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Banzai Bill

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Banzai Bill
Banzai Bill NSMBU.png
Official artwork of Banzai Bill from New Super Mario Bros. U.
Universe Mario
Debut Super Mario World (1990)
Smash Bros. appearances SSB
Most recent non-Smash appearance WarioWare: Get It Together! (2021, cameo)
Console/platform of origin Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Species Bullet Bill
Place of origin Mushroom Kingdom
Article on Super Mario Wiki Banzai Bill

Banzai Bill (マグナムキラー, Magnum Killer) is a character/weapon that is part of the Mario universe. They are larger versions of Bullet Bills but without white arms and hands, while having a mouth with a shark-like smile.


Sprite from Super Mario World.

Banzai Bills first appeared in Super Mario World. Unlike the smaller Bullet Bills they are not shot from Bill Blasters, and just appear in some places, moving slowly horizontally. In later games, however, they are shot from large cannons. Like their smaller versions, they can be defeated by jumping on them.

In Super Smash Bros.[edit]

As an assist[edit]

Banzai Bills in Super Smash Bros.

In SSB, Banzai Bills are gold and are found as missiles that are fired from Master Hand when he uses his Finger Bullet move. He fires one set of two Banzai Bills when above 100 HP and three sets if below. Each bullet does 5% damage.

In Super Smash Bros. Melee[edit]

As a stage hazard[edit]

The Banzai Bill on Princess Peach's Castle.

In the stage Princess Peach's Castle, Banzai Bills appear from the sky and will start flying towards the castle. The Banzai Bill will then burrow into a random wall of the castle. It will then start to flash, indicating that it is about to explode. When a Banzai Bill explodes, any character in the blast radius will take heavy damage and extreme knockback. Banzai Bill's explosion involves numerous small hits before finally resulting in one final blow that causes a one-hit KO, though it is possible to DI out of the explosion before the final, fatal blow. Any character who makes contact with a Banzai Bill before it explodes will take light damage and knockback.

Background element[edit]

Banzai Bills appear occasionally in the background of the stage Yoshi's Island with their original 2D appearance from Super Mario World.


Banzai Bill trophy from Melee.
Banzai Bill
Once they're fired from cannons, Bullet Bills fly on straight paths. In great numbers, they're a nightmare; while Mario can stop most with a single jump, the rare giant Banzai Bill is much tougher to avoid. In Super Smash Bros. Melee, all Bullet Bills are Banzai Bills. They burrow into Princess Peach's castle and then detonate with immense power.

In early versions of Melee, the Banzai Bill trophy is named "Bullet Bill", and says "all Bullet Bills (in Melee) are extra large" instead of naming Banzai Bills at all; in reality, Bullet Bills are similar-looking but different enemies.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

Background element[edit]

Like in Melee, 2D Banzai Bills appear in the background of Yoshi's Island.

In Super Smash Bros. 4[edit]

Background element[edit]

Like in Melee and Brawl, 2D Banzai Bills appear in the background of Yoshi's Island.

In Smash Run[edit]

A Banzai Bill stuck in a wall and about to explode.
A Banzai Bill in Smash Run.

Banzai Bills appear as enemies in Smash Run. Most of them chase the player, rotating to follow them, though some of them simply fly horizontally. After a while, homing Banzai Bills speed up and fly in a in single direction. They do 6% damage on contact, and can get stuck into the ground: if they are not destroyed in time they will explode, causing heavy damage and knockback to a nearby player.

Banzai Bills appear as part of the Mario-themed Vs. Enemy Team final battle.

In Smash Tour[edit]

A Banzai Bill can appear as a random event in Smash Tour. A warning appears at the beginning of the turn, and at the end a Banzai Bill hits the board and explodes, dropping numerous stat boosts and launching any Miis caught in the blast.


The Banzai Bill trophy appears in both versions of the game.

Banzai Bill's trophy in for 3DS.
Banzai Bill's trophy in for Wii U.
Banzai Bill

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Ntsc A giant bullet-like menace from the Mario series. In Smash Run, they want nothing more than to blow up on you. If you trick them into crashing, they'll get stuck and blow up soon after. Beware that lethal blast radius! Beat one before it blows up to get a banzai bonanza of stats. Tricky, but well worth the effort!

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Pal A giant bullety menace from the Mario series. In Smash Run, they want nothing more than to blow up on you. If you trick them into crashing, they'll get stuck and blow up soon after. Their blast radius is lethal, so keep well back! Beat one before it blows up to get a banzai bonanza of stat boosts. Not easy, but well worth it!

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U This giant bullety menace from the Mario series might look tough, but one jump is typically all it takes to deal with it! In Smash Tour, a Banzai Bill will sometimes charge into a space and explode, destroying any items there. Players caught in the blast will be launched to another space.

SNES: Super Mario World (08/1991)
Wii: New Super Mario Bros. Wii (11/2009)

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

As a stage element[edit]

Banzai Bill next to Peach's Castle in Ultimate.

Banzai Bills reappear in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as stage hazards on the returning Princess Peach's Castle stage. While their behavior appears to be unchanged from Melee, their appearance has been changed to match more recent Mario games.


Banzai Bill also appears as an Advanced-class primary spirit.

Banzai Bill can be obtained by enhancing the Bullet Bill spirit at level 99.

No. Image Name Type Class Slots Base Power Max Power Base Attack Max Attack Base Defense Max Defense Ability Series
SSBU spirit Banzai Bill.png
Banzai Bill
★★ 1 1862 7475 1173 4708 618 2480 Impact Run Super Mario Series

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese マグナムキラー, Magunamu Kirā
UK English Banzai Bill
France French (PAL) Bill Bourrin
Quebec French (NTSC) Bill Banzaï
Germany German Riesen-Kugelwilli
Banzai Bill (Super Smash Bros. Melee)
Spain Spanish Bill Banzai
Italy Italian Banzai Bill
China Chinese 大炮弹刺客, Dà Pàodàncìkè
South Korea Korean 매그넘킬러, Maegeuneom Killeo
Netherlands Dutch Banzai Bill
Russia Russian Билл-банзай
Portugal Portuguese Bill Banzai