrown by other players as an obstacle. It also affords Wario limited protection from attacks and stage hazards. It is also possible for Wario to taunt while on his bike.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

The bike's speed can be controlled depending on how much the player tilts the control stick. If the player taps Control Stick, the bike will travel at its fastest. Wario can dismount the bike voluntarily by pressing an attack button as well as being knocked off by another player's attack. To ride his bike again, he must get back on it by using the special move again while he's near it. If he's far away from it, or if the bike has been recently destroyed, using the special move will make Wario look around, trying to find his bike, and do nothing.

In Brawl, while riding the bike, it becomes invincible. Wheelies to be used as a defensive measure and protect Wario from most forms of attack. Wario also gains a form of knockback-based armor on frame 1, with a 60 KB threshold. If the 60 KB threshold is broken, Wario will take full knockback from the attack. However, if 30 KB is reached, Wario will dismount without taking knockback.

When Wario dismounts, other characters can pick up and throw the bike, including Wario. Only Wario can ride the bike, although another Wario can ride it and use it as his own. The bike can also be destroyed, eaten, or thrown offstage, but it can be respawned after enough time has passed. In Brawl, the bike will never despawn without player intervention.

When the bike is on the stage by itself, it will block any projectile that comes its way, making it a situational defensive tool. During this time period, it has 26 HP. Offstage, a thrown bike will "bounce" atop the character it is thrown at and keep them down, often preventing them from making a recovery. If the helpless character keeps trying to recover and successfully recovers, it is possible to rack up an enormous amount of damage.

Control is essential to using the move efficiently. If the player moves too fast, they might drive off the stage. If they make a turn at too high a speed, Wario will fall off of the bike. Wario will always fall off the bike on the 4th turn, even if he is not knocked off by a rival.

Wario can jump off of his bike in mid-air, even if he has already used his double jump, and he will retain his double jump if he has not already used it. When Wario uses his bike in mid-air and jumps right before the bike starts falling, the vertical boost is greater than that of his Corkscrew. If Wario is riding his bike in the air, he cannot control the speed but can control the angle by pressing forward or backward.

If the player presses up while Wario is riding his bike, he will do a wheelie, changing the hitbox's power and position, and allowing Wario to avoid things like Bananas and other "character-sensitive" traps such as the Motion-Sensor Bomb - save for the Pitfall, whose detection range is large enough to catch Wario and catapult him with enough force for a one-hit KO. Doing a wheelie also gives Wario a higher dismount point. For example, if he wheelies through a low soft platform, he can immediately get off on the platform instead of the ground beneath it.

Wario is considered to be grounded while riding his bike on the ground. As a result, if the bike is on the ground but his body is overhanging an edge (for example, while turning), he can be hit by a ground-only unconventional meteor smash and unexpectedly knocked downwards.

It should be noted that any attack made on the bike counts as an attack that has landed due to it being invincible, and as such, it will be recorded in the game's move queue. Thus the player can intentionally hit the bike with moves to refresh moves that they wish to use. Also, the bike as a projectile counts as a move separate from the bike as an attack with Wario riding it. Furthermore, the bike and the tires that come from it are linked in move decay - landing an attack with the tires will decay the bike and vice versa.

If Wario's bike remains on the stage, other characters can damage the bike. After enough damage, the bike will be destroyed, but the front and back wheels will remain on the stage. Both of these can be used as throwable items by any character to do moderate damage and hitstun. The smaller front wheel is slightly weaker than the larger back wheel. The wheels will bounce after they hit something and can also roll around the stage. Throwing one downward will cause it to bounce several times, continuing to be an active hitbox while doing so. A tire will only hit the same person once before being re-activated by being picked up and thrown again. Though the wheels have very low knockback scaling and will never KO at realistic percentages, their bouncing property can be exploited to set up another attack or pressure the opponent's shield.

