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Side special move

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Sheik's side special move, Chain in Melee.
Cloud's side special move, Cross Slash in Ultimate.

The side special move (also commonly called side B or forward B) is a special attack is a performed by holding the control stick horizontally and pressing the special move button.

Not counting Final Smashes, the side special is the only special attack to originate in a game other than the original Super Smash Bros. - namely, in Super Smash Bros. Melee. In the original, pressing the special button with the stick held sideways would result in a neutral special move. With the introduction of side specials in Melee, some characters' neutral specials were changed to be side specials, with a new neutral special taking their place.

Many side specials involve either significant sideways character movement or a projectile that has a better horizontal range than the user's other projectiles. As a result, many can be utilized as approaches, while those that grant a movement boost tend to be a fighter's horizontal recovery move.

Smash special move[edit]

Samus' Super Missile is an example of a "smash" special move in Brawl.

Some side special moves have different properties depending on how they are activated. The moves have "Smash inputs," which means that the control stick (or pad) is tapped/"smashed" at the same time the special move button is pressed. This will create a different outcome compared to simply tilting the stick to the side and then pressing the button. The differences are typically the move dealing more damage, having a longer range, and/or a faster startup, though some activate a different move entirely. Most moves are objectively better with a smash input, though some have specific drawbacks that would make the regular version better in certain situations.

List of side special moves with smash inputs[edit]

Character(s) Move Difference
Young Link
Toon Link
Boomerang Flies a further distance and at a faster speed, also dealing more damage. Gale Boomerang is also affected, but its damage is not increased.
Dark Samus
Missile Instead of the regular missile, a more powerful, faster, non-homing missile known as a Super Missile is fired.
Pikachu Skull Bash Immediately activates with a slight charge.
Luigi Green Missile Immediately activates with a slight charge.
Peach BomberSuper Smash Bros. 4Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Daisy Bomber
Flies a further distance and travels at a faster speed.
Wario Wario Bike Moves faster and deals more damage.
Ivysaur Razor Leaf Travels at a faster rate and is more powerful, but its trajectory cannot be arced as effectively.
Diddy Kong Monkey Flip Flies faster and farther.
King Dedede Gordo Throw Gordos travel farther and faster.
Duck Hunt Clay Shooting Moves faster and does more damage on contact. In the case of Clay Break it will never break until the 3rd hit, while in the case of Rising Clay it scales in damage faster and arcs up lower and later.
Mii Brawler Burning Dropkick Immediately activates with a slight charge.
Mii Swordfighter Airborne Assault Immediately activates with a slight charge.
Chakram Flies much farther, dealing more damage.
Mii Gunner Gunner Missile Instead of the regular missile, a more powerful, faster, non-homing missile known as a Super Missile is fired.
Palutena Explosive FlameSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate The distance of the explosion is increased.
Cross Travels farther and faster.
Isabelle Fishing Rod The line travels a further distance and at a faster speed.
Byleth Areadbhar Byleth travels farther forward during the swing.
Pyra Blazing End The thrown sword travels farther and hits one more time.

Reverse side special move[edit]

In Brawl, SSB4 and Ultimate, most side special moves can be reversed in the first few frames, although the usefulness is questionable since any character can quickly turn around on the spot and immediately perform their side special move. The only true use for a reverse side special is while running; when running, the player cannot use their side special backward without having to stop or turn around first. The reverse side special can be done while running and gives certain characters boosts when turning around, the most notable boosts being Donkey Kong's and Luigi's reverse side specials, where the former gets a quick boost backward and has an unsurprising hit, and the latter will keep sliding forward while being able to charge his move.

