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Hothead artwork from Brawl.
Universe Mario
Appears in SSBB
Item class Throwing/Living
Article on Super Mario Wiki Hothead

Hotheads (パサラン, Pasaran) are items that, when thrown, will slide across the ground releasing bursts of sparks and damaging opponents of the character that has thrown this item. When hit with fire or electric-based attacks, they grow bigger, dealing more knockback. However, in contrast to what its Brawl trophy says, there is an upper limit to how large the Hothead can become (roughly three times its original diameter).


A Hothead emitting sparks.

It must be picked up and thrown to be activated. Once the Hothead lands on the ground or a platform, it will move along the surface in the direction it was thrown and periodically release sparks, which are almost 2 times as strong as a smash-thrown Hothead of the same size. A Hothead can continue to grow after it is thrown. If it is thrown onto a stage, the Hothead will cling onto the stage's walls and surface. If, however, it lands on a platform, the Hothead will simply roll off until it finds solid ground (or just falls off the screen). Hotheads eventually disappear in an amount of time inversely proportionate to their size (that is, bigger ones vanish faster).

A Hothead will reach maximum power after it takes approximately 30%. But if the Hothead is undamaged and hit by a fire or electric based attack that deals over 30% (such as Ike's Eruption), its power can exceed this limit and gain OHKO power. This can be taken to ludicrous extremes by knocking five Soccer Balls into a Hothead using Marth's Critical Hit (only in Training Mode is this plausible), causing the Hothead to deal 140% or more and become impossible to reflect. When it is seen in Adventure Mode: The Subspace Emissary, when fighting bosses for boss trophies (Petey Piranha, Rayquaza, Porky, Galleom, Ridley, Duon, Meta Ridley, and Tabuu), at first sight it will look like a Trophy Stand. But upon closer inspection it is a fire head with eyes. When used it will only damage the boss and take its stamina bar. The only way to get rid of it other than throw it is wait until it vanishes or throw it offscreen.


Action Brawl SSB4
Collision 6% 6%
Throw 11% 13%
Dash attack throw 13% 16%
Up tilt throw 12% 13%
Forward tilt throw 13% 13%
down tilt throw N/A N/A
Forward smash throw 16% 17%
Up smash throw 12% 18%
Down smash throw N/A N/A
Air throw 13% 12%
Air Drop 12% 12%
Air forward tilt throw 13% 13%
Air up tilt throw 12% 15%
Air down tilt throw 12% 12%
Air forward smash throw 12% 13%
Air up smash throw 12% 15%
Air down smash throw 12% 16%

Note: All of these damage percentages were taken with an uncharged Hothead.


A Hothead from Super Mario World.

In Super Mario World, Hotheads were enemies that appeared inside Wendy Koopa's Castle in World 6, Chocolate Island. This level largely consisting of stone blocks, which had Hotheads constantly moving around them. Unlike those in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, they were not enlarged by fire and they never disappeared.

A few Hotheads were also featured in Burt the Bashful's Fort and Baby Bowser's castle in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.

Hotheads also appear in Super Princess Peach first appearing in Shriek Mansion.

Trophy descriptions[edit]


Hothead trophy in Brawl.

An item that, when tossed, sticks to the terrain and moves, causing damage to those it touches. Whoever threw it won't take damage. It will grow larger if it's attacked, which ups its attack range. However, an increase in size corresponds to a decrease in the time it stays on the screen. A really big Hothead will take up the entire screen, and is quite a sight to behold.

SNES: Super Mario World


Hothead trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.
North America Once thrown, this guy will move across the ground and damage anything—except you—in its path. You can make the Hothead bigger by hitting it with attacks, much to your opponents' dismay. If you make it really big and powerful, it may just carry you to victory!
Europe Throw this on the ground and it'll slide around, damaging everything in its path, except you. You can make the Hothead get bigger and more powerful by attacking it with fire an lighting, and it's pretty impressive just how big and powerful it can get!
SNES: Super Mario World (08/1991)
DSTitle.png: Super Princess Peach (02/2006)


  • Oddly, even though Hotheads do fire damage, they cannot ignite Blast Boxes or idle Bob-ombs upon contact.
  • In game, Hotheads are actually rendered in 2D. However, in their trophy appearance, they are in 3D.
  • Without the aid of items or customs, Roy can create the strongest Hothead out of any character by hitting it with a fully charged Flare Blade.
  • The highest possible damage output known for a Hothead without hacking is 274% when smash thrown and 426% when it sparks. For a Hothead to become this strong, the situation with the five Soccer Balls and Marth's Critical Hit must be replicated, but after the Soccer Balls have sustained the maximum amount of damage.
  • Hotheads will cling to and slide over the surface of some bosses.

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