Brawl damage table[edit]

Action Bike Back Wheel Front Wheel
Throw 10% 9% 8%
Forward tilt throw 16% 8% 8%
Up tilt throw 13% 9% 6%
Down tilt throw 22% 11% 9%
Dash throw N/A 10% 10%
Forward smash throw 19% 10% 10%
Up smash throw 15% 9% 7%
Down smash throw 25% 12% 12%
Air Throw 15% 8% 9%
Aerial drop N/A 9% 8%
Aerial forward tilt throw 13% 8% 8%
Aerial up tilt throw 16% 9% 8%
Aerial down tilt throw 16% 9% 8%
Aerial forward smash throw 12% 8% 8%
Aerial up smash throw 15% 9% 8%
Aerial down smash throw 17% 10% 8%

In Super Smash Bros. 4[edit]

In SSB4, Wario's bike received some fairly significant changes. Besides being able to travel faster, Wario can make as many turns as he likes at any speed without falling off the bike. He also has a new attack with the bike where he can "crush" his opponents with a wheelie to inflict damage.

The bike is no longer invincible while riding, instead, it loses its HP in every instance of being hit. As a result, Wario can now be knocked off the bike through breaking it. The knockback-based armor was also severely nerfed, now being 20 KB for Wario to take knockback. The threshold for a simple dismount has also been completely removed. The HP was also nerfed, from 26 to 18 HP. This all applies to Ultimate as well.

If Wario uses his wheelie and then lowers his bike onto his opponent, the resulting hit causes high knockback, capable of KO'ing players at 80%. Wario can no longer dismount his bike during a wheelie, so the user must level out the bike before jumping off, even in midair. Ramming an opponent with the bike and then immediately using a wheelie creates a two-hit combo that can deal as much as 19% on unsuspecting enemies. Furthermore, Wario is now able to use his bike immediately after it is destroyed, with an orange flash on Wario indicating that it has respawned.

Additionally, if Wario dismounts his bike as it is moving forward, the bike will continue to advance and strike the other players, causing 3% damage, effectively giving Wario an armored projectile. The bike does not have a lingering hitbox if Wario is knocked off by an opponent.

Wario can no longer pick up broken bike parts to throw at his opponents. However, he can still eat them, gaining health and charging his Wario Waft. Finally, a dismounted Wario Bike that is on the stage but no longer on the screen will automatically despawn after 22 seconds, allowing Wario to use the move again.

In a rare mechanical difference between the Wii U and 3DS versions of Smash 4, this despawn time in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS is 24 seconds rather than 22. Another discrepancy between the two versions occurs when Wario throws the bike. In the Wii U version, it bounces two or three times depending on whether Wario is facing right or left, but in the 3DS version, it bounces once or twice. It is likely these differences are unintentional as they have little impact on game performance, unlike other mechanical changes (such as Pikmin having simpler behavior).

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Wario Bike in Ultimate

In SSBU, Wario's bike received several changes. The most significant change is the bike's destruction respawn timer now being longer than it has ever been; at a full 6 seconds.

Furthermore, the wheelie slam technique, while still very powerful, received a knockback nerf, although its speed was increased as compensation. The bike combo, where one would ram someone with the bike and immediately wheelie, no longer works at higher percentages. The bike itself was also given more grounded physics, which significantly affects its behavior when Wario is off of it. When Wario jumps off of it in mid-air, the bike no longer flies as forcefully off the stage, now usually staying on the stage after it lands.

When thrown, the bike lost most of its bounce, now simply landing where it is thrown. The bike was also given far more durability as an item when thrown, usually able to hit the opponent several times before exploding unlike in past titles. Finally, the most significant change to the bike as an item is that it was given much more knockback when it hits an opponent. When thrown upwards, the bike is a very powerful kill move.

The main aesthetic change is that the bike now sparks and exudes smoke when it is close to breaking. Additionally, after the bike has been destroyed, a unique graphical glow will briefly emit from Wario to indicate when it is ready to use again.

