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Splat Roller

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Splat Roller
Inkling Side B SSBU.gif
Female Inkling using the Splat Roller on male Inkling.
User Inkling
Universe Splatoon
Article on Inkipedia Splat Roller

Splat Roller (スプラローラー, Splaroller) is Inkling's side special move.


Upon use, Inkling will take out the Splat Roller and begin to slide it across the ground, covering the ground in ink. If an enemy that is standing on the ground is hit by the Roller, they will be buried. Rolling over an enemy that is already buried will instead launch them. The move has no effect on airborne opponents. If Inkling's ink tank is empty, the move has no effect, will not ink the stage, and Inkling will move much slower. The move can be canceled by pressing the special move button.

The move aids with recovery if used in the air, moving Inkling forward as they fall with the roller. Pressing the jump button during then grants Inkling a small extra jump. The forward momentum only applies if used with ink; performing the move in the air with an empty tank only results in Inkling dropping almost straight down.

Prior to update 2.0.0, the move was, alongside King K. Rool's down throw, infamous for its bury hitbox causing opponents to be buried for a disproportionately long amount of time at lower percentages. As such, 2.0.0 reduced the bury time at lower percentages while increasing it at higher percentages, alongside King K. Rool's down throw.

Onstage ink[edit]

Opponents on ink have reduced moving speed and jump height. This has unintended interactions with certain momentum-based moves, such as increasing their height.

Only a certain length of the stage can be inked at a time (roughly 80 units). After being applied, ink fades away in five seconds.

Instructional quote[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List InklingHeadSSBU.png Pushes the Splat Roller, burying any opponents hit by it. Tilting left or right changes the direction.


The Splat Roller in Splatoon.
The Splat Roller in Splatoon 2

The Splat Roller is one of the main weapons and Roller class weapons available to the player in Splatoon and Splatoon 2. In its home series, the Splat Roller could also fling ink a short distance to deal damage. In Splatoon 2, jumping and flinging ink in midair would result in the player performing a vertical swing, which allows ink to be flung farther, albeit narrower. Running over an opposing player with the Splat Roller almost always results in a one-hit splat, making the weapon very deadly at melee range. The Splat Roller's appearance in Ultimate is based on its appearance in the original Splatoon.

The movement-slowing properties of the ink left behind by the Splat Roller in Ultimate originate from the Splatoon series, where players will temporarily have their speed and jump height reduced while stepping on enemy ink. Unlike in Ultimate, this ink can be left behind by all weapons, not just Rollers, and will remain for the rest of the match.


In other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese スプラローラー, Splaroller
UK English Splat Roller
France French Rouleau
Germany German Klecksroller
Spain Spanish Rodilllo básico
Italy Italian Rullo splat
China Chinese (Simplified) Splat滚筒
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) Splat滾筒
South Korea Korean 스플래롤러, Splaroller
Netherlands Dutch Klodderroller
Russia Russian Сплат-валик