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PictoChat 2

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Not to be confused with PictoChat.

PictoChat 2
PictoChat 2
PictoChat 2 Seesaw.jpeg

PictoChat 2 across the series.
Universe Nintendo DS
Appears in SSB4 (3DS)
Availability Starter
Crate type Presents
Maximum players 4 (3DS)
8 (Ultimate)
Bolded tracks must be unlocked
for 3DS Main: PictoChat
Alternate: Dr. Mario
Ultimate Other series music
Main: PictoChat
Alternate: Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day!
Tournament legality
Smash 4 Singles: Banned
Doubles: Banned
Ultimate Singles: Banned
Doubles: Banned

PictoChat 2 (ピクトチャット2, PictoChat 2) is a stage in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate based on the PictoChat software for the Nintendo DS. It retains the same general layout as the previous PictoChat stage, but has different drawings (with rivaling variety), each with different effects on gameplay. Two of the drawings include Pac-Man-like shapes that move around the screen (based on Pac-Pix) and a street, which is designed to look like it has depth.

In the 3DS game, R.O.B. is fought here in his unlocking battle.

Stage overview[edit]


There are 27 sketches that can be drawn in PictoChat 2, 26 in the normal form and one in the Ω form of the stage. Like in its predecessor, dark lines can be walked on or can affect the players depending on the sketch, and faint lines are intangible.