Instructional quotes[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Brawl instruction booklet WarioHeadSSBB.png Steer with the control stick and bail with A. If you wipe out, get near your bike to hop back on.
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List WarioHeadSSBU.png Rides around on a bike and crashes into enemies. Takes some time to recharge.


Special Move customization was added in Super Smash Bros. 4. These are the variations:

1. Wario Bike 2. Speeding Bike 3. Burying Bike
"Ride around on a bike and crash into enemies. Takes some time to recharge." "The bike is faster and lighter, but it does less damage and falls apart easier." "The bike is slower and heavier. Run over enemies to bury them."
  1. Wario Bike: Default.
  2. Speeding Bike: The bike moves much faster, allowing for easier follow-ups after a successful hit. However, it deals slightly less damage, can't turn around, and can only take 5% of damage before breaking versus the 18% of the standard.
  1. Burying Bike: The bike is slower and just as weak, but can now bury opponents that it runs into. It's also much more durable, being able to take a massive 40% damage before breaking. However, Wario’s leap is hindered.


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Wario Bike teleport glitch[edit]

The Wario Bike teleport glitch is a glitch that was first discovered by Zorakirby on Tuesday, November 4, 2008, which allows Wario to teleport into a higher platform in a custom stage.

An ideal stage setup for this glitch

Before performing the glitch, the player must create a stage using Stage Builder. One example stage is in the picture to the right of this text, though a mirrored version can also work. One solid ramp is needed.

At the start, Wario must be set up near or further up from where he is in the picture, and explosive items are placed at a certain point. While on the ground, Wario should ride his bike and go down the hill while performing a wheelie. When Wario reaches the solid platform near the explosive items, the bike's top tire should overlap inside the platform. If performed correctly, the explosion will cause Wario to teleport from the "hill" going down and suddenly appear on the solid platform above. Normally, this should not happen because the platform above Wario's starting position is solid. All the ramps shown in the image will work, though Wario must drive a bit slower for it to work with the middle ramp. Also, Wario can "float" up to the platform, if the control stick is pressed only slightly while moving forward, for a smaller wheelie.

Zombie Bike glitch[edit]

Wario riding the Wario Bike and having it immediately explode, a side-effect of the Zombie Bike glitch.

The Zombie Bike glitch consists of Wario Bike's HP being left at 0 due to an opponent picking it up during hitlag, including with Pocket. The bike will still be regarded as active, but will explode when any attempt to ride it is made; additionally, if the bike is thrown down by Wario and Wario Bike is buffered, it will damage Wario when doing so. If an opponent throws it down and Wario attempts to ride it, the explosion will not deal damage to him. The setup is repeatable to make the bike effectively indestructible. 0% hitboxes like a completely uncharged Wario Waft will not destroy a "Zombie Bike". Reflecting a Zombie Bike will cause it to immediately detonate.


In Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

Wario Bike's trophy in Brawl
Wario Bike
A motorcycle specially designed for Wario by Dr. Crygor, an employee at WarioWare, Inc. This monster bike has an amazing 5,000cc, 4-stroke, 350HP engine capable of pushing it down the road at up to 217 miles per hour. Of course, this road hog is also a fuel hog and gets less than 5 miles to the gallon. Getting the pegs in the right position for Wario's short legs was difficult.
GB Advance: WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$
GB Advance: WarioWare, Inc.: Minigame Mania

In Super Smash Bros. 4[edit]

Wario Bike's trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS
Wario Bike's trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Wario Bike
NTSCSuper Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS A ridiculously powerful motorcycle designed for Wario by Dr. Crygor, this mean machine sports wide handles and raised pedals to accommodate Wario's unique dimensions. Summoned into battle as his side special attack, even Wario can have trouble keeping this thing upright at times.
NTSCSuper Smash Bros. for Wii U A ridiculously powerful motorcycle designed for Wario by Dr. Crygor, this mean machine sports wide handles and raised pedals to accommodate Wario's unique dimensions. Summoned into battle as his side special move, even Wario can have trouble keeping this thing upright at times.
GB Advance: WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! (05/2003)
Wii: Mario Kart Wii (04/2008)
PAL A motorbike made for Wario by genius scientist Dr. Crygor. At 2.7m in length, with wide handles and raised pedals, it's perfect for Wario! The bike will appear when you use Wario's side special move, but you'd better know how to do it properly or you might end up flipping over, and that would just be embarrassing...
GB Advance: WarioWare, Inc.: Minigame Mania (05/2003)
Wii: Mario Kart Wii (04/2008)


Wario driving a similar motorbike in the ending to Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman!.
Official artwork of the Wario Bike from WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!.