List of side special moves[edit]

Character Move Description
Banjo & Kazooie Wonderwing Banjo charges forward as Kazooie shields him with her wings. This move overrides almost any attack, although they are still open to grabs. It can only be used five times per stock, not allowed to be used again until he gets KOed
Bayonetta Heel Slide / After Burner Kick When used on the ground, Bayonetta attacks with Heel Slide, a sliding kick. When used in air, it becomes After Burner Kick, a diagonal diving kick that can be angled up or down.
Bowser Koopa Klaw Super Smash Bros. Melee A claw swipe that launches opponents near the edge of its range, and grabs opponents close by.
Flying Slam Super Smash Bros. BrawlSuper Smash Bros. 4Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Bowser grabs opponents with a claw swipe, then pulls them into a flying body slam.
Bowser Jr. Clown Kart Dash The Koopa Clown Car gains wheels and accelerates forward at high speed. Can be stopped by turning around.
Byleth Areadbhar Byleth swings the lance forward in a large arc.
Captain Falcon Raptor Boost Captain Falcon lunges forward, and if an opponent is in his path, he delivers a powerful uppercut. In the air, this becomes an overhand punch with meteor smash properties.
Charizard Rock Smash Super Smash Bros. Brawl Charizard produces a boulder and smashes it with its head.
Flare Blitz Super Smash Bros. 4Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Charizard rushes forward while surrounded with flames. Deals recoil damage.
Chrom Double-Edge Dance Similar to Roy's version, but it lacks a sweetspot or sourspot on Chrom's blade, and all three final hits lack the flame effect, making it largely the same as Lucina's Dancing Blade instead.
Cloud Cross Slash Cloud slashes the air in front of him in a set pattern. The non-Limit version is performed one hit at a time with repeated button presses.
Corrin Dragon Lunge Corrin's arm transforms into a long lance that can pin grounded opponents in place.
Daisy Daisy Bomber Functions the same as Peach's Peach Bomber, but has a powerful floral explosion upon impact from her butt and has other floral effects and symbols in place of heart effects.
Dark Pit Electroshock Arm Almost the same as Pit's Upperdash Arm, but deals more damage and sends opponents at a significantly lower trajectory. It also has an electric effect.
Dark Samus Missile Identical to Samus's Missile.
Diddy Kong Monkey Flip Diddy Kong flips forward. It can cling onto opponents on contact, or the button can be pressed again to deliver a kick instead.
Donkey Kong Headbutt Donkey Kong headbutts forwards, burying grounded opponents and meteor smashing airborne ones.
Dr. Mario Super Sheet Similar to Mario's Cape, but Dr. Mario swings a sheet instead, having less horizontal range in exchange for more vertical range, and doesn't stall Dr. Mario in midair.
Duck Hunt Clay Shooting Duck Hunt throws a clay pigeon. Pressing the button again before the projectile disappears will hit it with Zapper shots.
Falco Falco Phantasm Functions similarly to Fox's Fox Illusion. However, it travels at a lesser distance (except in Brawl) and meteor smashes airborne opponents on impact.
Fox Fox Illusion Fox dashes forward from point to point at high speed, leaving afterimages in his wake.
Ganondorf Gerudo Dragon Super Smash Bros. Melee Functions similarly to Captain Falcon's Raptor Boost, but with the darkness effect; it also lacks the ability to meteor smash midair opponents.
Flame Choke Super Smash Bros. BrawlSuper Smash Bros. 4Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Ganondorf lunges forward, grabbing an opponent in his path and launching them straight down into the ground.
Greninja Shadow Sneak Greninja's shadow begins to move along the ground when this move is activated. When the button is released, Greninja will appear at the shadow and deliver a quick kick. Greninja can still be controlled while the button is held.