Name Description Image
Seesaw A seesaw appears in the center of the stage. This can be used to determine which characters weigh more than others, as a heavy character can weigh down the seesaw more than a lighter character. PictoChat 2 Seesaw.jpeg
Paper Airplanes Paper airplanes fly in from the left and right, which swoop down to the platform and rise slowly back up. They can be ridden by players, even to the blast line. PictoChat 2 Paper Airplanes.jpeg
Car Two lines are drawn to the left and right blast lines, turning the main stage into a road. Occasionally, a car will drive through the stage from the left or right, or drop from the sky before driving off. If the car drops from the sky, it will immediately speed off in either direction upon landing (regardless of its orientation). Either way, the car deals heavy damage and launches players. Fighters can ride on top of the car, but this is not recommended, as the car's speed can easily cause an accidental self destruct. PictoChat 2 Car.jpg
Clouds Three clouds float by and act as platforms, moving to and fro at different speeds. PictoChat 2 Clouds.jpeg
Poles Two bars appear on both sides of the stage, with little stickmen hanging from them. When a player stands on a platform, it will wobble and then fall, respawning after a few seconds. PictoChat 2 Poles.jpeg
Escalator Three escalators are drawn, two at the blast lines and one in the center of the stage. The escalator will pull players upward and drop them off at the base of the next escalator, as represented by sketches of humans riding them. The top of each escalator can set up for easy vertical KOs. PictoChat 2 Elevator.jpeg
Sunset A stage-wide line appears above the main platform, with part of the sun visible. Over time, the sun will slowly set on the horizon. There are two lines representing birds that can be used as very small platforms. The sun itself and the stage-wide line can also be used as platforms. PictoChat 2 Sunset.jpeg
Donkey Kong A layout loosely based on the first stage of Donkey Kong appears, with the titular character throwing barrels down the stage. The barrels can either fall off the edge of a platform, or roll down. Both the Donkey Kong sketch and barrels deal moderate knockback and damage to players they touch. Pictochat 2 Donkey Kong.jpeg
Gusty Gus 2 Gusty Gus will cover the entirety of the main platform and can be walked on, though players who happened to be standing on it can jump up onto his face. This time, Gusty Gus will blow upward, any player in range being sent up a fair distance. By using attacks, the wind can be used to pull opponents above the top blast line at low percentages for a KO. PictoChat 2 Gusty Gus 2.jpeg
Girders A layout resembling a part of World 1-2 of Super Mario Bros. appears, with the girders on the left moving downward, the ones on the right moving upward. The area between the blocks and the main stage acts as a cave of life. PictoChat 2 Girders.jpeg
Noses Two noses resembling Wario's bounce around the stage. Players can stand atop the noses to ride them. Pictochat 2 Jellyfish.jpeg
Dolphins Dolphins jump out of the main platform in both directions. They can be ridden, but one must be very careful, as their fast speed can quickly send them to the blast line. Pictochat 2 Dolphins.jpeg
Script A jar of ink is first drawn, along with "paper." Then, a pen appears that draws lines that function as platforms. The bottom of the ink jar can be used to stage spike opponents by hitting them upwards. PictoChat 2 Script.jpeg
Tornado A tornado that functions similarly to Hyrule Castle's will appear and sweep across the stage. Any players caught in it will be first sent to its center, then flung upwards, causing no damage but leaving them wide open to attacks, especially to those sucked into the tornado early (as they can act out first and deal an early vertical KO to other victims). The tornado has knockback growth, and can KO at high percentages. Characters with good recoveries, like R.O.B., can simply float above the tornado and avoid it entirely. PictoChat 2 Tornado.jpeg
Sparks Two platforms are drawn, and two sparks orbit them, with another orbiting the main platform. They function similarly to Hotheads and deal minor electrical damage. After a few seconds, the sparks pause before moving quickly, then disappear. PictoChat 2 Sparks.jpeg
Shooting Star The entire background is covered in black, presumably to replicate the night sky. Shooting stars will fly in from the right, and split into two smaller stars when they land on the platform. They deal moderate damage on hit. PictoChat 2 Shooting Star.jpeg
Staring Contest Two intangible faces appear, and a large damaging spark will slide along a gray line. After a while, it will vanish, and another will appear. Sometimes, a heart appears instead of a spark, which heals the player when touched. This drawing is used in the image for PictoChat 2 on the stage selection screen. PictoChat 2 Staring Contest.jpeg
Infinity An infinity symbol will appear at the center of the stage. Although the whole drawing is a thick line, viewing the drawing with the system's 3D active (or pausing and moving the camera) reveals that only one of the diagonals is a platform, with the other half in the background. PictoChat 2 Infinity.jpeg
Clock Unlike the Clock from Brawl, this clock is much, much larger, with only one quarter of it on the screen. The center of the clock can be on the left or right. The minute hand turns clockwise, whereas the hour hand does the same but far slower. The hour hand acts as a wall on either side of the stage and can block recoveries, though players can still stand on the small section of the minute hand that is exposed on that side. PictoChat 2 Clock.jpeg
Road A drawing of a road, lined with trees and leading toward mountains, appears in the background. The thick lines at the sides of the road form long diagonal platforms above the stage. PictoChat 2 Road.jpg
Pac-Pix[1] Drawings of Pac-Man in his ball form appear and move around the stage, damaging players on contact. The drawings deal vertical knockback and can KO at high percents, especially if hit near the top blast line. Based on the game of the same name. Pictochat 2 PacPix.jpg
Pipes Multiple pipes appear, similar in design to those in Mushroom Kingdom. If a fighter stands on top of a pipe for long enough, they will be moved to another pipe. The paths are chosen at random, but they remain the same the entire time they are present. Pictochat 2 Pipes.jpg
Faucet A running faucet appears. The water pushes players along the stage and off the edge. With careful movement, it is possible to remain stationary between the two flows of water by stationing the player's fighter directly under the faucet. Pictochat 2 Faucet.jpg
Policeman The background is covered in black and a stick-figure policeman with a flashlight appears on the stage. Every so often, the policeman will shine a stationary, triangular beam from the flashlight, which deals high damage and knockback to any player it illuminates. PictoChat 2 Policeman.jpeg
Moon The background is covered in black and a new moon appears above the stage, which then progresses through a full lunar cycle. Once the moon disappears, the whole stage goes dark for a short while, making the fighters invisible (apart from effects such as those caused by items and moves). PictoChat 2 Moon.jpeg
Boots A few pairs of boots walk across the stage, burying any fighter they walk over. Sometimes cleats will appear that damage fighters. Players hit in midair will be meteor smashed diagonally. PictoChat 2 Boots.jpeg
Changing Weather
(Ω form only)
The weather in the background cycles through sun, approaching clouds, rain, receding clouds, and sun with rainbow. This form is purely aesthetic and does not affect the main stage. PictoChat 2 Omega.jpg