The Wario Bike first appeared in WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! for the Game Boy Advance (though prior to that, a similar motorbike appeared as one of Wario's presents in Mario Party 4, and Wario drove a bike in some levels of Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman!). In the introduction and during Wario's microgames, he is seen riding the aforementioned motorbike. This quickly became a staple part of Wario's new biker persona and has subsequently featured in almost every subsequent title in the WarioWare series. It has also appeared as a vehicle for large characters (including Wario himself) in Mario Kart Wii. While its design closely matches its appearance in the WarioWare series, the flames painted on its sides and the extra "W" symbol on the higher part of the bike are original details to the Super Smash Bros. series and have never appeared in any Mario or Wario game.

The animation of when the bike gets destroyed resembles the animation of when the player (who also controls Wario himself riding his bike) gets hit in the Unexcite Bike microgame from Mega Microgame$!, featuring a similar animation of the bike breaking apart, albeit more pieces of the bike fly off when it gets destroyed in Smash than it does in the aforementioned microgame.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese ワリオバイク, Wario Bike
UK English Wario Bike
France French (PAL) Wario Bike
Quebec French (NTSC) Moto Wario
Germany German Wario Bike
Spain Spanish (PAL) Wario Bike
Mexico Spanish (NTSC) Moto de Wario
Italy Italian Wario Bike
China Chinese (Simplified) 瓦力欧摩托
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 瓦利歐摩托車
South Korea Korean 와리오바이크, Wario Bike
Netherlands Dutch Wario-motor
Russia Russian Байк Варио


  • Wario Bike is the only special move to generate a heavy item.
  • While riding on his bike, Wario can completely prevent himself from falling asleep during Peach's Final Smash.
  • Wario also uses his bike for his on screen appearance.
  • If Captain Falcon's Final Smash is used on Wario just as he gets on to his Bike without knocking him out, the bike remains on the stage stood up as though Wario were about to climb on, but invisible. It is not known what causes this. Wario cannot use his Bike unless he is standing next to the invisible one (at which point it becomes visible) or destroys it.
  • If the player grabs a Super Mushroom while playing a Giant Brawl as Wario on Temple, he will grow massive. If they try to use Wario Bike while enlarged in the middle area (where they can grab the ledge, between a slab of rock where they can head down), Wario's bike will enter a very strange animation. It may glitch if the player returns to normal while doing this.
  • Wario is immune to the upper blast line while riding his bike.[1]
  • As Wario-Man, the Wario Bike moves incredibly fast, even faster than a car on the Big Blue stage, and can inadvertently result in a self-destruct. This is actually the second fastest possible option of movement on the ground in Brawl. Sonic wearing a Bunny Hood is the fastest, though Super Sonic can fly faster than the Wario-Man Bike.
  • In SSB4, Wario cannot enter the All-Star Rest Area teleporter while riding as it holds him too far above the ground.
  • In SSB4, the Wario Bike cannot break into smaller, throwable projectiles. Despite this, the Tips section in both the 3DS and Wii U versions states that it can.
  • The 3DS trophy for the Wario Bike suggests that one could flip the bike over if it were handled incorrectly. While this was the case in Brawl, this is no longer the case in SSB4 as Wario can turn and manipulate the bike in any fashion (aside from ramming it into a wall) without turning it over.
  • There are several glitches related to Wario Bike:
  • This is the only special move in which the taunt button has a function (albeit an aesthetic one).

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