Hero Zap/Zapple/Kazap The Hero uses lightning magic. A normal input is Zap, a short electric blast forward, but the move can be charged into Zapple, where the Hero shoots electricity forward and a lightning bolt strikes down, and Kazap, an attack where lightning strikes the Hero's sword before he slashes around himself.
Ice Climbers Squall Hammer The Ice Climbers begin spinning in tandem, dealing multiple hits with their hammers.
Ike Quick Draw Ike charges in place as long as the button is held, then rushes forward, striking with his sword if an opponent is in his path.
Incineroar Alolan Whip Incineroar tosses opponents at the ropes of a wrestling ring. When the opponent bounces back, pressing the button again with the right timing delivers a follow-up attack.
Inkling Splat Roller Inkling runs along the ground with the Splat Roller held out, burying grounded opponents.
Isabelle Fishing Rod Isabelle casts a fishing line, which can reel in and then throw opponents.
Ivysaur Razor Leaf Ivysaur throws a single large leaf projectile.
Jigglypuff Pound Jigglypuff slides forward with a single punch. The move can be angled in midair.
Joker Eiha / Eigaon Joker sends out a projectile aimed downwards. If it hits an opponent, it will do a small amount of damage, but leave a poison effect. When Arsène is summoned, this move becomes Eigaon. The projectile now hits multiple times and the poison effect lasts for longer.
Kazuya Devil Fist Kazuya turns into Devil Kazuya for a brief moment and performs a rushing straight lunge against the opponent, knocking them in the air. If he is close to them, they will crumble with added electric effect, dealing more damage. Has a short range.
Ken Tatsumaki Senpukyaku Functions similarly to Ryu's Tatsumaki Senpukyaku, but deals multiple hits instead of one strong one.
King Dedede Waddle Dee Toss Super Smash Bros. Brawl King Dedede randomly throws a Waddle Dee, Waddle Doo, or Gordo.
Gordo Throw Super Smash Bros. 4Super Smash Bros. Ultimate King Dedede throws a Gordo by launching it with his hammer.
King K. Rool Crownerang King K. Rool throws his crown forward, which then returns to him like a boomerang. If the crown is blocked, it can be picked up by opponents like an item.
Kirby Hammer Super Smash Bros. MeleeSuper Smash Bros. Brawl Kirby swings his hammer horizontally. When used in midair, Kirby flips the hammer in a pinwheel motion instead.
Hammer Flip Super Smash Bros. 4Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Same function as above, but gains the ability to be charged with a flame effect for increased power, but it can do recoil damage if charged for too long.
Link Boomerang Super Smash Bros. MeleeSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate Link throws his Boomerang forward. The projectile can be angled.
Gale Boomerang Super Smash Bros. BrawlSuper Smash Bros. 4 Link throws the Gale Boomerang, which has an additional windbox beyond its damaging hitbox.
Little Mac Jolt Haymaker Little Mac lunges forward, then delivers an arcing punch. Pressing the button during the lunge causes the punch to come out more quickly.
Lucario Force Palm Lucario produces a small burst of aura in front of it. Nearby opponents will be grabbed and then launched.
Lucas PK Fire Behaves differently from Ness's PK Fire, with the attack traveling horizontally midair and dealing a single strong hit instead of multiple weak hits. If used in the air, the attack will travel horizontally.
Lucina Dancing Blade Similar to Marth's Dancing Blade, but it lacks a sweetspot or sourspot.
Luigi Green Missile Luigi charges in place, then flies forward headfirst. It has a 1/10 (1/8 in Melee and Brawl) chance to "misfire," going much further and gaining in power.
Mario Cape Mario swings his cape, reversing opponents and reflecting projectiles.
Marth Dancing Blade Pressing the button repeatedly will deliver up to four sword strikes. Each one has a different pattern if angled up, forward, or down.
