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Wario Bike teleport glitch

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The Wario Bike teleport glitch is a glitch that was first discovered by Zorakirby on Tuesday, November 4, 2008, which allows Wario to teleport into a higher platform in a custom stage.

Performing the glitch[edit]

An ideal stage setup for this glitch

Before performing the glitch, the player must create a stage using Stage Builder. One example stage is in the picture to the right of this text, though a mirrored version can also work. One solid ramp is needed.

At the start, Wario must be set up near or further up from where he is in the picture, and explosive items are placed at a certain point. While on the ground, Wario should ride his bike and go down the hill while performing a wheelie. When Wario reaches the solid platform near the explosive items, the bike's top tire should overlap inside the platform. If performed correctly, the explosion will cause Wario to teleport from the "hill" going down and suddenly appear on the solid platform above.


Normally, this should not happen because the platform above Wario's starting position is solid. All the ramps shown in the image will work, though Wario must drive a bit slower for it to work with the middle ramp. Also, Wario can "float" up to the platform, if the control stick is pressed only slightly while moving forward, for a smaller wheelie.