Ω forms and Battlefield form[edit]

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, the Ω form only features the main platform with a fighter's name. This is the only form to use the Changing Weather background.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the Ω form and Battlefield form are similar to SSB4's Ω form; however, the main platform is resized and reshaped to match Final Destination and Battlefield, respectively. The three soft platforms of the Battlefield form are three straight lines that are drawn similarly to sketches drawn in the normal form.

Hazards Off[edit]

With hazards off in Ultimate, no drawings are ever made.


PictoChat as it originally appeared as Nintendo DS software

As with the first PictoChat stage, this stage is based on PictoChat, which is a communication system that is built into the Nintendo DS. Players can either type or draw a message to their friends with the stylus. PictoChat contains four chat rooms, labeled "A", "B", "C", and "D". It was originally only accessible from the handheld's main menu and only supported local connections; however, some games, such as Clubhouse Games/42 All-Time Classics, integrated PictoChat into the interface with online connectivity.

The stage itself is an amalgamation of the top and bottom screen of PictoChat: the top screen is where the notification bar and sent messages are displayed, while the bottom screen is where the user would draw or type messages. The notification bar appears as the main platform of the stage, and the bottom screen serves as the basis of the stage's background. PictoChat 2 is always set in room "A". When starting a match, the jingle heard when somebody joins a room is played, and the notification bar displays the name of a character in the same manner that PictoChat did.

Tournament legality[edit]

This stage is banned in tournaments due to the disruptive nature of the drawings, which can significantly affect gameplay. In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with stage hazards turned off, there are no drawings, making it essentially identical to Final Destination. The stage has been banned so far due to being too similar as a result.

Update history[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 3.1.0

  • PictoChat 2's on-screen appearances locations have been changed.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ピクトチャット2, PictoChat 2
UK English PictoChat 2
France French PictoChat 2
Germany German PictoChat 2
Spain Spanish PictoChat 2
Italy Italian PictoChat 2
China Chinese (Simplified) 涂鸦聊天2 Doodle Chat 2
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) PictoChat 2
South Korea Korean 픽토챗 2, PictoChat 2
Netherlands Dutch PictoChat 2
Russia Russian Пикточат 2
Portugal Portuguese PictoChat 2


  • This is the third stage to share its name with a previous stage, with an added number 2. The other two are Pokémon Stadium 2 and Flat Zone 2.
  • This is the only new stage in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS to have both of its tracks recycled from previous games.
  • During the road sketch, grey lines are also drawn underneath the stage. However, these are below the area the camera will show during gameplay.
  • The Tornado sketch in this stage can break through a character's invincibility from a revival platform.
  • If a player manages to land on a dolphin right before it enters the stage during the Dolphin sketch phase, they will be pulled under the main platform. If this occurs, the player can jump out of it, but taking too long will result in a self-destruct.
  • If the stage is slowed down before or during the faucet or Gusty Gus 2 sketches (such as with a Timer or during a Final Smash), the sketches may not appear until significantly later. However, the stage will still act as if the stage has already transitioned, causing fighters to be moved about by an invisible sketch.
  • In Ultimate, the following Assist Trophies can only appear on the Battlefield and Omega forms of this stage: Nightmare, Ashley, and the Squid Sisters. The Moon and Nikki cannot appear on this stage at all. Additionally, the following Poké Ball Pokémon can only be summoned on this stage's Battlefield and Omega forms: Kyogre, Palkia, Kyurem, Xerneas, Lunala and Marshadow.


  1. ^ Masahiro Sakurai (2014-23-09). Director's Room. Miiverse. Archived from the original on 2016-04-09. Retrieved on 2023-02-12. “Pic of the day. PAC-MAN makes an appearance on the PictoChat 2 stage. We've included this as an element from Pac-Pix, which was released in 2005. It was quite revolutionary.”