Mega Man Crash Bomber Mega Man launches a Crash Bomb forward, which will stick to opponents for a few seconds before exploding. The bomb can be transferred between fighters on contact.
Meta Knight Drill Rush Meta Knight rushes forward with a corkscrew motion, dealing multiple hits.
Mewtwo Confusion Mewtwo creates a psychic disturbance in front of it, reflecting projectiles and momentarily causing opponents to tumble in place.
Mii Brawler Onslaught Mii Brawler charges forward. If the rush connects, a flurry of kicks follows.
Mii Gunner Flame Pillar Mii Gunner fires a small flame projectile which bursts on contact with opponents or the ground.
Mii Swordfighter Airborne Assault Mii Swordfighter charges up then pinwheels forward with sword extended.
Min Min Punch Min Min punches forward with her right ARM. She can move and jump while using it.
Mr. Game & Watch Judge Mr. Game & Watch swings his hammer, producing a number between 1 and 9. Each number causes a different effect.
Mythra Photon Edge Charges forward while slashing six times in front of herself in quick succession, teleporting each time she slashes.
Ness PK Fire Ness throws a short-ranged fire projectile with multiple strikes. If airborne, the attack will angle towards the ground.
Olimar Pikmin Throw Olimar throws his current Pikmin ahead. All colors of Pikmin will latch onto the opponent and deal damage doing different damaging effects except Purple Pikmin, which deliver a single launching hit.
Pac-Man Power Pellet Pac-Man produces a Power Pellet, then turns into his iconic sprite form and rushes forward to chomp on it. The Power Pellet's path can be briefly controlled as it extends outward, which in turns controls Pac-Man's path when he moves toward it.
Palutena Reflect Barrier Super Smash Bros. 4 Palutena produces a rectangular barrier which reflects projectiles.
Explosive Flame Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Palutena summons a spherical explosion a set distance in front of her. The explosion expands briefly, trapping opponents and hitting multiple times.
Peach Peach Bomber Peach does a slight stationary twirl and lunges sideways creating heart effects and creates a powerful heart explosion on impact with her butt, bouncing off and launching any opponent hit by the explosion in the way.
Pichu Skull Bash Functions similarly to Pikachu's Skull Bash. However, it travels further and inflicts recoil damage.
Pikachu Pikachu charges in place then flies forward headfirst.
Piranha Plant Poison Breath Piranha Plant charges up a cloud of poison, changes its color to yellow with red spots.
Pit Angel Ring Super Smash Bros. Brawl Pit does a short dash forward, twirling his blades in a circle.
Upperdash Arm Super Smash Bros. 4Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Pit lunges forward, delivering an uppercut if an opponent is in his path. Reflects projectiles and can armor through attacks.
Pyra Blazing End Telekinetically throws the Aegis Sword set ablaze in front of her, which spins, hitting multiple times before returning to her. The move can be smash inputted to increase the sword's travel distance, which also adds one more hit to the Aegis Sword.
Richter Cross Identical to Simon's Cross.
Ridley Space Pirate Rush Ridley grabs opponents and rushes forward, dragging them along the ground to inflict damage.
R.O.B. Arm Rotor R.O.B. rapidly spins his arms around his body like a top, dealing multiple hits and reflecting projectiles.
Robin Arcfire Robin shoots a fireball diagonally downwards over a short range. If it strikes the ground or an opponents, it bursts into a multi-hitting pillar of flame.
Rosalina Star Bits Luma shoots several Star Bits ahead over a short range.
Roy Double-Edge Dance Functions similarly to Marth's Dancing Blade, but the sweetspot and sourspot placements are reversed, and all three final hits have the flame effect.
