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Splat Roller

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Splat Roller
Inkling Side B SSBU.gif
Female Inkling using the Splat Roller on male Inkling.
User Inkling
Universe Splatoon
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Splat Roller (スプラローラー, Splaroller) is Inkling's side special move.


Upon use, Inkling will take out the Splat Roller and begin to slide it across the ground, covering the ground in ink that slows enemies that move on it. Only a certain length can be inked at a time (roughly 80 units) and ink fades away in five seconds. If an enemy that is standing on the ground is hit by the Roller, they will be buried. Rolling over an enemy that is already buried will instead launch them. The move has no effect on airborne opponents. If Inkling's ink tank is empty, the move has no effect and Inkling will move much slower. The move can be canceled by pressing the special move button.

The move aids with recovery if used in the air, moving Inkling forward as they fall with the roller. Pressing the jump button during then grants Inkling a small extra jump. The forward momentum only applies if used with ink; performing the move in the air with an empty tank only results in Inkling dropping almost straight down.

Prior to update 2.0.0, the move was, alongside King K. Rool's down throw, infamous for its bury hitbox causing opponents to be buried for a disproportionately long amount of time at lower percentages. As such, 2.0.0 reduced the bury time at lower percentages while increasing it at higher percentages, alongside King K. Rool's down throw.

Instructional quote[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List InklingHeadSSBU.png Pushes the Splat Roller, burying any opponents hit by it. Tilting left or right changes the direction.


The Splat Roller in Splatoon.
The Splat Roller in Splatoon 2

The Splat Roller is one of the main weapons and Roller class weapons available to the player in Splatoon and Splatoon 2. In its home series, the Splat Roller could also fling ink a short distance to deal damage. In Splatoon 2, jumping and flinging ink in midair would result in the player performing a vertical swing, which allows ink to be flung farther, albeit slower. Running over an enemy Inkling with the Splat Roller would almost always splat an enemy in one hit, making the weapon very deadly in melee range. Its coloration is based on its appearance in the original Splatoon.

The movement-slowing properties of the ink left behind by the Splat Roller in Ultimate originate from the Splatoon series, where players will temporarily have their speed and jump height reduced while they are stepping in enemy ink. Unlike in Ultimate, this ink can be left behind by all weapons, not just Rollers, and will remain for the rest of the match.


In other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese スプラローラー, Splaroller
UK English Splat Roller
France French Rouleau
Germany German Klecksroller
Spain Spanish Rodilllo básico
Italy Italian Rullo splat
China Chinese (Simplified) Splat滚筒
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) Splat滾筒
South Korea Korean 스플래롤러, Splaroller
Netherlands Dutch Klodderroller
Russia Russian Сплат-валик


  • Despite being the only move that can cover the ground with ink in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, all of the other ink weapons that Inkling uses for their moveset will cover the ground with ink in their home series when used on an inkable surface.
  • Certain terrains in Ultimate cannot be covered with ink by the splat roller. Using it on these terrains will not drain the ink meter; however, the roller will still bury and ink opponents that it hits. These include:
    • The clouds on Super Happy Tree
    • The pipes on Mushroom Kingdom
    • The flying carpets on Rainbow Cruise
    • The turtle on Great Bay
    • The holes on the pipes on Yoshi's Island Melee
    • Randall on Yoshi's Story
    • The treetops and ropes on Onett
    • The lights on Brinstar Depths
    • The main platform, beaches and shallow waters on Delfino Plaza
    • The blocks on Mushroomy Kingdom
    • The ground during microgames on WarioWare, Inc.
    • The ground in the flying stage and the treadmills in the electric stage of Pokémon Stadium 2
    • The leaves, vines and Bulborb on Distant Planet
    • The clouds on Summit
    • The clouds on Skyworld
    • The blue platforms on Mario Bros.
    • The pipes, metal grating and moving platforms on 3D Land
    • The pipes on Golden Plains
    • The pipes on Paper Mario
    • The metal grating on Prism Tower
    • The racers on Mute City SNES
    • The sand and leaves on Tortimer Island
    • Drawn lines on PictoChat 2
    • The metal grating on Mario Galaxy
    • The hay on Skyloft
    • The shallow water on Palutena's Temple
    • The lights on Boxing Ring
    • The metal grating on Wuhu Island
    • All terrain on Super Mario Maker
    • The head, neck and back of Gramps on Cloud Sea of Alrest