Ryu Tatsumaki Senpukyaku Ryu flies forward a set distance with a spinning kick. It travels further if the attack button is held, and deals more damage if the original Street Fighter command inputs are used instead of the side special input.
Samus Missile Samus releases a homing Missile or, if the attack is "smashes", a stronger but non-homing Super Missile.
Sephiroth Shadow Flare Sephiroth snaps his fingers to summon a beam of light in front of him. If it connects, it summons spheres of energy that surround an opponent, eventually striking them and exploding.
Sheik Chain Super Smash Bros. MeleeSuper Smash Bros. Brawl Sheik produces a chain which can be swung back and forth in any direction.
Burst Grenade Super Smash Bros. 4Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Sheik produces a grenade on a wire which detonates soon after. It can be detonated early with another press of the button.
Shulk Back Slash Shulk does a jumping overhead sword slash. The attack is more powerful if it connects with an opponent from behind.
Simon Cross Simon throws a cross ahead as a projectile, which returns along the same path.
Snake Remote Missile Snake launches a remote-controlled missile and stays in place while directing it.
Sonic Spin Dash Sonic bounces briefly then rolls forward at high speed.
Sora Sonic Blade Sora Performs a high-speed thrusting attack. Holding different buttons lets Sora control his travel: If the directional keys are held, Sora aims towards that direction. If the special button is held, the move automatically locks onto the nearest enemy with a target and automatically tracks them, while slightly increasing the knockback of the final hit.
Squirtle Withdraw Squirtle retreats into its shell and begins to spin along the ground, aided by a stream of water. Squirtle can be made to change directions by incoming attacks, but it takes no damage while in its shell.
Steve Minecart Steve summons a minecart and rails for it to move on. Without enough resources for the rails, the cart comes to a stop. The cart can also trap opponents inside.
Terry Burning Knuckle Terry briefly poses, then dashes forward with a blazing punch. It travels further if the attack button is held, and deals more damage if the command inputs are used instead of the side special input. Terry will use this move if the side special is perform in the direction he's facing.
Crack Shoot Terry flips forward into a kick. It travels further if the attack button is held, and deals more damage if the command inputs are used instead of the side special input. Terry will use this move if the side special is perform in the opposite direction of where he's facing.
Toon Link Boomerang Functions similarly to Link's Boomerang.
Villager Lloid Rocket Villager produces Lloid as a projectile, who flies forward, exploding on contact. If the button is held, Villager will climb onto Lloid and ride him until he explodes.
Wario Wario Bike Wario jumps on his motorcycle and begins to ride it. The bike can be controlled somewhat and Wario can choose to dismount it at any time.
Wii Fit Trainer Header Wii Fit Trainer produces a green soccer ball and launches it diagonally downward with a header. This attack works as both a reliable projectile and a strong meteor smash at close range.
Wolf Wolf Flash Functions similarly to Fox's Fox Illusion, but Wolf travels diagonally upward instead of straight ahead, and the move has a strong sweetspot at its end.
Yoshi Egg Roll Yoshi curls up inside an egg and begins to roll around. The egg can be controlled to turn around.
Young Link Boomerang Functions similarly to Link and Toon Link's Boomerang. Doesn't travel as far but deals heavy damage when performed up close.
Zelda Din's Fire Zelda releases a small fireball which initially deals no damage, and whose trajectory can be influenced up or down. When the button is released, the fireball explodes.
Zero Suit Samus Plasma Whip Zero Suit Samus reaches out with her whip. The end of the whip is the strongest. This move can be used as a tether recovery.

List of custom side special moves[edit]

In Super Smash Bros. 4[edit]

Characters introduced into this game through post-launch downloadable content - Mewtwo, Lucas, Roy, Ryu, Cloud, Corrin, and Bayonetta - were not given custom special moves.

Character Default Special Move Custom Special Moves
Bowser Flying Slam Custom 1: Dash Slam
Custom 2: Dash Slash
Bowser Jr. Clown Kart Dash Custom 1: Koopa Drift
Custom 2: Grounding Dash
Captain Falcon Raptor Boost Custom 1: Heavy Raptor Boost
Custom 2: Wind-up Raptor Boost
Charizard Flare Blitz Custom 1: Blast Burn
Custom 2: Dragon Rush
Dark Pit Electroshock Arm Custom 1: Electrocut Arm
Custom 2: Quickshock Arm
Diddy Kong Monkey Flip Custom 1: Back Flip
Custom 2: Flying Monkey Flip
Donkey Kong Headbutt Custom 1: Jumping Headbutt
Custom 2: Stubborn Headbutt
Dr. Mario Super Sheet Custom 1: Shocking Sheet
Custom 2: Breezy Sheet
Duck Hunt Clay Shooting Custom 1: Rising Clay
Custom 2: Clay Break
Falco Falco Phantasm Custom 1: Falco Phase
Custom 2: Falco Charge
Fox Fox Illusion Custom 1: Fox Burst
Custom 2: Wolf Flash
Ganondorf Flame Choke Custom 1: Flame Wave
Custom 2: Flame Chain
Greninja Shadow Sneak Custom 1: Shadow Strike
Custom 2: Shadow Dash
Ike Quick Draw Custom 1: Close Combat
Custom 2: Unyielding Blade
Jigglypuff Pound Custom 1: Sideways Pound
Custom 2: Pound Blitz
King Dedede Gordo Throw Custom 1: Topspin Gordo
Custom 2: Bouncing Gordo
Kirby Hammer Flip Custom 1: Hammer Bash
Custom 2: Giant Hammer
Link Gale Boomerang Custom 1: Boomerang
Custom 2: Ripping Boomerang
Little Mac Jolt Haymaker Custom 1: Grounding Blow
Custom 2: Guard Breaker
Lucario Force Palm Custom 1: Advancing Force Palm
Custom 2: Long-Distance Force Palm
Lucina Dancing Blade Custom 1: Effortless Blade
Custom 2: Heavy Blade
Luigi Green Missile Custom 1: Floating Missile
Custom 2: Quick Missile
Mario Cape Custom 1: Shocking Cape
Custom 2: Gust Cape
Marth Dancing Blade Custom 1: Effortless Blade
Custom 2: Heavy Blade
Mega Man Crash Bomber Custom 1: Ice Slasher
Custom 2: Danger Wrap
Meta Knight Drill Rush Custom 1: High-Speed Drill
Custom 2: Shieldbreaker Drill
Mii Brawler Onslaught Custom 2: Burning Dropkick
Custom 3: Headache Maker
Mii Gunner Flame Pillar Custom 2: Stealth Burst
Custom 3: Gunner Missile
Mii Swordfighter Airborne Assault Custom 2: Slash Launcher
Custom 3: Chakram
Mr. Game & Watch Judge (Judgment in Melee) Custom 1: Extreme Judge
Custom 2: Chain Judge
Ness PK Fire Custom 1: PK Bonfire
Custom 2: PK Fire Burst
Olimar Pikmin Throw Custom 1: Sticky Pikmin Throw
Custom 2: Tackle Pikmin Throw
Pac-Man Power Pellet Custom 1: Distant Power Pellet
Custom 2: Enticing Power Pellet
Palutena Reflect Barrier Custom 1: Angelic Missile
Custom 2: Super Speed
Peach Peach Bomber Custom 1: Flower Bomber
Custom 2: Flying Peach Bomber
Pikachu Skull Bash Custom 1: Shocking Skull Bash
Custom 2: Heavy Skull Bash
Pit Upperdash Arm Custom 1: Interception Arm
Custom 2: Quickdash Arm
R.O.B. Arm Rotor Custom 1: Reflector Arm
Custom 2: Backward Arm Rotor
Robin Arcfire Custom 1: Arcfire+
Custom 2: Fire Wall
Rosalina Star Bits Custom 1: Floaty Star Bit
Custom 2: Shooting Star Bit
Samus Missile Custom 1: Relentless Missile
Custom 2: Turbo Missile
Sheik Burst Grenade Custom 1: Gravity Grenade
Custom 2: Skimming Grenade
Shulk Back Slash Custom 1: Back Slash Leap
Custom 2: Back Slash Charge
Sonic Spin Dash Custom 1: Hammer Spin Dash
Custom 2: Burning Spin Dash
Toon Link Boomerang Custom 1: Floating Boomerang
Custom 2: High-Speed Boomerang
Villager Lloid Rocket Custom 1: Liftoff Lloid
Custom 2: Pushy Lloid
Wario Wario Bike Custom 1: Speeding Bike
Custom 2: Burying Bike
Wii Fit Trainer Header Custom 1: Huge Header
Custom 2: Weighted Header
Yoshi Egg Roll Custom 1: Heavy Egg Roll
Custom 2: Light Egg Roll
Zelda Din's Fire Custom 1: Din's Flare
Custom 2: Din’s Blaze
Zero Suit Samus Plasma Whip Custom 1: Plasma Dash
Custom 2: Whip Lash

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Character Default Special Move Custom Special Moves
Mii Brawler Onslaught Custom 2: Burning Dropkick
Custom 3: Suplex
Mii Gunner Flame Pillar Custom 2: Stealth Burst
Custom 3: Gunner Missile
Mii Swordfighter Airborne Assault Custom 2: Gale Stab
Custom 3: Chakram